Love for Hire Ch. 05

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Ah the summer, Roxy thought, I love it. She sat on the dock of the river and kicked her legs. The dusk sky brought beauty and coolness to a hot day. She looked at her skin around her bikini and rolled her eyes as she saw it turning a bright pink. Together with friends made it worth while and on day she’d learn to use sunscreen.

“Hey, want a beer?” a male voice spoke behind her.

A cold beer tapped her shoulder as she took it, interrupted from her thoughts. “Thanks,” she replied. Taking a swig she looked up behind her to see a stranger who’d come with a friend of hers. He was tall, big boned, and had a piercing stare that made her uncomfortable.

“You’re welcome,” he responded in a deep southern drawl. “I don’t know if you’ve been told or not but my name’s Sean.”

“No I haven’t but nice to meet you. I’m Roxy by the way.”

“I know. I asked.”

She looked up at that and saw him smiling somewhat sheepishly. She wondered why he was still here with her since they were strangers. “Is there something I can do for you?” she asked with a hint of annoyance.

Sean sat down beside her then looked her in the eyes. “I heard what you were,” he began.

The pieces fell into place and mentally she rolled her eyes. “Yeah and what was that?”

He didn’t know if he should say it aloud for fear he was lied to. “A hooker?” Sean tried, what he thought, was the polite version of Ümraniye Escort the word.

“Yea and?”

“I want to fuck you really bad right now. How much do you charge for that?”

Roxy wasn’t really in the mood, but thought why the hell now? She needed the extra cash. “All the cash in your wallet,” she replied.

“It’s not much.”

She began getting an attitude, “Look it’s my off day, and I’m cutting you a break. Do you want to fuck or not?”

Sean backed off but didn’t change his mind, “Yea I want to because if you don’t mind then I don’t mind.”

“Ok, where do you want this to take place?” Roxy asked. She was forcing herself into a better mood. Thinking about the money and that every little bit helped.

“What’s wrong with right here?” Sean asked. He looked around him, he felt unusually daring at this moment. “There’s no one around and all of our friends are on the other side of the park.”

“I’ve got no problem with it,” Roxy replied. She moved over to straddle his lap, feeling his penis begin to harden beneath her. Wrapping her arms around his neck she felt his wrap around her waist. She began rocking her hips to brush her womanhood against him. His hands grabbed her bottom firmly to rub against his fully erect cock. “Mmm, how do you want me?” she asked in a sexy voice.

Sean’s gaze became more piercing with the passion that was Ümraniye Escort Bayan boiling inside him. “Right here, right now,” his voice filled with determination. He moved a hand down to move away the bikini from her crotch as she freed his cock from his jean shorts. Together they moaned as he slid his fat cock in her. He cupped a hand behind her neck and brought her mouth to his. Probing the inside to taste her while his other hand came up to free her breasts. He held her close to make sure she didn’t fall into the water while riding his cock steady.

“Man, you’re good,” Sean spoke around the flesh of her nipple. He gently grazed his teeth along her skin. His hands ran all over her, not being able to get enough feel for her.

“You feel wonderful inside me,” Roxy complimented back. “I get the most pleasure out of a fat cock like yours.” Roxy bent down to grab his earlobe between her teeth and sucked gently. Flicking her tongue all around his ear she slowly moved down to his neck. When she reached his shoulder, Roxy began biting and sucking hard to leave her mark.

Sean asked with a slight laugh, “What are you doing? Trying to suck my blood?”

“Leaving my called card,” Roxy replied smartly with a smile. She leaned back up and bounced harder on his dick. Hearing voices in the distance Roxy wanted to hurry up and satisfy them both before she saw people Escort ümraniye and before they saw her. “Are you about to cum?”

“Yeah if you keep that up I’ll shoot inside you at any moment.” Sean replied, breathing heavily. He helped push her more by grabbing her ass and rocking her harder. Bucking his hips harder they fell backward on the dock. Each other’s movements became harder and faster. Roxy braced herself over him as he rocked fiercely about to climax but holding back until Sean was ready. Sean propped his legs up to help keep her steady while nearing his own climax. He took in a tit that she held over his face and then moved onto the other one.

“I’m about to cum,” Sean spoke between heavy breaths.

In seconds he shot his load into her thrusting a few last times, hard while holding on to her ass tightly. Roxy arched as her orgasm bloomed inside her, making her pussy convulse before she fell on top of Sean. After a minute she leaned back up to look him in the eyes, smiling. “Satisfied?”

Laughing he laid his head back, “Oh yea.”

Roxy quickly cleaned and straightened herself. She heard the voices from earlier getting closer. “Oh and now for my money?” she asked with her hand out.

Sean zipped up his shorts then reached for his wallet rolling his eyes. He took out a few bills and held them out to her. “Here you go.”

Roxy knew better and reached for the wallet while grabbing the cash as well. Looking inside she grabbed the rest of the money in his wallet before handing it back. “Think you’re sneaky huh?”

“Sheesh, I feel like George Jetson,” Sean joked.

Roxy got up, “Well later, this Jane is leaving too.” She left him sitting there, laughing.

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