Liv’s Legacy: The Group

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Asa Akira

Author’s note: For those not familiar with “Liv”, she was the catalyst for the “Liv’s Legacy” stories, and was featured in “The Devil’s Gateway” and other stories.

Chapter 1

Standing there and looking at the bed, I couldn’t stop the memories that came flooding in; not that I wanted to stop them. Whenever we thought of Liv, they always came back for both of us. Liv was not someone to be forgotten, not in our lifetime, and perhaps longer, she affected so many people. As I sensed all that had gone before, all the sensations threatened to overwhelm me again. My mind, my heart, and even my watering eyes wanted to reach out to her, to touch her again, and yes, to love her.

We were both that way; Paula, the one we so loved, the one I still love and live with. We had both loved with Liv, as well as each other, and it was magnificent for all of us. Now it was still magnificent, but we did miss Liv’s presence in our lives.

“What’s going on in your mind?” my—our—love asked.

“Just thinking of her, hon. Can’t help it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean; me too.”

We’d come back to check the house out. We were thinking of offering it to Mary and Anise. Their place was a good one, but this one was much better, roomier. Besides, they had both admired it, but not asked about renting it, at least not yet.

“What do you think about taking this bedroom to our place?” I asked.

“Where would we put it?” Paula asked.

“Either in place of ours, or swap it with the one in the other room.”

She thought of it. “Not that I’m averse to anyone, but I’m not sure about having anyone else sleep in it.”

We did sometimes have others stay overnight, so I could see her point.

“Well, hon, we do love it, don’t we?”

“Uh-huh. How could we not, it was all so beautiful,” she said with a wistfulness that I felt too.

“How about if we move this to our bedroom, and put what we have now in the spare room, and move our spare one over here? Would that work for you? Would you really like that, hon?”

“If you would, Elle, yes, I’d like it. Still, it’ll always bring some sharp memories back to us.”

“She’s always there anyway, always in us.”

“True. How can she not be? I wouldn’t ever want her far away from us anyway.”

“Me too. Let’s do it, okay?”

“Yes, my love, let’s,” she said, hugged me, and kissed me softly, a sweet kiss, but laden with those memories of Liv and her love that were constantly with us.

The only regret I had of Liv’s constant invasion in our life now was that she was not still with us as we wanted, wished for, but to no avail. The dead don’t come back, at least not as we wished Liv would come back.

* * * *

It was done. Renting a truck, and finding a few big guys we knew, the changes in bedroom furniture were made. Liv’s bed, the bed we had all made love it, was now in our main bedroom. Once more, looking at it when we were finally alone, all of the memories came rushing in on us again. All of that, and some tears.

“I wish we had done this right away,” I confessed.

“We had to get used to Liv not being with us. Though I love having her bed here now, I think we did the right thing to begin with. Now we know with a certainty that we never want her to be apart from us.”

I had to think on that. Paula was right, but then if she said something, it was usually right.

“Yeah, it was best that way, but I’m glad we have her back with us in this way.”

I looked at her, and saw her doing the same thing—looking at my tear stained eyes as I looked at hers.

“God, baby, but I love you both so much,” I said, sensing Liv was still here with us.

“Me too, Elle. I love her as I love you now, and as we both şişli escort loved you then.”

* * * *

We went through the day as if nothing was different, or I should say that we acted as if nothing was different, but each time I looked at Paula, her breathing was tight, just shy of ragged. Mine was no better.

It was taking our shower that did us in. We couldn’t hold it any longer. It was as if Liv was there with us, her presence was so palpable. We were all over each other, and took turns eating each other’s pussy, yet somehow we did manage to wash our bodies. Drying, our breaths were still a wreck, our motions all spastic, then we hurriedly rushed to the bed, the source, I was sure, of our state. This time we rushed to ravage each other, but tinged with a tender passion that shouldn’t have surprised me.

It wasn’t enough.

“Paula, honey, sit up there,” my ragged breath desperately pleaded with her.

She knew what I meant, what I wanted, and had to have. She must have wanted it too for she scooted up quickly, her breath making quick, wheezy sounds. Once sitting well enough, her legs parted as wide as they would go, and I rushed to make love as we had often loved to do when Liv was with us. Intense wasn’t the word for it, yet it had a tenderness to it that ripped at my heart. Paula must have felt similar for her hands were in my hair, and she was crying, yet loving every lick I gave her. I wore her out. It was what we both needed.

All the while my mouth was on Paula’s pussy, my hips were jogging without my making them do so, Liv’s presence under me was so powerful. Love as we had between the three of us has a way of living forever in our being. All of me, my body, my mind, my sexual desires, the love we had, all remembered Liv and how she loved eating me as I did Paula this way. How can I say that it was terrible, and yet love how all of me remembered us, and loved the remembrance?

“No more, Elle. Please. I want you, but I can’t,” she begged off.

Down, we clutched each other and held tight.

“It was as if Liv was still with us, I felt it all so much,” she quietly spoke what was in my mind.

Feel Liv with us? My hips had jogged into the air just as if Liv’s face was under me and she was licking my pussy as she loved to do. I clenched so often that I knew the pillow that was under me was soaked.

“I know, baby, I know. My pussy was feeling her loving me as she always did when we were like this.”

Yes, Liv was still a huge part of our lives, and our love. All of our love making had been so intense, so passionate, lustful, and sweet as could be, we all loved each other so much. As I thought that, Paula eased down a bit so she could suckle my nipple, something else she and Liv loved to do. As large as my breasts and nipples are, they’re also very sensitive; the two of them discovered it quickly the first time we all made love together, one at each nipple, and me being tortured so beautifully, not to mention all the exquisite orgasms they inflicted on me too.

“Are you sorry we brought the bed here?” she asked, taking a moment from suckling voraciously.

She was making me hot again, but unusual as things were this time, I was enjoying it. Maybe my body was fondly rejoicing with our minds.

“No way. It was strange, very emotional, and extremely erotic. Maybe it was too powerful feeling her with us like that, but we’ll get used to it. I hope,” I added.

In spite of her having taken my nipple in her mouth, and run her hand down between my lips, she couldn’t help giggling. “I hope so; I like erotic and everything else with it. You two taught me to love us being as we were, and as we are now.”

Chapter 2

After a night at the club, and much mecdiyeköy escort loving as always, we fixed a huge amount of finger food for our group to have for lunch if they wished, and we also had the large crock pot going with a huge roast and veggies. We loved our gatherings, here or at someone else’s house.

After everyone had nibbled and we’d had some general chit-chat, Haley had an announcement.

“I heard someone talking about an essay on a site of erotic writing called Literotica. They have a lot of erotic stories, as well as some not so nice ones, along with a lot of other sexual writings, including essays, which is what they were talking about. Someone who seems to have attended one of Liv’s classes wrote about some of what she said, but more. And it’s quite good.”

From the looks on everyone’s faces, save Cate’s, we were all surprised.

“Why do you say she, or whomever, had attended one of Liv’s classes?” Paula asked.

“It’s just as Liv taught, or at least how Jabs teaches, but more in depth. And she only went through the first eight chapters of Genesis though the flood time. But mercy, she covered a whole lot of facts and questions galore. She titled it, ‘The Bible, Fundies, & Lesbian Sex’ “, she said laughing lightly.

The looks on everyone’s face suddenly changed at those last words, a smile on their faces, but one of curiosity.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” Penny said. “Why Lesbian Sex in the title?”

Now it was Cate’s turn. “It looks as if she’s really questioning what the Fundamentalists say about the bible being without error because it’s God’s word—the so-called inerrancy they claim for the bible. One of the main proponents, some character named Pat Robertson—I think you mentioned him in your class,” she said, looking at me.

“Just as Liv did,” I said.

“She did,” Sally chimed in. “What about it?”

“He’s quoted as having said that since the bible doesn’t prohibit it, oral sex is okay,” Cate said. “She uses that to discredit the Fundamentalists and their version of what’s okay sexually, and what’s not, concluding that since the bible says nothing about a woman with another woman, sex for us has to be okay. She also quotes some Baptist preacher who’s also a state legislator as saying that we all should be killed as the bible says. That part isn’t good, but the rest is pretty darn good, and I know you’ll enjoy reading it. As Haley said, whoever wrote it went at it quite seriously, in depth, and from what I could see, she’s pretty accurate.”

“Anyway, she claims sixty-four major errors in those first eight chapters,” Haley added.

“Now that’s a bunch of errors,” Mary piped in.

“It sure is,” Penny agreed.

“Any idea who might be the writer?” I asked, looking at Paula.

“Not a clue, Elle. When Liv’ started the classes, I didn’t go until the one Caryn and Penny went to.”

Naturally, we all talked very animatedly about it, with all of us determined to read it on our own and talk about it at our next meeting.

“Do you have the URL for it?” Ariel asked.

“Yeah, I wrote it down. I figured you’d all want to look at it,” Haley said with a smile.

“We sure do,” Mary said, as Anise nodded her head in agreement.

“It sounds more than interesting,” Anise added.

After a lot more chatter and dinner, we broke up, all of us other than Haley and Cate, I was sure, intent on going to our computers and reading it.

Chapter 3

“Oh, mercy!” Paula said quickly. “Looks like she did go into it all pretty deeply. Liv talked of doing similar, but decided that going too deep in talking about it wouldn’t be too good; maybe some would get lost. Here, though, you can easily stop and go back a little, then go on at your own pace. This is real good; she did a good job, at least so far.”

“If she is a she,” I had to say.

“Yeah, but I can’t imagine it not being one of the girls in one of Liv’s earlier classes,” Paula countered, and perhaps wisely since there hadn’t been any mention of any men in any class; there haven’t been any in my classes anyway.

Needless to say, we were both enthralled and read it all in one sitting.

Later, after we were in bed, and for once, sort of uninterested in making love, we talked about the “essay”.

“The depth she went into was something, and the organization, that had to take a while,” I said.

“Yeah, and I love how she stuck some stuff in, especially about how to search for those doing nothing but making money.”

“True, and not being all that knowledgeable about it, still I think I remember it being said that Jesus never seemed to care about money, or much of anything else material, and here these guys and their families are making out like legal Robin Hoods in reverse—they take and don’t give anything back,” I said, shaking my head at not only the hubris involved, but at the people that seemingly loved to be taken in, or glad to help them all live unreal lifestyles.

“Wonder how it will be received, it stopped so short of so much. Then again, there’s a lot to what is there, so I guess she had to stop it.”

“It’s logical,” I said. “As you said, there’s so much to it. If she’d gone further, it would have been too much, yet she’s got to go further.”

“Or not,” Paula countered. “Maybe she just wanted to prod people to pay attention to what is going on, to what Liv always called the truth of the lies.”

“I suppose that in time we’ll find out, huh?” I said.

“Yeah, in time. I hope it opens some lesbians’ eyes so they get the idea that they needn’t suffer inside so much. Elle, sometimes I still think about how it was for me, and I can feel my whole body wanting to tremble in fear. The confusion and emptiness I felt was so horrible, and then there was all that shame and guilt, that I was so wrong, a mistake God made, or maybe the devil.”

She shuddered. I reached out to hold her in my arms, and kissed her head. “Maybe it will help some. I hope so. I really hope it does.”

“Will you keep holding the classes?” she asked me.

I had to think about it a moment. “After seeing this, I think I’ll watch it and see how it goes. There’s a good possibility I won’t be having the classes, as good as this essay is, as detailed and easy to read. Well, in some spots some might have to think on it, but not much at all. Those headline grabbers sure didn’t help things out for themselves any.”

“You know, Elle, I hope it does take off, does well, that is.”

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean.”

Had Liv started something that would catch on in more places than here? Frankly, I hoped so. Liv was one marvelous lady, one both Paula and I were still in love with, but in the overall scheme of things, maybe that wasn’t important, save to us.

What was of great importance was Liv’s understanding of all of the ignorance that has been with us for two thousand years and more. Perhaps this would be helpful to lesbians all over the country, and maybe elsewhere too. If so, Liv had left a legacy that is far reaching, and much needed too. The lies had to end, to stop ruining the lives of so many girls.

I looked at Paula and wondered what life would be like if I didn’t have her? There’s no question but that it would be a much diminished existence for me, and for Liv too. They nearly killed Paula just as surely as they had killed Liv. I hugged Paula tighter to me, and kissed her head again. My love of her was as my love of Liv, and that was boundless.


This is an original short story copyright © by wistfall1; no copying, or use without the express written consent of the author, wistfall1.

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