Looking Down Mainstreet

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I walked through the front door and chunked my backpack into my bedroom. It was my usual routine, get home from school and find something to snack on. I walked into the kitchen and searched the drawers, fairly bleak as usual. I didn’t hear any commotion, but both my mom and her boyfriend Chris were home; their cars both parked in the driveway. I kept searching the kitchen, still nothing catching my eye. As I searched the kitchen I could hear voices inside my mothers room.

The voices got louder, I could only imagine what was going on.

“No Chris, please no. Don’t do this in front of Alex.”

I heard a slapping noise, I could only ponder on what was going on.

The bedroom door swung open, Chris exited the room first. He was yanking on moms arm as he rushed her into the living room, our kitchen a joined the living room. He was shirtless, his usual pair of blue jeans on. His belt was still on his waist, but it was unfastened from his waist; just hanging loosely. Mom had on a blue T-shirt and a pair of lounging shorts on. She looked troubled, I could see it on her face.

“What is going on?” I asked.

Chris pointed to the living room and drug my mother to the center of it.

“Alex, set on the couch.” Chris said.

I could tell he had been drinking again, I could smell it on him.

Mom was standing in the living room, watching me closely as I approached the couch and sat down. Chris walked over to her and then looked back at me.

“Terri, you’re going to learn the hard way if it helps you learn at all. If I have to punish you in front of your son, then that’s what it will take.”

“Chris please, not in front of him. You can have your way with me, just not in front of Alex” Mom pleaded.

I sat on the couch, not sure of what was exactly going on. Chris was not abusive on my mother, but he was no stranger to give her a belting. I hadn’t seen it before, but had clearly heard it late at night. I just figured it was there business, and I would keep my nose out of it. His beltings sounded painful though, especially when he drank.

“Alex, mommy is about to be spanked. That is what’s going on honey. Everything will be okay, you don’t have to watch this. Whatever Chris does is alright, he just loves us very much.”

Chris apparently had heard enough of the talk, he swiftly grabbed moms right arm and turned her around. She was facing away from me, her backside facing me. She stood still with her arms down at her sides, I could feel her anxiety. Chris leaned down and swatted her a couple of times with his right hand. The swats sounded painful, he definitely was landing his marks.

“How does it feel? Getting your ass whipped in front of your own son. Maybe you’ll learn today, maybe this will grab your escort bayan şişli attention”. Chris shouted.

I was a little uncomfortable, leaning back on the couch just a bit. Chris continued spanking mom, swatting her butt with his hand. After a few moments he reached down and pulled her shorts down. They slid down her legs easily, pooling around her bare feet. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, the only thing left was her bare butt. I sat there and just gazed at her, mom was sort of pale skinned, not tan at all. She was around 5’3 and fairly skinny, her butt wasn’t big by any means, but she had some “junk in the trunk” as my friends would joke.

I didn’t know if I was supposed to feel uneasy, or be attentive, or just look away. I know the reason Chris was doing this was the embarrassment factor, my mother was getting a spanking in front of her own son. Not just any spanking, a bare butt spanking. I had been on the receiving end of this growing up, so a part of me didn’t feel too sorry for her.

Chris walked over to the kitchen counter and drug one of our wooden chairs into the living room. He plopped it down directly in front of mom, pointing down at it.

“Place your palms on the chair, spread your feet and stick your ass out.”

Mom turned slightly to her left looking at Chris.

“Please Chris, my bare ass is hanging out in front of my son. Don’t do this in front of him, just take me outside or in the room.” Mom pleaded once again.

“Terri, do what I said. You are only making this worse for yourself.”

Mom did as demanded, bending over and placing her hands on the chair. This opened the crevice of her butt, a full scale view of her butthole and vagina. I had fooled around with a few girls, but never imagined I would be staring down main street at my own mother. She was shaved cleanly, it was a pretty sight. Her small lips tucked perfectly between her butt cheeks. I noticed my cock began to erect a bit, is this supposed to happen? I wasn’t sure, but a part of me was beginning to get excited.

Chris yanked the belt through the loops of his denim jeans. He pulled it away from his body and curled it into his right hand. He looked back at me and grinned, it was a somewhat evil grin. He slapped the looped belt into her ass, landing it perfectly across her butt. The sound of the belt contacting her skin rang out in the small living room, her skin bouncing with the collision. Mom rocked a bit forward with the swat, but remained in position.

Chris continued the thrashing, landing continuous swats from his belt across her backside. Her ass had started to turn a very slight pink color. What was only probably five minutes felt like an hour. I wasn’t able to hide my erection any sarıyer escort longer, my cock rose up exposing itself through my black sweatpants. Chris noticed it, I was caught, but I didn’t really care. He smiled when he looked at me, before I realized it I was grinning back.

Chris tossed the belt down on the ground. He walked in front of her and slapped her in the face, not a hard slap, but just a tease. I flinched when he did it, I wasn’t expecting it. It turned me on though, this guy was treating my own mother like a dirty little slut; right in front of me! Mom let out a brief moan when he slapped her, it likely took her by surprise. Chris leaned down close to her face, mom was looking down, her hair has fallen beside her face covering it from view.

“Your own son just watched you get your ass beat. How does it feel you little slut, you like it when daddy treats you this way?”

Mom didn’t say anything, she was breathing hard from the punishment. Chris unzipped his zipper and fumbled with his underwear. He grabbed his cock and pulled it out from his jeans. It was rock hard, his dick bigger than I imagined. He walked closer to mom and stuck it close to her face.

“Do daddy a favor and suck on it. Your son needs to see you in your natural habitat.” Chris said.

Mom leaned up and looked at his dick, it was dangling close to her face. She looked back at me and grimaced some. I was still sitting on the couch, leaned back some. She could clearly see my boner, I had moved passed the point of hiding it. She then looked back at Chris and grabbed his dick, she positioned it in front of her. She leaned in and wrapped her mouth around it, gently sucking on it like a lollipop.

I was so fucking horny at this point, horny and confused. What in the hell was going on? Is this actually happening? All thoughts racing through my mind. Chris leaned back some and shut his eyes, you could tell he was enjoying every moment. He opened his eyes back up and looked at me. He began to thrust back and forth, his dick pushing further into mom’s mouth.

He looked over at me and laughed. I giggled to myself, not knowing really how to respond.

“Alex, your mom is a little slut. If you haven’t already noticed. I’m sure she won’t mind if you have your way with her too.”

I looked down slightly at mom, she pulled Chris’ cock away from her mouth and looked back at me.

“Mommy has been naughty Alex, do you want to have your way with me? Hurry, come play with me before your sister gets home.”

My twin sister, who was also 18, was likely on her way home from school. She would probably have a heart attack if she walked in on this scene, but I didn’t give a shit. I climbed up from the couch and approached mom. She has resumed the çapa escort blow job for Chris. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, but I was so horny that simple thoughts had left my mind.

I got close to her and reached down with my left hand, I ran the pad of my pointer finger across her pussy. It was so wet, a feeling I won’t forget. I knelt down on my right knee and spread her cheeks with both of my hands, revealing her pussy and ass hole. I stared at her asshole, then stuck the point of my tongue on it. Her ass hole was warm, roughly textured as my tongue raced over it. I could feel her tense up with each brush of my tongue, she was moaning loudly.

She pushed Chris’ cock away from her mouth briefly.

“You like mommy’s warm ass hole honey?”

She pushed her ass further back, pressing it against my face. I moved slightly down and swabbed my tongue on her pussy. It was warm and wet, I could feel the residue on my mouth. I stood back up and pulled my sweatpants and underwear down. I grabbed my cock and teased her some, brushing my dick across her pussy. I spit down on my cock, making sure it was plenty wet.

I forced it gently inside her pussy, forcing it all the way in. My cock was buried inside my mother, I looked up at Chris, he was smiling as mom continued to devour his cock. I began to thrust quickly, rocking mom forward each time. Chris stepped away from her and leaned back down. Mom’s posture was tight as she looked at the wall in front of her. Chris slapped her several more times across the face.

“You little slut, your son has his cock buried inside of you. You’re getting fucked by your own son. Tell me you’re a slut.”

Mom giggled with each thrust, looking up at Chris.

“I’m a fucking slut daddy, I know I’m a whore”.

I was in a state of sexual greatness, my moms pussy wrapped tight around my cock.

“Alex, when you’re ready come cum on her face. That’s where she deserves it.” Chris advised.

I continued on, mom sinking her head below. I had reached my climax and was about to explode. I pulled my cock away from her and raced around her, quickly getting into position. Mom wasted no time and grabbed my cock, placing it in her mouth.

“I’m about to cum!” I shouted.

I pulled my dick out of mom’s mouth and jacked myself off for a brief moment. My dick exploded on her face, cum drizzling her entire mouth, nose, and eyes. Chris leaned down and took a photo with his phone.

“Let me see that cum shot honey, you little slut.” Chris stated.

Mom was still bending over, brushing the jizz off her face with her right hand. Suddenly, a door shut outside. Erica, my sister, had arrived home from school. Mom raced into the bedroom and Chris followed her. I grabbed the chair and moved it back into the kitchen. I quickly waddled back into my pants and raced to the bathroom. I was breathing hard and somewhat flushed. I looked into the bathroom mirror and then down at my still throbbing cock. I could only muster one thought:

“What the hell just happened?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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