Lord of the Lifeguards Ch. 06

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It was Mandy Hall that originally approached Gayle Pearson with her new business idea. Gayle was well known for her annual gala and was also known to funnel young people through the swim club primarily for the purpose of providing proven, reliable staffing for her charity events and other private parties.

Although she hadn’t yet graduated from Mountain Vista, Mandy was planning to pursue a degree at State in the fall. She had applied, and been accepted, to several elite schools on both coasts but she had her reasons for wanting to stick closer to home.

Always the entrepreneur, she came up with a creative concept to start a new company to staff elite events with young up and coming talent like herself. Her company would provide a needed pipeline of quality people that could support not only all of Mrs. Pearson’s occasions, but also events hosted throughout the year by other influential people in their city.

Mandy knew Mrs. Pearson through her parent’s social circles and also from working at the coffee shop. So, one day when she saw her sitting alone, drinking her latte and reading the Financial Times, she decided to take a risk and give Mrs. Pearson a quick elevator pitch of her idea.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Pearson, do you have a minute?” Mandy asked softly.

Well if it isn’t randy Mandy, Gayle thought to herself, looking up with a smile. She paused a couple of moments, appraising the pretty young woman in front of her. Isn’t she adorable, she mused, a slut, but adorable nonetheless.

“Of course Mandy, please have a seat,” Gayle said, motioning to her otherwise empty table.

“Thank you Mrs. Pearson,” she said, sitting down in one of the empty chairs. “How are you?”

“It’s a busy time of the year for me but I’m doing very well. Thank you for asking. So, how about you? I’ll bet you’re ready to move on from your cheerleader years and spread your wings.”

Gayle smiled to herself because she had heard rumors of how Mandy had often spread more than her wings and that she had a particular set of skills that came in handy when it came to pleasing people.

“Yes ma’am, I’m definitely ready for college next fall.”

“I’ll bet. So, what do you want to be when you grow up young lady?” Gayle asked, teasingly.

“Well, I plan on majoring in international finance and digital marketing at State with the goal of starting my own company one day.”

Gayle considered that for a moment. “That’s quite ambitious Mandy, what kind of company?”

“Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about Mrs. Pearson.”

Mandy proceeded to sketch out her idea for a niche company that would specialize in providing the highest quality human capital for special events and take the worry out of this aspect of event planning, allowing her clients to focus on more important things, like fundraising and so on. She detailed her concept for a secure, online exchange and mobile app to allow clients to view the profiles of her associates, see their availability and directly request them for work.

With her chin in her hand, Gayle listened carefully to what Mandy was saying, the gears in her head churning as always. If there was one thing she was particularly gifted at, it was in quickly consuming and analyzing information, connecting the dots and seeing the art of the possible. She had a unique ability to see around corners and was generally two steps ahead of everyone else.

After Mandy was finished with her short presentation, she paused to get Mrs. Pearson’s reaction.

“Very interesting and compelling Mandy. Tell me about your business model.”

“Of course Mrs. Pearson. With my exchange approach, I plan to charge clients a flat retainer fee to have access to the service, list their events and even make requests for particular associates they want.”

“Associates will be able to opt in or out, negotiate fees directly and we’ll take a percentage of each transaction processed through my e-commerce engine. I haven’t decided yet whether to charge associates a fee for the privilege of being part of this elite organization,” she added with a smile.

“So, you plan to run all transactions through your company?” Gayle asked.

“Exactly,” Mandy answered. “In fact, I’ve already set up the framework that will be needed.”

“And these associates, I assume they will be employees of your company? How do you intend to recruit them?”

“Actually, we’ll have very few actual employees in the company…maybe just myself to start. I envision that all the associates will be considered contractors, so in reality, they’ll all be self-employed for tax purposes. As for engaging prospective associates, I plan to model my recruiting after the process you’ve already put into place for your own events,” she said confidently.

“And what process might that be?” Gayle responded with a cocked eyebrow.

Looking her directly in the eye, Mandy said, “Mrs. Pearson, it’s no big secret how and why you get your people hired at the swim club. And it’s uncanny Kartal Escort that each and every one of those people all seem to possess the same kind of qualities and virtues,” she said, pausing momentarily for effect.

Mandy continued. “I admire your uncompromising and disciplined approach to attracting talent. It was actually you that inspired me to want to start my own company. You know the saying, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…wouldn’t you agree Mrs. Pearson?”

Gayle pondered her response for a moment. Very ballsy and very impressive, she thought to herself.

She broke out in a smile. “You’ll go far in life young lady,” she said, taking a sip of her coffee.

Then Mandy added with a sheepish smile, “Although I must say I feel a bit slighted that I haven’t been offered the opportunity to come work with you yet.”

Gayle eyed her closely for a moment before speaking.

“As a matter of principle, I never take on the offspring of friends of mine as the work can be, shall we say, a bit unseemly and beneath their station. But I can also see where I may be able to make exceptions to my policy,” she added with a wink.

“Now, how may I be of help to you? Are you looking for partners, investment or what?”

“Mrs. Pearson, I’d like to test out my concept for your next gala using your existing pool of interns, as I believe you refer to them. I wouldn’t charge any fees, I just want to see if it can work, and I’m pretty sure it will. So, think of yourself as sort of a beta test partner. And if it proves out, we can discuss potential investment if you’re interested.”

And then she threw in, “And I would also like to work your gala as well.”

“Hmm, I’ll have to think about it. I’m intrigued by your business idea but as far as working the gala, I have rather rigid requirements for my people and you’d have to be properly evaluated to see if you’re a fit.”

Mandy stared back at her for a moment. “I’m pretty sure I’ll pass your screening process,” she asserted in an almost haughty manner.

“I like your boldness, you remind me a lot of myself at your age,” Gayle said.

“Okay, the devil’s in the detail as they say, so let’s plan to meet in my office at the foundation on Wednesday at 1 p.m. to discuss things further.”

Mandy nodded and smiled broadly. “Thank you Mrs. Pearson, I look forward to it.”

And with that, Mrs. Pearson picked up her newspaper and began pretending to read, signaling their conversation was over for now. Mandy certainly didn’t lack for brains or physical appearance, she thought. And Gayle knew that without a doubt she would indeed pass the vetting process with flying colors.


She was five minutes early to the meeting and was promptly ushered into Gayle’s vast office by Evelyn, her long-time personal assistant, and took a seat at a conference table. A coffee service was brought in and Gayle soon joined her at the table.

With niceties aside, Mrs. Pearson informed Mandy she intended to invest in her new venture but only as a (very) silent partner. It wasn’t an offer.

Then she went on to outline some basic requirements for Mandy.

First, privacy and discretion were paramount and there could be no compromising. This applied, first and foremost, to her as Mandy’s future business partner, chief investor and client. But it also likewise applied to all her private donors and their confidential information, as well as to Mandy and each of her associates. She would be required to sign a confidentiality agreement like all the others had.

By the tone of Mrs. Pearson’s voice, Mandy knew this was sacrosanct and inviolable and she didn’t need to be told the consequences for breaking this most fundamental rule.

Second, securing the operations, data and transactions was of the utmost importance. Mandy would be required to work with an outside software firm to ensure her system was properly architected.

With formalities now aside, Gayle then proceeded to bring Mandy into her innermost circle of trust, confiding in her the details of her plans to boost the charitable contributions from her donors and how her new venture could be of mutual benefit. Happy donors were big givers after all.

Finally, Gayle outlined her other expectations of Mandy.

“Now Mandy, if you come to work for me, you know you’ll be expected to entertain my donors and that it may entail performing some rather unorthodox duties. Do you understand that?”

Mandy nodded her head. “Yes ma’am.” She understood exactly what Mrs. Pearson was saying.

Then Gayle became direct. “Let me be blunt. You, like all associates, will decide with whom you are willing to engage, what you are willing to do and the terms under which you are willing to do it.”

“You’ll never be asked to put yourself in an unsafe or compromising situation or environment. If you’re ever uncomfortable with what’s occurring or with what you’re being asked to do, you can say no with zero repercussions. I’ll have Kartal Escort Bayan your back and protect you.”

“And I promise you that you will keep every dollar you earn. Of course, we’ll need to establish some minimum rates that are commensurate with the high quality of services provided,” Gayle added with a slight nod.

“We can’t set the bar too low you know.”

The entire conversation had gone far better than Mandy could have had hoped and she liked what she’d heard so far. To get the opportunity to run her own business at her young age was exciting enough. But the thought of also getting paid to indulge in her favorite hobby made her pussy wet. She pressed her legs together.

“It all sounds like a wonderful opportunity Mrs. Pearson. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Then if you agree to all of this, you’ll need to sign this non-disclosure and privacy agreement,” she said, sliding a multi-page document across the table to Mandy.

“You’re free to have an attorney look it over but it’s a pretty standard agreement.”

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary Mrs. Pearson.” She quickly scanned the document and signed her name on the last page then pushed it back across the table.

“Excellent. Now, there is something I need for you to do,” Gayle said in a now-serious tone.

“Sure, anything Mrs. Pearson.”

Gayle opened a folder and picked up a business card and reached across to hand it to Mandy.

“Call this gentleman about a job as a lifeguard at the swim club. Nick will be expecting your call. And don’t worry about the job, it’s just so you can get to know your new associates and to give you cover while we get your new venture up and running.”

“Yes Mrs. Pearson,” she replied, beaming.

“And Mandy, when you go to see him, I want you to give him the best blowjob of his life,” she said in a straightforward and serious manner.

As surprising as the words were to hear to Mandy, it just didn’t get any better than this. Just the mention of the word blowjob and the thought of sucking some new, strange cock sent a small shockwave through her body. If she thought she was moist before, she was downright sopping wet now.

For Gayle, the look on Mandy’s face was priceless as her eyes got wide and her jaw dropped open into a slight smile. You would have thought she had just stuck gold from her expression.

“Yes ma’am!” Mandy responded enthusiastically.

They stood up to leave and Mandy suddenly leaned in to hug Mrs. Pearson, catching her by surprise.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity Mrs. Pearson. You won’t regret it.”

“I know I won’t. Just one more thing, only a blowjob Mandy…nothing else. And call me afterward to give me all the sordid details.”


Often when things seemed too good to be true, they generally were. In this case, it was if Mandy had hit the lottery. For some people, performing oral sex on a man was something repulsive, something reprehensible they only did if they had to. For Mandy, it was an obsession, it was her raison d’être and it was her religion. She loved cock in an idolatry way, in the way a Polynesian might worship a Tiki statue.

The act (or art, in her case) of giving head was simply a means to an end for her. It was all about the ejaculation, the shooting of cum into her mouth, savoring the taste of man yogurt and then swallowing it all. It gave her immense satisfaction getting a man off with her mouth. And if she didn’t get to swallow it, she was happy to wear it on her face, on her body, in her pussy, it really didn’t matter…the more spunk the merrier.

Mandy first tasted semen at an after-party following a big football game. After a few beers, the star wide receiver asked her to suck his dick and she readily agreed. She really didn’t know what she was doing when she took his already-hard prick into her mouth. It wasn’t very big so she was able to easily accommodate it all without gagging.

She liked the way the spongy head felt between her lips so she paid close attention to it, licking the small amount of salty fluid leaking from the eyelet. She pulled it out and ran her tongue along his shaft a couple of times, licking it like a lollipop. Then with no warning, the kid erupted, shooting his boy juice all over her face. What she was able to taste of the warm sticky semen got her hooked immediately and she knew she wanted more.

After she cleaned up, Mandy went and found one of the offensive linemen and sucked him off too. That time, she caught most of his gooey load in her mouth, swirled it around with her tongue then swallowed it all in one gulp. This one tasted different than the first load, it was definitely thicker in viscosity and not as sweet but she liked It just the same. She knew she was on to something.

Mandy knew some girls were size queens by the way they talked in the locker room and at sleepovers, but not her. It was all about the splooge and she was becoming a true cock nympho and cum queen. The shaft of a cock was just Escort Kartal the delivery means in the same way a cannon might shoot projectiles or a wine bottle might decant its vintage nectar as it poured.

Sure, she enjoyed giving pleasure to a guy, but the real reward for her was when she could buckle his knees and deprive him of every last droplet of sperm. Sometimes she could orgasm without touching herself, just from the excitement and anticipation of a coming ejaculation.

Since the first penis she tasted, Mandy figured she had experienced about every imaginable type of dick a girl could. Big or small, thick or skinny, long or short, cut or uncut, she had personally collected enough empirical data to know the size and shape of a penis or person’s race generally had little to do with the yield of semen.

Some of the smallest cocks she had sucked delivered the biggest loads. There was the one time she was vacationing with her family in Singapore and she blew a crazy, rich (and small) Asian guy that she met in the hotel lobby. He came so much, she gagged and his jizz literally came out of her nose.

Mandy certainly loved having a dick inside of her but she got off more by performing oral sex, and if there was more than one cock involved, the better. She once had an impromptu bukkake session with some of the football team from an arch-rival school that left her plastered in goo but still insatiable for more. So, she jumped in her car and hauled ass to a nearby blue-collar town, found a porn shop glory hole and sucked off at least a half-dozen steel workers, some more than once.

But by far, the largest loads of spew she had ever received was from the unlikeliest of sources: the biggest nerd in her school. Mandy normally didn’t associate with such ilk but she luckily got paired with him for a group science project. In exchange for him doing all the work, she happily reciprocated by sucking his five-inch stubby dick after every study session at his house.

When he came in buckets, she knew she had hit the mother lode and gotten the better end of the stick. Then she discovered the nerd was a regular chip off the ol’ block when his father once abruptly walked in and caught her in the act, and she ended up draining his blue veiner too.

Mandy was worried she might develop a reputation at school, one she didn’t exactly covet, so she toned down her act and decided not to suck her classmate’s dicks anymore. However, that didn’t stop her from blowing Coach Jones in his office at Mountain Vista on multiple occasions.

As much as she liked giving blowjobs, Mandy figured if she ever landed on death row, her last request would be to suck off her executioner. So, suffice to say, she knew what she was doing when she went to meet Nick Newman for the first time.

Mandy knew enough about the layout of the swim club to plan how her meeting with Nick would go down (so to speak). She figured he might balk if she just blatantly reached for his package so she decided to just deliberately walk out bare-ass naked to help close the deal. Besides, she knew most men were horn-dogs and he would probably find it hard to resist the temptation. He didn’t disappoint.

She was pleasantly surprised when she laid her eyes on his gorgeous penis for the first time. Long, thick and cut was how she preferred her tube steak and Nick delivered in all areas. She couldn’t quite wrap her fingers around the shaft and she felt the veins pulse in her hand as she stroked his meat. The purple helmet was a thing of beauty, the copious amount of precum that leaked from it proving a good omen of things to come.

She loved how Nick fucked her face, holding the sides of her head as he forced his engorged cock into the back of her throat. She loved being able to take all of his shaft deep, and based on his moans, he was enjoying it as much as she was. And as she furiously sucked the marvelous specimen of man-meat, she felt a slight pang of jealousy because she knew he was married and wished she could have this cock every day of her life.

Even though she knew he was about to cum, the forcefulness of his jets of spew still caught her off guard. She didn’t mind when a man shot semen directly down her throat, but what fun was that when you didn’t get to taste it? When his next shots coated her tongue with his thick spunk, Mandy tasted his sweetness for the first time. She continued to pump his dick, the streams of his man-milk spilling from her mouth and glazing her breasts in the warm essence.

She coaxed every last drop of fluid from his depleted sperm tanks and licked the last of it from his slimy shaft and her coated fingers. When she was back in the shower room, she was even able to lick the last of his cum from her own nipples. What she couldn’t reach with her tongue, she scooped up with her fingers and then sucked them clean.

She had really wanted to feel that magnificent cock inside of her but Mrs. Pearson’s orders had been quite clear.

When Mandy called her with the details, she was surprised that Mrs. Pearson wanted to know the specifics of everything that happened, blow-by-blow. She was especially delighted hearing about Mandy’s nudity strategy – this indicated that she possessed good planning and execution skills.

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