Lost Bet 04: Not Again!

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About two days after the ordeal with Greg when I came out to my parents, they claimed already knew. Leo came out to his mom but he couldn’t get the timing right to tell his dad, or so he explained to me when we went on our first official date the following week.

“Chicken!” I yelled when I heard this news.

“No.” Leo rebutted, “I just really haven’t had the time to talk with him; every time I come home he’s been away at work.”

“And your mom hasn’t said anything?”

“She wants me to tell him, she said she wasn’t even going to hint at it until I talk with him.”

We went in and got or tickets to the movie, I got us seats at the very back corner, while Leo went to the bathroom during the previews. When he got back the movie was about to start and as soon as he put his jacket on the back of the seat and sat down I kissed him. Instantly the couple that was on the back row with us moved two rows up. The movie started and with our newfound independence I began rubbing on Leo’s crotch.

“Dude, what are you doing?” He asked.

“Having a little fun, and possibly winning a game.” I whispered.

“What do you mean?”

“I have this running game going where I try to have sex is as many porn clichés as possible.”

“What! Oh Darren Jo would be so disappointed.”

“Who do you think I’m playing with?”

“Oh my god!”

“Yeah I have bedroom, of course, and the bathroom from before you.”

“That reminds me how’s Chelsea doing?”

“She took the gay thing better than my brother did. She’s become an excellent fag hag.”

“Good to know.”

“Yeah Jo has shower, library, and woods.”

“So all this time you have been having a sex battle with Jo, and with me you came up with String Laser?”

I was speech less to this question and Leo smirked awaiting an answer, so instead I changed the subject.

I started rubbing Leo again, but he stopped me.

“Don’t think that you are getting out of this one that easy.” Leo whispered.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I unzipped Leo’s pants and started to kiss his pelvis. I pulled his pants under him and grabbed his soft dick with my tongue. Leo opened his mouth to deter me, but instead he just made an “O” face and took a deep breath while he grabbed the back of my head. The feeling of his thickening dick in my mouth started to make me moan, he moved his hand to my neck to quiet me. The feeling of the light choking turned me on so I purposefully got louder, Leo’s hand tightened around my neck and he began to thrust his now hard dick into me while I slobbed all over his shaft.

The movie had started so it was hard to see, but we could feel what each other wanted next, I licked on Leo’s cock and balls some more as he shuffled his pants off of his legs, and undid my pants and played with my hard dick underneath my boxers, but then he stopped and pulled me up.

“We should not do this.” Leo worried between bated breaths, “these people with no doubt hear us and then we will get kicked out, and then we’ll be the talk of the town, my dad will kill me for not being the one to come out to him, so stop.”

“Okay.” I said “I understand, I’ll go get your pants for you.”

I went down and got Leo’s pants, he kicked them a couple feet away so I had to get on my knees to reach them, once I had them I shifted as if I were going to go back to my seat, but instead I gobbled up as much of Leo’s cock as I could. To my amazement I ended up deep throating his meat stuffing my nose with his pubes. Leo yelped in surprise and hunched over to hide from the movie goers. As he was leaning over I continued to swivel my head on Leo’s dick he was starting to tremble.

“Bathroom now.” Leo demanded as he stood up, but I pushed him back down on his seat.

“I already have bathroom.” I restated as I took of my pants and spit on my hand, “you’re helping me beat Jo.” I put the spit on my asshole and Leo gave a warry smile.

“You are evil.” He proclaimed while I was turning around.

“Worse.” I said as I slid his six inches of bliss into me, “I’m in love.”

“I love you too.” Leo said as he lifted the back of my shirt, kissed my back, and started slowly moving his hips like a hypnotizing wave. He also bent us over and picked up his boxers from the ground. “This probably won’t seem like I do though.”

I was confused at this comment until Leo slid his waist off of the seat, causing me to lean back, when I did he shoved his dirty Calvin Klein’s in my mouth, he rammed me so hard and fast that I let out, a now muffled, cry. As we bounced, I checked the crowd to see if anyone was now looking back, we were in the clear but I still tried to cover my flopping dick underneath the chair in front of us. Surprisingly even with Leo pounding me hardcore style he didn’t make enough noise to alert anyone of the great pleasure that I was receiving.

Leo’s grunts were mesmerizing to me if I wasn’t experiencing the thorough fucking myself, or if my own muted moans weren’t loud in my Çankaya Escort ears, I would still be able to hear, and feel, the great passion Leo was putting in. I was more in love than I ever been but I didn’t really know how to show my extreme gratitude without screaming for more. I was thinking about this when Leo shifted himself a bit higher on the chair, he then started pumping again and about 6 amazing pumps in I started to cum. I had no idea that was going to happen but it conveyed the “I love you” message really well.

“Did you just…?” Leo asked.

“Yes I did.” I replied slightly embarrassed.

Leo started to laugh as I dismounted him and sat back in my seat. I knew I would never hear the end of this, every conversation he will, in some way shape or form, bring up the fact that he fucked so well that I had no control over when I would cum.

“So, I’m that good.” Leo commented with an immovable smile on his face.

“I’ll admit that that was very pleasing.” I downplayed, “but that doesn’t mean you should let this go to your head.”

“If you think that I would let this, your moment of ecstasy gifted to you by my shear fucking prowess, go to my head…then you know me better than you think cause I won’t stop bringing this night up until about 3 years after your death.” I couldn’t help but laugh at Leo’s comment, my hilarity was rubbing off on him.

“What if you die before me?” I asked, “Because if you tell this story to anyone me killing you is probably the more likely scenario”

“Then I will continue to tell everyone this story in the afterlife until you finally die then I can remind you of this night for an eternity to come.”

Leo leaned in for a kiss but instead I took his head and pushed him down to my dick, he promptly licked up my cum and when he was done he took my limp penis and started to suck me off. I was usually the one giving the blowjob so I would sometimes forget how good Leo was at sucking dick. I couldn’t help but through my head back and enjoy for a while, until I felt small burst of sound coming from Leo’s throat, he was still laughing. I took this a bit personal, so I stood up and put one leg on Leo’s armrest, all with him still on my shaft. Leo’s teeth hurt my dick a little but the gasp of shock that he gave was well worth it. I started to face fuck Leo giving all of my force in my pumps, Leo grabbed my ass still stunned but he opened his mouth more to let me in as I picked up my pace.

I was having the time of my life until I saw a young man with his arm around his girlfriend looking back at me. I didn’t know if I should dive behind the chairs or just take a running jump over the stairs railing, instead the guy gave me a thumbs up and nodded me on, but then the movie screen lit up and exposed Leo’s hard dick to the stranger, who’s eyes widened in surprise, his head shot back to the movie and his girlfriend cuddled closer into him. While chuckling, I hunched over freeing my dick from Leo’s mouth.

“What happened?” He question, “That felt great.”

“Yeah, but we weren’t the only ones enjoying ourselves.” I continued to giggle to myself, and instead of letting Leo in on what just happened I told him I loved him. Something just felt right about that moment so I said it, then began sucking his dick again. Sure he gave great blowjobs, and the feeling of being the dominate was fun but I really love sucking dick.

Leo moaned in gratitude and his head bobbed with every movement I made on his cock, he had to grab onto the armrest to keep his body from swaying. I went all the way down on him, the feeling of his entire manhood filling my mouth and throat got me so excited I could barely stand it. As I had Leo’s hard cock within my mouth I decided to try to move my tongue out and lick his balls, the result was my loosing breath and choking which caused me to quickly couch up some phlegm leaving Leo’s dick sloppy wet. Given the lube Leo jacked himself for me to watch as I caught my breath. He breathing got heavy, legs were shaking, body pulsating, he was getting close. He was getting a bit too loud however, so I grabbed my boxers and shoved them in his mouth when he wasn’t expecting. Leo’s eyes widened in shock, he mumbled something but of course I couldn’t understand. Instead I just held the underwear where it was and proceeded to jack Leo off, occasionally sucking the tip of his dick while my hand moved rapid fire on the shaft. Leo grabbed my inner thigh and started to caress it, giving into the ecstasy. His eyes rolled back and his pulsating turned to pure trembling. Leo’s toes curled and he raised up his leg, his grip on my leg got so tight it would leave a mark. I could feel the vibrations of the muffled wail that Leo let out through the fabric of my boxers. Leo’s dick was almost red with anticipation, he was fighting it trying to get the most pleasure out of this moment. But I continued to pump his cock at top speed and with one last lick of his cock head Leo stopped and released Keçiören Escort such a powerful cumshot I heard a “thunk” as it hit the seat in front of him. Almost as if someone had pressed paused and then play on a remote Leo started back up with the wiggling and wailing while ten more powerful streams of cum spit out of Leo’s dick and onto the back of the chair in front of him.

When Leo had regained his breath and was able to sit up straight again, we put our pants and wet underwear back on. After that I took a picture of the spunk on the chair and sent it to Jo with the text “movies”.

“You’ve been getting pictures of Jo’s cum this whole time?” Leo questioned as he pulled his clothes on.

“I’m allowed to have a past.” I joked.

As we were leaving the theatre Jo texted me back “Woo r u w/ u n Chlc brk up?” (Which decrypted is “who are you with you and Chelsea broke up?”)

“I’ll tell you later.” I texted back.

About two weeks later I got a text from Greg asking me to come over, being that we had this deal in place and Leo was still in the closet with his dad, I went to Leo’s house where Greg and his fiancé were living for now.

“Hey.” He said as I walked through the front door.

“Let’s get this over with.” I replied.

“Please don’t be like that?” Greg appealed

“Really, how exactly should I be, I mean you are now the master of my sex life no?”

“NO! Look I-I know what the deal that we made was over the top, brash, and downright convoluted, I never should have taken advantage of you two.”

“If you’re trying to apologize for agreeing to myself and Leo, you’re soon to be bother in law, to be you’re personal sex slaves the words “I’m” and “sorry” should probably be somewhere in this unwelcomed explanation.”

“I’m sorry!” Greg yelled.

He seemed sincere, although I have been wrong before (not often but before). Really all I wanted was to do the deed and get out, but he just kept talking.

“Look,” Greg continued, “I really wasn’t expecting to have sex with you two, I honestly just wanted to get Leo as I was asked, and if we could please remember that I was not the one who brought up the “sex slave” agreement. I’m not excusing myself, it’s just that I was presented with an option that benefited me and I ran with it. I understand that that does not make it right at all.”

I was stunned, I never had anyone apologize with such ease. Either he was trying to trick me or he was telling the truth and right now I couldn’t tell which would be the worse option.

“Despite my better judgement,” I said, “I actually believe you, but if you really want to make this right, then keep our secret and stop the blackmail of sex.”

“Anything you say”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that the agreement is null, no requirements of sex, no secrets told, we just go back to what we were.”

“Two friends and a closeted soon to be brother in law?”



“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you shouldn’t be marrying Leo’s sister if you are gay, do you know how many people you are hurting because of this.”

“Of course I do; Laura (Leo’s sister) doesn’t deserve this, this is a huge embarrassment for my family, all the guys that I slept with saying that I will call then just ghosting, now add you and Leo. There are just so many apologies and explanations to give I fell it would be easier to keep the secret so no one would literally get hurt, just potentially and hypothetically”

“That is possibly the saddest, bullshitiest excuse I have ever heard.” I actually felt sorry for the guy, not because I believed his horribly written speech but because to him he was in the closet to protect people around him. He hasn’t realized yet that he is only keeping the secret out of fear. I turned and said goodbye to Greg but as I reached for the door I thought of something a little bit kinder to say. “In the list of people that you are hurting with this secret, don’t forget to add yourself.”

I walked back over to Greg (mistake number one), I gave him a hug (mistake two), and while he was bent over I kissed his forehead (strike three I’m stupid). When I turned back around Greg held onto my arm and wouldn’t let me go, we stood there him almost in tears unsure of what was going to happen next.

“Don’t leave me.” Greg whispered as if each word was cutting into him as he spoke, “please, I need help…I need you.”

I kissed him (don’t judge). I knew I shouldn’t have but, he was so sad, I just wanted to help, and to a lesser extent he is fucking hot. Greg and I made out as he walked us over to the stairs, we made it up three when his shirt came off. His eight pack was so hard I thought he had swallowed rocks, his chest big and flexing, I almost couldn’t decide if I was going to continue gawking at him, or just go straight to licking him, I chose licking.

“Mmmmmm, oh yeah.” Greg moaned when Etimesgut Escort I started tonguing his nipple. He grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

“Wait Leo.” I said trying to catch my breath while Greg threw my shirt on the floor.

“He’s not here.” Greg revealed while caressing my arms, “he said he’s been staying at a friend’s house, we all assumed he was with you.”

“He hasn’t.”

“Well then Leo’s been spending his nights with someone else.” Greg’s words made me realized that I hadn’t seen Leo in a while, but then Greg kissed me on my neck and I forgot about worrying about Leo.

I pulled Greg in and we started to sway on the stairs again until I laid us down on the stairs and started to undo Greg’s pants while he undid mine. We smiled as we raced to see who would be unzipped first, turned out I was faster on the unzipping of the pants then Greg which meant I won. Rapidly I pulled Greg’s hard nine inch dick out and pulled him up to my mouth, I then began to bob my head while laying back on the stairs, and once I was all the way back Greg began to fuck my mouth.

“Ugh…ugh…shit…whoo!” Greg’s interjections delighted me and I lost myself in the pleasure. The stuffed feeling of a cock in my mouth, Greg’s glorious sweat smell wafting from his balls, his honey colored skin flexed and arced to deliver thrust after thrust into me, and the feeling of my own hands as I rubbed my throbbing dick with one hand and fingered myself with the other (when did that start happening I don’t know). I was about to burst right there when I felt Greg’s dick escape my mouth.

“What happened?” I asked, my eyes flickering back to life.

“You were about to pop, I could hear your moans getting louder.” Greg explained.

“I was moaning?” I sat up and could barely breathe. Greg chuckled and kissed me back down to the stairs, then he grabbed my arms and put them behind my head.

“Keeps these here.” Greg ordered while he pulled my pants and boxers down. When he got to my feet I realized my shoes were still on but that wouldn’t stop Greg, he ripped my pants, underwear, shoes and left sock off in one pull. Greg proceeded to kiss my leg all the way up to my ass.

“AHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH.” I groaned as Greg ate my asshole. Every time I would move my hand down to my cock, Greg would seize it and put it back behind my head.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of Greg’s tongue only to have them shoot open in surprise when Greg’s dickhead entered my unknowing ass. I gasped and pushed the excess air out just to resume my sporadic heavy breathing. As Greg pushed more into me I stretched my arms out to his waist to stop him, but when I felt his abs and pelvic muscles I got lost and ended up pulling him into my hole more.

“AHA… ohhhh… fuck me… so fucking big.” I squeaked as my left leg shook at the added pressure in my ass, Greg was holding my sock dawned right leg in the air stroking it.

“Now Dare you have to let me know.” Greg whispered as he circled his pelvis. “Do you like the long stroke?” With this he slid his long and thick shaft, ever so slowly, inch by inch, out of my ass hole, until there was an audible pop when his head left. “Or do you like things hard and rough?”

“AHAHAA!” I screeched as he rammed his whole nine inch meat stick back into me. I gulped more air forcing my body to get used to the intruder in my ass.

“I need an answer.” Greg leaned in and whispered in my ear then kissed it, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

I held Greg close and gave my answer, “do your worst.”

He got up and proceeded to pick me up and carry me up the stairs, while he was still in my ass. Every step was a euphoric blast, so much so that I started to dig my nails into Greg’s shoulders, he didn’t even flinch.

He took us into the first room with an open door and closed it behind him, this room had to be the game room, because it had a double decker/bunk bed, where the bottom bunk was also a futon, also there was a large flat screen TV with a bunch of games and movies around the bottom of it.

Greg laid me down on the futon, still in me and asked if I was sure I wanted the rough fuck. I kissed him for reassurance, then when he broke away, I slapped his face as hard as I could. Greg smiled a wicked smile, and pulled me back up into his arms, my legs resting on his shoulders, “you asked for this.” He said.

With a mighty grunt Greg dropped his body and right as his cock was about to leave my open orifice he slammed back into me, again and again he pumped himself fast and hard.

The pain and the pleasure were too mixed for me to decide which one I felt more, all I knew was that I wanted more of every feeling that was rushing through my body with each stroke of Greg’s thrusts. For about 5 minutes he stood there ramming me with everything that he had grunting and snorting like a wild animal. I couldn’t see straight, my head nodded uncontrollably and my eyes were rolled back, when I did focus I saw Greg’s face and I kissed him. Finally Greg sat down on the futon and let me take charge, or so I thought, I got up and turned around so I get better footing but when I positioned Greg back to my asshole he flexed up and began ramming me again.

“AHA… ste… AHA AH AH AH… oh oho… ugh ugh ughm bguh!” I just realized no actual words were coming out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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