Love on the Rocks, Make That a Double

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It was a quiet spring day up in the mountains. I hadn’t been to this trail in years. I remember fondly all the family hiking trips we made to these mountains. We walk down the trail hand and hand, enjoying the fresh air, new growth, and I tell you stories of growing up around these mountains.

The trail starts getting steep and we come to curve in the trail where there are huge boulders on both sides. I charge up the little hill, and you fall behind, pulling me gently to a stop in front of the rocks. I turn to look at you, to see why we stopped. You smile gently at me, take my face in both of your hands and kiss me gently. You walk me slowly backwards until I feel cool stone on my back. You deepen your kiss and you press your hard body against my softer one, your hands on either side my head on the rock. I moan softly into you as you trap me with your passionate kisses. I close my eyes and let the sensation wash over me. I feel a hand gently teasing my nipple through my shirt. All of a sudden, I’m chilly. I open my eyes to see you standing away from me, looking at me with a strange look on your face. You smile broadly, take my hand and pull me roughly and kiss me again, stealing my breath. You pull away from me, take my hand and pull me up the trail.

The day grows warmer, and I start shedding clothes until I’m down to my tank top and shorts. We come to a small boulder on the side of the trail, and I sit down, tossing my shirt down. I pull my water bottle out and take a deep gulp, and I splash myself a little with water before I offer it to you. You slowly drink as you stare at my water stained shirt, my breasts showing clearly Ataşehir Escort through the wet fabric, my nipples hard and poking out.

I smile at you with a wicked gleam in my eye, walk around to the other side of the boulder, look back at you, and walk into the woods, peeling my shirt off and letting my hair down as I go. I giggle loudly as I hear you step into the woods. I glance back at you, and turn and run through the woods like a half naked wood nymph. I hear you come crashing through the woods behind me as we laugh like children as you try to catch me. I know you’re bigger and faster than I am, but I use my petite-ness to my advantage, and duck behind a tree. I stand there trying to quietly gasp, chest heaving, when all of a sudden, I feel two large hands covering my breasts. A quiet raspy voice in my ear whispers “Gotcha.” I twirl around in your arms and find myself chest to chest with you, both of us still breathing hard. You lean in and kiss me hard and passionately. “What are you doing to do with me now that you’ve caught me?” I whisper back at him.

You take my hands in both of yours, and you pull me gently through the woods until we come to a small clearing. You stop me in the middle of the soft grass and reach up, gently massaging my breasts. I lean my head back in ecstasy as you start to nip and suckle from one of my heavy engorged breasts. You suckle my breast until there is no milk left. I urge you to nurse from the other breast, and tangle my fingers in your soft hair. When the other breast is completely dry, you lower your hands to the waist of my shorts, and slowly help me out of Ataşehir Escort Bayan them. I stand in front of you naked, except for my boots and socks. I come to you, and slide your zipper open, and release your hard aching large cock. I kneel at your feet and milk your cock like you sucked the milk out of my breasts. You wait until you are almost ready to cum, and you push me off your cock. You groan as my wet, warm mouth leaves your large cock. You unbuckle your shorts and slide them down your long toned legs, your cock springing free. You step out of them, and take a step towards me. You push me back into the grass, open my legs wide and drive your cock, still moist from my suckling, deep into my soaking wet pussy. I feel your cock driving deep into my tight, wet hole. My back arches to allow you to go deeper. I feel my pussy starting to clench around your cock as I begin to cum. You start driving your cock deeper in my pussy as you fill me up with your hot cum. You drive him in deep one last time, roaring my name into the quiet of the afternoon. You collapse on me; our sweaty bodies hot in the afternoon sun. I brush your hair out of your eyes and whisper sweet endearments before I kiss you soundly on your lips.

We slowly get up, warm in the afterglow of our lovemaking, and start to dress again. We walk hand and hand slowly back to the trail, pick up the stuff we dropped, and head back down the path.

A mile or two down the trail we come to the overlook. We lean against the wooden fence and look out upon paradise. Who would have known that in the middle of the woods there would be a beautiful waterfall Escort Ataşehir and a river? We look at each other, the same thought crossing our minds. You hop over the fence, and hold your hand out to me, helping me over the old wood. We walk down a short but steep embankment to where the river meets the shore. You start to take off your boots and socks, and try to quickly strip. I quickly follow suit. We both run to the water, naked as the day we were born, and dive under the cold mountain water holding hands. I burst out of the water, my longish hair floating on top of the water. I can barely reach. I look around for you, and see you standing, shoulders well above the water. I swim over to you, and hold on to your shoulders, and wrap my legs around your middle. You hold me tight and kiss me, and I feel your cock growing hard against the warm lips of my pussy. I shift a little to the side, and I slide your now hard cock into my waiting pussy. We sit there, enjoying the sensation of you filling me completely, and perfectly, when we hear some laughter and someone saying hi from the observation deck. We wave back at them, a secret smile on our lips. As if they really knew what we were really doing in the murky river water. (:D) After the voices fade away, you walk us to a rock shelf on the far shore of the river, sit me upon it, and fuck me hard and deep. You look me deep in the eyes as you drive deep into me, our souls meeting in the same manner as our bodies.

I whisper how I feel about you as you drive deep into me, both of us close to coming. I hear you answer me back very quietly as you clench your teeth, cumming so hard in my pussy. We gasp holding each other close, feeling the water lapping against our naked skin

The air start turning cold against our damp skin, and we reluctantly leave the water. We dry off, get dressed, and head back to my car, hand in hand, and talking about what we’re going to do tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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