Little Guy with a Big Surprise Pt. 02

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It’s been four months since the night my three housemates grabbed me, held me down, stripped me, tickled me, measured me and jerked me off. It had all begun early in the year with some verbal teasing and taunting about how small I was. I am only 5’5″ and shy of 100 pounds. Mark, Sam and Chad are all good looking, well-muscled jocks. Mark is the biggest at about 6’3″, 220. Sam is next at 6’1″, 200. Chad is the smallest, but still almost twice my size, at 6’0″ 180. They called me Little Guy and poked fun at my slight stature.

Over time, the verbal torment had begun to turn physical. They pushed me around, measured my height, checked my pants and shoes for sizes and generally humiliated me. They started to wonder aloud if I was small everywhere; small hands, small feet, body size of a young boy so I probably had a small dick, right? So they planned an attack. What they soon found out, my secret, was that I am well endowed. Hung like a horse. The tape measure they had intended to humiliate me with read 11.5 inches when they ran it along my ramrod shaft. They were all in shock and awe. Not what they were expecting. In their fascination (and in an almost trance-like state) they couldn’t stop touching it. They ended up absentmindedly jerking me off and despite being 21, to this day, that remains my lone sexual experience.

That night I earned their respect. No more bullying. They sometimes call me by name, Taylor, but more often they call me Big Guy. The three of them were friends before we all moved into that off campus house. I hadn’t ever really fit in with them before, but now they were trying. We were on decent terms if not friends, especially with Mark and Sam.

Chad was a little standoffish with me. He had been the ring leader and instigator in the tickling and penis measuring aspects of the bullying I suffered through. Without Chad, I don’t think any of that would have happened. As they had picked me up and carried me to the couch that night, it had been Chad’s groping hand that found its way into my crotch. He had inadvertently discovered my big surprise before the big reveal. He had clearly expected the Little Guy to have a little dick. I suspected that maybe he was a bit self-conscious about his own size and that he wanted someone else’s extra small size to make him feel better. Either that, or maybe Chad was gay. I figured it was one or both of those things. Since that night Chad had been cordial with me, but tended to generally avoid me if possible.

I still haven’t told them, or anyone else in my life for that matter, that I’m gay. I am just not ready for that yet. Once I’m finished with school and living an adult life out on my own, I will come out and live an open life. Until then, I just have a little more than year to make it through. I’ve been fine for 21 years so far. I can make it one more.

As Spring break week approached, Mark, Sam and Chad planned to borrow Mark’s dad’s SUV and drive down to Florida to spend time on the beaches and maybe hit up a theme park or two. They wanted a fourth person to help share the expenses and they asked me. I had been working hard all year with a crazy schedule between classes, labs and my job. I could use a vacation to decompress before the big push toward end of the year finals. If we drove instead of flying, stayed at cheap motels and spent most of our days on the beach, it wouldn’t be too expensive. I had just enough extra money to be able to afford the trip and still pay my bills. I surprised myself by accepting their invitation. As much as I did need a vacation, an even bigger factor in my decision to go was that I hate my family and my hometown. Being with Mark, Sam and Chad was definitely the lesser of the two evils and hopefully I’d have some fun.

We figured it would take about 20 hours of driving to get there. To maximize our time we decided to drive straight through. The plan was that we would each drive a five hour shift. With meals and restroom breaks, we figured 24 hours total. We would leave at 8:00am that first Saturday, arrive Sunday morning, spend six full days and finally drive back all day the second Saturday.

As it turned out, Mark and Sam had been friends first, long before Chad had joined their threesome. Mark and Sam were always paired up. That left me with Chad. Great. The one who had been my main tormentor and who I now barely spoke with was the one I’d be next to all week. This trip might have been a big mistake. What had I gotten myself into?

When we began our trip, I volunteered to drive the first leg (with Chad riding shotgun at my side). We had decided before the trip began that the driver would be allowed to pick the music. I liked classic alternative and we listened mostly to First Wave on XM while I drove. I know I’m a little young for that music, but that’s what I like. For five hours we had been serenaded by The Police, The Cars, The Pretenders, Blodie and many, many more. By 1:00, when my shift was over, gorukle escort bayan we had made it to southern New Jersey and we decided to stop at a Denny’s for a cheap lunch. When I turned off the engine, My Sharona was cut off mid song, right in the guitar solo.

It was crowded and we had to wait for a table. Even though it was still cold up north in late March, we had decided not pack any cold weather clothes. We wanted to make sure there was enough room in the back of the SUV for a cooler and a week’s worth of warm weather necessities for four young men. All four of us were shivering slightly in our shorts and t-shirts as all of the other customers were all wearing winter coats.

As we stood waiting, I couldn’t help but keep glancing at Chad. He had been an asshole to me and by far the worst of the three of them, but, while they were all good looking, Chad was the hottest. He had dirty blond hair that was purposely messed just right on top of his head. His eyes were a deep blue and I would have to turn away whenever he looked right at me. I couldn’t wait to get to the beach and see him shirtless. I didn’t want to be attracted to him, but I couldn’t help it…I was. Presently, I was looking at his feet. He was wearing white Under Armour crew socks that came half way up his calf and had the logo stitched in black just below the top of the sock. His sneakers were old, worn white Adidas classics that were a bit tattered and graying with age. I couldn’t help but want to get into those shoes and socks and explore his big feet. What was wrong with me?

Our table was finally ready and, of course, Mark and Sam took one side of the booth leaving the other side for Chad and I. I slid in first and Chad followed. The booth was not big and it was a snug fit. For the duration of the meal, Chad’s smooth, strong leg was pressed against mine. I thought he had enough room that this wasn’t completely necessary, but I was still chilly and the warmth was nice. The feel of another guy’s leg against mine was not bad either. I had to be careful to not pop a boner. There would be no way to be discrete with my monstrous size.

We finished eating and were back in the car by 2:30. It was Chad’s turn to drive and I ended up shotgun next to him. Mark and Sam were taking the last shifts overnight so they wanted to take a nap in the back during this leg of the trip. Chad’s music choice was Country. I hate Country music. This was going to a long 5 hours. He kept it reasonably quiet to allow Mark and Sam to sleep. Once he knew they were sleeping he leaned over to me and said, “Taylor, I never apologized for what I did to you. I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t remember him ever calling me by my name before. I was shocked and I just looked at him.

He continued, “I know I was a dick. It was wrong of me. I was trying to be funny and impress my friends, but it wasn’t funny. I don’t know why I did it. I regret it and I am sorry.”

I looked at him and he seemed sincere and genuine, almost misty. I thought it would be in all of our best interests to accept his apology. With the emerging trend of Chad and I being paired up together, I had been concerned that how little we talked would make this week awkward. Now I thought, maybe it won’t be so bad. I said, “I appreciate the apology. And I accept it.” Then I lightened the mood a little by adding, “Country music sucks,” as singer I whose name I didn’t recognize was whining and droning on about his truck and how badly he needed a beer.

Chad couldn’t help but smile. He said, “Hey, my parents listened to shit you had on.”

We went back and forth like that for a while and we fell into casual, easy conversation. In the entire seven months we’d known one another other we had never talked like this or gotten to know each other. I was seeing a different side of Chad and starting to think that maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy.

With a rest stop break somewhere in the middle, Chad’s shift ended around 8:00. We stopped for dinner. We were far enough south now that Waffle House restaurants were prominent at most every exit. We picked one for another inexpensive meal. I grew up around Waffle Houses and had been to them more times than I could count in my childhood. Being close to done with my third year of college, it had actually been a few years now and I was looking forward to having breakfast for dinner. The food was good and cheap and that had been the goal.

We got back to the car around 9:00 and it was time for Mark and Sam to sit up front. Chad got in behind the passenger seat and I was on the left behind the driver. There was a big blanket on the floor if wanted for anyone trying to sleep in the back. We decided we would try to get some rest because we were to have a full day at the beach ahead of us tomorrow.

We each took our shoes off and struggled to get comfortable. The rear seat was a bench seat and did not recline. After a period of trial and error, nilüfer escort bayan we came up with plan. If we turned our bodies 45 degrees, each put one leg across the seat and one foot on the floor, we’d be able to lean into the corner just enough to almost get comfortable. So there we were. My right leg was stretched out straight across seatback with my left foot on the floor. Chad’s left leg was stretched out next to my right leg and his right foot was on the floor. I realized that his left foot was mere inches from my crotch. He pulled the blanket up over us and closed his eyes.

I couldn’t fall asleep but it seemed like maybe Chad did. His breathing appeared to slow a little, but I couldn’t hear any light snoring sounds, at least not over the din of the quiet music. As we drove on, Chad seemed to be sliding down further. His size 11 warm, socked foot was inching closer toward my crotch. Eventually, he made contact and that caused an instant stirring in my shorts. Was he only pretending to be asleep? Did he know what he was doing? He slid down a little further causing more pressure against my quickly firming cock. If he was awake, there was no way he wouldn’t feel the stiffening bulge under his foot.

Meanwhile his left arm slowly slid down the side of his body and his hand landed on my right foot. I flinched just a little at the touch and wondered what would happen next. Two things happened. His foot started to flex, wiggle and press into me causing my growing member to throb and strain against the fabric of my shorts. The second thing was that his hand began to massage my foot. He wasn’t tickling me, he was rubbing and caressing. The combination of the two things happening at once was really turning me on. I couldn’t help but let out a few soft moans that I hoped couldn’t be heard up front.

I reached my hands under the blanket and began to massage Chad’s foot right back. I saw a slight crooked smile spread across his lips and I knew he wasn’t sleeping. I rubbed his foot harder and let my fingers travel and explore freely. He was enjoying this. So was I, but I needed to be careful. As I massaged him, I managed to create a little space between his wiggling foot and my crotch. I didn’t want to blow my load in my shorts here in the car. It would undoubtedly be a massive load and a horrible, sticky mess.

To maintain the safe distance I had created, I decided to make the foot rub a more interesting experience. I reached up his calf, grabbed ahold of his sock and pulled it off. Now I was really able to make him forget about pressing into my crotch like an accelerator on a car. He wasn’t tickling me, so I didn’t want to tickle him. I gently glided my fingers up and down his sole and arch. His smile widened. I lightly scratched the top of his foot and then massaged each toe individually. Next I rubbed the ball of his foot and worked my way back down again. At the heel I lightly scratched circles into the rough, calloused skin.

Meanwhile, Chad had removed my sock as well. His strong, rough hand was no match for my small 7.5 sized foot. I was putty in his hands I loved every minute of it. I remained quite aroused but without the direct contact, my cock quieted down to a partial and the danger of ejaculation had passed. I noticed that Chad had laid my sock across his chest up close to his face. I did the same and his light, subtle scent was intoxicating and caused another stir in my shorts.

We still had a long drive ahead of us so we took a lot of time and went slowly. Eventually Chad moved his left leg to between the seat and my right leg. He pulled his right leg and foot up off the floor and aligned it against my leg. Reading the situation, I picked up my left leg and lined up alongside him. He is taller than me and my legs didn’t bring my feet as close to him as his did to me, but his arms are longer too and he had no trouble reaching me. The new feet were fresh and sensitive and we each jerked a little until we got used to the touch. We performed the same long, slow routine on the second foot. If either Mark or Sam had looked back, they wouldn’t have been able to discern anything through the blanket.

I don’t know how much sleep Chad ended up getting, but I got none. I was glad the plan was to spend the day relaxing on the beach. We finally arrived and it was too early to check in to our motel so we grabbed a cheap breakfast and headed for the beach.

We found a good spot to set up our cooler and blankets. Being from up north and just coming out of winter, we were all pale so we had brought a lot of sunscreen. I opted to keep my shirt on (nobody wanted to see my scrawny upper body) so I was chosen to spray the others’ backs. They each took their shirts off and I couldn’t help gawking at the amazing sight of their well-chizzled bodies. Mark and Sam in particular had been spending a lot of time at the gym lately and they were absolutely ripped. For my personal bursa otele gelen escort bayan taste, they were a little too muscular. For me, too much muscle had always been a bit of a turn off.

Chad was physically more my type. He had nicely toned legs and shoulders with strong arms and well-developed pecs. He did not, however, have rock hard six pack abs. Don’t get me wrong, he was thin, but just a little soft and tender in the middle with a nicely shaped innie belly button. I would be hard pressed all day to find a better fit to my ideal type than Chad. Seeing him standing there like that, all perfectly proportioned was causing another stir in my trunks. I had to be careful. When I pop a boner it can be seen from a mile away. I busied myself with the distraction of spraying on the sunscreen. Fortunately they only needed help with coverage on their backs and I didn’t have to be face to face with their chests and bellies.

I love being at the beach. I spent all of that day navel gazing…literally. I must have seen hundreds, maybe thousands of shirtless guys. Sure, I dipped into the ocean a few times to cool down but I am a people watcher and the beach is my favorite place to do that. It’s full of eye candy. Arms and legs, chests and abs…mostly naked guys of all ages, shapes and sizes… I was glad there would be several more beach days before break was over and we headed back to school.

After a good eight hours of beach time, we went to the motel to check in and clean up for dinner. We had two double rooms, and as I had figured by this point, Mark and Sam shared one room and Chad and I were left to the other. When I had accepted the invitation to come along on this trip, I hadn’t known that I would be paired up with Chad every step of the way. If Chad had not apologized to me yesterday and began friendly conversation like we never had before during that long drive, this whole trip could have been an unbearable experience. Before yesterday, the two of us did not have a functional relationship. But now, I thought it would be okay… as long as he didn’t play more of his Country music in our room.

We had all changed in fresh shorts and t-shirts and headed out. There was a mini golf place right near our motel and after dinner the others wanted to play. I had never played golf of any kind before in my life, but I didn’t want to be a drag so I agreed. At each hole, my turn was always last. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was obviously not holding the putter correctly. I was an embarrassing mess. Fortunately we were not keeping score. Also fortunately, Mark and Sam seemed to always be a full hole ahead of Chad and I so only Chad saw me floundering. He tried to give me advice. He tried telling how to place my hands and feet and how to aim. It wasn’t working. He chuckled and at one point, when Mark and Sam were well into the next hole and there was nobody waiting right behind us, Chad stepped up behind me. Like a marionette, he moved me around. He set my feet, placed my hands and took a practice stroke with me. It felt like a big hug as his body enveloped mine. His hands on mine, his breath in my ear…I shuddered from chills despite the warmth of the evening. It was oddly intimate, and a stirring in my shorts made me afraid I was about to have two clubs. But his guidance also helped and I made it through all 18 holes.

We got back to our room around 10:00. That’s pretty early for four 21 year old college students out on spring break, but we were all a little tired from the long drive so we decided to call it a night and get an early start the next morning.

In our room, I got ready for bed first and headed to the bathroom. I came out wearing boxer briefs and an undershirt. I crawled into my bed and watched some television while Chad got ready. He emerged from the bathroom in nothing but a pair of boxers. I stared at his body longer than I should have and I thought he noticed my gaze. I clicked off the television, said goodnight and turned onto side with my back to him. Chad slid the chain lock in the door, turned out the light and got into his own bed.

I was tired, but sleep didn’t come. I couldn’t help recalling the images my mind’s eye had been capturing all day at the beach. All of those shirtless guys…those pecs, those arms, those tummies… I felt a twitch in my crotch from the memories. I didn’t hear any sleep sounds coming from Chad’s side of the room either, but then I heard his bed creek and sensed him getting up. I felt a new weight on my bed as Chad slid under my covers and spooned up against me. Oh my god! What was happening? He wrapped his arms around my torso and pulled me into him. My smaller size fit perfectly in the crook of his larger frame. My member firmed up a little more. He placed his lips against my ear and, in a hot breathy whisper said, “I need to see your giant cock again.”

I turned my head and his piercing blue eyes bore into me. I shuddered slightly and felt a little nervous. What was about to happen? I replied stupidly, “Oh?”

He read my concern and continued, “Look, I meant it before when I apologized. I will not force you to do anything. If you tell me to, I will go back to my bed and leave you alone. I was just hoping that maybe you didn’t want to be left alone.”

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