Little People

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Another fantasy

I was taking a trip back east to visit family that I haven’t seen a great many years and enjoying the scenery as I chose to keep to roads less traveled. I was tired of just zipping through along the Interstates.

I stopped for the night in a small town in upstate New York and had just returned to my motel room after getting something to eat. I had the blinds open as well as the door to let the cool evening air in rather than running the noisy air conditioner. My room was on the ground floor around the back side of the motel and I could see people coming and going.

I noticed a group of little people (midgets) getting out of a couple of cars and carrying their luggage into two of the rooms, one on each side of mine. I greeted them with a friendly hello and they just ignored me so didn’t say anymore.

As it was just starting to get dark out I still had the blinds and door open and hadn’t been giving it any thought because I was wrapped up in watching some porn on my laptop. I was sitting, in a way that without thinking the screen could be seen by anyone passing by the window. I was wearing only a pair of shorts with my now hard cock out and stroking it.

Now I am a submissive bi-sexual man and had some gay porn on when I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I turned and one of the little people was standing in the door. I quickly started to put my cock away but he told me to keep playing with it. He also asked me if I would like some company.

I asked him what Malatya Escort he had in mind and he told me that he and his friends were traveling to a new job as migrant workers and were all horny and would I like to join them for some relief as it seems like I am also in need of some sexual relief.

I told him I didn’t know if this would be a good idea thinking that “little people would mean little cocks”. He told me he knew what I was thinking and that I would not be disappointed as they might be short in stature but they long in the cock department.

I told him I would think about it and he left. I returned to stroking my cock as I watched some twink getting his ass fucked in a gang bang. I forgot all about the little people and shot my load of cum all over my belly. I then put the lap top away and cleaned myself up.

I decided to watch the news on TV when in walked 4 of these guys, all of them naked and they did indeed have large cocks, large enough that any normal sized guy would be envious.

The one that I had talked to before told me that they were all going to fuck me and since I chose to disrespect them earlier by ignoring their invitation they decided to come to me. As I started to protest they overpowered me and soon had me tied up spread eagled on the bed.

First thing they did with me was one of them climbed up onto my chest and forced his big cock into my mouth. There wasn’t anything I could do but start sucking it. He decided that he wanted more than just Malatya Escort Bayan a passive blow job and began fucking my mouth. It didn’t take him long before he shot his load of cum down my throat.

As soon as he moved off of me another one took his place and followed suit, jus a fast and furious mouth fuck. After they all did this they told me they were going back to their rooms and would come back to give me a proper ass fucking as soon as they were rejuvenated, then left me tied up on the bed. They did put a gag in my mouth though so I couldn’t call out for help.

It was a couple of hours later when I heard the door open and saw one of them come into the room. He was already naked and sporting a big hard on as he walked over to me. He untied my legs and lifted them up to my shoulders then re tied them to my hands. My hole was completely open to him like this.

I felt him squirt some lube into my hole and then line his big cock up against it. He slowly began pushing it into my ass until he was completely in it. Then he began to pump in and out gaining speed as he kept going. He fucked me like this for quite some time until he finally bred me. While he was still inside me another one of them came in and started playing with my cock.

When the first ones cock had shrunk and slipped out this one climbed on and slid his equally large cock into my slippery hole. He was telling me how good my ass pussy felt and how he was going to take his time fucking it until I Escort Malatya couldn’t stand it anymore. And he did just that. He fucked me mercilessly for a half hour before he grunted and filled me with his seed. He just climbed off of me and left.

I must have fallen asleep for a while but was awakened to the feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out of my ass. This one was really pounding me good. His cock was bigger than the other two were and it really stretched my hole out. He didn’t last long before he also bred me with a big load of cum.

When the last one came in it was already light out and I could hear people moving about outside the open door and window. It must have been other guests loading their cars and leaving the motel. This didn’t slow him down any though because he just kept pounding away into my abused hole.

When he finally filled my hole with his seed he bellowed out real loudly and I saw someone I didn’t know look into the room as they were walking by. They just stopped and watched for a minute then went on their way.

This last little person untied one of my hands and told me they would be long gone by the time I got myself free and said they had really enjoyed using me and hoped to see me again sometime down the road for some more fun.

While I was struggling to free myself the maid came in to clean the room. She was at first shocked to see me like this but soon took advantage of the situation. She told me to just relax and she would set me free but first I must do something for her.

She then closed the blinds and door and keeping her back to me she removed her clothes. I was still trying to get untied when she turned around and I saw she had an even bigger cock than any of those little people had and thought oh hell I was in for it now….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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