Living a Fantasy Ch. 02

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Seeing Anne walk up the stairs in my shorts, which did not cover much of anything as she walked up the stairs, got my cock back to attention. When she fumbled around with her keys at the door, I firmly pushed two fingers under the shorts and directly into her pussy. She whimpered and steadied herself with her hands on the door, while at the same time pushing her hips back and forcing my fingers in deeper.

“Let’s go inside,” she purred and opened the door.

We walked through the living room and kitchen. Her roommate was sitting there.

“Hey Brianna, this is Mike.”

“Hi Mike,” she replied staring directly at my crotch. I realized I was wearing a pair of loose workout shorts with no underwear, which made a perfect tent as my hard cock stuck directly out in them. “I know what you two will be doing. I guess I’m going shopping.”

“You don’t want to get all worked up listening to him fuck the shit of me like he did over and over last night?”

“Fuck no, slut. Listening to you cum while I get nothing does not sound like fun to me.”

With that exchange, we went into Anne’s room. She immediately dropped the short, removed her top and bent over her bed. Not needing further instructions, I removed my shirt and shorts as well. She had already magically made a condom appear, which I slid over my cock and inserted it into her pussy from behind. She was still loose from the fucking I gave her last night and Doug gave her this morning.

We needed no warm up time and I immediately began slapping my pelvic pone against her ass cheeks. I felt her hand playing with her clit as I fucked her hard. I felt her begin to cum and as she did, her pussy muscles contracted around me and I began to feel myself ready to cum. However, I withdrew before it was too late. I wanted to fuck her tits and I did not want to gamble with not being able to get hard again this afternoon.

She knew what I wanted and turned over onto her back. She grabbed some lube off her nightstand and poured some in between her d-cup surgically enhanced tits. I tore off the condom and placed my cock where she had lubed. She squeezed her tits together and I began to move my cock back and forth in between them.

I could not believe myself. I just 15 short hours I had lived out several fantasies that I had never dreamed I would do. I had fucked her in the alleyway at the dance club. She had blown me in the car as we parked in a store lot. We fucked as we crossed the lawn of my apartment complex. This morning I had shared her with my roommate, including double penetrating her. Now, I was titty fucking a woman for the first time in my life. As a bonus, she seemed to love it as much as I was. The only thing that seemed to be left for me was a two-girl threeway.

In fact, I loved it too much because it was not long before I shot my load onto her upper chest and neck. I collapsed onto the bed, completely exhausted. It did not take long before I drifted into a nice sleep. Anne must have been tired also, after all we had not slept much the night before, because I awoke once and her naked body was draped over mine as she slept.

However, she had awakened first because I woke up by myself in the bed. I pulled on my shorts and went into the kitchen where I found her dressed in a very low-cut, very tight pair of black stretch pants and a plain tank top.

“Good evening sleepy head,” she said playfully as she walked over and hugged me. Instantly our lips met and for a brief second or two, our tongues danced.

“I’m going to have to go to work soon,” she continued. “You should stop by later. It’s the Bare Elegance near the airport. I work from 8 until 2 in the morning.”

Even though I was new to the area, I had already heard of the club.

“Hey, that’s a strip club,” I said, and then slowly putting it together. “You’re a stripper?”

“Bingo. You don’t think I should let a body like this go to waist. Besides I’ve got to pay for these.”

She grabbed her tits and pushed them up as she said her last statement.

“What’s wrong,” she asked trying to judge my reaction to her news. “Doesn’t every guy want to be able to tell his buddies that he’s fucking, I mean seeing a stripper?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry,” I said snapping out of my daze. Of course, my cock coming back to attention with this news definitely helped. “It’s just that I wasn’t quite expecting that. Yeah, it’s cool.”

She told me she had to go and that I could stay there as long as I needed to. Brianna was taking a nap and would be around all evening. I walked her to the door and we kissed as deep and passionately as we had at anytime the night before. I wanted to bend her over and fuck her right there, but she had to go.

“Keep that thing just like that,” she said tapping my once-again hard cock. I told her I would and I’d come to the club around 10 or 11.

She left, but I was still hard. I was half-tempted to go into Brianna’s room and see if she was as big of a slut as Anne, but I chickened out. Instead, I got dressed, Ankara escort forced my cock to retreat and headed back to my place.

I cleaned up and got ready. About 10 o’clock I headed out the door to watch Anne work at the strip club. I had no idea what to expect, but the thought of watching her tease and use her naked body to tease all of those guys got me hard again as I drove. It was a good thing that I had worn a tight pair of nylon thong bikinis under a pair of loose-fitting micro fiber pants, which would help me conceal the erection I would have most of the night.

I parked my car and went in the front door. Even though I am 27, I still get carded in places like this.

“Mike Strathauer,” the guy at the door asked when he looked at my I.D. and I nodded. “No cover for you. One of our dancers put you on the pass list so you get the free VIP card. In fact, Tori Anne is on stage 2 now.”

I looked in the direction the man pointed and I saw the woman that I had just known as Anne was on the stage. She was naked except for a very tiny navy-string and white platform heels that must have had an eight-inch heel with a four-inch platform. Quickly she was in front of this fat bald guy and playing with her pussy through her g-string only inches away from this guy’s face.

Soon, the song ended, which signaled the end of her set. She pressed the guy’s face between her tits and kissed him on his bald head. He replied by stuffing money in the front of her panties when she opened them to give him a good look at her neatly trimmed bush.

I walked to the stage as she collected her clothes and money off the stage, but before I could get to her, a guy approached her and they were off to the VIP area. Since I had a pass, I followed behind. They sat on a couch. He gave her some money and for the next three songs, she touched, groped and dry-humped the guy wearing nothing but her g-string and heels. As she rode him regular cowgirl, she let him put his hands on her ass cheeks.

She then turned around and rode him reverse, letting him move her hips. When she looked up, she saw me and smiled. I smiled back and then watched her really put on a show for him. However, it was all for me and I was more than just a little turned on by watching this new dream girl in my life dry hump this guy.

Immediately after the first guy was done, another guy offered her money to do the same for him. This continued for three more guys. She turned down another offer.

“I have to go onstage,” she told me as she walked by me. “Buy a dance. I’ll save the first one after this set.”

I decided to wait back in the VIP area for her to come back. I watched a couple of other dancers with private dances as well as the woman dancing on the small stage back here.

Finally, I saw her return to the room and walk straight to where I sat. She wore nothing but the same heels, but she had changed her g-string to a just as small white one.

“Hey cowboy,” Anne said, sitting next to me. “It’ll be $100 for the next three songs partner.”

“Changed your panties, huh,” I asked forking over the money. “For $100 I should get fresh panties. Last night I got you for nothing without the panties.”

“Well, the club has rules, you know,” she said, now straddling my lap. “Ooohhh, someone seems a little turned on by watching me with all these businessmen.”

She pressed her pelvis into mine and I pushed back.

“Well you seem to be enjoying yourself also, Anne. I mean Tori. No, Tori Anne.”

“My given name is Tori Anne. Tori Anne Lanlind and holy shit, you have no idea,” she whispered into my ear as she dry-humped like she had the others. “This is my third pair already tonight. I keep soaking through them thinking about how well you fucked me last night, this morning and this afternoon. It’s taking all my willpower to keep from just unzipping these guys’ pants and fucking them.”

“Well I think you could charge more for that,” I said sarcastically. “These bastards keep forking over $100 just to get teased.”

“Yeah, well these businessmen are away from home and lonely. If I can exploit that, then I think I deserve $3000 of their money tonight.”

“Fuck, you make $3000 per night. Wow!”

“Well, maybe $2900 tonight. I’ll give you your money back tonight at my place.”

The third song ended and she was off to make $100 more. I never really got the chance to talk to her again. She did couch dance after couch dance and was on stage between. I just watched the events. Not only did I observe Tori Anne, but also the other dancers who seemed to making out financially just as well.

Finally, 2:00 came around and I made my way toward the dressing room where Anne had told me to meet her. Shortly, she came out of the dressing room in the clothes she had worn when she left the apartment. She motioned for me to follow her back to an office area.

“Hey, something’s come up,” she said after we gave each other a peck on the lips. “A guy out there has offered me $1000 to go back to his hotel room Ankara escort bayan for two hours.”

“To fuck him,” I asked somewhat incredulously.

“Yeah, to fuck him,” she said noticing a stunned look on my face. “How much would you have paid for last night?”

“Good point. But I thought, well I kind of need to fuck you also. I don’t know how much longer I can go with this hard-on before I have to take care of it myself.”

“I need to fuck you also. I did a couch dance for the guy earlier and he’s not got a big dick, so I’ll need you later. Besides, I had planned on staying naked all day tomorrow with a guy I know that has a beautiful cock and can stick it anywhere he wants to.”

“I’ll be waiting at your place, hurry back.”

“I will. I called Brianna and she’s home. She knows you’re on your way over and she’ll let you in.”

We kissed briefly before she headed out of the office, with me following. Once out to the main area, she veered back toward the VIP area and I went to the door.

I got in the car and headed to her apartment. As I drove, my minded raced. Was Anne a prostitute? A call-girl or escort? Did she do this type of thing all the time? However, most of my questions did not matter much since I was hornier than I might have been at any other point of my life. The only problem was that it was going to be several hours before she would be home, but the idea of fucking her all day tomorrow would hopefully help me pass the time.

I pulled into the apartment complex, parked and walked to her apartment. I knocked and within a few seconds the door opened. My eyes nearly jumped out of my head. Brianna was wearing nothing but a small tank top and string thong bikini. The top stopped above her navel, exposing a belly ring and the panties were mostly string with a narrow strip of paste blue cotton that had a bouquet of flowers directly over her pussy.

“Come on in Mike I was just watching TV,” she said.

When she turned to lead me in the room, I saw her ass perfectly, except for the small piece of fabric that snaked between her cheeks. Like Anne, she was not bone skinny. Not fat by any means, but all of the curves in the right places, this made her ass easy to follow into the living room.

She motioned for me to sit on the couch and then she sat down directly next to me. She moved to face me, opening her legs for me to get a good view. She had obviously knew I was coming over and she chose to dress like this for me. I guess I should have woke her up from her nap with my cock earlier, I thought. However, I could not really think of anything to say to break the silence. Thankfully, she did.

“So my fucking whore of a roommate is off fucking some horny, fat businessman, huh,” she asked. “Did she tell you how much?”

“Yeah, it was $1000 for a couple of hours.”

“Not bad,” Brianna said. “I guess I should’ve worked tonight.”

As we talked, her left hand moved to my left thigh. She just let it rest there, but she did move her nails slightly back and forth.

“You strip too?”

“Sometimes. Only if I need the money. Anyway, I can’t believe Tori left someone so fucking cute as you. She fucking some fat business guy, and she has a lovely muscular man at her place.”

“Well, a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars,” I said surprised at the defense of the woman that I had met a little over 24 hours ago.

“Don’t defend her. She’s a fucking slut. She told me how good you fucked her and what a marvelous cock you’ve got.”

“Before you call her a slut, I don’t know too many pious women that would meet a guy she didn’t know at her front door in what you’ve got on.”

“I could change if you want me to.”

“No, no you don’t need to do that. I wasn’t complaining. In fact, I think you’d look even better with less on.”

It was a little of a calculated gamble, but I liked my chances of pushing this further. It paid off when she immediately pulled her tank top over head, revealing her b/c-cup all natural tits. My eyes fixated on them.

“You like my tits,” she asked and I just nodded. “They’re not as big as Tori’s fake ones, but I like them.”

She began to play with her nipples as she spoke.

“Whose do you like better, mine or Tori’s?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t had the chance to feel and kiss yours.”

Without another words, I reached over and cupped her right tit as I moved in and began to kiss her left nipple. I small moan left Brianna’s mouth as I moved my other hand behind her and pulled her over onto my lap. Our pelvises met and my hard cock pushed against her pussy through what we were wearing. Meanwhile, I continued my assault on her tits.

Eventually, Brianna began to unbutton my shirt. Once she had it removed, she pressed her chest against mine. This forced my mouth off her nipple, but her tongue took it’s place in my mouth.

“So who’s got better tits, me or Tori,” she whispered to me after she broke the kiss and began to nipple on my earlobe.

“Well if I had to judge,” Escort Ankara I said pushing her hips into mine as she now kissed my neck. “One of them is a six, the other a half-dozen.”

“A tie,” Brianna said sitting straight up on my lap.

“Yeah, a tie. Tits are tits. I’ve never seen or tasted a bad pair in my life.”

“You boys are so easily entertained. You all love this.”

She began to kiss my chest. Brianna then moved off my lap in between my legs as she worked her mouth across my abdomen. She unbuckled my belt, undid my pants and slipped them and my underwear down my legs. My throbbing cock was finally released. I kicked off my shoes and socks so that she could remove my pants the rest of the way.

Now that I was naked, she moved back between my legs. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and licked the entire underside length of the shaft.

“Tori was right,” she said. “You’ve got one hot body and a hell of a cock. Tell me, how good was the blowjob she gave you?”

“It was really good. She made me cum quickly. Plus, she swallowed every drop of cum.”

“I know I’m just as good, if not better, than that bitch. Lay back and relax.”

She started kissing the tip of my cock and then began to blow me. I had been hard for so long, that it felt wonderful to have something wet and tight wrapped around me. At first, she just bobbed on the top half of my cock, but before long she was trying to get my entire 7 ½ inches down her throat.

She accomplished her goal and the feeling of her throat gagging a little over the tip of my cock was more than enough to send me to an orgasm. I felt myself release in her throat. As I came, she released my cock from her mouth and caught my cum with her tongue and mouth. Even though I had cum a lot in the last day, I had plenty of cum to shoot in her mouth since I had been rock solid hard for the last 4-5 hours watching Tori at the strip club.

“How was that,” Brianna asked wiping the few streams of cum that had missed her mouth or leaked out of it.

“Not bad, but rating a blow job is like rating tits. I’ve never had a bad one.”

“Fuck your tough…Or just easy to please….”

“You know I could compare the taste of your pussy to her pussy,” I said rather cheesily.

However, it worked. Brianna rolled over the side of me on the couch and removed her panties. When I moved in between her legs, her completely shaven pussy and pierced clit stared back at me.

I planted my first kiss on her pussy and I immediately felt her thighs close around my face. She put her feet on my back and began to pull me forward into her pussy. I formed suction between my mouth and her pussy and began to let my tongue explore. In no time at all, her hips were bucking and both of her hands were on the back of my head trying to force my tongue deeper.

Her thighs were pressed against my ears, but I could still hear the muffled cries of pleasure. When I moved both of my hands to her nipples and squeezed, she responded with an increased pace of her hip gyrations. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it so much the pressure she put on the back of my head, she forced my tongue even deeper. I had the feeling that she was trying to push my entire head into her pussy.

I had never so forcefully tongued a woman’s pussy before and I felt my tongue and mouth get tired. Thankfully, her first orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy flooded with hot juices, which filled my mouth. Finally after her body went limp, I was able to move my head away from her.

I sat her up and kissed her deeply so that she could taste herself. As I did, I could faintly taste a hint of my own seed from earlier.

“I need you to fuck me right now,” she whimpered into my ear. “Get a condom out of the end table.”

“I’m not all the way hard yet,” I said hoping to get a little more blow job action.

“I don’t fucking care,” she said staring at my cock directly in front of her face since I had now stood up. “Six inches of almost hard cock is better than the nothing in my pussy right now.”

I decided not argue and retrieved a condom. As I placed it over my dick, Brianna moved onto all fours. I got behind her and easily slid my cock into her hot, wet pussy.

After two thrusts, I began to pound her from behind with all the animalistic lust I had in me. She began to cry with pleasure and began pushing her hips back to meet every one of my forceful thrusts. I had never fucked someone so forcefully. I felt as if I was trying to push so far into her that my cock would meet her kidneys.

Another orgasm ripped through her and I slowed as her body needed some recovery. I still felt as if I was not anything close to cumming, and still not completely hard yet.

“I want to ride you,” Brianna whispered after she had recovered.

We move around and she lowered herself onto my lap and cock. She pressed her chest against mine and we kissed. I pulled her chest harder into my and she began to rotate her hips rather quickly across the length of my cock.

I felt our naked bodies pressed against each other. I have always loved the feeling of a naked woman pressed against my own nakedness, which finally got me completely hard. Actually, I could feel an orgasm begin to build.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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