Love Me… Love My Dogs Pt. 07

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More from John and Christie. Thanks for requesting it.


The sun was warm, and the view spectacular. It was everything I thought it would be.

Palm trees swayed in the soft breeze. The ocean was the perfect shade of blue, deeper than the sky, which was agreeably cloud-free. A strip of pristine sand stretched away in both directions as far as the eye could see. It was paradise, and the room was equally lovely. A huge bed, luxurious bath suite, and ample space to relax.

Ever since Christie had suggested this vacation, I had been having dreams about it. Some might find them closer to nightmares. There was nothing wrong with the location, or the view. It was me.

So when I say it was everything I thought it would be, it was.

And less.

You see, I had tried to imagine what it would be like to look out the window and see nothing but naked people. I tried. I imagined dozens of Christies bouncing around. That was part of the problem. Dozens of women like her would cause a perpetual erection. That could cause friction between us, couldn’t it? I had foolishly avoided talking to her about me feelings on the matter, hoping I was being overly pessimistic.

Now, I had no choice.

As soon as I looked out from our balcony, I knew I was in big trouble.

I assumed that it was mostly couples, which should have meant an equal number of naked guys down there. The pool staff appeared to be entirely female, tipping the balance, to the point where I barely noticed the men. All I saw was tits and asses. Big tits, small ones, perky ones and saggy ones, sunbathing ones, and bouncy ones playing volleyball. My dick saw them too.

Of course, we weren’t naked yet. The lobby and other public access places were ‘clothing required’, and we had just arrived. It’s not like we needed to unpack and change our clothes.

“Are you ready, honey?” Christie asked from behind me. I turned, and saw her coming out of the bathroom, gloriously bare. She was refreshed, and eager to get out into the sun. “Honey?”

I suppose the look of terror showed on my face. Christie smiled, and walked over to the bed, sitting elegantly. She patted the mattress beside her.

“John? Please?”

I hung my head, and took a seat.

“You’re reluctant. It’s understandable. You know, you have nothing to be worried about,” she smiled. “You have a very nice body. I’m sure there are plenty of men and women out there who have a lot more to be concerned about. Probably many you’d rather not see naked. You are not among them.”

“Thank you honey, but that’s not the issue,” I replied. “I mean, it will take a little getting used to, but I don’t mind being naked.”

“So?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh boy,” I sighed. There was no avoiding it now, and no way to slip past her. She knew me too well, and knew how my mind worked. I’m surprised she hadn’t already figured it out.

Then again, perhaps she had, and wanted me to admit it to myself. Ever the therapist.

“Okay… I’m… I’m worried about how I’ll react, um physically, to being around all these naked women,” I said softly.

“You’re concerned about being hard?” she giggled. “Honey, I’d be concerned if you weren’t walking around with a woodie!”

“Yes, I get that,” I nodded, “but I wanted to be sure you know it’s not because I want to have sex with anyone else. I love you, baby, and you’re the only one for me, despite whatever my penis may be indicating.”

Christie, slid closer, and kissed me softly.

“I understand,” she smiled, kissing me again. “I hope you will extend me that same consideration. There are a lot of dicks out there, too. I didn’t suggest coming here to window shop. I just find the idea of being totally free very exciting, and want you to feel it too. Deal?”

“Deal,” I grinned.

“Good. Now get those clothes off, and let’s give your cock a chance to get hard!” she laughed. “I’m looking forward to the jealous looks I’m going to get!”

Me too, I thought. I’ll be the older guy with the stacked, gorgeous twenty year old on my arm. I think I win.


I followed Christie out onto our balcony. It was more of a deck really, and overlooked the pool area. I closed the sliding door, and punched in the lock code, since I had no pockets for a key card. She was waiting for me, hand extended, and I took it, allowing her to lead me down the garden path toward the sound of frolicking nudists.

We cleared the shrubbery, and joined the large group of naked guests on the pool deck. I followed her ass as she weaved through the crowd, searching out a pair of empty loungers. I wasn’t blind to the turning heads that followed her. After all, she had sure turned my head.

At last, we found two seats together. We both laid back, and relaxed in the warm sun, holding hands.

“Can I get you something from the bar?” a voice asked softly from above. I opened my eyes. “I’m Cynthia.”

It was a very beautiful black girl, every Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort bit as naked as we were. Her eyes were remarkable, and her plump, pouty lips framed a brilliant smile. Her curly hair was cut short, in a style that was probably more a convenience than a statement of her femininity. That femininity was clearly evident in her body, with a tight, narrow waist, slender hips and legs, and a very nicely populated chest. Probably a C-cup, it was her nipples that caught my eye most.

Actually, if she came much closer, those nipples might poke my eye out, as they were standing out like inch-long thimbles. I’m sure she caught my eyes on them, but I’m equally sure I wasn’t the first one to notice.

“Sure,” Christie smiled, and we placed our order. I watched Cynthia as she wiggled away to fill our drink request, and heard Christie giggle. “Ah, there he is.”

“Hmmm?” I asked. “He who?”

“Your little friend,” she laughed. I looked down.

Sure enough, I was hard as a rock, and standing straight up.

“I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but you’re not alone,” she whispered. “Pretty much every dick within sight is stiff, and most of them are nothing compared to yours.”

“Most, you say?” I prodded, getting into this naked thing. It might be fun after all.

“Yes, well, not that I’ve noticed,” she grinned. “Did you see Cynthia’s nipples? Jeez, you could hang a hat on those, couldn’t you?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I smirked.

“Really?” Christie giggled. “Well, here she comes with our drinks. Feel free to check them out. I don’t mind at all.”

Indeed, Cynthia did arrive seconds later, toting her tray. On it were our drinks, and a small jar. She knelt between us, smiling still.

“Here you go,” she said brightly. “Drinks for both of you, and a little of our house tanning butter. Would you like any help applying it?” Her eyes dropped for an instant to take in my erection.

“Thank you,” I smiled back, “but I think we can handle it.”

“As you wish, sir,” Cynthia nodded. “Ma’am.”

“Cynthia, may I ask you a question? It’s a little personal,” Christie asked.

“Of course. You can see I have nothing to hide” she replied.

“Are you cold, or just happy to see us?” Christie giggled. “Those are really something. You could stir drinks with them!”

“Ah, yes,” Cynthia laughed. “It’s the breeze. They’re pretty sensitive.” She twanged one with her fingers.

“Well they’re impressive, aren’t they, honey?” Christie smiled, making sure I couldn’t say I hadn’t seen them. I nodded. Cynthia helped, turning in profile to silhouette the excited prongs. “I wish mine were like that.”

“Well I wish my breasts were more like yours,” Cynthia replied. “Damn girl! You’re pretty impressive yourself! If you need anything, I’ll be around.” She winked, and walked away.

“Are you going to have a chat with every naked woman on the property, or is the lesson over?” I asked.

“Just wanted to be sure you knew that looking was fine,” she smiled. “Get as hungry as you want to, as long as you eat at home. Now, how would you like to oil me up, before I burn?”

“I live to serve,” I laughed, grabbing the jar of cocoa butter while she rolled onto her stomach. I would have to settle for rubbing the fragrant, oily substance into her back and ass for now. I’m sure she would turn over eventually, and then I’d get to do the fun side.

I scooped a dollop of the buttery solid onto the middle of her back, and watched as her body heat and the sun melted it into a puddle. Another gob just above her ass met the same fate, and I began to spread it across her skin, giving her a smooth, even coating, and a massage at the same time. Her ass got extra attention, and her thighs. Within minutes, she was glistening in the sun.

“Mmmmm, thank you, sweetie,” she moaned softly. I was within reach, and rubbing her had done nothing to reduce my erection, so she grabbed my dick. “Don’t forget to put some of that on yourself, especially on this lovely piece of meat. Don’t want to get it burnt, and not be able to use it.”

It was good advice. Sure, we had done some pre-tanning in the backyard, but the sun here was much more intense than at home. So I put a glob on my chest, and spread it across my body. When it came time to coat my penis, I tried not to look like I was enjoying it too much. Just spread the oil, don’t jerk off.

“That looks pretty hot,” Christie giggled. “All shiny and slippery. I might have to make use of it.”

“Yeah… What is the official policy on public sex here, anyway?” I asked. “I mean, with all the skin and raging hormones, it has to happen, doesn’t it?”

“I’m sure this is a complete surprise to you, but I asked them that when I booked the room,” Christie said quietly, her eyes closed, relishing the sun broiling her back.

“Really? I’m stunned!” I replied sarcastically.

“Okay wise guy. I’ll keep the information to myself if you like,” she threatened with a smile. “Do I get an apology?”

“Sorry, honey. I got carried away. What did they say?” I asked.

“Thank you. Officially,” she continued, “they discourage it in the major spaces, like here at the pool, or in the dining room, where we’re supposed to be dressed … So doing me on the table during dinner is a no-no. Unofficially, and as long as some discretion is shown, if no one complains, then since we’re all adults, it’s permitted.”

“I see,” I laughed. “That explains the action over there.”

“Where?” Christie hissed, her head coming up quickly.

“Blonde riding cowgirl. My 2 o’clock,” I replied softly. “I don’t think you really need to be subtle. They’re attracting a crowd of onlookers.”

Christie sat up, and looked in that direction. The blonde in question was definitely riding her boyfriend’s cock, but it wasn’t a frenzied public fuck. More of a relatively surreptitious ‘I’m going to sit on you and grind my clit on your boner until I cum’ kind of coupling. While we watched, she tossed her head back and groaned, shuddering through a presumably satisfying orgasm. Some of those around them applauded, and a couple of the women kissed her in congratulations, before she laid forward to rest on her man’s chest.

“Wow. That was something,” Christie giggled. “If being naked wasn’t enough to make you frisky, that would do it, wouldn’t it?”

“Yep,” I nodded. My cock had just become accustomed enough to the abundance of naked women to relax. Now it was standing up again.

“Oh, hell. I want to fuck, but I’m not ready to do it out here yet,” she purred. “Let’s go back to the room.”

“You talked me into it,” I laughed. “Lead the way.”

Seconds later, we were threading our way through the crowd, and onto the path that led to our suite. Christie was a few paces ahead of me, and she suddenly froze. I stopped behind her, as she cocked her head, listening carefully. Once I stopped moving, I could hear it too. A rhythmic, huffing grunt. She smiled, and tiptoed down the branch of the path that led toward the sound.

She stopped again, and her eyes locked on something barely visible through the thick bushes. She gave me the Navy Seal ‘look over there’ signal, and I stood close behind her, placing my head right beside hers.

We couldn’t see their faces. He had his back to us, blocking our view of her, other than her hands on his shoulders, and her legs splayed wide. The huffing was him, and he grunted with each stroke of his prodigious cock into her pussy. For the second time in minutes we were watching people have sex right in front of us. Christie reached down, and grabbed my steely cock, moaning softly. I kept watching the show, and she slowly dropped to her knees, taking the head into her mouth. I struggled to stifle my own groan.

Through the bushes, the guy had picked up the pace, and now we could hear his lady moaning as well as him. He gave a few final desperate thrusts, and came inside her with a deep growl. Christie was sucking me quietly, so she heard it, too. She quickly stood, and dragged me away by the penis.

“Oh shit! I am so horny!” she gasped, as we reached the main path and turned back toward our door. She darted up the stone steps onto our deck. “Open the fucking door! I’m nearly ready to explode!”

I punched in the code, and slid the door aside. I never got the chance to close it.

Christie pushed me inside, and onto my back on the bed. She immediately mounted me, and impaled herself, dropping her sodden cunt over my cock in one excruciating stroke.

“Oh my god!” she hissed, and began to fuck herself with a fury I hadn’t seen recently. I just laid back, and let her go, watching intently. Her boobs were flying nearly as wildly as her hair. At this pace she couldn’t last long. Within seconds, she was howling at the top of her lungs. Her body shook through multiple waves of ecstasy, and she collapsed onto my chest, gasping for air.

“Oh god, oh god, oh my fucking god,” she whispered. “I thought it would be exciting to see other people fucking, but I had no idea!”

“Want some more?” I suggested.

“Um, YEAH!” she giggled. “I want you to fuck me until I can’t stand up straight!”

“I’ll give it my best effort,” I smiled, grabbing her ass and rolling us over. I dragged her a little closer to the edge of the bed to gain some leverage, and started to stroke into her pussy smoothly. Christie’s face lit up, and her mouth formed an ‘O’.

“Oooooooooo, yes. This is a nice warm up for our wedding night,” she said softly.

Ah yes… Our wedding. I almost forgot to tell you.

There had been a lot of discussion at home between us about whether to tell her parents or not. I thought we should, and that maybe we shouldn’t elope. Angela and Ed deserved the opportunity to see their daughter get married. Christie was of the other mind ; she knew that her parents would take over the ceremony if it was left to them, and she didn’t want them blowing all that money on her.

In the end, we compromised. We told them our plans, and gave them the opportunity to come with us if they wished to attend. At first, Ed was willing… Until he found out about the nude part. Oddly, that seemed to pique Angela’s interest even more. I guess she really was her daughter’s mother.

So, it was decided. We would go ahead and get married, naked on the beach, and send them pictures of us together, edited for skin content to avoid giving Ed a stroke. On our return, we would have a small, private reception to celebrate. It was a reasonable solution.

So, we had four more days of premarital sex to look forward to, before Christie became the old ball-and-chain, and I lost interest in her.

Yeah, right, like that could happen. It’s like saying I could lose interest in Paradise. She was my whole world. I loved her more every day.

Below me, Christie was wailing though another orgasm, and the bed was protesting at the abuse we were subjecting it to. My smooth strokes had given way to hard, fast and desperate. I had hooked her ankles over my shoulders, and folded her in half, slamming her into the mattress with each thrust.

I thought I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye, and turned my head toward the wide open doorway to the deck. There, I saw four faces, peeking over the stone wall that surrounded the patio. I grinned, and went back to pounding my darling’s pussy furiously.

“Smile honey,” I grunted, drawing ever closer to my climax. “We’ve got an audience. Probably should have closed the door if we wanted privacy.”

Christie’s face registered the excitement this information gave her, and she screamed even louder, cumming again.

“Good show,” she moaned after the surge had passed. “Give… them… a good… show.”

I knew what she was suggesting, and started to slam her even harder. The thought of being watched was more appealing than I thought it would be, and I just knew I was going to cum like I never had before. Any second now.

I pulled out, and aimed my cock at her, stroking it fast. She lowered her legs, and propped herself up on her elbows, presenting her face and chest as targets.

Oh. My. God. I nearly pulled a muscle cumming, and shot the first rope right into her face from four feet away. It splashed across her cheek, and into her hair. More followed, and more, and more, although the subsequent squirts were less impressive, and less forceful. As I finished spraying the final drops across her belly and breasts, I looked out to the patio.

My first glance had seen just four faces. Men or women, I hadn’t had the opportunity to determine which. Now, I was able to see three women, and one man. The guy appeared to be fucking one of the women from behind while they watched.

I staggered in the direction of the door, my dick still dripping with both Christie’s juices and my cum. One of the women looked at it and licked her lips, then made eye contact with me as I reached the open doorway.

“That was incredible,” she giggled. “Thanks for letting us watch.”

I nodded. It was the extent of my ability to communicate at this point. I slid the door shut, locked it, and drew the curtain, officially ending the performance.

When I flopped down on the bed beside Christie, she was licking her fingers. She had managed to get most of the cum from her face into her mouth, but would still need a shower to get it out of her hair.

“What did they say?” she asked.

“They wanted to know when the next show was,” I laughed. “We should have sold tickets.”

“Well, perhaps for the next show, we should move to a more public venue,” she giggled. “I’m going to have a shower, then I think we need a nap. I know I do,” she groaned, sitting up slowly. Cum ran down her body in oozing trails of translucent goo. “Holy shit, honey! I’m covered! Did you use it all?”

I didn’t answer. She said ‘nap’, and I switched off. I didn’t even feel her wiping my dick with a washcloth, or tucking me in.


The sun was setting when Christie stirred in my arms. The movement woke me up, relatively speaking. It brought my out of my coma, but I was still very fuzzy.

“We should get up, baby,” she whispered, kissing me gently. “Dinner is in thirty minutes. I’m starving.”

“Mmmmm, too,” I mumbled. Words were still a problem.

“Well, I’ve had my shower. You haven’t,” she reminded, me.

“Nag, nag, nag,” I grumbled, holding her closer. “What are you going to wear?”

“As little as possible,” she said, snuggling into my chest. “My red sundress, I think.”

“Mmmmm. I like that dress,” I replied, still not moving. “You look good in it. You look good in anything…”

“… And better in nothing,” she smiled, completing my much used compliment. “You’re very good for my ego, you know that? I feel invincible when you’re with me.”

“Just doing my job, Ma’am,” I whispered. We were no closer to getting up.

“Alright,” she groaned, turning in my arms. “Obviously, I could die of starvation if I wait for you to move, so I’ll go first.” She rolled out of bed, grabbed the covers, and whipped them off me quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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