Lost Beach Ch. 04

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“And I remembered what Tina had said, “Doesn’t your mother suck cock like a slut?” ‘My mother’….uh oh…”

I was stunned, my heart racing as much from my orgasm as from being found out – but how had she found out? How could I explain this away? I didn’t have a chance to – Tina moved down in front of the couch, and wrapped my mom in her arms.

Mom was still semi-curled up on the couch, her head in my lap, not looking at me. Jerry’s hands were caressing and probing her ass, and between her thighs.

Tina said, “Brenda, do you want to be fucked?”

“Yes,” mom said, not quiet, but not wantonly, either.

“Jerry has a nice cock,” Tina said, “and you’re going to love it. Do you want to make Jerry’s cock hard again so he can fuck you?”

“Yes,” mom repeated.

Jerry, I could see, was half-hard already. He’d just come a few minutes ago, but his cock was actually pulsing.”

“You now what makes Jerry hot? What makes him hard?” Tina asked. Then she looked at me and I swear she smiled when she said, “Tell him what you want. Tell him to fuck you.”

Mom raised her head and looked at Tina and back at Jerry, and said, “Make love to me.”

“No, Brenda…uh-uh…” said Tina, “tell him to fuck you.” She emphasized the ‘fuck.’

Jerry was working his fingers inside of her. I could hear the slick sounds. My god, I had just cum in my mother’s mouth and this was getting me hard all over again as well.

“Fuck me,” said mom.

“Whit what?” asked Tina, teasing mom’s nipples.

“With your big cock.”

“Yeah? That what you want?”

“Yes,” said mom, turning face-down on the couch, raising her ass on her knees and resting her shoulders and head in my lap. She looked up at me as if to say, ‘I need this baby.” At least – that’s what I imagined her look to say, because that’s what got me harder. şişli escort bayan Mom the hot slut. OK, maybe not so slutty, but she wanted to be fucked. Jerry got up on his knees behind her, put one hand on each of her hips, and eased his mostly-hard cock into her…she was so wet he slid in, and mom let out an almost imperceptible gasp.

Tina’s eyes glowed as she leaned back a little to watch; Jerry slowly fucked my mom. Very slowly in, very deep, that fat nine-inch cock. Mom’s nails lightly clutched my thigh…

Tina leaned further back and spread her legs. She was almost clean shaven, just a little straight strip…and she started to masturbate, running a slick finger up and down – tensely – through her folds and against her clit.

“Brenda, don’t you like his cock?” asked Tina. Again, her eyes were locked on mine. And stayed on me.

“God…yes,” mom said.

“Then tell him. Tell him what you want. We want to hear you.”

“I want your cock,” mom said. “I need this….fuck me….fuck me…”

Jerry quickened his pace just a bit. Now mom’s ass jiggled just a bit when he rammed deep. He grabbed her hips a little tighter.

“Yes, fuck me like that,” said mom. There was a tone of lust in her voice, no two ways about it.

That was it, I was getting hard…mom noticed and wrapped her hand around my cock and just squeezed. She didn’t stroke it, she just squeezed as Jerry slowly increased his pace from fast-fuck to almost-pounding.

Jerry’s eyes were closed, head back…Tina was watching me, and crudely finger-fucking herself…I could feel the rhythm of Jerry’s thrusts because it rocked mom and she had such a tight grip on my cock. I wished I could see Jerry’s cock actually going in and out of her… Here I was, naked, hard, watching a gorgeous woman masturbate in front of me while my mom escort mecidiyeköy (my mom!) was being fucked right in my lap, and I was thinking about – a cock.

It takes all kinds.

Jerry really quickened his pace and his force – he was slamming into mom’s ass with each thrust.

“Do you feel it, Brenda?” asked Tina. “Do you feel his cock?”

“God yes!” said mom. “Fuck me! Oh, god…fuck me!”

I slid my right hand under mom a bit and grabbed her left tit. Her nipple was rock hard.

“Squeeze me,” she said, without even looking up. “Squeeze my tit.”

And so I did. I clutched hard, and mom said “yes!” and I clutched harder, and she said “yes!” harder. She raised her head a bit, her neck and shoulders taut, her moth open, panting and…

Jerry slapped her ass, hard.

“Yes!” cried mom. Jerry slapped again. And again.

Tina was now thrusting her pelvis to meet her hand; she was lost in the lust of watching the scene she had directed play out.

And mom came. A high-pitched grunt…again…just quivering with tension and with a loud “oh!” just collapsed.

Tina was panting and evidently had reached orgasm – quietly, but intensely.

When mom collapsed Jerry’s cock was fully hard, and sticky wet, and I was sitting there, hard, and mom still had my cock squeezed in her fist.

Tina was the first to move, and she said, “Come on, Jerry – I’m sure these two have lots to talk about. Why don’t the three of us –”she said as she grabbed his hard cock – “go find out what you want?”

Jerry got up, a little reluctantly, and they scooped up their clothes. Jerry was still panting from the exertion, but Tina leaned in and kissed me on the forehead, and said, “We’ll see you two lovebirds later.”

And they left. They left me in a state of incredible horniness and merter escort incredible shock – my mom had just sucked me off, and gotten ass-slappin’ fucked. And she’d kissed Tina! I couldn’t remember the name of the girl I came to Lost Beach to forget. I wanted to cum, to laugh…but mostly, to cum.

Mom sat up, letting go of my cock, and instead of being shy and awkward she was matter-of-fact. She touched my hair with one hand and said, “So now you know.”

“Know what?”

“That I’m normal, that I have a…a dark side, that I..” she was looking for words.

I couldn’t believe how bold I was; I asked, “That you like sex?” “Yes,” said mom. “You know I don’t date often, but I still have…desires. And back home, this would be…well, it would cause a great deal of difficulty. But here,” she said, sitting closer and leaning into my chest, “they think we’re a couple. They think we’re a man and his lady friend. Here e can be what they all think we are.”

She looked at me and said, “We can be what we want to be, but only here.”

I was amazed. I was the luckiest bastard on the planet. Mom was very fuckable, and now she was telling me it was ok. That we were going to fuck. I was thinking…

“Is that a problem?” she asked.

“No, no – that’s great. I love you mom, and you’re…very sexy. You’re hot. And I’m –”

“My sexy man. Until we go home, we’re just Brenda and Jack. Having an adventure.”

What I had been thinking about was, we’re not what everyone thought we were…Tina knew what we were. I don’t know how, maybe she guessed, but she knew I had sex with my mom, had watched her having sex, and Tina also knew that I had enjoyed it. Immensely.

“OK,” mom said, “nap time. That tequila really hit me. Then it’s a shower, “she said, snuggling up to me, “and then I’ll show you my new beach outfit, and maybe we’ll go down to the water before dinner.”

I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to stroke my cock in her face and splash her face, her tits. I wanted to spank her ass while she sucked me. Instead I slid down, entwined my body with hers, and lay there while she slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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