Looking After All Their Needs Ch. 03

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Layla London

The next morning Jack was up early, Dot had been up earlier as he had awoken forty minutes earlier and had heard Dot in the shower. He lay in bed thinking about what he had read last night on his phone; mum was hot, very hot, he then checked his phone, mum hadn’t been active since three minutes past twelve this morning. Her user name was hot mum; she had left the site open in the browser, he thought that he would have to have a word about Internet security with her. He noticed that she was using Google Cloud for storing her images and videos, he wondered if he could access them from his phone, he struck gold, mum had lots of pictures and circa thirty videos. Jack checked the storage left on the SD card in his phone; he had plenty of room left; he downloaded everything from her Cloud storage. He had a lot of pictures of a woman with a beautiful body, but because of her mask, she was unrecognisable. He was looking forward to after his meeting so that he could study them.

His meeting was at eight, that’s why Dot was up so early. He didn’t know how long the meeting would be; it was the first one that he had chaired with eight of the Asset Managers based in the bank. They were in control of a lot of money, both the bank and its clients were making money.

Jack showered then went for breakfast, Dot was wearing just a towelling bathrobe, her massive tits were swaying beautifully. Jack hugged Dot then they tongue kissed, Dot said, “I’m looking forward to this afternoon, we should go to the Spa and have our coffee there, it’s a beautiful setting.”

After breakfast Jack left, he was in the Conference room at seven-forty, a secretary brought him a coffee, he studied the reports again, he found nothing wrong. The meeting finished at eight-thirty, Jack had made five comments; he had stamped his authority on the session. He went back to his own office; he studied mum’s pictures; she was such a sexy woman; her sex slit was longer than Viv’s; it looked amazing. He watched three of the videos, he wore earphones so he could hear what mum was saying, mum was using a voice distorter, she had an American accent, she was talking dirty as she did her peep show. Jack then sent mum a message; it read, “Good morning mum, I had an early meeting this morning, it went well. How’s the laptop, is it working for you? If you have any problems or questions, then just ask me. Sorry I didn’t get to you earlier, love Jack.”

Two minutes later, mum replied, “Jack, I should have written to you, but I have had a busy morning so far. I was going to have lunch with a girlfriend, but her son has a Dental appointment at two, so she’s coming here for coffee at ten-thirty. The laptop is amazing, it’s so much better than mine, the picture quality is excellent, and it is so fast. I missed you last night when you left; I so enjoyed our weekend together. I’m looking forward to Friday night, Shall we eat at the French restaurant? Love mum xx.”

Jack thought for a minute then replied, this had worked with Dot so let’s try it with mum, he wrote, gaziantep escort bayan reklamları “Mum, I’m so happy that you like the laptop, you can keep it, it is a little present from me. I enjoyed the weekend with you; I’m so relaxed when I am with you. Yes, we can eat French, I enjoy it when you dress up, and we eat out, I am also with the most beautiful woman in the restaurant. I felt a little sad when I left on Sunday afternoon; I thoroughly enjoyed our cuddle before I left, it felt great holding you in my arms, is that bad me enjoying that mum? Love Jack xx.”

Mum replied, “Darling, it is not bad at all, If I am honest, I enjoyed it a lot, I was even tempted to kiss you, and I don’t mean a little kiss on the cheek. All my life, I have given you affection. We are both adults when we are alone; I don’t think that it would be a problem if we are affectionate with each other. I love it when you cuddle me.”

“Mum, I love your beautiful body, I love it when you wear your sexy clothes, I love you in your tight leggings and tight tops, I love your big tits and worry in case we went too far.”

“If we did Darling, then it would because we both wanted it, do you want me to wear something sexy on Friday when you come home? I want to do that for you.”

“I would love that mum; I want to touch you everywhere.”

“You are making mummy so hot; I think that we both will not be disappointed on Friday, we have four days to wait.”

“Mum, I have another meeting. Write when you can. Love Jack xx.”

Jack knew then that Friday would be special with mum. He said that he had a meeting, but that wasn’t true he had some work to do if he wanted to get Dot at three. He wondered if mum would write to him. He wondered if she would come on strong for him or play hard to get, he had the feeling, with a little encouragement that she would come on strong, he hoped that she would.

Mum had everything prepared for Su’s visit; she had a tray prepared; she only needed to pour the coffee. Mum was wearing a very tight-fitting top and tight-fitting leggings, underneath she was wearing the same bodysuit she had worn for Tom a couple of weeks ago. She had checked herself in the mirror, her massive tits and swollen vulva looked so tempting. Mum then wondered if she would make Su cum on the sofa as she had made her husband Tom, mum had a feeling that she would, there was something very sexy about Su.

The doorbell rang, Su looked lovely standing at the front door, she was wearing a suit with a jacket and mini-skirt, Su was tall with long legs. Su was also wearing a blouse; the cut of the blouse was moulded around her big tits. They gave each other a hug and cheek kiss then mum led Su into the lounge, Su sat in exactly the same place on the sofa that Tom had sat. Mum went for the coffee as she came back into the lounge Su couldn’t keep her eyes off mum’s tits and vulva, mum, was happy that she had worn what she had.

Su complimented mum on gaziantep escort resimleri what she was wearing then said how lovely mum’s house was, they chatted about general things for several minutes the mum said, “Is Tom away for the full week?”

“He is, I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet, I need time to myself, the kids are at school from nine until four then I help them with their homework. After the kids are in bed, then I have time to myself. I love it when Tom is not there.”

“Su, I’m so sorry to hear this, how long have you felt like this, I thought that you were happily married with two adorable children.”

“Two months after we married, I knew that I had made a mistake, but it was too late, I was pregnant with my oldest, I have two kids with him, and he has never given me an orgasm in my life, his sperm must be great swimmers.”

Mum then gently squeezed Su’s hand, Su was stroking mum’s hand as she pressed her’s, mum said, “Su, I didn’t know, I thought that you were happily married, I’ve wanted to ask for your mobile number for a long time, I wish that I had known earlier.”

Su leaned over then they tongue kissed, the kiss was long and tender, both of them were feeling and playing with the other’s tits, Su’s, like mum, was a good handful. Su said, “May, you have a wonderful body; you feel so good.”

“You too, maybe we would be more comfortable in bed? How much time do we have before you have to leave?”

Su looked at her watch then said, “Let’s go to bed, we can have two and a half hours together, May, I don’t have a lot of experience, I’ve only done this twice when I was a student.”

They kissed again; then mum led Su to her bedroom. They both stripped naked quickly; mum was impressed with Su’s body, her tits were fantastic, no-sag whatever, she could wear no bra and get away with it. Her stomach was flat, her vulva smooth and swollen, her pussy looked so appealing. They sat on top of the playing and sucking on the other’s tits. Then mum positioned Su on the bed so that they could 69, Su was keen she spread her legs wide open for mum, Su then slid two fingers in and out of mum’s wet cunt then brought them out and licked them clean, this told mum that Su had no experience of giving a woman oral.

Mum then set Su up for her to go down on her, using her thumb and index fingers she spread Su’s cunt lips open, she was surprised when a sizeable hooded clitoris popped out, it wasn’t as big as mum’s but still big enough to suck on. Mum teased it with her tongue, Su purred with pleasure. Mum then started to suck it as she finger fucked Su with two fingers after a couple of minutes of this foreplay Su said, “That’s unbelievable, it feels so good, don’t stop, I am going to cum soon, May you do that so beautifully.”

Mum was finger fucking Su with four fingers; she was wet and tight, she wasn’t using her cunt muscles, she was just opening her legs and taking it, as she was she wouldn’t give a good ride, gaziantep escort bayan sitesi mum had much to teach her. A few minutes later, Su had her first orgasm; mum took it all in her mouth. They then cum kissed, Su’s tongue then transferred it into her mouth, Surrey was enjoying this, Su said, “May, that cum tastes delicious, once I sucked Tom off, it was so salty that I never did it again. When he wanted it again I would tell him to wank himself to make himself hard then I would play with my tits or pussy when he saw that he would cum himself, he would be fast asleep two minutes later. He hasn’t cum inside me for three years; I told him that I had to come off the pill as it wasn’t healthy for me. He didn’t argue about it as I told him that if he didn’t want that he would have to be snipped, I’ve still several morning-after pills that I can use if I get lucky, Tom’s useless in bed anyway, that was a fantastic orgasm that you gave me there.”

“Su that was also great for me let’s go back down, you now know what to do, you now try to make me cum, and I’ll make you cum again.”

For the next hour and a half they gave each other oral, Su made mum come twice, whenever either of them came then they would cum kiss. Su’s cum was delicious; both of them were swallowing cum every few minutes. They then showered, in the shower, Su said, “May, I have enjoyed today, can I see you again?”

“Su, I would love that, you turn me on. I don’t have any strap-ons as I have never needed them, but as we get to know each other, then I will buy one so that we can fuck each other. I have lots of vibrators and dildos, next time you’re here, we can use them.”

“May, I have some dildos and vibrators that’s another way that I can make Tom cum.”

May got out of the shower; she came back a minute later with a large cock shaped vibrator, May then said, “I’ve some homework for you.”

Mum then slid the vibrator’s full length inside Su’s wet cunt she then asked Su to grip on it. May then tried to pull it out; she couldn’t move it, Su was gripping it so tightly. Mum then asked Su to release her grip, mum then pulled the vibrator down, leaving only the head of it just inside Su’s pussy lips. Mum asked Su to grip it again; mum couldn’t move it.

Mum said, “Su, you have got it, you must practice this as much as you can, grip the base and grip the head on each thrust. Next time I finger fuck you, then I want you to grip my fingers as I do it. Then if we find you a nice man you’ll be able to give him a great ride.”

“May, that would be great. I would love to feel what it is like when a cock gives you an orgasm. When can I see you again?”

“Jack, my son, works away from Sunday night until Friday evening, it’s impossible then. From Sunday night until Friday afternoon is good for me. You can come early in the morning until the kids finish school, I prefer long sessions, do you use the Internet for online sex?”

“No, but I’d be interested in trying it, Tom’s going to be away from home a lot now, he’s been promoted to Senior Accountant in the Audit department.”

“Su, why don’t you come around tomorrow morning, bring your laptop and smartphone then we can take some naughty pictures of you and get your profile set up. I’ve lots of masquerade masks you can use so not even Tom would recognise you. Do you have any lingerie?”

“Yes, I have, I’ll bring everything tomorrow. I will be here at nine.”

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