Living With Aunt Jane

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Big Dicks

What a great year this was turning out to be. I had just completed my internship with a company and was offered a full time job with a sister company in another state. I was excited about moving to a new city, but because of my reckless spending I did not have much money in the bank to afford a big move like this. It was depressing to know that after just turning twenty-five, I did not have much to show for my hard work. I was scheduled to begin my new job at the beginning of the next month so time was certainly a factor. I racked my brain trying to think of a solution but just was not coming up with anything. I decided to call my mother and talk to her and see if she had any ideas. After about an hour of talking and still not coming up with anything, an idea came from out of the blue; my Aunt Jane lives in the town where I was going to work, I thought maybe it would be a possibility to live with her until I got settled? Mom was not too keen on that idea but we eventually decided it was the only option. My Aunt Jane and my mother get along but they are two completely different people. My Aunt Jane has more of an outgoing personality and enjoys going out and having fun whereas my mother enjoys the quiet time at home with my father.

Mom made the phone call and called me back to say that everything was settled and that Aunt Jane would not mind at all. It was settled then. I packed my belongings and headed out with about one week to move in and reacquaint myself with my Aunt. Driving up to my Aunt’s house I wondered if I had made the wrong decision? I walked up to the door and was happily greeted by my Aunt Jane. After exchanging hellos we adjourned into the sitting room to catch up on each other’s lives.

“So Brian, you’re a big shot now huh?”

“I have done all right I just wish that I had been a little more careful with my money,” I said.

“Oh don’t worry you can stay here as long as you need to,” Aunt Jane replied. “Don’t worry I will stay out of your way and you can come and go as you please.”

“Thanks, that is very nice of you Aunt Jane, and don’t worry I will stay out of your way as well,” I said.

“So tell me Brian what else have you been doing since you got out of college?” Aunt Jane asked. “I haven’t seen you since your graduation.”

I answered, “Just working, I have been very busy with my career and haven’t had much time for anything else.”

“Oh boy you are a boring one huh Brian?” Aunt Jane replied. “Do you have a girlfriend you left behind?”

“No, I had a few women friends but nothing serious.”

“Well you have certainly grown up and matured since your college graduation a few years ago,” Aunt Jane said. “You have grown into a handsome young man.”

“Thanks Aunt Jane, and you look like you haven’t aged a day since then.”

“A smooth talker, how sweet,” Aunt Jane laughed. “Your Aunt is getting older and heavier but I will not give in to old age yet, at fifty-seven I still have some good years left.”

Smiling I said, “Good, I think you look great and I am sure the men you hang out with feel the same way.”

“Since your uncle left me years ago I have found some nice men who can appreciate a large woman like me.”

“Well Aunt Jane I better get my things moved in and unpacked,” I said.

“Ok well you go ahead and I will get dinner started.”

While I was moving in I began to think about the things I said to my Aunt. “She is an attractive lady and has a great personality to go along with her looks,” I thought to myself. I couldn’t believe that I was thinking about my Aunt’s looks. After finishing up in my new room I went down to the kitchen, Aunt Jane had just finished setting the table. After some idle chit chat Aunt Jane told me that she was sorry but she had a date tonight and would not be around.

“Oh, please don’t be sorry you go ahead and have fun,” I said. “I’m tired from my trip so I think I am going to turn in early.”

We cleared the table and took care of the dishes and Aunt Jane was off to go on her date. I made my way into the living room and sat down to watch a little television. Of course there was nothing good on the television, so I got up and decided I would turn in for the night. I went into the bathroom to clean up and was surprised to see Aunt Jane’s dirty clothes in a pile on the floor next to the wall. At my mother’s house she would have never allowed this to happen. Washing up I couldn’t help myself from thinking about my Aunt. It had been about two months since I was last with a woman and I was horny as hell. I looked down and saw a pair of Aunt Jane’s underwear on the top of the pile of her dirty clothes. I picked them up and held them in front of me, damn they were big. Something came over me and I pressed the front crotch area up to my nose and inhaled deeply. Oh man what a heavenly smell, my cock instantly began to twitch. I couldn’t take it, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and began to stroke it as I thought about my Aunt Jane. How her fat pussy looked as it pressed against her panties. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but at that point I didn’t care I was so hard I had to finish masturbating. With one final stroke I emptied my hot boiling cum into the sink as I sniffed at my Aunt’s dirty panties. Fearing that my Aunt could be home soon I quickly finished up, rinsed the cum down the drain and hurried into my bedroom. I was so drained from my trip and my climax that I was sleeping in minutes.

The next morning I woke up early and headed to the bathroom to shower. Walking into the bathroom I noticed that my Aunt’s clothes she was wearing yesterday were in the pile of dirty laundry. Immediately I began to feel an itch between my legs, I bent down and lifted up her shirt and found her panties. They were a nice white cotton pair, I once again pressed them to my nose and inhaled. The sweet smell of her fat cunt permeated through the cotton. I sucked them and grabbed my throbbing cock and once again began jerking off thinking bursa eskort about my fat Aunt. I wrapped the panties around my cock and continued to stroke. I began to think about my Aunt differently, a little more nasty than before. Just before I was cumming I pulled her panties off of my cock and again emptied my hot jism into the sink. Back to reality I thought, I better shower and get moving before Aunt Jane got up.

I walked down into the kitchen and to my surprise my Aunt was already up making breakfast. Looking at her I couldn’t believe that she was only wearing an oversized T-shirt (or so it seemed).

“Good morning Brian,” said Aunt Jane. “You are an early riser.”

“Good morning to you to, ” I replied. “I’m usually up early just out of habit from work.”

“How did you sleep last night?” Aunt Jane asked.

“Very well, thanks” I said, “Did you have a good time last night?”

“No,” she replied. “The guy never showed so I was home kind of early.”

“Oh that is too bad.”

“I don’t mind,” she said. “I was surprised to see you already sleeping last night when I came home, you looked so peaceful sleeping.”

“What do you mean I looked peaceful?”

“Oh, well I looked in on you when I got home just to check to see that everything was alright,” she said. “I guess it is a motherly thing that I cannot get rid of, I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, I don’t mind. You’re my Aunt and this is your house.”

“Thanks Brian I’m glad you are comfortable with that,” she said. “I want you to feel comfortable here and not feel like an outsider.”


“Sit down and let me get you some breakfast” Aunt Jane said.

My Aunt turned around and went to the cupboard to get me a plate, when she reached up to get the plate her T-shirt that she was wearing lifted up a little and I could see the bottom of her panties. It looked like her panties were a little too small because her big ass cheeks showed out the sides. Realizing that I could see her bottom she quickly turned around.

“Sorry dear,” she said. “I’m not used to having people around when I am making breakfast, I should have put more on this morning.”

“Oh don’t worry about me Aunt Jane, I don’t mind, it is your house you can do whatever you wish.”

“Good Brian,” she replied happily. “I’m glad you don’t object, I have never been a big fan of wearing too much around the house.”

After breakfast I headed out on the town to check things out, I was anxious to see the where I was going to be working and check to see what the town was like. I could not concentrate on too much though; visions of my Aunt’s large ass cheeks were almost burned in my mind. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Basically I resolved that there wasn’t anything I could do, I had to live with it. She was my Aunt and people shouldn’t have these types of thoughts going through their minds. I arrived at my new place of employment and drove around a little while longer. Finally having seen enough, I made my way back to my Aunt’s house. I walked in and said hello and made my way to the living room to hang out and watch a little television. It wasn’t more than fifteen minutes and my Aunt walked in (still wearing her same oversized T-shirt) and asked if I would help her move some things down into the basement. Having nothing else to do I agreed. We went up into her bedroom where she told me that she had cleaned out a few boxes from her closet that she wanted to be moved to create some more space. Looking around I noticed my Aunt’s nice layout in her room.

“You have this place set up nice,” I said. “You have your own television and VCR that must be convenient.”

“Thanks Brian,” Aunt Jane replied. “It is nice to have my own private entertainment setup here in my room, this was I can keep my own movies and things here and do not have to worry about company.”

“What do you mean, you don’t have to worry about company?”

“Well, some of the movies I like to watch I don’t think all of my company would approve of,” she replied.

Smiling I said, “Oh, ok I understand.”

“I’m glad you understand Brian,” she replied. “I’m glad you are mature enough now to be able to talk openly like this to you.”

I finished helping my Aunt with her boxes and noticed that is was getting late. Aunt Jane told me that I would have to fend for myself for dinner, she was again going out to meet up with some of her friends.

“Ok,” I said. “I’m just going to go and change and get a bite to eat and just hang out for the night.”

“You are welcome to come out with me if you would like?” Aunt Jane asked.

“Thanks for the invite but you go ahead and have a good time I just feel like hanging here tonight”.

“Ok, I’m going to go shower and get ready.”

I followed Aunt Jane up the stairs, just slightly lagging behind enough to watch her large ass cheeks bounce from one side of her body to the other. I could feel her magic working on my dick again. When I got into my room I sat on the edge of my bed and began rubbing my cock through my pants while thinking about Aunt Jane. I heard her go into the bathroom and immediately thought about her mature fat body. I had to try and sneak a peek at her. I quietly walked down the hallway; I was in luck the bathroom door was ajar slightly. I walked a few steps closer and I could see Aunt Jane through the mirror. She was bent down over the sink brushing her teeth. If she only knew he nephew’s cum had been in her sink a few times I wonder what she would think. I stood quiet, waiting and watching. She stood up and wow did I get a look. There she was in the mirror with her large saggy breasts hanging down and resting on her large belly. My peek was over as fast as it appeared. Aunt Jane moved out of sight, I then heard the sound of her reaching and pushing the door open. “Oh Shit,” I thought. She was coming out of the bathroom. I quickly went back into my room before she came out. I heard her mumble something bursa escort bayan but couldn’t tell what she was saying. My door was left slightly open and I tried to sneak a peek at her but she had already passed my room. I waited for her to return. I crouched next to the door and watched as I heard her walking back down the hallway. As she walked past my door I could se her large belly hanging down and as she moved further away I could see her large, super wide ass in plain sight. As she went into the bathroom and closed the door I quickly dropped my pants and began stroking. Thinking about her big belly and wide ass, my cock was throbbing in no time. Aunt Jane must not have had to do much her the shower because about as quickly as she went in I heard the water turn off, she had finished. “Damn!” I thought. I hurried and pulled up my pants and quietly went back downstairs. I didn’t ever have enough time to change into my shorts. About fifteen minutes later Aunt Jane came down and got her coat on to leave.

“Ok Brian,” Aunt Jane said. “I’m off. Have a good night and I will see you in the morning.”

“Ok Aunt Jane,” I replied. “Have a good time.”

As soon as she was into her car I went back upstairs. I went into my bedroom and changed into my shorts. Thinking about getting a sniff of her dirty panties I headed for the bathroom. Lying right on top of the dirty laundry was a nice pair of dirty underwear. Bringing them to my face once again I inhaled, sweet and nasty as usual. I pulled out my cock and started stroking. Then I had a thought, “I wonder if Aunt Jane has any of her adult movies where I can find them?” I put the panties down and went into her bedroom. I looked around and at first could not find anything. I opened her closet doors and began looking around. Way back in the corner of her closet I found a box of videotapes. I began looking through them reading the titles and examining the box covers to find one that looked exciting. I kept digging through the stack. Near the bottom I found one that I recognized was not a commercial tape, it was labeled “Vacation with Hammerl’s”. I remembered the Hammerl’s family when they used to live in my old neighborhood. I was curious, and anxious to watch the tape. I wanted to see what made this tape so secret that it was hidden in with the adult movies.

When I loaded the tape into my Aunt’s VCR, I found myself wondering if I was doing the right thing. Something seemed to warn me not to do this, yet I was too curious by then to turn back. The beginning of the tape innocently enough. My Uncle Charles was filming (I could tell it was him because he had been talking during the filming) my Aunt Jane and the Hammerl’s getting out of their car in front of this log cabin. The video showed some spectacular scenery for a while, then jumped to an indoor scene. From that point on, I was in shock.

The first scene was dark when the scene began, and the first thing I saw was my Aunt Jane walking out of a bedroom wearing nothing but a thin robe. The outline of Aunt Jane’s large tits could clearly be seen under the thing material of her robe. I felt an instant pulsing between my legs. As I watched I began to slightly stroke my hardening cock.

As the camera captured my Aunt’s slutty strut she was soon joined by Mr. Hammerl. He was nude, and as they embraced his hand went up my Aunt’s robe and onto her large breast. Aunt Jane reached down and began fondling Mr. Hammerl’s cock. Then Aunt Jane sank to her knees and began sucking and licking his cock. I was stroking my cock like crazy now. I watched as Mr. Hammerl helped Aunt Jane up then led her to a sofa. Before she lay down he removed her robe. My cock hardened more as I saw my sexy fat Aunt in all her naked glory. She opened her hefty thighs and lifted her belly slightly.

Aunt Jane looked at the camera and in a slutty voice said, “Charles, tell him to fuck your fat whore wife.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I couldn’t believe my Aunt was so nasty. I was going nuts stroking my thick cock while watching my Aunt get fucked while her husband filmed it. It didn’t take me long to unload my balls. I continued to watch and stroke for what seemed like an eternity. Taking my eyes off the television for a second I noticed that it had gotten very late and I had better put things back and get cleaned up before my Aunt came back home. But it was too late. As I was putting the tape back I could hear my Aunt walking in the front door. “Shit,” I thought. I hurried into my bedroom and quickly got into bed. I had no time to wash up and didn’t think about putting on my shorts. I lay quietly in bed trying to relax my breathing and pretend I was sleeping. In all the excitement and hustle I hadn’t closed my door all the way. I could hear my Aunt go into the bathroom and could see her walking out into the hallway, and to my surprise she was nude. Just like clockwork my cock sprung to life. I heard her walking down the hallway and stop by my door. I closed my eyes and heard my door open. I could hear my Aunt walking towards my bed.

“Oh what’s this?” I heard her say to herself.

Then I felt her hand graze against my cock. Luckily it was under the covers so she wouldn’t be able to see my cum that I hadn’t been able to clean up yet. I could feel her pull the covers down off of me. I was in shock I couldn’t believe it. I felt her hand graze against my shaft. Then I heard her lick her fingers.

“You naughty nasty boy,” she said to herself, “watching your Aunt’s dirty movie got you all covered in cum.”

“Oh shit,” I thought. “How could she have know?” I had to do something so I reached up and turned on the light.

“Aunt Jane,” I said. “I can explain.”

“Explain what?” she replied. “You got caught watching your Aunt’s dirty movie.”

“How do you know this?”

“Well, you were into watching and masturbating that you never heard me come home the first time,” she responded.

“Oh görükle escort god Aunt Jane, I don’t know what to say,” I said desperately.

“No need to explain dear, I’m actually very excited that you find your fat old Aunt attractive.”

“But I never…” I tired to say but was cut off by my Aunt.

“You never knew that your Aunt was such a dirty thing is that it?” she responded.

“Well.. I ah, yes I never knew you did that sort of thing.”

“Well dear there are many things that you probably don’t know about me,” she replied. “Let’s cut to the chase dear you know and I know what we want.”

“Are you saying what I think you are saying Aunt Jane?” I asked.

Before I could say another word Aunt Jane reached down and put her mouth around my prick. She sucked and rubbed my balls; damn it felt so good.

“Oh yeah Aunt Jane suck my cock,” I moaned.

Moaning loudly, I grabbed the back of my Aunt’s head and forced more of my prick into her mouth, enjoying the hot, tight, wetness of her throat. I stared at my hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth as Aunt Jane bobbed her pretty head up and down over my dick

“Oh god, that’s good!” I moaned.

Watching her lips squeeze my cock, listening to the soft wet sounds her mouth made. Aunt Jane’s eyes were turned up to watch me, she was really getting off by just sucking my cock. Her ass was writhing about like crazy and she was pressing her thighs together, squeezing her cunt as she sucked my prick. Her tongue licked and pressed my cock to the roof of her mouth. I was amazed at how good my Aunt could suck cock. Aunt Jane must have been able to tell by the powerful throbbing of my cock that I was close to coming. She reached down and pulled me into her, I knew Aunt Jane wanted to swallow my load..

“I’m gonna cum Aunt Jane!” I groaned, “Oh, God! Fuck! I’m gonna come so fucking hard!”

The most intense orgasm raced through my balls, I felt the first gush of hot cum explode into her mouth. Aunt Jane didn’t miss a thing; she swallowed every drop of my cum. Aunt Jane’s eyes gazed up at my face as she milked the last drop of cum from my cock. Then, she lovingly held my cock in her mouth after I’d finished, rolling it about with her tongue.

“Damn Brian, your cum is so hot and sweet.”

Aunt Jane and I switched places. She spread her fat thighs to reveal a nice dark patch of hair covering her cunt.

“You like your Aunt’s fat hairy cunt?” she asked.

“Oh Aunt Jane I fucking love your big hairy cunt.”

“Feel how wet sucking you off has made me,” she grinned, “eat my fat cunt baby.”

Aunt Jane lifted her belly so I could get a better angle at her hairy bush. I reached out and palmed her hairy cunt, slipping my middle finger inside her juicy, wet slit. I fingered and licked my Aunt’s pussy for what seemed like an hour. I removed my fingers from my Aunt’s cunt and replaced them with my lips. Sucking and licking my Aunt’s tasty cunt until I had her wide fat ass squirming all over the bed. I pulled her fat cunt lips apart with my thumbs and ate her juicy cunt.

“Oh yes Brian I love it,” moaned my Aunt. “Put a finger inside my asshole baby, finger my fat ass.”

I reached under her fat ass, licked my finger and gently inserted my finger up her ass.

“Um oh yes Brian.”

My Aunt was driving her fat ass down onto my finger as I continued to eat her hairy treat. Aunt Jane moaned uncontrollably as she came in my mouth, squealing and squirming like a slut as I sucked her clit deep into my mouth. Her cum was so wet and tasty..

“Fuck me now Brian, fuck me hard, I want to feel your thick young hard cock deep inside me” cried my Aunt.

I got up on my knees and positioned my thick cock right in front of Aunt Jane’s wet hairy cunt. I eased my prick into her hole and pushed. I grabbed her belly into my hands and began rocking it, pushing in deeper. Harder and faster I pumped into her fat cunt.

“Yes, yes, oh god yes Brian. I love your hard cock,” moaned my Aunt.

I continued to fuck my Aunt’s fiery fat cunt. Thrusting harder and faster. As much as I hated to, I stopped and had my Aunt get on her hands and knees. I wanted to fuck her doggie style. I grabbed her wide hips and placed my cock back into Aunt Jane’s furry hole and went back to pounding. I moved my hands on top of her ass and squeezed her heavy cheeks as my cock buried deeper inside of her.

“Oh yes baby, play with my big ass”

I licked my middle finger and gently placed it at the center of her ass, slowly pushing it inside.

“Umm yes, harder fuck me harder, fuck your Aunt’s nasty cunt baby.”

“Oh yeah Aunt Jane you nasty slut. I know you love my cock inside your hot incest loving pussy.”

“Oh yes I love it in my pussy but I want it in my ass too.”

I slid my cock out of her wet cunt and leaned down and licked Aunt Jane’s fat hole. I eased my throbbing head past Aunt Jane’s big cheeks and deep inside her heavy hole. God now I was really in heaven fucking her fat asshole. I fucked and fucked harder and harder.

“Brian, oh Brian yes, fuck my slutty fat hole.”

I could feel my balls tightening as my cum burned inside my cock. I had to cum soon. But I wanted more of her fat cunt. I removed my cock from her ass and slide it back into her hairy cunt. Ramming and fucking harder and harder. Jane belly was bouncing back and forth as I rammed into her cunt.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum Aunt Jane,” I moaned.

Hearing this Aunt Jane pulled away and moved so she could wrap her lips around my cock. Seconds later my throbbing cock erupted. I could feel my cum spurting from my cock and down Aunt Jane’s throat. Licking and sucking for all she was worth, again Aunt Jane didn’t miss a drop. As the last drop of cum oozed from my cock I collapsed next to my Aunt Jane.

After we recovered my Aunt Jane said, “Oh Brian I’m so glad you decided to come and stay with your Aunt.”

“Aunt Jane, so am I,” I replied.

From that day on my Aunt Jane and I continued to fuck every which way we could. Our fuck sessions have become even more intense and more erotic. I could never have thought living with Aunt Jane could have turned out like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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