Loosening Up Bk. 08 Ch. 01-05

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This Book was written with a new reader in mind to the Loosening Up series. As events unfold there are references to place characters and events in the past well enough to follow the story. I thank my dedicated fans for their tolerance to past references.

This Book starts with about a three-year jump in time from Book 7.

Readers are reminded that a short PDF entitled “Loosening Up Characters and Other Information Through Book 8” is available to help sort out the many characters and put them in context.

Last, before you start reading, I want to thank a number of you that sent in suggestions for this and subsequent books in the series. Many of them appear here. I decided not to involve the aliens and space monsters a couple of you suggested in this series, however.

Enjoy. I hope to post a new chapter every day or two. This Book contains thirty-five chapters. There will be a Book 9.

Wolf (a.k.a. SteveWallace)

* * * * *

Book 8 — Decade Remembered — Decade Started

Chapter 1 — Second Honeymoon

Dave turned to help Alice down the steep embankment, ready to catch her if her hiking boots slipped on the shale and moss along the trail. “We’re almost back to the car,” Alice said, somewhat out of breath from their energetic hike up and back to the top of Bald Mountain. They’d even climbed the abandoned fire tower at the top.

“And we can then enjoy a glass of wine at one of august dining establishments in the metropolis of Oquossoc and an award-winning dinner … of either dead woodchuck or road kill ravioli.” They both laughed at his sarcasm. There were only two small restaurants, a general store, and a gas station in the nearby town. Neither restaurant would ever rate a star on any rating system you could think of. The places were, however, quaint and reasonable. The permanent town population couldn’t have been over fifty.

Dave turned as they got to the rental car. He caught Alice in his arms and kissed her. “I love you, wife.”

“And I love you, husband.”

“Happy anniversary,” he crooned.

Alice chuckled. “My God, where did twenty years go? You do realize that since we got married, we’ve only taken a few vacations. This feels sinful.”

Dave laughed, “We either didn’t have the money or the time. Do you think this is even more sinful than living in the Circle and making love with over a hundred other people?”

“Well … maybe not THAT sinful,” Alice laughed. She added, “I think this is the first time we’ve been alone since the Circle was formed, and maybe even some time before that. Pam was always with us even in the year before formation. Even now I miss my sister wives.”

“Any regrets?” Dave posed as he got behind the steering wheel.

“Not a one. You?”

“Minor ones that change depending on my mood. One is that I wish we’d both been smarter about life and sex when we got married.”

Alice laughed, “We were both virgins and about the least informed individuals about anything that had to do with a relationship and sex, let alone how the world worked.”

“And then Dori discovered us and made us loosen up.”

Alice grinned, “Are we loose enough?”

Dave smiled at her. “Let’s see. We each have a hundred and fifty lovers who grace our beds. We are two of the top three people running a multi-billion dollar a year technology company that just appeared on the cover of Time and Business Week, and who the Wall Street Journal loves to feature every few weeks. We have a large family with Owen and ten women who we all adore — our co-husband and co-wives. We have eight healthy children in just our family who are smart and motivated. We have more money than most in the world. We have a great home to live in that we just expanded. We have some enviable hobbies, one of which enabled you to personally fly us up here in our private jet.”

He paused and laughed, “All that happened because we loosened up.”

Alice teased, “Well, yes, but what really started it all was my parking in the shady spot at work and finding Dori fucking Brad Quinn in the car next to me. THAT was the turning point. The loosening up started immediately after that when Dori and I went to lunch and I got the full scoop.”

They pulled their car into the restaurant parking lot. The 45th Parallel was the name of the place, aptly named because of being halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Dev left a car garaged at his ‘cabin’ in northern Maine, although this time of year it often got left at the nearby airport for use by arriving Circle members. Dev’s cabin was a large woodsy and cozy lodge on a picturesque lake about ten miles from where they’d hiked that afternoon.

After ordering some of the simple fare, Alice asked her ‘real’ husband, “Happy?”

Dave nodded. “Oh, yes, but scared, in a way. I’ve been on this fabulous ride that has brought me you, our family, our great kids, fame, fortune, and deneme bonusu veren siteler all the love I can fathom. I’m afraid the bubble is going to burst some day. I think of it as karma. Where’s the balance?”

Alice laughed, “In some other terrible life, and not this one. Come on, you’re spiritual enough to appreciate that you may be living a parallel life of some kind in some other space-time continuum. There’s no reason this would ever have to end on this physical plane. Moreover, you have well over a hundred friends and lovers that would do everything in their power to be sure you stayed on both feet. A few of them are multi-billionaires with lots of resources to ensure that was the case.”

Dave chuckled, “Yeah, I hope so. Anyway, I feel so blessed and I’d certainly help them. I still start everyday with a gratitude shower — going through each of my blessings each morning as I bathe just to remind me not to take them for granted. I might add that you’re at the top of my list.”

“Just as you are to me,” Alice stated firmly. She leaned beside her so they could kiss.

Later at the lodge, Dave and Alice carefully removed each other clothes as they stood in the cathedral ceiling living room. Even for June the evening was chilly, so they’d build a small fire in the fireplace. The flickering flames were more for creating a romantic atmosphere than not. In front of the hearth they’d found a beautiful thick furry rug atop a thick padded cushion the size of king size bed, just perfect as a platform for making love.

They caressed and kissed with renewed fervor. The break with a day’s hiking, picnic, and dinner made them both eager for one another. Dave had teased about making love along the trail; however, there were many other hikers that day so the suggestion was at best impractical. Not so the coupling they made in front of the fire.

Dave recited aloud the vows they’d made about thirteen years earlier after the start of their loosening up process. At that time, they’d each written a paragraph expressing their love and desire to live together with a renewed commitment to each other, but without the normal constraints found and implied in traditional wedding vows.

Dave and Alice faced each other and layback. He penetrated her pussy and then they took turns being the motive force for the sliding together of cock and vagina. They could each watch the penetration, see the slippery fluids from inside Alice on his dick, and either could reach and tease her clitoris and surrounding area.

Alice teased, “Ever add up how many women you’ve done this with?”

“Had sex?” Dave asked in a surprised tone.

Alice gasped out, “Yeah. I don’t mean just this position, although this is really sexy. I like that we can really see each other and how we’re joined together.”

“I enjoy that we keep finding new ways to please each other. I think we’ve discovered positions not in the Kama Sutra.”

After a pause to savor some stimulating pleasure, he went on, “As to your question, when we were loosening up and with our neighbors I did. I mean even sex with you was a rarity before we started — every Saturday and an occasional Wednesday. When I had sex with Pam, Wendy, Kat, and Dori, I thought I’d reached a new and unsurpassable total of five women including you. In my mind, I had the number ‘Five’ pasted up inside my brain as some penultimate accomplishment. I never thought I’d have sex with anybody but you, and then with just Pam and our neighbors.”

Dave chuckled, “Well, the next I knew Christie was in the mix, and then Heather. Grace appeared and brought along Rachel. Clarisse came with Mike, and we kept loosening up. I remember thinking I’d ultimately gotten to make love with ten women in my life. There just couldn’t be that many more opportunities.”

Alice laughed, “There were. As I recall Derek set you up with Emily and Donna in some way. Nancy wormed her way into your heart, and somewhere in there you went to some executive seminar in Sedona and did seven new women in a week, a few of whom have come to live with us in our Circle. Julie moved in with us along there somewhere.”

Dave nodded and he thrust forward to meet Alice’s forward thrust. “That was about when I stopped counting. On a numbers basis my mind had been blown. I guess Sedona did it. After that there seemed like there was someone new in my life every week or two or three for a long time.

“I’ve always stressed ‘quality’ and not ‘quantity’, making love versus fucking, and relationship over transaction. Somehow keeping count would be the antithesis to that philosophy.”

Alice teased, “But you do like to discover new pussy, right?”

Dave laughed as she jerked onto him, “Fuck, yes. I admit it. So many of the Circle members have worked on me in that regard. I now concede that if you are willing and open to developing a long-term relationship with someone you just met that having wild and crazy sex with them within a few seconds of meeting gerçek para ile slot oyunları them is acceptable behavior. I think I still prefer to have at least several hours or days of relationship building before that pleasurable crescendo is achieved.

Alice laughed, “I usually feel just the way you do. It’s still fun, every now and then, to just go for the zipless fuck and then see what happens with the rest of the relationship. Maybe I feel that way because of my sideline career in pornography. Mike introduced me to so many new men and women over the years that I just got used to rolling into a fuck session with them without concern about the longer time period. Most of them did become friends, but only a couple achieved Circle status.

“You’ve been there in some of the same films or similar ones. What’d you feel when Mike was using you as one of his studs in the ‘Co-eds Do Porn’ series. If I recall, you had a new pussy or three wrapped around your cock every couple of weeks. I think of all those young women in that series only one of them ever discovered the Circle and ultimately became a member.”

Dave nodded, “Yes, mindless sex, but I never thought much about them except in terms of the roles we were playing. I always made sure they were consenting and happy with their decision before we started. Of course, Mike had already done that, too.”

Alice teased again, “I have an anniversary gift for you that’s kind of in that genre.”


“Reach under the sofa beside you. There should be a little package. I put it there earlier expecting this moment.”

Dave reached under the low-slung sofa and ran his hand along. He came up with a small wrapped package. “Hmmmm. My guess is a couple of movies?”

Alice grinned as she thrust back onto his cock. “Oh, you’re so smart.”

Even as they were coupled, he unwrapped the package. “Ah, my favorite. Alice Angel videos.”

Alice chuckled, “They’re new. One is an F-F-M video I did with Dale and your sister-in-law Shelby, the other is an M-F-M video I did with Bob and Wes.”

“How’d you find time? Is EneRG not keeping you busy enough?” Dave’s taunt was sarcasm because the CFO’s job that Alice filled at his company could be totally consuming just as his as the CEO could be.

Alice said, “You know my position about work-life balance. I need time for family, children, friends, and … I was able to slip in some pornographic video production a month or so ago. I put the arm on Kat and Christie to finish the editing on them before this long weekend. No problem. They were glad to keep them a surprise.”

“Let’s watch one.” Dave extracted and helped Alice stand. They walked naked across the living room and into the large media room in the lodge. Since there were no children around, they left the door open.

Dave fired up the MMF video on the large screen television and 4K player. After the Circle-X Productions leader, the video started with the older Bob talking to his ‘son’ — the young-looking Wes. The plot became fairly transparent from there once Alice appeared, playing the role of the hot ‘step mother’ who was being coerced into helping ‘educate’ the young man by the horny older man.

Dave and Alice recoupled on the cushy sofa, and finished their lovemaking well before the end of the salacious video. They wrapped a blanket around their nude bodies, and watched the completion of the film where Alice was drenched in everyone’s juices and the two men — young and old — had been rendered totally senseless. Alice confirmed that had indeed been the result even during filming. “I love fucking on film.”

* * * * *

“Circle Airport, November-One-Two-Echo-Romeo on ten mile final for Runway Zero-Niner. We have information Foxtrot from the ATIS.”

About thirty seconds later Alice heard over her headphones in the small jet, “Two-Echo-Romeo, Circle Airport. No reported traffic. Winds light and variable. Altimeter is two-niner-niner-four. See you soon.” She recognized the voice as young Rachel’s, another of the pilots in the Circle.

A few minutes later the private jet touched down about five hundred feet past the numbers, and slowed to a crawl before reaching the other end of the runway. The jet taxied and parked on the tarmac in front of the newer second aircraft hangar.

As the door of the plane opened, the stairway was deployed onto the tarmac. Cricket waited patiently for Alice and Dave to descend, each with two small carry on bags. She launched herself into their willing arms with kisses and hugs.

“We all missed you,” Cricket exclaimed.

Dave chuckled, “We were only gone a week — six nights. I’ve been gone longer on business trips.”

“Yes, and we miss you then, too. You’re our fearless leader and lover.” Cricket was another of Dave’s wives and certainly one of the smallest and cutest.

Dave opened up one of the luggage compartments in the front belly of the jet and brought mobil slot siteleri out another bag and a box. Alice helped re-secure the door after checking the compartment.

Alice said, “We can just leave the plane right here. I’ll call for servicing when we get up to the patio. They’ll refuel and put it in the hangar.” Having the Circle Airport only a few hundred yards from where they lived certainly made life easier.

Tatiana appeared in another golf cart. She, too, threw herself into the arms of her sister wife and husband. “I love you both so much. You take too many days away from all of us. I missed my spouses.” Tatiana was one of the newest wives in the Prentiss family and a transplant in America from Russia.

Dave teased, “And I am sure that you slept alone and cold every night we were away.” Tatiana read his sarcasm and laughed.

She gave her cute little Russian laugh, “You know I not do that. I sleep about half time with lover Steve Reagan — my boss in the robotics laboratory. I enjoy Wolf, Alan, Larry, and Lars other nights. Oh, yes, I also did Ty and Cord. I also work hard during day. My spring courses all ended and I submitted grades, so now I devote my time on research.” Tatiana had been teaching two undergrad and one graduate level course in computer science and engineering, with a focus on robot technology, as well as working in the robotics lab.

Tatiana got a serious look on her face. She said, “I have a revelation to tell my new husband and my wife.” She looked at Dave and Alice with worry. She took a big gulp of air and stood tall, as though standing in front of a firing squad. Her eyes got glassy with worry.

Tatiana said, “I expect baby. I pregnant.”

Dave broke into a big grin. “Tatty, that’s wonderful. We’re so happy.”

Alice lunged forward and hugged her sister wife. “Oh, I’m so glad. We’ll have the best family ever.”

Tatiana looked uncertain. “You not mad that I became with child? I not sure who father is, but David is most likely person. I’m sorry for causing population explosion in family. I understand if you want to cast me away.”

Dave and Alice both hugged the woman to them and kissed her. “No one is casting you away. We love you. You are our spouse … and possibly with our child. We want you with us all the time. That was what that commitment ceremony was about two years ago. We committed to you … and you being pregnant is not at all a bad thing. This is good — very good. You wanted a child earlier in your life, but circumstances inhibited that. Now, you have the opportunity. Aren’t you excited?”

Tatiana looked a little uncertain still, “Yes, especially since I know you two are not upset. I only found out two days ago. Only Cricket and Julie know. I asked them not to say anything until I could tell you.”

Cricket had been standing beside the threesome. She finally spoke, “See, Tatiana, I told you they’d be fine with your news. They wouldn’t get angry about something like this. You are helping to grow our family. We get to take care of you. You need to trust the love that people give you.”

Dave said, “You must tell the others, and especially Grace and Lisa — our nurses. They will help keep an eye on your physical well being while the baby develops. No more wine or vodka, and you need to get the right kind of exercise.” His care and concern registered on the pretty Russian woman who finally started to smile.

Dave put his arm around her, and led her to one of the golf carts. He put most of the luggage onboard, as Alice loaded the cart Cricket had driven. The four then rode up Airport Road to Circle Drive and the main racetrack of homes. The Prentiss home was the largest, now with an expanded second floor and dramatically different room arrangement on the second floor.

Dave and Alice changed out of the casual clothes they’d worn in the cockpit during the flight home in the Cessna Citation. The plane was a year old now and had just come off of its annual inspection and some minor repairs. The tail number, N12ER, reflected the name of Dave and Alice’s company — EneRG. Of course, billionaires Mark Worthington and Owen Bennett each had the significant share of the company. Dave bought the plane on the business ledger but often flew for personal business on a lease arrangement with EneRG.

Dressed in athletic shorts and a t-shirt he strolled out onto the patio. The patio was well populated for a warm Saturday afternoon. He made a beeline for Dev Connor. The muscular man was only wearing a bathing suit and playing with his daughter Willow in the shallow end of the original core pool.

“Dev, I have to thank you yet again. Your rustic cabin in the Maine woods was truly extraordinary and the perfect place for our anniversary week.”

Dev hopped out of the pool in an effortless jump out of the water. He and Dave did a manly hug and fist bump. “No sweat. The bugs didn’t carry you away?”

Dave laughed, “They tried. We used a lot of bug spray, especially for our hikes. Some of the time we were indoors just enjoying the lodge. Thank you again many times over for the use of the place. It’s fabulous. The word ‘cabin’ seriously underplays the structure, the outbuildings, and the location.”

“I’m glad it gets some use. Since summer is here it’ll be a more popular destination. The flight up and back was okay?”

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