Lola and Joey Ch. 05

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“Joey, what do you think about staying here for the summer?”


“Well, I was thinking of taking one or two courses which would make it less stressful in the fall. I think I could get more work at the shoe store, maybe up to thirty hours a week.”

“What about the money we’ll lose from subletting the apartment? Last year we got seven hundred a month. We’d be out almost three grand. That’s a lot of money, and our finances are tight.”

“My extra hours would cover a lot of it.”

“What about my job at home? I have a guaranteed job at the computer store. What if I can’t get a job here?”

“You could easily get a job here. It’s a university town. There are lots of companies selling and servicing computers, and you’re a whiz at that kind of thing. I’m sure you could get an excellent reference from Vince.”

“Ya, I probably could, but why are you asking? Is it related to what dad said last summer? What about mom? Wouldn’t you miss her? I know I would.”

Lola hadn’t forgotten that her dad had called her a slut, and it still left a bitter taste in her mouth, but to be honest, she didn’t think about her father very much. She had never been very close to him. He was always busy with work and had no clue what was going on in her life.

“I haven’t forgotten what dad said, but that’s not the reason. How could we possibly go back to the way we were before? Can you imagine sleeping in different beds every night and sneaking around every time we wanted to do something? Do realize that you touch me all the time now? You pat me on the arm when we do the dishes. You squeeze my leg when we’re on the couch. You rub my shoulders when you’re behind me. You touch me all the time! You’ve got your hand on my leg right now. I’m not complaining, in fact, I love it, but you never used to touch me. That kind of thing has become second nature to us. How could we hide it? We would slip up for sure. We’re not the same as we were before. We do all sorts of things together. Mom noticed last summer, and we’re way worse now. Dad would see it for sure. I’m not willing to go back to just being brother and sister for four months!”

Joey hadn’t thought about all the issues that Lola brought up. He just assumed they would go home for the summer, but everything she said was true. Going back to the way they were before would be impossible.

“What about mom?”

“Joey, I don’t think mom is going to be living with dad much longer. I’ve been talking to her a lot since she left, and I think mom is going to leave dad. She confronted him after she got back from our place but nothing has changed. He’s only interested in her when a client or his boss is coming over, and he wants mom to cook and entertain. Mom makes as much money as him, but he still treats her like Suzy Homemaker. All their vacations are business trips, and he doesn’t seem interested in her sexually at all. Mom’s thinking of leaving and has already looked into a transfer to a position here. We won’t need to go home to see her.”

“I had no idea about mom and dad.”

‘Well, you know what Joey? You need to pick up the damn phone to find things out. Mom told me she asked you to let her know how things went with me, but you never did. I had to tell her we were fine. It’s a good thing I talk to her. She would die of old age waiting for you to call!”

Shit! He’d forgotten to call his mom about Lola, and it was true, he had always been terrible about calling.

“So you’re okay with my idea? You’re okay with not going home?” Lola asked.

Joey’s mind had been so busy digesting all the new information from Lola that it took a while for it dawn on him.

He reached over and pulled Lola tight. “Maybe we’re already home.”


The apartment had never been their place; it had just been a temporary place to stay while away from home. Neither of them had spent much effort on it beyond basic maintenance tasks.

The realization that it might be their new home for quite a while caused each of them to start to think differently. It was their first place as a couple. It was the first home of ‘Lola and Joey’, and they wanted to put their stamp on it.

Expensive objects like new furniture were out of the question, but Lola and Joey asked their mom to ship some of their personal possessions from home, a few books, a few pictures, keepsake types of things.

They bought a few plants so there would be some green life in the apartment and Lola made a greeting sign for their door.

“I made a welcome sign Joey. It’s on the door. Let me know what you think.”

He walked back with the sign crushed in a ball. The sign had said ‘Welcome to Lola and Joey’s place’ but ‘Lola’ was in tall ornate letters and ‘Joey’ was in tiny kindergarten like characters.

“I guess that means you don’t like it?” she said with a straight face.

The next day Lola asked him to look again. He brought it back again. It least this time it was uncrushed. The size of his name now matched Lola’s, but the characters stilled looked escort şişli childish.

“What? I just copied your handwriting.” Unfortunately, it was true. Lola could have been a calligrapher, but Joey’s scribble looked childish. He said it didn’t bother him and blamed it on being left handed, but it had always bothered him, and he didn’t want a constant reminder on their door!

The next day Lola told him to look again, but Joey didn’t come back. She went to look, and the sign was gone, and so was Joey. Thirty minutes later Joey came in and told her to take a look.

‘Welcome to the Home of Lola and Joey’ was now written in beautiful ornate letters of equal size and hanging on their door. Joey had taken Lola’s latest sign and had it laminated to make it last.

“I guess that means you like that one. I made all three at once, you know. You should have told me which one you preferred from the start,” Lola said with a grin.


Joey was feeling on top of the world.

The stuff they asked their mom to ship had arrived, and their apartment was starting to look like a home.

His old boss Vince made a few calls for him, and in no time at all he had a job at an electronics store doing the same kind of work he did back home.

He had always been interested in computers and built his first computer when he was thirteen. It was fun, and he seemed to have a knack for it. Joey became the family expert that everyone turned to when they had computer problems. He quickly vanquished viruses, did software upgrades, regular fixed Lola’s infected computer and any other issue that came up.

His technical skills had been lucrative. He built his computers from scratch and often got the parts for free from cannibalized units at work. As a result, his family hardly had to spend anything on computers.

His new boss Eric quickly started to funnel high-value assignments to Joey and upped his pay after he realized what Joey could do. It was almost too good to be true when his boss asked him to start working on custom orders building high-power, high-margin gaming computers. There was nothing better than getting paid well for something you loved to do!

Between his job and Lola’s extra hours they were doing okay money-wise. Between work and school, neither of them missed home. They talked to their mom a fair bit although Joey’s mom gave him shit about not calling earlier like he promised.

He was taking a great computer course. There were no classes at all. All he had to do was create an app for an Android or Mac device which he already knew how to do. The app he had in mind had him totally pumped, but he wanted to keep it secret from Lola until he was sure it would work. There might even be some cash involved if it worked the way he hoped.

The summer weather had been fantastic. It was warm but not the yucky sticky hot that made your life miserable when you didn’t have air conditioning.

Best of all, his cock was buried deep in his sister, and she was riding him in his favorite position! She was on top facing away which gave him a front row seat of her beautiful ass and his cock slipping in and out of her pussy.

He loved her bubble butt ass and the way her skirts and pants and shorts hugged the beautiful contour of her behind. He loved her naked ass even more!

The rhythm of Lola’s glistening oil covered ass was hypnotic as she rocked back and forth again and again and again coating his cock in white strands of arousal. Every time she ground down on his dick her asshole opened up a tiny bit. It was mesmerizing, and he couldn’t resist touching her. He placed his hand on her butt so that it moved in unison with her thrusts. Then he gently started to rub his thumb in soft circles against her slippery butt-hole. Her sphincter muscle gradually relaxed until his thumb effortlessly popped in and Lola grunted. She started to make little whimpering sounds as he wiggled his thumb in her butt as she continued to ride him.

A light sheen of sweat began to form on Lola’s back as she continued to slam down on Joey’s dick again and again. Joey watched as her body tensed up like clockwork and her pussy clamped down on his cock. In the past, her vaginal vice grip always blew his nut, but he was used to it now and tensed up to ride her out until she flopped backward on his chest with his cock still in her.

“Damn bro! Another toe curler! You didn’t even cum did you?”

“Nope!” There were times when he used to stroke himself forever listening to Lola fuck her suitors in the next room. Somehow that endurance had transferred to his sessions with Lola. He could usually last as long as he wanted and Lola never tired of telling him how rare and pleasurable that was.

“I’m sorry Joey, but I need to rest for a second. What a stud man you’ve become!”

She loved telling Joey he was a stud man. So many guys thought they were studs but weren’t, and a lot of the ones that were studs were jerks. Joey, on the other hand, had become an honest to God Superman nişantaşı escort in the sack. He knew her body inside out and played her like he was a Grand Master violinist, but he never bragged about it. Occasionally, she would think back to past dates but none of them even remotely compared to what Joey could do now. He’d totally ruined her for anyone else! So every chance she got, she told him what a fabulous lover he was. He rarely responded, but she could tell it pleased him to hear it.

He let her rest for a second but then his hands started to wander until they found her clit and nipples. He began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her as he rubbed her clit and squeezed her bullet-like nipples.

“Mmmm! That feels so good! I like it when you do all the work! Rub my clit harder and pump me faster!”

They were getting so in tune with each other’s bodies that Lola’s orgasms came in no time and it wasn’t long before she basked in the delightful sensation of another orgasm rippling through her body.

“Two for two stud man! Did you cum?”


“Oh my God Joey! We need to take care of that bloated blood stick between your legs before it bursts! How would you like me, missionary, on top, doggy, reverse doggy? Whatever you want, I’m yours, just tell me!”

“Sit on me and face me so I can see your face.” He loved to watch her face as she became aroused.

He intertwined his fingers with hers and synchronized their thrusts. Lola gradually bent forward as the pace increased and eventually wrapped her arms around his neck and started to slam him with wet, wild thrusts.

Lola clamped down on Joey’s cock with her vaginal muscles and started a stream of sexual trash talk in his ear. “You love fucking me don’t you Joey, your blood sister, your twin! It’s a shame I didn’t help you out with your girl problem earlier! You could have been screwing me morning noon and night every day last year! Every day you could have blasting me full of sperm! Day after day after day you could have been blowing millions of seeds deep inside my womb! All that gooey sperm, swimming deep inside your twin towards my fertile eggs. Does that turn you on, Joey? Would you like to make some little twins of your own Joey?”

That was all it took. Joey pulled his sister air tight and blew a hot load deep inside her. He held her rigid until his cock stopped spasming and there was nothing left in his balls.

“Wow! Three orgasms!” Lola lay panting on her brother savoring his latest performance. What a rush! She mentally added ‘baby maker talk’ to her growing list of things that got Joey all cranked up!


When they first moved in together, they had been idealistic and decided to share all the chores. Both of them did the laundry. Both of them did the dishes. Both of them cooked and got the groceries, and so on.

When they decided to make the apartment their new home they had a heart to heart discussion and admitted that their idealism was not working out too well.

Lola had five times the clothing that Joey did and five times the types of clothing. She had whites, and darks and all shades of colors in between. Almost all Joey’s clothes were black or gray with a few blue jeans and dress shirts. Lola had cotton and silk and polyester and rayon and all manner of material types. All his clothes were cotton. There were too many washing rules for Joey to follow and he had ruined a few of Lola’s white blouses which were no longer white. Lola happily agreed to take over all the laundry duties.

Joey was not very happy with Lola’s idea of cooking. She was always in a rush and had no patience to cook anything that took longer than ten minutes to make. She didn’t seem to get that you couldn’t half the cooking time by doubling the cooking temperature. Joey got sick of eating burnt food and quickie meals like macaroni and cheese. He liked a bit of variety and gradually started doing more and more of the cooking which led to doing more and more of the grocery shopping. There was a grocery list on the fridge that Lola added her requests to and they discussed what to eat several days in advance and Joey purchased the necessary ingredients. It didn’t take long before Lola nicknamed him ‘Chef Joey’ and started to look forward to the aromas that greeted her when she got home.


It was Friday night, and they had just finished eating.

“What do you think about going to a Drive-In? I wasn’t sure if they even existed anymore, but I found one about thirty minutes away. We’ve never been to one. It would be cool! The Impala is the perfect Drive-In car, nice big back seat!” Joey grinned.

“What’s the name of the Drive-In?” Lola asked.

“It’s called the Mustang Drive-In.”

“What are the shows?”

“It’s an oldies theater. The shows are Terminator 2 and Braveheart.”

Joey watched as Lola seemed to freeze. The dish she was holding dropped and smashed on the floor and cut her foot.

“Are fatih escort you okay Lola? What happened? Your foot is bleeding. Let me get a bandage.”

She didn’t even feel her foot. In her vision, she’d been at the Mustang Drive-In, and the shows were Terminator 2 and Braveheart. It couldn’t be, could it?


He’d been on the force for thirty years and was about to retire. A ‘tiny’ bit of weight had accumulated on his stomach, and he was grateful to be sitting in a patrol car waiting for speeders. It was boring, but he’d had enough thrills to last a lifetime. He’d parked his cruiser around a sharp bend in the road. It was a perfect spot to catch people driving too fast.

An old Impala cruised around the bend. He hadn’t seen one that old in years. It wasn’t going overly fast, but the music was so loud he had heard the car before he saw it. He decided to investigate and pulled them over.

A nice looking kid got out of the car and took off his sunglasses. He looked clean cut, and it always dropped his stress level two notches when they got out of the car. You never knew what some wack job might be concealing in their vehicle. When they stepped out, at least you could see everything. He could see the kid’s eyes and they looked clear.

“Is something wrong officer?” the kid said.

“You two seemed to be enjoying yourself a lot. The music was quite loud. I just wanted to check.”

“Sorry, it’s a beautiful summer night, and we were just enjoying some tunes. I have a Bluetooth stereo system in the car, and we were playing one of Lola’s Spotify playlists on her cell.”

He had no idea what ‘Bluetooth’ or ‘Spotify’ were, but he didn’t smell any alcohol on the kid’s breath, and there was no red eye. He moved over to the car and looked in. There was no alcohol or weed smell.

The girl looked like a cheerleader. She had on white knee socks, an extremely short plaid skirt, a white blouse tied around her breasts and neon pink lipstick. Her hair was up in ponytails. “Everything okay with you mam?”

“I’m fine officer. We’re going to the Drive-In. We’ve never been to one before. Have you been to the Mustang?”

He had been there, lots, years ago. It brought back old memories.

“Yes, I’ve been there. Enjoy your evening kids.”

The girl scooted over close to the window. “Don’t worry officer; we’re going to!” she said with an incredibly hot stare and a wink. It almost melted his shorts! The kid was going to need his energy tonight. Lucky bastard!

His shift was almost over when the old Impala pulled up beside his cruiser. He’d almost dozed off. The girl got out and walked over to his window holding a paper bag. It was all he could do to stifle a snicker. Her hair looked disheveled, and the buttons on her blouse didn’t line up. She handed him the bag.

“My boyfriend wondered if you’d still be here and if you were hungry.”

He opened the bag. It was a donut and coffee. He needed a donut like a hole in the head, but the coffee smelled heavenly! “Thanks very much! That’s very thoughtful of you. How was the Drive-In?”

“It was everything I remembered!” the girl said with a dreamy look.

The cop was confused. The girl had said earlier it was their first time at a Drive-In but whatever. There was no confusion about the expression on her face! She looked radiant like she was on cloud nine about something. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to guess what! He sighed. The joys of being young!

Joey had been asleep for hours but Lola was wide awake. She couldn’t sleep. The night had happened exactly like in her vision! What if some of the other things came true?


Lola looked up as Joey entered the room and strutted around like a peacock with a big shit eating grin on his face. He was obviously happy about something.

“You are looking at THE MAN Lola!” He lifted her in a bear hug and twirled her around.

Now she was curious. Joey hardly ever got this excited! He let go of her and did a little pirouette.

“Your brother has just been given an expensive HD digital recorder by Eric to keep forever. No cost! Nothing! Free! Lola, this thing is worth thousands of dollars new! There isn’t any feature it doesn’t have! There’s a remote control option, a swivel option, an up and down option and a million other options. I asked Eric if I could borrow one for the weekend and he told me he had an old one that had been totally depreciated and paid for years ago, and I could have it for free because of my ‘excellent’ work. Do you realize what this means Lola? We can make some HD movies! Do you get what I’m talking about?”

Lola totally ‘got’ what Joey was talking about, and her imagination was already running wild.


Lola and Joey were like kids in a candy store with the new recorder. They spent hours the first night playing with it. Lola told Joey how she had spent hours the previous year with lighting and position changes, but their new toy made the process a no-brainer. Joey took a cable from the recorder and fed it into their TV for instant feedback. In no time at all they had the lighting and positioning perfect and did their first shots.

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