Lots about Me Ch. 13: Squash Court

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So a friend played squash sometimes, because people seem to get into weird sports at uni and then keep doing them, I guess. This guy played squash, and was into it, and we were talking once and I said I never had, so he said he could show me if I wanted, so I said yep, okay. And a bit later we did.

I was awful, obviously. Like not only had I never tried squash specifically before, I’ve never played any kind of sport with basically hitting a little ball with a stick. So I didn’t do well. But he was nice about it so never mind.

We ran around and got sweaty, and then I wanted him because sweaty.

I should have thought of that, but I didn’t.

I kind of have a habit of exercising with people and then wanting to fuck them. Um, seriously. I’m susceptible to sweaty, okay?

So anyways, that happened. I got wet for him.

And also, to be clear, in case you haven’t done squash, because it’s kind of a weird sport, squash is like tennis but where you have a little bouncy rubber ball and you play inside a room rather than outside. So tennis, but where you hit the ball off Sivas Escort the walls too, bouncing it off the wall in front of you, so you both have to kind of run backward and forwards past each other to take turns hitting it. Inside these closed rooms, because of how you use the walls to play.

Closed rooms with only a little window in the door.

Which are very private.

Which I’m kind of noticing, as I’m running past him. The privateness of it all. And I’m kind of noticing the sweaty too.

So I get silly. I bump into him. I get, um, embarrassingly obvious.

I crash into him kind of on purpose, and he kind of catches me, and holds me up, and I kiss him.

I should be ashamed. I know.

I kiss him, and kind of drop the squash racket, and grab him. And he pulls me over to the back wall, so we’re beside the door, beside the only window, and no-one can see us if they look inside.

And we’re both rudely abrupt with the other.

He basically sticks his hand into my shorts and fingers me. Like just does it, and I’m desperately wanting to Sivas Escort Bayan be touched, and kind of stand there and shift my feet so he can easily. And I pretty much do the same to him, too.

Like I’m ready, and I want to fuck, and I know I don’t have a condom. And I kind of assume he doesn’t either.

So I kneel down.

I know. Yep. It’s dangerous and silly, blah, all of that. But before I do I look at him and make sure he doesn’t look too nasty, and I think, um briefly, about my mouth and teeth-brushing and cuts. So not hugely dangerous.

So anyways. I kneel down, and suck his cock, and he stands there just right and lets me.

Like lets me just right. Perfectly. Because there’s kind of a way of getting a blowjob, and holding hair, and holding me, and pulling me forwards just enough, or pushing into my mouth just enough, that it’s needing and sexy without being rude. Rude, because if it’s the first time I’ve blown you, please don’t just try and fuck my mouth without asking. That rude! But he doesn’t do that at all. He does it exactly right. Escort Sivas Just standing there, letting me, not getting in the way, mostly still, but making quiet little noises like he desperately wants me, half bent onto me, not balancing quite right, holding my hair, and so I can feel his leg shaking against my arm.

So I suck him. I suck him off, and he comes, and he also tastes good. Just some people are different to others, and some people just taste crazy-sexy good. I don’t know why. He does.

Then he pulls me up and kisses me, which is pretty much perfect.

Then he goes down on me too, which is perfect as well.

He pulls off my shorts and licks me out there, against the wall in the squash court, and I come about as quickly as he did.

Then we sit there panting and stuff and I think both a bit surprised.

Luckily we have water there with us.

It was sudden and nice and incredibly sexy, and I say something about how I think I quite like squash.

Because funny after sex is good! It makes weird shit like this less awkward!

And also, later, we had sex a few more times too, just because that first time was so intense and good. I wanted to actually fuck in the squash court, just to do it, but he thought it was too risky so we never did. Which was a shame. But maybe it would have been bad to spoil that first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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