Love Games: Fetish Baby

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Love Games: Fetish Baby

It was just the two of them in the room. The two of them alone and secluded in a chamber where one’s desires were to be fulfilled yet also the very same place where all the dignity of the misfortuned victim will be swiped away. No more virtue left in the body of the star crossed prey at the lustful pounce of the hungry predator. Tension was all that one could feel in the surrounding where the one in power had to master submission to his slave.

There eyes locked in a gaze of desire, authority and obedience. She sat down in her throne, red velvet covering the seating beneath her matching the sadistic atmosphere of the room where the rest of the carpeting, cushions and blankets were red like the blood caused by the masochistic wounds of the ecstatic kill. Her posture was straight and strong, her back not resting on to the warm material of her seat. Her sight was on him and only for him. Her look was frighteningly superior to his, while she looked down at him as he kneeled on all fours before her, thoughts of how she would gain pleasure by the pain she would inflict on the boy passed through her mind and a crooked twisted smile appeared on her pale baby goddess-like face which was curtained by her ever so perfect honey bronze curls.

The boy shivered under her gaze. He felt chills all over his body as she looked at every part of his naked chest and feeling thankful that that was the only part of him showing, as she devoured the delicious-looking creature with her eyes. He was ashamed to be there, to be humiliated in front of a beautiful female such as his mistress yet not being able to break free from the hypnotizing power she had over him. He had to obey her and bend his every will and want to her liking. He looked at her, his eyes fixed on her features. Sudden realization over-come him when he saw that small curving on her lips caused by his complete submission to her authority. Fury and anger washed over his face. He was a man, how could he allow such behavior from his part. And after allowing her to have him tonight, how could she treat him like that…. As if he were nothing but a mere dog, a pet that bows down to every wish of his owner. As his face broke off in a contorted look of rage and agony hidden slightly by the strands of his dark silky hair, the beautiful red satin-dressed Aphrodite got up on her long, lean leather-stiletto-boot covered legs and got in front of her now pain-inflicted pet causing her baby-doll dress to pool down on mid tie, their gazes still not breaking away from each others.

With a swift movement from her hand, she indicated him to get up. He did as he was ordered, he stood up and now the game would truly begin. All at once she ripped apart her eyes from his face just so that she could look down at the exquisite chest of the Asian mongrel, the planes of his bosom were so perfectly sculptured, that she was dieing to touch him, to feel every curve and indentation of that pubescent muscled chest. No one was there to stop her so without any warning both her hands drifted forward and with that same crooked smile on her face she greedily felt the warm skin over her slave’s shoulder.

He gasped at the surprising action yet his face became exotically beautiful and relaxed as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of the recompense for his submission. He let her hands slide down his neck, causing him shivers where ever his mistress had felt. His necks then slowly down his shoulders and ever so slowly, down his arms.

Her hands pooled down at his which were tightened into fists at the sides of his waist with concentration at feeling the pleasurable touches of his owner. Suddenly her hands moved to a central point of his body and this made both of them gasp. At the teasing grasp on his member, his eyes shot wide open in shock and discomfort, as his mistress looked at him with a smug, satisfied look on her face, he couldn’t help but moan and close his eyes in pleasure as his possessor rubbed his still coated dick which was now half hard. With a few quick movements form the female’s part, she undid the only clothing restraint the boy had so he was now currently standing in front of her naked in full of Mother Nature’s glory. The girl took a long look at her soon to be lover from head to toe, she examined the foreign exotic features of his face, the depths of the boy’s chocolate dark eyes and also the tone matched groomed loose hair which fell down his neck and face. She liked every little detail so far yet when her eyes were traveling down the young boy’s slight broad shoulders, the delicately toned chest, the slight out line of his abs above his wash board stomach and the perfect cut of every form of his limbs, the lust–starved angel was going to faint from anticipation.

After a long while she stepped back and composed her features in a more serious business like matter, with her eyes fixed once more to his face and lips straight in a line. She stood high and mighty in front of him and spoke.

“I am your Mistress and this is my game. You are to know that I make the rules and you are to obey them no matter what. If you will not do so you will have to be punished as I see fit.”

She spoke in a velvet tone of voice, sensual gaziantep lezbiyen yet in a sweet child like manner which scared the poor male who was confused at the moment. As she finished her sentence she smiled at her last words and then spoke again.

“Did I make myself clear?”

The boy was now in disbelief, the girl could fake being powerful and full of herself yet her voice gave her away, her voice was what made him see who she was, An angel like young lady with the needs and desire of a devil on heat, A sweet innocent child who has just tasted candy and is starving for more of that sugary substance. The boy was flabbergasted and mumbled incoherent words as he stared back at her. The curl-haired beauty sighed in annoyance and turned around bending down to pick up something from the red carpeted floor. All at once she turned in a daze.

“I guess you’ll start learning the hard way” and she whipped him on the leg causing his skin to break and turn red as he jumped up with a fright and the sting which was caused by his mistress’ leather whip. “You will address me as mistress and you will do what I say understood “she spit the words boldly.

The boy was still in a state of incomprehension yet answered learning quickly what his role in this game was. “Yes”

Another ripping sound of breaking skin was heard followed by another screech caused by the stinging pain of the whip inflicted wound. The girl spoke again “Yes what?”

“Yes mistress” the boy said quickly.

“That’s a good boy, now go on your knees; you are my little dog so I have to put on a collar round your neck”

The boy sniffed out in annoyance yet went on his knees before his lady as she collected other material she would use. As she turned round to face him she was satisfied with the obedience her pet had shown so far so she decided to reward him by putting a black fluff collar round his neck…. Her favorite for her so called pets. As she twisted her hands round to put him on the collar she suddenly braced his hand in black fluffed shackles [sponsored by yours truly] to restrain him further receiving a few pushes from the now defenseless part. Then she stood up and looked down on him with a contented look on her expression.

“So my dear pet how do you feel now, naked and bear here?” As she mastered the word out in a purr, with her whip she caressed the boys nipples making them bud and causing the young man to snort an glare back at her. “It seems like someone hasn’t learnt how to behave yet” and with that, a harsh blow was drifted on the middle of his chest causing an angry red wound on the boy making him whimper and causing her to snicker.

She then caressed the slight trickles of blood on the boy’s chest with her whip as the he whimpered again; face down in shame of his exposure and helplessness. She took the tip of the now blood stained whip and tasted the crimson metallic liquid. “Dog, for a mongrel you taste quite delicious, I want more of you”. Then she kneeled down in front of him and with both her hands on his shoulders for support she started licking the blood from his wound.

The boy looked at her as his breath started to heave at every small stinging lick of her tongue on him. He wasn’t in pain yet he was uncomfortable for the last thing he wanted was to enjoy himself and a pretty perverted girl licking his chest was not so unpleasant. Her hands were now on his nipples and she was rubbing and playing with them causing him to moan at the pleasurable feel. This did not just make him moan yet also caused him to harden himself. He was kneeling down naked and erect with a girl who couldn’t get enough of him. Another jolt went through him and a grown of pleasure escaped from his throat as one of the hands on his buds went down making a path on his lower stomach until it nestled in his pubes and gripping his now hardened member and jerked him hard and fast.
The Asian beauty started bucking his hips thoroughly through the hole fisted grip until all ministration stopped and he was roughly pushed back on his back in a very vulnerable position where his body was flat on the ground with his hand beneath him tied up and with his erect cock in full view of his mistress.

The lust filled lady swayed her satin covered body with cat like paces only so that she crawled down on all fours making her face directly above her prey’s cock and her crouch above his head. The male beneath her gasped contentedly as he was in full view of his mistress’ sacred entrance which was covered by a black leathered thong, as he looked down her body through the now flowing open red baby-doll he could see that her teen-bulged breasts were also covered in a thin lining of black leather.

All his present thoughts were flushed away as he was taken in an immense abyss of bliss causing him to close his eyes and twist his face in disbelief and pleasure as he moaned and threw his head back in ecstasy while his mistress’ warm devouring mouth took his full cock deep in her throat. She bobbed up and down at a frantic rhythm as she looked up to gaze at the heaven contorted body of her client which was paralyzed by the effect of her mouth on his length. She then started to massage the balls beneath the hard thick cock within her mouth. She happily sucked yet slowed down a bit only so that to torture the boy. She took the cock almost all out of her mouth leaving only the head in. The boy looked at her confused and expectant to see what she would do next and so to make him happy she sucked hard and mighty on the head of his cock causing him to cry out in pleasure and arch his back as he tried to thrust his cock back in a gagging grip. He managed and his thick long length was back down in his mistress’ deep throat making her gag hard and whimper on his length causing vibrating jolts of delight.

The abrupt actions of her prey seemed to upset her and so she released the cock from her mouth and stood up only so that to retire her favorite leather tool; her whip. She looked down at him as he breathed heavily at the past attentions he had received. “You seem unwilling to understand. Dog know your place,” with that, she whipped him on mid tie leaving a read streak making him gasp.

“You are nothing” another whip blew over his over shoulder as she spoke with a cold stern voice.

“You are just a toy. Understood?” and another hard whip was blew over lapping the bloody streak on his chest making him shout in pain as the stinging numbed his chest.
She put her stiletto boot covered foot down in anger on his stomach and started pressing in fury “Understood?!!”

The boy could barley breath yet he managed to choke out “Yes mistress” through gritted teeth. She released him again as she stood on top him glaring down with her feet on either side as she crouched down kneeling on top of him nestling her perfect ass on his lower stomach, causing the boys cock contact with her ass. She waited for him to even his breathing and stop panting and then spoke again.

“I see you like it when I suck your cock hard” she smiled at her own words and she threw a hand round her so she could brace the boy’s cock and jerk him slowly again.

“If you want to enjoy yourself, I want you to beg for it” she stared down at his face as he looked back at her in anger. He couldn’t believe she would make him beg for it, he couldn’t just go along with it, he wasn’t an animal he was a human… no he wasn’t, he kept his gaze on her as he finally understood, he was her pet, and she would give him his recompense if he made her happy just like a good dog”

He looked at her, loosing all the tension from his face for the first time “Mistress, I want to… enjoy myself” he looked confused a little not sure if that sounded right then his mistress spoke fake dumbly.

“Enjoy yourself… how? Tell me exactly what you want” she snickered as she jerked him harder now.

He closed his eyes for a second as he accustomed to the increasing pleasure and gulped down as he spoke again. “I want you to suck my cock again…. Please”

“Please what?” She asked gripping him too hard until he answered correctly.

“Please mistress”

She contentedly nodded and moved her body in between his legs so that she could directly look at him this time. He looked at her for a while until her curl curtained face went down and her mouth enveloped the tip of his cock. He now close his eyes and concentrated on the feel of the warm wet mouth on his cock as she played round it with her tongue as well. He couldn’t get enough of the feel of her sucking him; slowly, slowly she began to take more of him in her mouth until he was settled completely in her tight wet throat. She started bobbing her head up and down on him bringing a slow hard ecstatic feel within his groin. Her pace wasn’t as fast yet her teasing rhythm was enough to bring him ever so close to the verge or climax. She tightened her mouth round his length and bobbed harder this time, he groaned but he new better than just come in her mouth.

“Mistress I’m close to…” he didn’t finish his sentence for the devilish girl released him from her mouth. He looked at her to read her expression and see if he had done wrong to speak. He had done well even if his mistress was not quit ready to let go of the succulent candy.

“It’s a pity I wanted to suck you more but it’s to early to make you cum, once I am sure you are at my total disposition I will give you the privilege to cum deep inside me. That is a fair recompense for my discipline.”

The mistress got up and as she went to look for another tool she would use. “Turn around on your knees and bend slightly”
The boy complied immediately to her orders, he got up on his knees as well as he could with his hands still tied with the fluffy hand cuffs and bend down completely so that his weight was shifted to the front with his forehead resting on the carpeted floor and his naked ass up in the air. He felt her warm hands on his ass. He felt uncomfortable as she looked at his cream baby soft ass even if the attention was making his cock glisten of pre-cum. He felt her part his butt cheeks and he blush for this was very awkward for him.

She new well he didn’t know her intensions as she spit on his hole making him shift slightly uncomfortable at the new slippery sensation within his ass. She then stood up and took off her baby doll satin dress leaving only her leather underwear on while she bend down to pick up her new love tool which she attached to the front of her thongs securely. She then knelt down between the boys legs, positioning her crouch in front of his ass.

The boy gasped as he realized why his mistress had anointed him with spit as soon as he felt something poke his hole. She wanted to fuck him hard in his ass, the toy she had retrieved was a strap on which now was impaled on the boy’s ass. He was breathing hard as he felt the fake cock stretch his hole open so that it would fit. The mistress grabbed his hips and started to push slowly in until she managed to place the black hard fake within his ass. She let the boy get use to the intruder in his body for a second only so that she could thrust out of him fast and shove it up his ass again causing him to scream in pain and contort his features. The pants of pain seemed to arouse her for she forced her grip harder on him and started fucking him hard and fast making him moan and gasp when ever she went too deep or hit spots of ecstasy within his channel. The slave was meeting the thrusts inside him exploring the new discovered feel where the pain of the invasion soon turned into pleasure of being filled completely. Every now and then the length within him hit a spot which jolted waves of bliss through his body and he couldn’t stop himself from screaming out in delight. He was on the verge of cum-ing again this time he wanted it …. He needed it.

“Mistress” he panted hard and she stopped her thrusts to listen. “I need you to … make me cum”

She took it out of him and he whimpered discontented. She made him kneel up as she stood up in front of him with her fake cock to his face. She put the tip of the cock to his lips and the boy started sucking it with pleading eyes waiting for an answer from his mistress. She looked down at him with a pleased smile, he was simply perfect, his dark hair was drenched in sweat, his eyes so lost with need and that body, toned and sweaty with her whip marks all over him. She feasted her eyes down on the boy’s erect cock while he bobbed his head up and down on her strap-on while his eyes full of lust and need were fixed on hers.

“How can I say no to such an obedient doggie? It’s time to shoot that load before you explode my darling”

She made him lie down again with his hands still tied beneath him; she stood on top of him taking off her leather bra first showing of her teen rose budded breasts then moved down to her thong and took of as well reveling her child like peach cunt. The boy remained wide eyed at the exposure before him. He was scared to even breathe for fear that this beautiful creature might turn away. She did turn around and he gulped taking in view of her tight ass and she kneeled down so that he would have a close look at the love hole. This was too good for him, he couldn’t get enough of this eye candy.

“Before I let you cum inside me, I want you to lick my pussy slick with your tongue”

The boy happily did as told. As the girl positioned her pussy directly on his mouth he began to lick her lips, parting them and thrusting the love-juice wet hole of he pussy.
The mistress moaned hard in pleasure as he started to suck and lick her clit making her bud harden. After long moments of bliss where the apex was close to over take her body she turned and positioned herself onto the boys erect cock and sat down on the head with out warning causing her to gasp at the sting of her tearing pussy and him gasp at the extreme tightness of her young pussy. She kept going down on the length ignoring the pain which was over come by the lust she felt. When she had him all in her tight teen hole she started riding his thick hard cock making him arch back in the pleasure. He started bucking his hips up and down not caring anymore and making her moan in bliss. Their rhythm was fast yet not hard enough for him … he couldn’t keep up with this tease. He was into much need now.

In one swift movement he pushed her down on the floor and he knelt down between her open legs. He broke apart his hand cuffs and gripped her hips hard causing bruises on her slim perfect figure. She was too much in pleasure and lost in her desires to control her beast. The roles had shifted to an equal and he was fucking her hard and fast making her scream harder and harder. She wanted more and so he gave her more pushing in deeper and deeper inside her fucking her with all his strength. His cock was now stabbing her in her wet pussy, heat, sweat and groans over come all their efforts it was too much now.

“I’m going to” he said in a groan and she only moaned in consent. And that was it he came hard deep inside her channel making her scream at the feel of the hot shots of jizz over flowing her pussy in an ocean of juices.

Long seconds passed and they stayed there spent on top of each other panting and feeling the sticky substances that they were covered with all over. The boy pulled his cock out of her and got dressed as he looked at her with his cum still dripping out of her pussy. He couldn’t believe that he would be swept from one master to another.

He sighed as he watched her stare at him still naked and sweaty. He turned arouned and left wondering who his next possessor would be … he secretly hoped it would be a male for he was dieing to feel that invasion pleasure again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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