Loan Shark

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Penelope pays him back

Penelope was nervous, hesitantly walking out of the restaurant, through the dimly lit car park. It was upsetting to fall into this infuriating situation, but she would have to find a way to live with it. There was nothing preventing her from hating it, and she had every right to hate him too.

When her parents died, she promised to keep the family home, and to live there, to keep it alive for future generations of the Morgan family. Their name meant something in the community a generation ago. It certainly wouldn’t be admired if this deplorable situation came to light.

At the time she hadn’t realised how much it would cost to repair the rotting heap. Repair bills kept coming in, and every time something was touched, more work was found to absorb even more money that she didn’t have.

Although it was unfair, she was annoyed with a friend who introduced her to Robert, the man who kept lending her money, so much, that she was now in a financial crisis. The man was a crook, who subtly encouraged her into ever greater debt, until there was little chance of paying him back.

Working in his casino next door to pay off the debt had been rejected outright. The uniforms were lewd, so it would be highly embarrassing working there night after night. There wasn’t much to any of the costumes the waitresses wore and she was a bit of a prude. The thought of serving friends in the casino would be bad, and showing off her body to them would be so very humiliating, it would be impossible to put up with.

A special arrangement was made, so she could pay off the loan, and not be seen. It would take some time, but at least it would be possible. Under this arrangement there was little choice, except to do as she was told, until the loan was paid off. This evening had been the first session and it had been just as humiliating as expected.

The nasty man didn’t show it, but he must have been gloating over having the Morgan’s daughter at his disposal. A respected wealthy family brought low, would bring a smile to many a face in the town, and he was no exception.


He had given her detailed instructions not to speak unless spoken to, where to stand when not serving drinks to his friends, and most embarrassing of all, he told her what to wear. The evening had been the most embarrassing experience of her life. Serving the horrible man was bad enough, but wearing an absurd outfit, that hardly covered her body, was horrendous.

The dress was pale blue, very short, and flared out just below her breasts, which were tightly pushed up into a deep cleavage. The stocking tops were hardly covered by the short hem, which seemed even shorter when wearing high heels. He told her she looked devastating in the dress, which she had no doubts about from the lascivious look he gave her.

‘It brings out the blue of your eyes beautifully,’ he crooned.

If he thought such a compliment was welcome, he was very much mistaken. It was expensive silk, though nothing so slutty as that would ever be found in her wardrobe. Part of the deal was that he chose the outfit, and this was expected. It was only a little better than what they wore in the casino. At least she only had a small audience in the card room.

While they played cards, she had plenty to do. Preparation, serving drinks, and snacks, helped overcome the nervousness a little. It was no wonder she was anxious, when wearing such a daring outfit before strangers.

Being so used to wearing conservative clothes, it was a shock to wear something so short, and low cut. It had to be kept constantly in mind, when bending over. Squatting in the right direction to pick anything up was necessary, otherwise the thin panties would show. They were plastered between her cheeks, and in front they felt obscene.

It was a relief they hadn’t taken much notice of her. Instead they concentrated on their cards, so perhaps it wasn’t such an unusual uniform, as it had been for her. After all, the horrible man owned a gambling club next to the restaurant, where waitresses wore very skimpy outfits.

Not daring to work there, where friends would be able to see her fall from grace, she opted to work in his private card room, where he entertained friends. Serving a select group, she could at least avoid a public disgrace.

As the evening wore on, she became used to the high heels and the short hem, just enough to relax a little. She was surprised how late it was when they broke up the game for the night. Or rather, it was early morning. After tidying up the glasses and leftover food, it was a relief the evening had passed so quickly.

Her own clothes were in a changing room locker, used by the restaurant staff. They had closed up shop and left hours ago, so she had to use another exit. It meant she had to wear the skimpy outfit home, which had only just been accepted in the privacy of the backroom. It was so much more humiliating walking across the parking lot, where anyone could see Escort Bayan and ogle her body.

At least in the confines of the back room, it had only been his cronies that saw and commented on her figure. There had also been some safety in his presence, as they knew she was working for him. Out here she was on her own!

Walking from the anonymous doorway it was a surprise how many people were about at that hour. People were leaving, and still arriving at the casino. She felt as though all eyes were on her. Strangers would judge her, assuming she was a high-class prostitute, from the way she was dressed. The high heels clicked loudly on the concrete, bringing more attention to the walk of shame.

Young couples and young men were making their way from late night drinking and carousing, and a group had emerged from the club next to the restaurant. When they noticed her, they whistled and called out, though this was not as bad as the comments made by young women. It was surprising how unpleasant they could be.

Being called a slut was excruciating, as she clicked along on shiny high heels. She tried to keep the dress down, but it bounced up, showing off stocking tops.

‘Come on, girl, I’ve had a win at cards, I’ll buy you for the night,’ a young guy shouted.

Unable to run in the heels, she continued to totter along, wobbling and wiggling her bottom.

‘Don’t be stupid, Tom, you’ll catch something off the dirty slut!’ one of the girls shouted.

‘Don’t mind them, we’ll look after you, girl,’ a couple of guys seriously spoke.

They were heading towards her, on a course that would cut her off from the car. They could see she wasn’t running, which encouraged them. Penelope couldn’t run in the heels, and they produced an enticing swing to her hips. There was no way she could find the courage to counter their rude remarks, so they carried on increasing their offer.

‘We’ll pay you double your usual fee. We won’t take no for an answer,’ one of them promised.

The others had shouted silly remarks to impress their friends. This seriousness was frightening. What did they mean about not taking no for an answer? They thought she was a prostitute, which blew away the protection she usually had, that a decent woman expected.

The thought of being taken here in the parking lot, up against a car, was horrendous. Having her bra stuffed with notes, would signify what she was, and destroy her self-image. She would no longer be a decent woman, entitled to the protection of society and the law.

Once she had been paid as a prostitute, that would be it, there would be no going back. Her status as a respectable woman would be lost forever. She might as well have the crude word tattooed across her forehead, and carry a sign reading, unclean.

The two guys collided together, at last succumbing to drink, and began to argue with each other. She heard them arguing over who would be first, and cringed. When one of them suggested they toss a coin for her pussy, or her ass, she felt faint.

With shaking hands the keys were dropped, and she quickly bent to pick them up, not caring what the guys saw of her bottom. Fumbling for the right key, then scratching the paintwork, it eventually slid in.

At that moment she felt as though they had slid into her. It was an incentive to pull open the door and slide in. Hunched down in the seat no one could see her. The two men stopped arguing, and having lost sight of her, they wandered off. She sighed with relief, at last feeling safe after a strenuous evening.

Driving anonymously in the dark provided time to think about what had been committed to. A thought crossed her mind that it had been rather stimulating, having men of all ages staring at her body, wanting her. The naughty idea was quickly banished to the back of her mind.

Again she went through the course of events, wondering if she could have avoided that offensive man, and his special deal.

Promising her parents to keep the family home for future generations, had started a program of refurbishment, only it ended up costing far more than expected. A heavy storm meant the house needed urgent roof repairs, but the bank wouldn’t lend more money, so she sought a short term loan. That brought her into contact with Robert.

It stretched her finances, though living frugally, she was sure it could be paid back quickly. Then she’d been laid off from her job. The branch she ran was closed, with only a handful of employees transferred to other branches. Her management skills weren’t needed elsewhere, so she was laid off.

Robert offered to take over all that she owed, from the bank and the builders, at a lower interest rate. Even so, the repayments were gaining on her, becoming more than she could repay.


Next day she slept late. With no work to attend, there was plenty of time to agonise over the situation, until eventually deciding there was nothing for it. There was no other way, except to Etlik Escort return to Robert, where she would carry out the deal as agreed to.

She kept telling herself there was no choice after losing her job. It was true, and an excuse to avoid thinking a horrible thought. It just might be enjoyable. All her life she had been careful. Some might call her staid, or old fashioned in her ways, whereas now she was dressing like a slut. Briefly in public too.

‘Thank heavens no one I know will see me dressed like that,’ she whispered to herself. The day seemed to flash by, while tidying and cleaning the house in a dream state, mulling over the predicament again and again.

Standing before a mirror, patting down the demure full length dress, she convinced herself yet again, there was just no other way to pay back the money. Visiting the bank manager again last week did no good, as he reiterated a loan was out of the question. Committed to the promise to her parents, keeping the house in the family, she would have to see this awful arrangement through to the end.

Having applied garish makeup, the mirror reflected someone she no longer recognised, and she decided it was not her standing there at all. It was someone else, someone ready to pander to a stranger’s whims, and that made it easier. A little thrill shook her.

There was no walk of shame on the way into the restaurant, as she was wearing the usual conservative clothes. She was fully aware of what was about to happen once inside the card room. Under her arm was the shameful dress, hidden in a travel bag.


‘Sir, may I ask you for something,’ she humbly spoke.

‘Sure, what’s the problem, girl,’ Robert asked.

‘The restaurant changing room closes before you finish playing cards. That means I can’t get my clothes. Is there somewhere else I could change?’ she politely asked.

‘You could use this office. Here’s the key, give it back to me when you’re finished,’ he told her.

He’d been right about her. Her demeanour showed how submissive she was, and that she wore the dress without complaint confirmed it. It was a shock for her, and that was a good thing, as the mouse needed livening up. She needed to be shaken up, and shoved out of that rarefied world of old money.

‘One more thing, sorry to ask, but I need money to live,’ she asked, looking sorry for herself.

‘Sure, I understand. I’ll sort something out for you. Would a job be okay?’ he asked.

‘Oh! Yes, thank you, sir,’ Penelope gushed, then worried over what kind of job he had in mind.

This was only the second day carrying out the contract, and she was getting used to him, and his rough ways. It seemed that under the surface he had a decent streak, and was willing to help her in a time of need.


After a week serving Robert and his friends, she was a little more confident. The blue silk dress she wore was expensive, and would be nice if it wasn’t so skimpy. At first she had found it creepy to have a stranger hand her underwear to put on. It was new and sealed in cellophane, so she had been too sensitive about it. After all she couldn’t afford to buy even underwear to go with the outfit.

He hadn’t leered at her or treated her shabbily, so she calmed down and got on with serving him for the rest of the week.


On Monday morning, this newly acquired confidence evaporated when she met Robert in his office. He looked her up and down carefully, though not in a sexual way. Why on earth she was disappointed was a mystery. Perhaps he was changing her opinion of his character, and that was unsettling. On the other hand, did it mean she wasn’t interesting enough to be ogled?

‘You’re on time, good. You look very smart, and suitable for your new job, he briskly spoke. ‘I need an office manager. It will give me more time to spend on other things, and you need a job.’

‘Oh! Thank you, sir,’ she said, again sounding eager, and chirruping like a girl.

‘I’ll show you where to hang your hat, as it were,’ he said, and made sure she followed him upstairs.

‘Everything is laid out for you to work on. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be in the lounge. If you leave the office, lock the door behind you. If you are going to be longer than a quick pee, put everything in the safe,’ he brusquely told her.

‘Err, sir, the pay?’ she timidly asked.

‘I’ll see to that. I want to see what you are made of first,’ he said.

Put in her place yet again, left her feeling small and vulnerable. Rather than try to shake the feeling off, she bent to studying the paperwork. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. He had a simple effective system, so she would keep to it.

Putting his head past the door, he said, ‘It’s lunch time, do you want to eat?’

‘Oh! I was lost in this,’ she said, raising a ledger.

‘Put it all in the safe, and come with me,’ he said.

The accounts office in his apartment, was on the top floor of the Ankara Escort building. Below was the card room, a small kitchen, and storage rooms, as well as his day-to-day office. Below that was a restaurant. Instead of going down stairs, she followed him into the kitchen. The smell of food rumbled her stomach.

She’d expected to make something for him, but instead he had cooked for them both.

‘Hope you like hotpot. It’s my own recipe, perfected over years,’ he quipped.

They sat and ate in silence.

‘How you getting on with the books?’ he asked.

‘Straightforward, and well presented. Nothing I can’t handle,’ she said, making it a pronouncement.

He looked at her, and noted the old arrogance of wealth had crept back in her voice. The little girl lost tone had gone.

‘Good. I’ll see what you’ve done at the end of the week, and settle your pay. I can’t match what you got at that fancy corporation. We’ll see,’ he said, concluding that conversation.

Penelope did the washing up, and left everything to drain. He’d calculated how much to cook for two exactly. She’d been hungry and enjoyed the meal. He was a little difficult to get on with, but not such an ogre as she first thought.

How did he know she worked for a corporation, and received a top salary? He was sharp, and she would have to be on her toes to please him. Especially as she now worked for him, in addition to paying back the loan.

‘Help yourself to coffee, whenever you like. I’ve hung a new outfit in the office for tonight, something different. I’ll lock the office downstairs, and you can use the one up here to change,’ he told her.

‘Yes, sir, thank you, sir,’ she mumbled.

He smiled at her, not much more than a grimace, and got up to leave the kitchen. He never accidently brushed up against her, or attempted to pat her bottom, so she couldn’t complain. His tone of voice left nothing to question, so she meekly returned to the office.

Hanging on a coat rack in its carrier, was the blue outfit. Next to it was something new. Putting off the moment of discovery, she left it in the wrapping for later. The time went quickly while working on something new. Learning the accounts was easy enough, but some of the naming conventions were a mystery, so she made a list to ask him about tomorrow.


Still worried over what he’d chosen, she undressed completely, afraid of the outlandish outfit he had selected for this evening. Standing naked in the office, left her feeling self-conscious. This office was in his apartment, and she’d forgotten to lock the door. Discreetly turning the lock, left her feeling better. On the chair under the hanging garments, he’d left a new set of underwear.

It was a good guess he hadn’t walked into a store to purchase any of the clothes. A woman knew her size, and was buying them for him, or rather for her. Probably the same woman who bought the outfits for the casino.

Pulling up the stockings and attaching them to the straps was becoming a familiar task. It was still difficult though she managed it without ruining the stockings. An early start gave her time to prepare before the guests arrived, yet she dare not dawdle over getting dressed.

There wasn’t a mirror in the tiny room to judge if what she wore was worse than before, though she didn’t need one to know it was. This was something she would hesitate to wear in the bedroom, and here she was preparing to put herself on public display. A limited public, yet it was still a group of strange men. It was not made any easier that the choice of clothing had been forced upon her.

The dress was cut exactly like the blue one, only this was in black and almost sheer, like a baby doll nightdress. It was not so low cut, but the black bustier pushed her breasts up into a deep cleavage, with a swirl of black silk ribbon woven into the fabric, artfully positioned to cover her nipples.

The hem draped just below the stocking tops, only this time the thin straps holding them up could be seen through the dress. The same pattern of silk ribbon was woven into the front of the equally sheer panties, to cover her there, leaving her bottom exposed through the filmy material.

The accessories were in a stark contrasting white. A small cap, cuffs, apron, garter, cuffs, ankle cuffs, and a collar, left her dressed as a very naughty fantasy maid. Taking a deep breath, she unlocked the door before she lost her nerve, then gave in to sit in the shabby little office for a cry.

It took awhile to bring her emotions under control. No one else could be blamed for this, as she’d made the decisions, and got herself into this. There was no one to get her out of it, so it had to be faced. The outfit was outrageous, but she would grit her teeth, and do as she was told.

In the kitchen downstairs, she busied herself preparing food, and checking mixers for drinks. Next, she prepared the back room where his guests played cards. Dressed as a maid was appropriate, but dressed as a very naughty maid, she hoped it did not portend the tone of this evenings events.

Hearing the door open, she quickly turned toward the first to arrive. It was important not to show off a near naked rear so early in the evening.

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