Lost Luggage

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Just my luck. We’d been looking forward to our vacation for half a year and we finally found ourselves arriving in the Caribbean only to find that my luggage had not arrived. My wife Julia looked at me in disgust. She cut quite a figure standing there in her white hot pants, her top button unbuttoned, and her auburn hair accentuating her false breasts, held up even higher by a tight pink cut-off t-shirt.

Her luggage had of course arrived and my delay was eating into her sun time. ??

We filled in pages of forms and finally headed to the hotel.

Check-in was smooth. It was one of those all inclusive type places, big and well accustomed to throngs of sun seekers like us. I caught Julia eyeing up the local Caribbean check-in manager. He was tall and no doubt hung according to the look on her face and judging by where her eyes were facing.??

“I’ll have your bag sent up.” He said.

We headed to the room and were fortunate to find a large ocean-facing suite with floor to ceiling windows. We had a huge bathroom with his and hers showers and sinks and a large bath, big Anadolu Yakası Escort enough for at least two.

Julia unbuttoned her cut-off denim shorts and slid them down revealing her auburn bush. With that we heard a knock of the door.

“It must be the luggage” Julia said, “I’ll get it”, and with the she walked to the door.

??I saw her cute little ass wiggle under the pink t-shirt. My god she looked hot. The young Caribbean bell boy looked like he’d won the lottery and stuttered and stammered as she ushered him in.

“My husband’s case didn’t arrive” she explained, “he’s going to have to wear a pair of my little shorts or even a bikini bottom, aren’t you darling?”

I turned bright red. I hated when she did this. The young guy didn’t know how to respond. He just smiled.

“Honey, why don’t you open my case and try something on while I give this young gentleman a tip?”

??Before I could answer she started stroking the bell boy’s cock through his uniform. He was hard immediately, struggling to contain what seemed like a monster cock Kadıköy Escort underneath his trousers. She unzipped him and exposed him. He was at least 8 inches and uncut. I couldn’t help but to look.

??She knelt in front of him and turned facing me. “Well? What are you waiting for? Step into one of my thongs” she ordered.??

I obeyed.??

I opened her case and took the first pair of pink bikini bottoms I could find. They were ones that look like a thick lace with a little lace trim. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off. I was red in the face. I stepped into the pink thong and turned to face them.

Julia was already licking his long shaft, starting with his balls and ending at his tip. The guy was just stood there smiling, grinning actually as my wife sucked him off. ?

She started to speed up her rhythm.

I was stood there in her pink girly bottoms watching her suck a stranger. We’d only been here a matter of minutes and she was already at it.

??I could see the guy beginning to tense. She was stroking his balls now as she went Ataşehir Escort hard on his cock. I could hear her mouth working and could see her start to dribble. She looked amazing with her perfect little butt bouncing up and down in sync with her sucking. The bell boy didn’t even make any effort to hold her auburn hair out of the way. He just started to enjoy himself and began to fuck her mouth.

??And with that came grunting and muffled sounds of choking. He was deep throating her. And almost as quickly he began to tense and pull back. He was cumming.

??”Oh fuck yeah” I heard her say. All I could see was her long auburn hair.

She turned round to face me, his cum on her face and in her mouth which was open in trophy. ??She walked towards me.??She grabbed my cock through the thin pink bikini bottoms.

?”You suit pink”.

The next thing I knew she was French kissing me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I’d never tasted anyone’s cum before other than my own. I tried to resist before giving in. Cum was dribbling out our mouths and her face was already covered, now smearing mine.

Julia broke the kiss and looked back at the bell boy.

“Thanks for helping us with our bag. Shut the door on your way out and tell your colleagues that we tip well in room 407.”

??She turned back and kissed me more, laughing as she did so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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