Lost in England

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Lost In England A short story about two young American women on holiday in England. The eldest is a little arrogant and rather fall of herself. The younger one is relying on her older friend to look after her and give her a good time. The holiday is going well until they upset a gang of female bikers.


It had been one of those days! Melissa’s holiday to England had been great so far. She had been in the UK for just over a week with her best friend Abigail. It was a bit of a responsibility particularly as she was a few of years younger than her. The highlight so far had been seeing the Prodigy play at Wembley Arena. But today they had hired a car and got lost in the countryside. Worse still it was dark now and the car had run out of petrol. They decided to walk to nearest village and find somewhere to stay for the night.

The walked along the dark lane when they heard a noise. The both jumped. Melissa assured her friend that it was just a fox or something and they continued. Then it all happened to quickly. Suddenly as though out of nowhere people jumped upon them.

They were then being manhandled off the road and through the undergrowth. Their designer shoes fell from their feet. They were too scared to shout or scream. |Now they were being held and forced to walk quickly down a dark pathway.

In the moonlight they saw a small old cottage ahead. Soon they were inside, it was lit by a few candles. Both of the young women could see that the three individuals were wearing black and had their heads and faces covered with balaclavas.

Whilst two held firmly onto Melissa the other held Abigail on the other side of the small room. They then started to pull at Melissa’s skimpy designer white signet. She protested and they left it alone. Her skirt was then pulled firmly up revealing her white panties. Quickly one of her assailants took a firm grip of the underwear. In a powerful jilt they were torn from her trembling body.

No sooner than Melissa’s white panties were removed when one of them knelt down in front of her. Her best friend looked on in the dim light. The one knelling removed their head-covering. It looked görükle escort bayan as though it was a man with long hair held back in a ponytail. But wait. As she looked more intently it was not a man but a young woman, possibly in her late twenties. She positioned herself and began to touch the pinkness in front of her eyes. Soon a finger had found its way between the folds and was slipping inside.

One of the gang then approached the girl. For some reason she was not fearful. That was until they spoke. ‘You bitches will pay for damaging one of our bikes!’ It was woman’s voice. She explained that her friend had hit one of their bikes outside a pub. The girl remembered the incident well, it had happened about three hours previous. They had been trying to manoeuvre in the carpark and had hit something. Melissa didn’t seem to be bothered. They then went into the pub and had a meal.

Melissa had been arrogant and rude to the waitress. It had all very embarrassing for the child. Unluckily the waitress was one of their friends and the female bikers were regulars in the pub. The biker placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder and began touching her blonde hair. The other two had now pushed Melissa over a table. Her white rounded bottom raised it could easily been seen in the half-light. The other woman took off her leather gloves and held them for a moment. She then brought them down firmly on the woman’s buttocks. How it stung! Six more times the gloves whipped her bare flesh. One for each scratch on the bike!

The women with Melissa were now pulling down their jeans and leather trousers. Soon they were naked from the waist down. They pulled the victim upright and the waitress got on the table and opened her legs. The gag was removed with a warning to be quiet and obey. The biker holding the girl warned out loudly that if she did not they would strip and fuck the girl. Melissa had no choice but to lick and kiss as commanded. The women then swapped over and again she was obedient. How she hated doing what they said. She was usually the one in charge. Now she was being humiliated in front of her best friend.

The bursa otele gelen escort biker with Abigail then led her outside. She feared the worse. Maybe there were more perverted bikers outside. Fortunately there was not. ‘Do you like dogs?’ questioned the woman. ‘Yes..’ replied the girl. The woman reasoned with the word, ‘Good!’ and then asked if her friend liked dogs. The girl said ‘no’ as it was the truth.

‘Shame’ said the biker cause I think the dog is going to like her!’

In the back yard was a large dog chained to a post. It barked as they approached but soon calmed down as it heard the familiar voice of the woman. She took it by its collar and led the two of them back into the cottage.

Melissa was now on all fours still wearing her signet but naked from the waist down.

The dog was lead over to her. He inquisitively sniffed her leg and then, as dogs do, pushed his nose between her legs. She felt his warm breath and damp nose between her thighs.

Next he was mounting her. She quietly begged for it to stop but was told to shut up! One of the women slipped her hand between the dog and the woman and guided the large thrusting member into position. The dog worked vigorously before satisfying himself and dismounting. The girl had often seen dogs in the park doing things like this – but never to a woman!

Melissa was then ordered to stand. She stood their still wearing that dainty signet. How the bikers hated it! One of them marched forward and took hold of it with both hands. She pulled it open vigorously. It tore open revelling a white bra holding the small but cute breasts. She picked up a knife from nearby and held it up. She then presided to cut the bra up the middle. The breasts fell free and the bra was pulled from her body. They began chewing on her breasts and enjoying the feel of them.

The woman holding Abigail reached into a nearby cupboard and took something out. It was wrapped up in a towel and the girl could not see what it might be. The woman stopped their caressing and took it. They unwrapped a double dildo. Hurriedly the waitress strapped it bursa escort bayan on and inserted her end firmly and easily inside her. The woman was pushed to the ground. Once in position it was guided in. She tried to resist it but she knew she must not. Soon the woman was fucking her like a man. When she was satisfied she passed it to the other woman who did likewise.

But what of the woman holding Abigail was she not to be satisfied? She took off her mask. The girl thought how pretty she was. Her shoulder-length curly red hair was a picture. Her face looked strict but attractive. She was of medium build and clearly worked out in the gym. She then faced the girl and placed her hands on the girl’s hips. They stared into each other’s eyes for a short moment before she felt he hands moving up inside the sweater! Underneath she was wearing a croptop but nothing else. The hands reached the bottom of it and rested gently on her ribs. She was relieved and relaxed a little.

Then suddenly it was a though the woman was a different person. The hands vigorously pulled at her crop top pulling it upward. Hands pulled up the sweater with great force. Her top and sweater and arms were over her face and she was falling backwards being pushed by the woman. She landed on something soft, her arms still trapped by her clothing. She was aware that her chest was bare and her small breasts were exposed. Suddenly lips were upon them kissing them all over. Then each little pink nipple was sucked and bitten!

Her short skirt was being pulled up and a hand was groping for her underwear. Her arms were trapped she could do nothing. She could not scream because of the gag. Her tiny blue knickers were being pulled down her legs. Once they were off one foot they were left dangling on her other calf. The woman moved down and pushed her face into her groin. She felt her licking her on her legs before diving into her small dainty bush.

The tongue soon found its way between her virginal lips and for the first time her delicious juices were tasted. All three women queued up to drink from her fountain, leaving Melissa to the dog!

Satisfied they locked the outside door. They then gathered up the various items of clothing that had been removed from their victims and themselves and retired upstairs. The two friends were left to recover from their ordeal. The dog was left in the room to guard them. They huddled together trying to get some sleep and wondering what might happen the following morning.


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