Lori Gives In

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The television flickered light across the dark room; Lori slid her hands gently down her leg. She looked over at Mike laying on the couch, his head pressed tightly into the corner.

“Mike, I think I’m going to go,” she sat up slowly, her hands rubbing her face.

“Ah huh,” Mike called out into the couch before turning his head and wiping his mouth. “I didn’t realize it was so late,” he looked up at her.

Mike rubbed his eyes and rolled over.

“This is still on?” he nodded towards the television, “you could have changed it, I only put it on for fun.”

“It was interesting,” Lori stood up and stumbled over a glass. “I mean it was better than a lot of the other porn you’ve got.”

She looked away towards the door, trying to map a clear course out.

“I can’t come over tomorrow, Matt has something he wants me to do with him.”

Mike stared ahead blankly and shook his head.

“That’s okay, I really need to clean this place. I could really use a servant,” he stood up and followed Lori to the door.

“If it’s alright with you, can you show yourself out? I’m feeling a little funny right now.” Mike rubbed his eyes again, before turning towards his bedroom without waiting for an answer.

Lori laughed to herself as she closed the door behind her and walked outside. How old was he now? Twenty-four? She couldn’t remember. She had been crashing at his house for three or four years now and not once had he shown her the door.

The wind hollowed by. It was cold and she had forgotten to bring a jacket.

“Crap,” she reached her hands into her pant pockets. “Where are my keys?”

She looked into her car and tried to see but there wasn’t enough light. She looked back at Mike’s place. The lights were all off.

“He won’t be of much use,” she groaned, “I sure did pick the worst time to quit smoking.”

She walked around for a few minutes, holding her arms close to her body and shivering.

“This isn’t doing much good,” she said to herself and walked towards Mike’s front door.

She pressed the handle down with her thumb, the door clicked open.

“Whew, I didn’t lock it,” she mumbled to herself, silently walking into the entryway.

She looked around for a light switch, but then she remembered the light was out.

“He really did need a servant didn’t he,” she laughed.

She felt her way to the hallway and towards Mike’s bedroom.

“Mike,” she whispered as she quietly opened his bedroom door.

He didn’t answer. She waited for a moment before walking further into the room. She let her eyes adjust to the green glow of his VCR clock.

Her head jerked to the right as she finally realized that he was completely naked.

She bit her lip.

“Should I wake him?” she thought to herself. He would surely hear her rummaging through the family room looking for her keys.

She felt her eyes drifting slowly back to his body, his skin bathed in the iridescent glow. She stared for what seemed like hours, watching him sleeping, casino siteleri an excitement slowly budding inside of her.

She didn’t know what was coming over her. Maybe it was something in the drinks they had. They hadn’t smoked much pot tonight either. She rubbed her hand gently down her body, and slowly kneeled on the floor next to the bed.

She pulled her glasses from her face and slid them safely under the bed. She felt her excitement growing as she let her passions control her.

She had gotten married two years ago because Matthew had asked her. She loved him, but he couldn’t give her what she really wanted. She pulled her dress over her head and set it down gently on the floor.

She rubbed her hands against her bare breasts and sighed. She always felt inadequate when she touched her breasts, they were so small.

She looked at Mike’s body, his chest gently expanding before he exhaled.

“I hope he understands,” she whispered to herself as she stealthily slid into the bed.

She pressed her hands between her legs and waited for them to warm up. She didn’t want to wake him until she was ready.

She watched him sleeping and felt her stomach wince with guilt. She was married, she thought to herself, and now she was going to do this. What about his fiancé? Even if she didn’t like her this wasn’t right.

“But that’s his problem,” she assured herself.

She pressed her hands against her face, they were warm enough now. She turned her face towards Mike’s feet. She pressed her hands softly against the soles of his feet, rubbing them ever so lightly.

She shivered as her fingers gently worked their way between his toes.

“He seems so responsive,” she thought to herself, her lips gently tracing an outline across his feet. The chalky taste of his foot coating her mouth.

Mike’s body shuddered before he quietly turned over to his back and slowly opened his eyes. He silently looked down at Lori, barely able to see her in the light.

Lori felt her body melt as she looked into his eyes. They were blue, she thought, but you can’t tell that now. She silently opened her mouth and wrapped her tongue around his big toe, slowly pulling it into her mouth.

She tried to stop from gagging, it tasted awful. She pressed the tongue deep into her mouth, and then the two more. She ran her tongue between each toe, alternating gentle and rough.

Mike leaned his head back and gasped, his cock instantly stiffened.

Lori looked up at Mike’s twitching cock and slid her tongue over to the next toe. She watched it shift up and down as her tongue worked its way between the toes. His heavy breathes turning to moans.

She rubbed her hands up and down his legs, her tongue working across all of his toes. She could feel his body tensing with excitement.

Mike looked into the wall, afraid to look down at her. His cock felt like it was ready to explode, her tongue was drifting up and down across his thighs. He felt her nipples pressed tightly against amerikan ruleti his shins, her breasts barely offering any padding from her chest.

He mouthed something but was unable to talk.

Lori pressed Mike’s legs apart, her lips and tongue drifting higher and higher between his legs until she found his balls pressing against her cheek.

She ran her hand softly against his throbbing cock. She felt her lips moistening in anticipation.

Mike shifted his body, pulling his legs farther and farther apart to alleviate the pressure. He felt like he could explode at any moment. Why was she doing this? It felt so good, but they’re both cheating, he thought to himself.

Lori watched as he spread his legs wider. What did he want? She wondered. She felt her desire to please him overwhelming her. She looked up at him as he pressed his legs wider and wider apart. She felt her stomach turn as she closed her eyes and lowered her mouth between his legs.

She pressed her tongue tentatively out and pressed it between his cheeks until it flickered against his ass. That’s not so bad, she thought.

Mike felt his legs quiver. He groaned. “What was she doing,” he thought to himself, still unable to speak. It felt so good. He pressed his legs wider apart and moaned as her tongue billowed deeper and deeper inside of him. She tasted him on her tongue, her nose already filled with his smell.

Lori gently pulled Mike’s ass cheeks apart and pressed her head tightly between them. His smell and taste began to overwhelm her senses. If this is what he wanted she would do it, she felt her body intense with excitement. She was pleasing him she thought to herself. This is what he wants.

Mike squealed as she reached her hands up to his chest and gently pinched his nipples. She felt his anus pucker over her tongue, as she slowly slid it out.

Her tongue moved up to his balls, her mouth pressing gentle kisses against them. She pressed her hands against his hips and massaged them, letting her fingers drift between his legs.

She caressed his hips and thighs, her eyes watching his throbbing shaft gently settle down.

She slid her body up next to his and pressed her damp panties against his hip, her tongue slowly licking his side towards his armpit.

She felt her stomach wince again. Why wasn’t he saying anything? Was he scared? She looked up into his eyes, but they were closed. Maybe he was thinking of somebody else, she thought.

She felt let her tongue drift into his armpit; he jumped at first and then settled down, pulling his arm up.

Lori paused for a moment, letting her hand drift against his chest. She felt ashamed of herself as she slowly lowered her head to his armpit. Her mouth filled with his salty taste as she traced her tongue against his skin.

Mike felt unbelievable. He had never been with someone like this before. Everything was so quiet there were no sounds, no talking. She simply did what she wanted and it was making him feel avrupa ruleti like he was going to explode.

He rolled his body towards her and turned her head up towards his, he slowly lowered down to give her a kiss.

Lori panicked. She opened her mouth to kiss him but somehow it wasn’t what she wanted. She felt herself holding back.

Their lips met unpassionately before Mike slowly pulled his away, put off.

Lori looked up at him, her eyes meeting his before slowly leaning down and pulling one of his nipples into her mouth. Her tongue flicked against it, and she noticed Mike’s cock shifting uncontrollably again.

Mike didn’t know what was going on. “She didn’t want to kiss,” he thought to himself. “What does she want?” he wondered. He didn’t know why but he put his hand on her head and pulled his face tightly towards his chest.

Lori felt the power of his grasp against her and let out an uncontrollable moan. Her face pressed tightly into his chest she gasped for what little air she could get. Her legs tightened as she felt her moistness filling her panties. She let her body go into his control.

Mike felt her release and felt his own excitement growing. “Is this what she wants,” he thought to himself. He pulled her head up to his and pressed kisses against her lips and cheeks.

Lori’s flesh twinged with each of his touches. She felt herself losing control as Mike pressed her body back down between his legs.

Mike spread his legs as wide as he could and grabbed Lori’s hair, pulling her towards him until her mouth was pressed against his anus.

Lori gagged as she felt his taste overpowering her again. He moaned as he started to grind his ass into her tongue and lips.

Lori felt her body drift in and out of orgasm as she felt his strength take over. She reached her hands down and slid her panties off and dropped them to the floor.

Mike felt like his body couldn’t stand it any longer. He grabbed Lori and whipped her over onto her stomach. He squirmed his body between her legs and pressed his cock up to her lips.

Lori felt her body explode as Mike’s cock shifted against her clit. She felt her body shaking rhythmically back and forth even before his cock drove deep inside of her.

Mike moaned as he felt himself pressed into her warm walls. He pressed himself inside of her deeper and deeper. He reached his hands over her small breasts and rubbed them.

Lori felt the tears come to her eyes. No one had ever touched her breasts like that, it felt so incredible. She moaned, her body rigid against his, shaking repeatedly.

Mike slowly pulled his cock out and brought Lori’s lips to his shaft. First working his fingers into her lips and then pressing his cock into her mouth.

Lori felt the first taste of cum running down her tongue before the explosion. She opened her mouth and let him fill her with his juice, her eyes looking up at his, but his still looking away.

Finally he softened in her mouth and slowly his grip on her loosened. Mike let himself drift back down into the bed.

Lori pressed her body against his and kissed his arm softly until he fell asleep and then silently went to find her keys.

“He understands,” she thought to herself as she drove into the convenience store to pick up some cigarettes.

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