London Calling

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“I hate you travelling, I hate this. I miss you when you’re not here. I miss us. I don’t want to hear about your day. It’s late and I want to hear about how much you want me”.

Pouting I put my phone on speaker and settle back as he tells me. His voice both soothes and arouses me instantly.

“Lean back, put your hand inside your panties and think of my chest rubbing against your hard nipples and nuzzling on your neck. I pull your head to one side, exposing the vein on your neck and running my tongue towards your earlobe. I whisper in your ear how hard I am and how I’d like to fuck you right now, but I need to wait.

Travelling across your face to your red lips, kissing small butterfly kisses. A bite to your lip a little too hard just enough for you to feel a little swelling and a small taste of blood. I punctuate this with another kiss. I taste you on my lips and it feels good, it feels exciting.

Nails drawn across the side of your breast, leaving the slightest of red marks, tracing their way around. Tugging your nipple ring, stopping only when I hear you exhale. I watch your heart pound in your chest and your nipples strain. I know you love them being played with so much.

Back of the hand again dragging nails down past hips, along thighs to knees. Pulling legs apart, then back up the inner thigh harder, towards your panties. I’m not wanting to go inside just yet, working your pussy over the top your silky panties. Feeling Sivas Escort you get hotter and wetter. Lips parting and hips pushing into my fingers.

My cock is hard but I want you to cum. I pull your panties to one side and move down towards your pussy. Sucking at your clit, rubbing my face and chin against you. Sliding two fingers inside, moving in a come hither motion. Fingers moving in tandem with your breathing, slowing down every time I sense your need to cum. Picking up as you slow down, keeping you on the edge.

Pushing my fingers in hard and deep, slowly withdrawing. Licking your clit and using my thumb intermittently. Fastening the pace, wanting to feel you climax against my fingers. One hand digging into your ass as you grind your hip into me. Face fucking me. Savoring the moment, hearing you, feeling you, tasting you.

You Twitch, pulse and clamp against my fingers as you reach your climax. Holding my head in place I can feel you throb against me.

Long gentle licks along your wet pussy I return upwards giving you a long kiss, letting you taste your sweet juices”

Heart racing I know he’s hard for me so I take my turn

“Running your finger up my neck and across my swollen lip, you kiss my neck. Following the same path that your finger traveled.

Pausing to kiss my mouth, soft and then harder, I shudder at the pleasant reminder the pain brings. I pull you down to me, clawing at your back… Sivas Escort Bayan Your kisses and fingers make it hard for me to control myself.

Your cock presses between us, I’m aching and want to take it in my mouth. I have my collar. I want you to move my hair and leash me. Placing it around my neck and when you’re ready you giving it gentle tug. I’ll truly feel like daddy’s pet. You attach me. Thank you daddy.

Lying on the bed, you tug the leash, guiding me to your swollen cock. I begin stroking and sucking, but a sharp snap of the leash slows the pace. Sorry daddy…

Easing you into my mouth, I struggle to take it all. You hold my head encouraging me, I take you further and deeper into my throat. I’m struggling to breathe, but want to please you. You hold me in place, my eyes start to water, I don’t want to move but I need to. I manage to pull away, gasping. Deep breaths ensue. I wipe my face, controlling myself, a huge smile breaks.

Taking advantage of my kneeling position you slap my ass. Gently at first and then harder with each blow. Every strike causing me to moan onto your cock. The heat radiates with every strike. God that feels good. Each strike causes my nipples to harden. Each strike causes me to clench my pussy. I love this, thank you for introducing me to the sweet pain.

My ass is red from your hand. It tingles. My pussy is so fucking wet right now. I want you inside of me. But I Escort Sivas know Daddy will take me when he’s ready.Your finger still takes me by surprise as it glides inside of me. You know one is not enough and another shortly follows, moving at the same pace as the ass slaps. Deep hard stabbing motion, I clench and push back. Today I don’t want to be loved, I wanted to be fucked.

Fuck I love this. Holding you deep I cum hard. I’m about to scream your name but you pull the leash roughly, tightening the collar. Its digs into my neck and making it hard to breathe. You release the pressure as my orgasm subsides. Gasping for air, I look at you and plead “Please fuck me Daddy”

Keeping me on my knees, you move behind pulling my ass cheeks apart you taste me and a gentle bite. You meet little resistance, as you slide into my soaked pussy. One hand holding the leash, the other my hip as you drive deep inside of me, I push back against you, grinding. I need this so badly.

Another smack to my ass, another push and I’m ready to cum again, squeezing your cock with my pussy. I know the signs, your balls tightening right now and you’re ready to explode. Three more thrusts, my juices wetting your thighs, you’re unable to stop yourself any longer. Shooting cum into Me., thank you…but you withdraw.

Shoving me down onto the bed, on my back, I’m begging you to please cum on me daddy, fuck my mouth again.

You pump your cock shooting hot cum across my nipples and face and position my head to clean you up. Hot, wet, soaking, and fulfilled we collapse together. Merging into one. Holding each other until our heart beats regulate and kissing until we no longer taste each other on our lips”

Anyways how’s your mom?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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