Long Awaited Vacation With Soul Mate

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Alina Li

It has been a holiday that will forever etched in your memory. We had planned on this week long house boat trip for what seems like years and it has not been a disappointment.

We are exhausted and although it is only 1:00 P.M. I tell you that you should have a nap as I have some things planned and you will need the rest.

I tell you to lay down on the lounge chair and I rub your body with oil. You are enjoying my hands running over your body and I am noticing that you are tanning and we laugh once again about no tan lines.

Your body is starting to respond to my touches but I tell you that when you wake up we can play and I give you a nice long kiss. It is a passionate kiss starting very gentle with my tongue tracing your lips and touching the end of your tongue. Then it is a full deep probing kiss with my tongue playing in your mouth and yours in mine. The passion is growing once again in both of us as I end the kiss with a big smile and wink. Later gorgeous I say and we each have a big sigh.

You lay back and close your eyes and almost immediately drift off into a deep sleep.

2 hours later you wake up to find that I have arranged an umbrella so that you were in the shade and beside you is a margarita in a bucket of ice to keep it frozen. You give a big stretch and look around to see where I am. You can’t see me but you hear the shower come on so you relax and take a sip of your drink.

Your mind is going over the last few days and it all seems like a dream. The enjoyment the two of us have shared is unbelievable with the laughs and the conversations and the playing. The lovemaking however goes another step beyond anything you ever dreamt possible. You have let go completely over the last three days and have received pleasure beyond anything you thought possible. You wonder how this man could get you to such heights and then you realise that it is because there is some connection that the two of you have. He also has achieved feelings he has never felt before so you begin to understand. There is an inner self being touched here that neither of us have experienced before.

I come out of the shower whistling and humming a song and see you out on the lounge sipping your drink and smiling. I ask you what you are smiling about and you just say that you are feeling pretty happy inside and I say me too.

You get up and walk by me and give me a wink and a kiss on the cheek as you head to the shower. I tell you on the way by that I am in love with you and we both sigh and laugh. You go singing into the shower and I begin to get things set up for the afternoon festivities.

When you come out of the shower I call you over to sit beside me at the table out on the deck.

I have another drink for you and I tell you what I have planned requires complete trust and if you do not feel comfortable doing this to just tell me and we won’t do it. I also tell you that we can stop at any time.

You feel your tummy flip in anticipation of what I am going to say and you feel the warmth in your pussy, as this is already exciting you and you haven’t heard what I have to say yet.

I have this idea that if you reduce the senses you are using, the other ones become stronger. An example is a person who loses his sight gets Escort Bayan a stronger sense of smell and touch.

What I want to do is tie you to the bed however I also want to cover your eyes so that you cannot see anything and put ear covers on you so that you cannot hear anything except your own breathing and your own voice. This should heighten your sense of feeling and you can concentrate on that alone. There would be no distractions to the feelings that are going to be going through your body.

I can see your face flush partly from the couple of margaritas but mostly from the thought of turning your body over completely to me. I tell you again that it is all right if you prefer not too as I would understand but I can see you turning it over in your mind. You say “I can say stop at any time and you will untie me immediately?” I say “yes, immediately” “How about with no blindfold?” I say that it would lessen some of your feelings I think but if you prefer we could leave it off. You think a little longer and say “No! I trust you with my heart so I will go along with this as long as you will stop if I ask you.” I agree.

I tell you to go over and lay down on the bed and I would be there in a minute. You walk over and you can feel my eyes on you. You don’t have to touch your pussy to know that it is dripping wet and your heart is racing. You sit down on the bed and look at me walking toward you and you notice that you are not the only one turned on with the upcoming scenario.

You lay down and swing your legs around and put your arms out and your legs out so that I can gently tie your wrists and ankles.

You feel so vulnerable and so open, but this excites you not worries you, as you know that you can trust me.

I reach over and pick up a black bandanna and cover your eyes completely so that it is pitch black. Then you feel the ear covers go on and for a second you feel a little uncomfortable. You say hold on a second and I take off the ear covers and the blindfold. You look at me and I give you a big kiss and you say ok now you can continue.

I put them back on and I lift the one ear cover and once again say “just say stop and I will immediately stop this.” You nod agreement and lay back to enjoy the feelings.

You hear each breath you take and you hear your heart beating. You can feel the passion inside you and you can feel the heat of my body close by.

You can concentrate on any part of your body and your sense of touch becomes more acute. You can feel my breath on your breast as I bend down and blow on your nipple. I take your nipple in my mouth and gently suck it and roll it in my mouth.

The feeling is intensified because you can easily concentrate on the nerves in that spot that is getting the attention. You can feel every little sensation as I suck on your nipple gently in my mouth. You can feel the hot breath coming out my nose as I suck your nipple in and you can feel my tongue circling your nipple and the feeling as it brushes against my teeth.

Your can hear your heart beating faster and you can hear your breath going in and out as well as the occasional moan echoing in your head that you know is your own voice.

Your legs are already twitching and you can feel Kızılay Escort an orgasm deep inside you building already and I haven’t even touched your pussy.

I stop sucking your nipple and you can feel my hands touching your body lightly all over. Just skimming over your skin touching so lightly but all over your body my hands wander. Every little hair on your body is standing and you can feel my touch with so much clarity. Then you feel nothing and you are waiting to see what is coming next. Pitch dark and you can hear your heart pounding and your breathing is quite fast now as every nerve ending is waiting to be touched.

I am watching you as you lay there, you mouth partially open and your chest moving up and down with your breathing. You are tensed up waiting for my touch and I can see your pussy glistening with moisture and I can see it running down the inside of your thigh. Your nipples are hard and I reach out and gently pinch them both at the same time.

You feel me gently pinch your nipples and you can feel the nerves sending the shock waves to your pussy as your excitement is growing. Then you feel my hot breath on your pussy and you try and push up to the mouth that you know is close. You whole body is tense as every nerve ending is waiting for the touch that you know is coming and a shock flashed through your body to your brain as you feel my tongue brush across your clit. You can hear a long low moan that you know is your own voice but not because you recognised it.

You can feel my tongue now gently sucking your clit and rolling it back and forth and the sensations are something that goes way past anything you have felt before even with this man who has taken you to dizzying heights. You can see little stars in the blackness going on and off with the sensations that are coming from your pussy.

Your body is shaking uncontrollably and you hear your breathing coming in gasps with you heart pounding in your ears. You can feel your orgasm building in your body and you can now feel that exact location where it all begins. Deep in your body and stretching out through all your nerve ending the orgasm is spreading and the feeling is unbelievably good. Every one of your nerve endings is tingling as you start to tense up and quiver as your orgasm is taking over and moving toward that peak where it breaks and flows over your body.

You are almost at the point of no return where the orgasm is going to take over no matter what and the sensation stops. The tongue is no longer playing with your clit and the orgasm stops in mid-stream. You can hear your voice in your ears saying no! As the feelings start to slowly retreat back to that spot deep inside you.

Your body is shaking violently and you beg me to continue with the pleasure. But nothing happens for a while longer. Suddenly you feel shocks of pleasure once again flashing in the darkness and coursing through your nerve endings as the tongue once again returns to that spot. Immediately you arch your back in pleasure and strain to push against that tongue. You feel each movement of the tongue on your clit in detail and suddenly you feel a finger slide easily inside your hot pussy. You can feel it so completely because your nerve endings are your eyes Ankara Escort and ears you can almost see it coming in to your pussy. The orgasm is speeding through your nerve endings now heading to that peak where it will break and flow over you.

You tense up as it builds and builds in pressure. You stop breathing for a second or two as it teeters at the top ready to send you reeling in pleasure. Wait he stops again. There you are with every nerve screaming for relief the orgasm at its peak ready to break and flow over you and it stops. You fight to get your breath and you hear it coming in deep gulps your body is shaking violently and you can think of one thing and one thing only. You need that orgasm and you beg me to continue so that you can go over the edge. Nothing happens and it is like time has stopped, as the orgasm stays right there on the edge. Every muscle in your body is tensed up like coiled springs. The orgasm still sits there on the brink and one movement would put you over the edge. You feel the bed move and you feel the heat of my body above you and suddenly you feel a large cock slide in you completely in one long stroke. You can feel every inch of it as it fills you. You can feel the ridge under the head and you can feel the balls on your thighs. Every nerve ending is acutely aware of what is going on. It is too much for you and the orgasm goes over the edge. Your head pushes back into the pillow much like mine did the day before. You go limp for a second and then you every muscle tightens. You can hear yourself screaming as the orgasm takes over your body and you feel the sensations flow through you. Every pore every hair every part of your body is feeling this unbelievable powerful orgasm. You struggle to get your breath and you hear yourself gasping for air.

The orgasm won’t let you go. It just continues to course through your body from one end to the other and you are sobbing uncontrollably. You feel that cock going in and out of you and you can feel your pussy contracting with the orgasm ripping through you.

Never have you felt like this. Every part of your body is experiencing pleasure like it has never felt before.

It is almost like every nerve ending is having it’s own orgasm at the same time

That cock just keeps going in and out and you continue to have wave after wave of intense pleasure with each stroke.

You ask me to take off the blindfold and the ear protection and I do so immediately.

You squint at the light with tears of joy in your eyes and then you look in my eyes. You are still going through the orgasm, which is lasting for such a long time.

I continue to fuck you and your first orgasm finally subsides.

I lay on top of you and reach over and undo the ties on your wrists and you fling your arms around me and hug me hard and long. Whispering in my ear how wonderful that was and how much you love me.

I lay still on you now and I tell you that I will cum a little later as the day is still young.

You look at me and say My God there is no way you are going to be able to top that one and I laugh. I am not sure about that. I do agree that it is pretty intense when you are tied like that with someone else in control but I have some things in mind that might take us both to new heights.

You look at me and laugh and say “No Way, that was way to strong. That may be equalled but I cannot see it ever getting any stronger than that.”

I laugh and say “I accept that challenge.”

To Be Continued…Damn Straight!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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