Loosing Virginity in a Sex Club

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I’m 6’2, young male, broad shoulders with wheatish skin, an average size cock of 7 inches. I’m from India and moved to Toronto a year and a half back, when I was back home I always thought about sex and masturbated a lot, I continued doing that here as well but decided to try my luck at a sex club. I’ve always fantasized about having sex with an older woman and my wish came true. This is a true story which I am about to narrate and as it is my first go easy on me.

Let me give you a layout of the sex club, the ground floor is where the bar is and next to the pole for pole dancing and the DJ booth above which there is always porn playing, there’s an outside pool as well an indoor hot tub which I have used from time to time.

This was the first time I have seen a woman naked and there were a lot of naked women at the club since it was clothing optional and you were allowed to have sex where ever you want. When I was in the pool I saw a couple making out in front of me, he was fingering her pussy furiously to an orgasm. I was really turned on and started stroking my cock watching them.

Then I decided to go upstairs, where they have a dungeon room where you can tie people up, and opposite to that a play area where there was already a couple playing, they were in their mid-40s by the look of it. The wife was blond and had a bit of sagging to her tits, and her husband had a small cock about 3-4 inches. She was sucking his cock, taking it fully into her mouth I decided to sit next to them and watch, as I sat next to her husband and stroking my hard brown cock she saw me stroking my cock. Then she got in cowgirl position and inserted her husband’s cock into Anadolu Yakası Escort her pussy. I moved closer and sat right next to them .

The wife was moving up and down on her husband’s cock her breasts moving with her rhythm. I asked if I could touch her, they said ok and I started to fondle her breasts, this was the first time I have touched a breast, it was so soft and meaty and she was stroking my cock as she rode her husband. After a while she cummed. All the while there were other people looking and having fun which was a turn on.

I asked if I could join them and they said yes, we decided to take the party to the third floor where single men were not allowed without females. There were a bunch of different rooms from which I could hear moans echoing. We entered a room and I laid on the bed, she came in between my legs and took my cock into her mouth. This was my first time feeling a mouth on my cock, it was so wet and warm. She took my whole cock down her throat all the while her husband was watching us and stroking his cock, it turned me on even more that the husband was aroused by his wife sucking a stranger’s cock.

Then we decided to do the 69, she turned her ass over my head and laid her stomach on my chest, her pussy was mere inches away, it was pink and hairless, she had already resumed sucking on my cock, I then pulled her pussy lips apart and then darted my tongue inside her pussy. It was slightly wet and tasted salty, I inserted a finger deep inside her wet cunt and started fingering her to which she responded by thrusting her hips towards me urging me to go deeper into her. I then decided I wanted to fuck her, Bostancı Escort we went to the missionary position, I put on a condom then inserted my cock into her pussy and at that point I had lost my virginity, all the years of fantasizing had finally led to this moment.

I spread her legs wide and started stuffing my cock into her white married pussy, I was in awe as I saw my cock disappearing into the abyss of her pussy, my brown cock was contrasting when compared to her white skin and pink pussy, I knew I would last long because I had cummed earlier before I left.

She wrapped her legs around me pulling me closer towards her, I started cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples whilst my cock thrust in and out of her married pussy.

I went and took one of her nipples into my mouth she pushed my head towards it filling my mouth with her breast. All the while her husband was standing next to us stroking his cock looking at his wife getting fucked by a younger guy had turned him on.

We decided to change positions, this time her on top of me, she guided my cock to her entrance and eased herself down on me, she started moving up and down with that her tits followed as well. I can hear her moan and the look of pleasure on her face, I grabbed her tits with my big hands and squeezed them hard pushing her over the edge she came.

She slumped forward towards me, we kissed, she was still panting, I explored her mouth with my tongue wrestling with her tongue, as we were doing this her husband had decided that he wanted to join in on the fun too.

He came and inserted his cock into her ass, it was a strange feeling as I Ümraniye Escort was still deep inside her pussy hard as a rock. He started fucking her and I started moving my hips, the look on her face was plain pleasure she was enjoying ever bit of it as was I. As I said this was a sex club there were other couples fucking and one couple stood next to us and were enjoying the show. The DP of the white wife was in full swing, we decided to change positions .

This time her husband got her pussy and me her ass, I couldn’t believe it, I was fucking an older married woman in front of her husband, got my cock sucked, and now fucking her ass. I put lube on my cock and then thrust it into her ass, it was tighter than her pussy .

I started ramming her ass, spanking it, my balls we slapping against her thighs. I started fingering her clit as her husband was inside her pussy and me in her ass, she finally attained her orgasm. I pulled put and lay beside them.

She got off her husband, removed my condom and took my cock into her mouth, she made my cock really wet with her mouth playing with my balls. Her husband got behind her and thrust his cock into her, all the while she was giving me a blowjob. She started giving me head and stroking my cock at the same time, I knew I was going to cum.

I told her I was going to cum, she just kept on sucking so I pushed her head down held it there and thrust my cock into her mouth and spurted my cum deep into her mouth, I shot spurts after spurts of cum down her throat she sucked every bit, lapping all my cum.

She then showed me the cum in her mouth and swallowed it . It was amazing to see that. Later I found out it was her birthday and I was her present 😉

Overall it was an amazing experience which I will remember for years to come. Any feedback is helpful in helping me write better.

I have more stories to tell as well if this sex story does well I will start on the next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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