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Carl and Cilla were amateur swingers. In twenty-five years of married bliss, they had free-spirited fun, but never joined a group or club, preferring to hook up with friends, acquaintances, or like-minded strangers. They had had a tryst with Craig and Lydia a year ago, liked them well enough, and sensed the couple wanted to be best friends, but Cilla found them a bit weird and so they kept their distance. After a few attempts to arrange a play date, Lydia called and told Cilla they had a friend who wanted to get together with her. He had seen Cilla’s picture somewhere and passed her on the street and was hot for her. That was all the persuading Cilla needed—and Lydia promised she and Craig would entertain Carl as well.

Though amateurs, Cilla and Carl always adhered to the swingers’ first rule of never leaving one’s spouse alone, even watching and joining in, and maintaining veto power over the spouse’s lover. Strangely, while Lydia and Craig’s friend, Judd, seemed nice enough, Carl was taken aback when his wife agreed to leave his side and go with Judd to another suite in the hotel where the evening’s festivities took place.

Judd looked, dressed, and acted like a biker. He was a little scary and talked too loud with a southern drawl. He was over six feet tall and had to be 300 pounds, not just a swollen beer belly, but huge in girth all around. That, and his hairstyle, bald on top with a ponytail, actually endeared him to Cilla. Judd was a big old bear and obviously appreciated a classy chick like Carl’s wife.

A year ago, Cilla and Carl met Lydia and Craig, assuming at first they wanted a straightforward switch. Craig was an aged hippy, with out-of-style shoulder length graying black hair, but handsome and soft-spoken. He was thin and lean, though not particularly athletic. Cilla enjoyed his good-sized cock, but he wasn’t a long-lasting comer. Lydia was a natural flower child all the way. Carl’s first time fucking her was an adventure of discovery. She sported thick bushes of stringy brown hair under her arms and shielding her vagina. A blanket of fir covered both legs from inner thigh to below her calves and her stomach, lower back, and ass were likewise hairy. However, she had large tubular knockers and was sexually aggressive, practically holding Carl in a figure-four leg lock to do sixty-nine and pinning Carl in a small package to smother his dick with her hot, sopping cunt. After they finished screwing their newfound friends, Craig and Lydia treated them to some weed, blow, and wine before seducing their opposite numbers. Cilla was more resistant to Lydia’s advances than Carl was with Craig. Carl basically just let Craig suck his cock and relaxed to enjoy it. Cilla allowed Lydia to suck her nipples and kiss her lips, but kept swatting away her probing fingers. Eventually, Lydia went down on Cilla and gave herself a noisy orgasm Bostancı Escort in the process. They ended the evening in each other’s arms, Craig asking, “Did you watch me fuck her?” and Lydia responding, “Yeah, did you see his beautiful black cock screwing me?” They were bouncing on the floor when Carl and Cilla said goodnight and left.

Tonight, after his wife and Judd waved bye-bye, Lydia and Craig converged on Carl with smothering determination. The trio held wine glasses to each others’ lips, blew cannabis smoke into each others’ mouths, and felt each other up fully clothed. After a few minutes, they began three-way kissing, which Carl enjoyed more with Lydia than Craig. Craig and Lydia began to tug at various items of Carl’s clothing. Soon Carl was naked on the couch with the couple’s hands dancing over him like a swarm of locusts. While Lydia pulled off her clothes, revealing her long jugs and super-hairy twat, Craig massaged, kissed, and licked Carl’s penis. The she told her husband, “Blow the man down, sweetheart!” Lydia watched the dude close his mouth around Carl’s cock and shrieked with delight. Carl felt the warm wetness of Craig’s tongue wrap around his poker as Lydia lowered her cave of Venus onto his face. Her odor was overwhelming and titillating. She flowed so heavily he thought she was spraying him with piss at first. The threesome began to bounce on the couch in syncopation. It only took a minute for Carl to come in Craig’s mouth, but when he did, Craig began to suck furiously and heightened Carl’s exhilaration to the point where he began to bite Lydia’s fleshy pussy lips. Again, she shrieked with pleasure.

Their orgasmic emissions had only just begun. Lydia switched her attention to Carl’s cock as her husband went down to the familiar cavern of her sex. As soon as Carl sent a stream of semen down her throat, Lydia swiveled around to gobble up her hubby’s thick member. An interlude of snorting coke and toaking weed followed. In due course, Lydia began to stroke and kiss Carl’s chest and whispered, “Fuck me like a whore, bro’!” Carl did his best to oblige, lifting Lydia’s furry legs high over his hips, and thrusting harder than he had ever done with anyone except Cilla. He was long and strong and rode her for two or three minutes before she began to shiver and sweat in orgasm. Then she coaxed Carl to roll over and humped him on top. Before Carl came inside Lydia’s vessel, Craig mounted her and plunged his tool into her ass. Three stoned sex fiends wiggled and shook madly.

Carl had promised to check on Cilla in an hour, but nearly two hours had passed. When he said he had to check on his wife, Lydia told him not to leave. “I’m sure Cilla’s having fun with Judd,” she insisted. Then she laughed, “He’s a lot of fun,” and held her hands a foot apart with her mouth forming an unvoiced “O.” Craig lit yet Anadolu Yakası Escort another joint and Carl relaxed, taking a puff and enjoying it.

Lydia and Craig took turns, kissing, stroking, and pleasuring Carl, who went senseless and shot his wad twice more down his lovers’ throats. The three sweaty bodies on the couch moved as one unit when Lydia began to lick Carl’s ass crack and Craig held his cock in front of Carl’s face. For the first time since he was a curious green teenager, Carl opened his mouth and welcomed another guy’s dick. He held it between his lips for a few seconds before rolling his tongue over it and savored its cheesy taste. He pushed it out with a kissing motion and began to lick Craig’s mushroom cap. Then he let Craig slide the member back into his mouth and began to bob his head while sucking over the pinhole. “Oh, you suck cock like a girl. Mmm!” Carl was amazed—and nearly gagged—at the thickness of Craig’s floe of cream. “Nice blow job, guy!” Craig said to Carl and gave him a sloppy, noisy kiss.

After gathering his clothing and his senses, Carl went to the suite where Cilla had been partying with the good old boy, Judd. He found her alone, looking drawn and pale, sitting on the bed, naked and smoking a cigarette.

“Where were you? I thought we agreed you’d come by in an hour. It’s after midnight.”

“I’m sorry,” Carl mumbled, embarrassed to admit he had come six times with Craig and Lydia and gave some other guy a blow job. “How was it with Judd?”

“It was awful,” said Cilla, her voice wavering. “He’s an animal. His dick is fucking twelve inches long and twice as fat as yours.”

“Did he hurt you?” Carl asked, reaching for her hand, but she pulled away from him.

She spat and laughed, “At first, yeah, but then I got used to it.” She leered at her husband. “The second or third time he fucked me it started to feel pretty good … When he wanted to cornhole me, I offered to blow him instead, but he begged me.”

“Did you let him?” Carl asked gently.

“Yeah, but he only got about an inch of his thing in my butt hole and even that hurt like hell … He tried to comfort me when I started to cry, though.” Cilla paused to grind out her cigarette and lighted another. “Then he started to get kinky.”

“Like what?” Carl asked.

“He wanted to eat my asshole,” she said sucking on her ciggie.

“Did you let him?”

“He cornholed me with his big, fat tongue,” she answered.

“Oh, I see.” Carl felt violated, that some stranger had tasted his wife’s urine.

“Then he said it was my turn,” she stated calmly.

“Did you?” Carl was unable to conceal his shock.

“I was scared not to,” she explained. “He made me lick his anus till he blew his wad. I sucked him off to finish … He’s uncircumcised. Did I tell you that?”

“I’m Ataşehir Escort sorry it didn’t go well,” Carl started to say.

“That’s not all … He said he wanted to make me a sundae.”

“You mean like dessert?” Carl asked dumbly.

“No, silly,” she laughed derisively. He wanted to cover my pussy in fudge sauce, whipped cream, and nuts so he could gobble it all up … and he did. He used his tongue to shovel the gooey mess inside my vagina and suck it out over and over again. He loved it. Then he said he was ready for me.”

“Ready for you to do what?”

“Eat his hot fudge cock sundae,” she said sharply. “By this time, I was so tired and scared, and I knew you weren’t coming to save me. So … “


“I laid on the bed and he hunkered down over me and we covered his cock, balls, and ass in whipped cream, fudge, nuts, and peanut butter. His junk stank of sweat already—and I snarfed the stuff as fast as I could. It was so warm and soft … ” Carl was speechless. “It really didn’t taste that bad even mixed with his sweat and funk. I licked him clean. Judd was so turned on by me eating his cock sundae that he wacked off all over my titties. After that he was really nice and gentle. We even took a bath in the tub together.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Carl was thoroughly grossed out.

Cilla rose to her feet and came to Carl. “So, how was your evening with Craig and Lydia?”

“I don’t know,” Carl said with a shrug. “It was okay, I guess.”

The lips that ate Judd’s hairy ass kissed the lips that sucked Craig’s penis. “Did you do anything special with Sonny and Cher?” Cilla said, sarcastically referring to Craig and Lydia.

Heaving a sigh, Carl admitted, “I blew Craig.”

“You little bitch!” Cilla laughed and kissed his mouth with her tongue fluttering.

A week passed before the subject of Cilla’s activities with Judd came up again.

“I wanna try it,” she told Carl.

“You want me to suck Judd’s big old dick?”

“I mean I want you to eat a chocolate sundae off my pussy.”

“I don’t think I’m into that,” protested Carl. “But I’m into you, so I’ll try it.”

In bed, after particularly intense sex that ended with Carl’s cock drilling his lady love’s asshole, Cilla stooped over his face after decorating her Venus with whipped cream, hot fudge, peanut butter, coconut, and a dollop of ice cream. Cilla watched him nibble the sticky and sweet mess and concluded, “I don’t get the turn-on.”

Carl shrugged. “It tastes pretty good.”

Cilla swung herself around and propped her chin in her hands and looked at her beloved husband. “Okay, baby, now go brush your teeth.”

The next weekend Carl took the kids to his parents’ place out of state. Cilla picked up the phone and keyed the number she had written on a little yellow post-it note.

“Hey, Judd, how’re you doing?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” he drawled. “How ya been?”

“What if I’ll bring the toppings and you bring the ice cream and I’ll meet you at the hotel?” she sang sweetly.

“All right,” Judd cackled. “I’ll be there at eight.”

“Make it seven!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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