Love and Destiny Ch. 06

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For compliance purposes, all sexually active characters in the story are over the age of 18. This is a long, complete story that has been cut into more digestible chunks. For it to make sense it is probably best to have read all the previous sequences. This is the final section.

Love and Destiny

Ch. 06

Over the next few days, our new Father-daughter relationship became more defined. There was not a great deal of difference overall. Destiny and I had always had a friendly and affectionate relationship and so the addition of romance only made us closer. I admit it was a bit of an adjustment on my part to regard Destiny as my romantic partner in addition to being my baby girl.

In addition to the challenge of the new dynamic in my relationship with my daughter, I also had to get used to having an affectionate young girlfriend. Destiny on the other hand seemed to have no problem with me being her lover as well as her Dad. Her daughterly kisses often transitioned into romantic ones. It was not uncommon for Destiny to spontaneously walk up to me or slide into my lap while watching television to initiate a hot and heavy make-out session.

Demonstrating, a maturity I probably would not have noticed before, my daughter was very patient and understanding of my awkwardness about the new aspect of our relationship. The fact that I was willing to try was the most important thing to her. When I asked her why she was so blase about our new dynamic, she gave me a little smile, “Daddy, a girl’s first boyfriend is her father. I guess I never grew out of the stage where I wanted to marry my Daddy.”

Even though it was only a month after Valentine’s Day, by St. Patrick’s Day Destiny and I were a fully domestic couple. After two years of abstaining from our traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal, to please Fiona, we once again had corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and colcannon. The first time I had made corned beef and cabbage after starting to date Fiona, she claimed that the cabbage made our house smell like a garbage dump. For months afterwards she would make “humorous” retching sounds whenever she entered the house. While Destiny and I cooked we also drank Guinness. This was the second year I’d let Destiny drink on St. Patrick’s Day but last year she had simply taken a sip of my beer and made a face. This year she made an effort to enjoy the beer.

Destiny loved to celebrate her and her mom’s Irish heritage, learning recipes, decorating the house and dressing up. This year she was both cute and sexy; like me, she wore a Leprechaun hat, but she also wore a tight green t-shirt that said, “Paddy’s Lil Girl!” and a short green skirt, green socks, and green shoes. Despite her heritage and even the pasty shamrocks on her cheeks, the Irish brogue in which she insisted on speaking was pretty bad. It sounded like one of the girls from 2 Broke Girls trying to imitate Colin Farrell.

As we ate we had our Irish movie marathon which this year was Leprechaun, Darby O’Gill and the Little People, and The Quiet Man. During the latter, we also sipped on glasses of Bushmills, which Destiny liked more than the beer. This year she also ate more of the corned beef than she usually did. “I guess I missed it because it’s really tasty this year!”

At the romantic end of The Quiet Man, my slightly tipsy daughter was cuddled against me, her head resting on my shoulder. As the credits scrolled, she whispered, “Sure and begorrah, me boyo, why don’t we go upstairs so I can play with your lucky charms.”

When we stood up we were both a bit tipsier than I thought. Supporting each other and laughing we stumbled up to our bedroom. Once inside Destiny kicked off her shoes and rolled off her t-shirt. Underneath she wore a white bra which had lacy green shamrocks rimming the outside of the bra, the center of each cup had a green mesh shamrock. Each of these shamrocks had a big bump in the center, as her nipples strained against the fabric. Destiny smiled and shimmied her upper torso back and forth a couple of times, making her full brassiere bounce. She smiled, “You like my bra, Daddy. It’s an Erin Go Bra!”

It took a second for my foggy brain to get the pun. “Ah, I get it?”

She giggled, “No, that’s actually the name of it. And then I have these, She pushed down her skirt to reveal green panties which in white Celtic script, had the words, “You’re about to get verrry lucky, me boyo!” She stepped out of her skirt and towards me. “Unhook me, Daddy.” She craned the back of her head towards me as I kissed her neck and unhooked her bra. I kissed her shoulders as I gradually turned her towards me. Her slightly bleary eyes glimmered with passion as our lips met. We melted into a sweet, sexy kiss that ended abruptly when Destiny pulled back. Her face was nearly as green as her panties as she dashed out of the room. I heard retching in the bathroom. I should’ve monitored her drinking better.

I was torn between wanting to help Girne Escort her or leaving her alone and not embarrassing her.

After a few moments later she came back into the room, looking still a bit flushed, pale, and smelling of mouthwash. “Sorry, Dad. I guess I overdid the drinking.”

“Why don’t you just lie down?”

As Destiny crawled into our bed, “Will you hold me like you used to when I was sick?” She said with a sad, unhappy face.

“Of course, sweetie.” I stripped down to my boxers and joined her on the bed. She hugged me as she pulled the sheet over us. She fell asleep shortly after we lay down I and I followed suit.

I was awakened sometime later by Destiny kissing my neck and ear. In her terrible Irish accent she said, “Da, your big old shillelagh is stirring me pot o’ gold and driving me balmy.” I glanced at the clock, it was 1 am so St. Patrick’s Day was technically over but I wasn’t about to argue with my hot little leprechaun. She rolled on top of me and slipped her panties down as she pulled down my boxers. She kissed me as she guided my cock to her pussy. By now, although it was still a snug fit, I slipped easily inside her tight little cunt.

“I don’t care how often we do it, I love feeling you fill me every time!” she burbled happily. Destiny kissed me softly as she slowly pumped up and down on my cock a few times, savoring the sensation of the slick friction of my cock against her pussy walls. “Oh, Daddy I love how tightly my pussy clings and clutches your cock as it slides in and out of me. I’m the luckiest lil girl the world!”

We settled into a nice little sexual rhythm. There is something really special about a middle of the night fuck. Being in the dark and so experiencing mostly just the physical and auditory sensations. Joining together while slightly sleepy makes it uniquely intimate. Hearing the frequent invocations of Daddy as a moan or sigh or pleased giggle made it even more sensual. Making my daughter feel so wonderful was both pleasing to me as a father and super stimulating to me as a man. In a few moments Destiny let out a drawn-out sigh and clutched me a bit tighter. Once I knew she had cum, I let myself go as well. Destiny kissed me and wiggled a bit as she felt me spurt inside her. Kissing my cheek, she made a contented sigh. “That was nice Daddy.” She cuddled against me and rested her head on my chest.

A few moments later she spoke, “Daddy are you asleep yet?”

I was close but not quite. “No, what’s up?”

“I was thinking that we could use my Valentine’s gift to you in August. I know you have to put in your vacation time. Is that cool?”

“It should be.” I wondered why she was bringing this up now. Perhaps making love got her thinking about a romantic week.

“I was also thinking that since it’s a special romantic type of vacation that it could be like an informal honeymoon. Since we can’t get married for real, it could be like a substitute.”

I admit was a bit surprised but shouldn’t have been. I was also surprised by my reply. “Sure sweetheart, if that’s what you want.”

One evening in the last week of March, while Destiny and I were eating supper, she said with a sly grin, “Guess who I saw at school today? Your wannabe girlfriend, Tanya!”

That was Fiona’s niece who had always given me hot looks when Fiona and I visited their house. For a brief moment, I had thought it might be Tanya substituting for Fiona on Valentine’s Day and had called out her name. Destiny still joked about it.

“Tanya saw me and called out, “Hey girl, how’s your hot daddy since my aunt broke up with him! Does he need consolation”?” I gave her a hard look and told her, “He’s doing much better since your bitch of an Aunt is out of his life.” Tanya looked shocked that I would say something like that about her Aunt. Then she burst out laughing, “You’re right. She is a total bitch! She told me how she left your Dad. Good thing she didn’t tell me before she did it though, or your Daddy would have a new girlfriend!”

Destiny stabbed her finger at me playfully. “Which means you and I were right, she would have gleefully hopped on you if Fiona had asked. Anyway, turns out that Fiona has a new guy. A guy she started dating before she broke up with you! He’s really old, like fifty, but owns a bunch of them cellphone stores and goes to our church. I think we oughta go to church this weekend and show Fibitchona that her dirty little trick didn’t work.”

Destiny hadn’t been attending our church because we hadn’t wanted to see Fiona. When she had attended services Destiny went to a church closer to our house. Usually, I slept in since the weekends after Valentine’s Day tended to be marathon sexcapades, thanks to my 19 year old daughter’s unleashed libido, that left this middle-aged man rather tired by Sunday morning so I usually slept in. The prospect of seeing Fiona’s disappointment was rather appealing to me so I agreed Magosa Escort to accompany her to St. Elmo’s.

We found our usual pew and spotted Fiona sitting there along with her new beau. He was a smartly dressed man in his late fifties with a besotted expression who looked at Fiona with adoring eyes. I hoped I had never looked like such a sap. Sitting in the pew with Fiona, along with her new guy, was her sister, Frances, and her niece, Tanya. Tanya noticed us, smiled, and waved. She nudged Fiona who looked back at us. She had a sour face because we were there together.

When Fiona noticed that Destiny was sitting with her arm linked with mine her face went even more sour that her plan hadn’t worked. However, when Destiny blew her a kiss, mouthed thank you, rubbed her stomach, and then crooked her arm and made a rocking motion, Fiona’s expression turned to one of shock and her face went pale. A second passed and then her face flushed bright red with anger when Destiny mouthed “April Fools!” and Fiona realized what day it was. I couldn’t help but chuckle at Destiny’s antics.

On the ride home I let Destiny drive while I watched the ball game. I looked up from my phone. “That was mean as hell Destiny but it was totally worth it to see the expression on Fee’s face. Not only did you make her realize her little prank failed but you made her think it succeeded all too well. She actually thought you were pregnant for a second. However, you should probably keep going to the church closer to home and avoid her altogether. God knows what mischief she’ll think off if you antagonize her.”

Destiny had an odd expression on her face as if she were trying to suppress mirth but was also a bit pensive. “Yeah… I was gonna keep going to that church closer to us anyway Daddy. The joke was on her twice. The best pranks always have an element of truth to them.” Although Destiny’s voice was merry there was an element of nervousness in it. “I never imagined that Fiona’s unintentional Valentine’s gift to me would also give me a wonderful birthday present.” She gave me a happy if mysterious smile.

I wondered at that cryptic remark but went back to watching my game. My subconscious worked on the remark as I watched the game. My mind kept flashing to Destiny’s cradling motion. Destiny’s birthday was on November 15. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. These dates are almost exactly nine months apart! It’s a good thing I wasn’t driving! I was about to blow my gasket but then I realized Destiny was pranking me just like she had Fiona. Yeah, well… I wasn’t going to give the little trickster the satisfaction of seeing her Daddy’s head explode! I wondered how far she would take the prank.

We stopped for a quick brunch at Uncle Roy’s Pancake House after church. After our Valentine’s dinner there it became Destiny’s new favorite place. The food was good and it also never failed to put her in a romantic mood. Although, to be honest, it didn’t take much to get my 19 year old daughter’s motor racing.

This afternoon however she seemed especially aroused. She started to make out with me while we were waiting for our food. I was so distracted by her ardent kissing that only the strong smell of our food made me realize that the server had dropped off our plates. While we were eating she kept giving me amorous stares.

“I’m so horny lately, Daddy. I guess it must be the pregnancy hormones.”

“Yeah, that’s probably it,” I remarked in a dry, matter of fact tone. Destiny cocked her head at mean and gave me a quizzical look. I smiled inside, knowing that failing to react to her April Fool’s prank would drive her crazy.

On the drive home I listen to her chatter about school and her work at the crime lab. To her credit, however, she didn’t overplay her joke by keep mentioning it. She did keep giving me wondering looks, I guess to see if her little seed was germinating.

At home, I went into the living room to watch the final innings of the ballgame while Destiny went to change into casual clothes. Usually, she joined me but not that afternoon. I finished watching the game and celebrated my team’s slim win with a beer, although I would have consoled myself with a beer had they lost.

I planned to watch some shows I had on the DVR and perhaps take a nap. I was a few moments into an episode of The Blacklist when a strong floral aroma filled the room. Destiny grinned at me as I turned to watch her walk into the room. She had taken the time to put on eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick as well as do her hair into upswept plaits. Dressed in a black kimono she walked over to me toying with the sash. The warm, sexy scent of her perfume flooded my senses as she faced me and straddled my knees.

Destiny leaned forward and placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips. “You know what today is, don’t you, Daddy? April Fooling Around With Your Daughter Day” She Kıbrıs Escort then kissed me passionately while one hand slipped down inside my pants to stroke my hardening cock. If I hadn’t already been having sex with her I would have been sure this was a prank.

She moved back from our kiss with a sultry smile. “Your horny little girl is gonna fuck you right here on this couch, Daddy.” She moved in and whispered in my ear. “Gonna fuck you silly, old man.” She stroked my cock and asked with slight giggle, “You UP for that?”

“I think the evidence is in your hands.”

“Okay then…” She moved off my lap and stood up. Destiny reached up and undid the plaits on her hair. They uncurled and tumbled down to become pigtail braids. Destiny then untied her kimono sash and shrugged. The satiny garment slithered to the floor. I’d been expecting Destiny to be naked beneath the kimono. However, when it dropped it revealed that she was dressed in a flannel pink onesie decorated with characters from Strawberry Shortcake. The combination of the pigtails and the onesie almost made it seem like Destiny was years younger than she was. I said almost because even the loose onesie could not hide the fullness of her curvaceous form. It was kind of disconcerting to see her dressed like that and wearing makeup. I realized that is exactly the effect she wanted when she spoke to me in a little girlie voice.

“Do you wanna see my boobies, Da Da?”

Since her pregnancy prank was not playing out too well, I guessed she decided to try this new tactic as a prank. However, I found this a bit too creepy. So I said, “No, I do not.”

It took her a second to realize what I said. She stared at me open-mouthed. “Try it again but this time without the onesie or the little girl act. Sorry, honey, this is just too weird.”

Destiny flushed with annoyance, “Fine!” She picked up her kimono and walked out of the room. For a second I wondered if she would return. She did after a moment with her hair back up in plaits and from the way the kimono clung to her body and she jiggled underneath, it was quite apparent that she had nothing else on. The thought of this was enough to regain the hardness that her failed little girl act had quelled.

Destiny swayed over to me with a smile, her annoyance forgotten. She straddled me again and this time I felt her heat even more intensely as her naked skin and crotch rubbed across my thighs. She leaned in and gave me a lingering, passionate kiss, her hands clutching my shoulders firmly. As she kissed me the silky material of her robe was rubbed against my shirt. It was slightly cool, yet after the initial touch heat radiated from her upper chest and breast as they swelled against my chest. Her hands slowly slid down my chest until they rested on my waistband. My cock throbbed as her fingers slid along the inside of my waistband until they came to rest at the fly. In a deft movement, she unsnapped my fly buckle and started pulling my pants down. She slipped off my knees and knelt before me.

“Stand up, Daddy so your daughter can suck on your sweet meat treat!” Her full red lips split in a big grin as I stood up and my boxers bulged as my stiff staff ached to be freed. Destiny’s tongue traveled her lips as she contemplated my tented shorts. Lust, humor, and love flashed through her eyes as she gazed up at me and snaked her tongue inside my boxer’s fly, and gave my cock head a promissory lick. I shivered slightly as a tingle of pleasure shot through me. These tingles continued as Destiny probed, prodded, and pushed my cock around with her tongue. Using only her tongue she managed to open my fly and pop my prick through my fly opening.

Once my naked prick waggled before her my daughter wrapped her lips around the first few inches and slowly sucked, bathing me in her warm saliva. Along with suction from her mouth her tongue swirled around my shaft, prodding my pulsing veins and tickling my head’s rim. As she blew me her fingers stroked her kimono covered breasts until her nipples poked through the silky black material like succulent olives. Still locked onto mine, her eyes flashed with humor and ardor as she took more of my cock into her mouth. My prick quivered with pleasure as my cock head slipped inside her throat.

The wonderful sensation of my daughter’s deep blowjob almost made me miss the sight of her untying her kimono’s sash and letting her robe fall open, tantalizing me with a view of her half revealed globes. A pair of pink areolas and swollen nipples peeked out from below the black silk edges of her robe. Destiny swallowed slightly and I thrummed with delight as her throat constricted around my cock.

Her fingers slipped under the front of her kimono and pulled them apart, the silky robe slithered down her arms and her naked breasts dangled before my appreciative eyes. Destiny gagged a bit and backed off my cock slightly. However, her tongue still swirled and tickled my shaft as I slid out of her throat. At the same time, this was happening she took hold of my hands and guided them to her breasts. She took me deeper inside her mouth as again as I cupped her soft, full and so beautiful globes. Destiny snorted in delight as I twiddled her engorged nipples.

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