Lovers Ch. 01: The Beginning

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Note: All Characters and Events in this story are purely fictional. All Characters are 18 years old or older.

This is my first story and I hope you enjoy. Please rate this and leave any comments that can help me make future stories better. Thanks!

Being friends for pretty much all of their lives, Keely and Vivian knew basically everything about each other. They’ve gone to school together, they’ve hung out together, they’ve laughed together, cried together, they’ve did almost everything together. It was nearing the end of August. A storm was quickly approaching and, from what Keely had heard from the news, it was going be a big one. Since Keely’s parents and brother had gone to Florida for a baseball tournament, Keely asked Vivian if she could sleep over to keep her company. Vivian, of course, accepted immediately.

There was a knock on the door and Keely sprang up excitedly to answer it. She opened the door and there was Vivian. “Viv!”, Keely said excitedly giving Vivian a hug.

“I’m so glad to see you,” Vivian replied hugging Keely tight. The two girls broke their embrace and went inside just as the rain started to pour. “It’s getting really bad out there,” Vivian said.

“Yeah”, Keely replied, “the weatherman said that a bad storm was headed our way.”

“Such the weather nerd”, Vivian said jokingly, “Has anyone ever told you how cute you are when you gush about the weather.” Keely giggled and blushed.

As the night wore on and the storm worsened, Keely and Vivian spent hours watching stupid movies, playing games, and eating lots and lots of food. Both girls had fantastic figures but they didn’t mind splurging tonight. After many laughs, the power in Keely’s house suddenly went out. “Shit,” said Keely, “Don’t worry I’ll get some candles out.”

“Here I’ll help you”, replied Vivian getting up with Keely. After a few minutes, the two girls eventually got the room lighted with a few candles. After they were lighted, Keely and Vivian sat down again with the light from the candles shining their beautiful faces. “Oh my god, you look so beautiful with all the candle light shining on you”, exclaimed Vivian, “But hey you always have been beautiful!”

“Aww Viv, thanks,” Keely said with a big smile, “You’re so damn gorgeous though!” Vivian blushed and looked at Keely lovingly.

“This is why we’re single, girl, cause we’re too damn fine,” Vivian said. Both of the girls started laughing.

“Hey Viv, could I ask you something?”

“Yeah sure babe, go ahead,” replied Vivian.

“You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to,” Keely said nervously.

“It’s ok,” Vivian said with a smile, “You can ask me anything, you know that.”

Keely took a deep breath.

“Ok, uh, instead of guys, have you ever….uh.”

“Thought of girls,” Vivian asked, finishing Keely’s question.

“Yeah”, said Keely, looking really embarrassed.

“Hey its ok, babe,” Vivian said to Keely comfortingly. “I actually, uh, have a few times.”

“Really,” Keely said, surprised.

“I mean, yeah, lots of girls have those thoughts at times. Guys are assholes, not all of them of course, but a lot of guys tend to treat girls like shit and besides, who knows a woman’s body better than another woman, you know,” Vivian said. “Woman also are more compassionate than guys so I guess women are just born with a liking for both genders.”

“Yeah, I can understand that,” Keely responded.

“Why do you ask,” Vivian asked.

“Well I found myself thinking a lot about girls lately after my last relationship went bad,” said Keely sadly.

“Well I can understand that”, Vivian said caringly, “That asshole broke your heart and everything. Have you actually thought about getting with another girl to try it out?” Antep Escort Bayan

Keely thought about this hard. “Maybe a little, but I’d rather try it with someone I know and trust.” There silence between the two for what seemed like forever. Outside, the storm was raging and thunder and lightning shook the house like an earthquake.

After a few moments, Vivian moved closer to Keely and took her hand. “Listen, I love you like nothing else in the world. You are my best friend and if you’re really up to it….” Vivian leaned in and pressed her soft lips against Keely’s. The kiss continued for several seconds until Vivian broke away. Keely’s face was red, her mouth open in shock. She was trying hard to process what just happened.

“Keely?” Vivian asked. “Are you alright?”

“Viv, that…that was incredible,” Keely said with a smile.

“Really?” replied Vivian, smiling brightly.

“Hell yeah! That was one of the best kisses I’ve ever had!”

“So what now?”

Vivian’s question was soon answered as Keely leaned in and initiated the kiss this time.

Vivian placed her hands on Keely’s cheeks as they kissed. She slowly opened her mouth, inviting Keely in. Keely groaned in response and opened her mouth as well. Both girls then fully embraced each other and let out moans as their hot bodies pressed against each other. Vivian broke their passionate kiss much to Keely’s dismay. Breathing heavily, both girls tried to regain their breath.

“Are…are you sure you want to go through with this?” Vivian said though her breaths, touching her forehead to Keely’s. “If we actually go all the way, and I mean all the way, things may never be the same between us again.”

“Fuck it,” Keely said with no hesitation.

“My thoughts exactly,” replied Vivian friskily with a smile. They then lodged their tongues down each other’s throat and Vivian slowly lowered Keely onto the couch. The storm continued on, not just outside, but inside as well. Keely wrapped her arms around Vivian’s neck, pulling her as close to her as she could. Vivian slid her hand down to Keely’s thigh and grabbed hold of it. Keely mewled at Vivian’s touch, she could feel herself getting warm between her legs. Vivian’s hand moved up and down Keely’s thigh, making Keely feel things she’s never felt before.

Vivian sat up and gazed lovingly into Keely’s eyes. Keely smiled at her. Vivian started to run her hands up Keely’s tank top, pulling it up as she went along. Keely helped by pulling her tank top over her head and throwing it to the floor. Vivian sighed as she looked over Keely’s sexy torso. She didn’t have the biggest boobs but Vivian didn’t care one bit. Vivian guided her hands from Keely’s neck, through the middle of her bra, and then all the way down her stomach making Keely arch her back and let out a moan. Vivian grabbed Keely by the back and pulled her close so she could dive her face into Keely’s chest. Keely tilted her head back and put her hand on the back of Vivian’s head to push her deeper into her chest. Keely could feel Vivian’s hands working on her bra and decided to have a little fun of her own. Keely slowly slid her hand up Vivian’s tank top.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” said Vivian, pulling away from Keely’s chest with a smile.

“Me neither,” replied Keely, her face glowing, “But I’m really glad it is. I love you, Viv.”

“I love you too, Keely.”

The two girls looked into each other’s eyes with pure love before they collided in a lustful kiss. Vivian finally unclipped Keely’s bra and let it drop to the floor.

Keely was finally able to get Vivian’s top and bra off as well and marveled at her best friend’s huge boobs. “Fuck Viv, you have the biggest pair of boobs I have ever seen,” said Keely, in amazement.

“I get that a lot,” Vivian joked. Keely began to softly touch Vivian’s breasts. Vivian closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh as she felt Keely’s hands on her. Keely placed soft kisses on Vivian’s chest and began to squeeze Vivian’s tits. Vivian moaned and started to kiss Keely’s head, taking in her sweet smell. There was a fire going on between their legs and both wanted to savor what they were doing together. Keely’s mouth made its way to one of Vivian’s tits and clasped on it making Vivian gasp. Keely sucked on Vivian’s nipple with increasing ferocity and even went as far as to bite on it a little. Not being able to take anymore, Vivian pulled Keely away and furiously drove her tongue into Keely’s mouth. After a brief but heated make out session, Vivian stopped it. “Before this gets crazier, why don’t we take this to somewhere a little more comfortable.” Keely smiled seductively as she thought the same thing. Taking Vivian’s hand, Keely guided her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

The door slammed shut and was locked immediately. Keely playfully pushed Vivian onto the bed and laid on top of her. Their hot bodies pressed against each other as the two girls passionately kissed. Keely then went to Vivian’s neck and made her way down south. Looking up at Vivian with a loving gaze as she continued down, Keely undid Vivian’s pants and slowly slid them down Vivian’s legs until they fully came off. Keely smiled as Vivian’s panties were drenched and sensually pulled them off. She took a moment to take in Vivian’s gorgeous pussy and could not wait to dive in but Keely decided to tease her lover a little first. Keely slowly kissed her way down Vivian’s leg from her foot and stopped before she got to Vivian’s juicy center. Vivian could feel Keely’s warm breath between her legs making her core tingle. Keely ever so gently kissed around Vivian’s mound and smiled as she could feel Vivian squirm above her. Vivian’s scent was driving Keely crazy and took a few licks just to get a taste of her best friend’s gushing cunt. Vivian groaned at the feel of Keely’s tongue brushing up against her sensitive pussy.

Keely’s teasing increased as she stuck her tongue slowly inside Vivian and then taking it back out again. Each time Keely’s tongue made its way in, it would go deeper and deeper inside Vivian’s pussy. Vivian squealed with pleasure each time she felt Keely’s tongue inside her. After a little more teasing, Keely gazed up at Vivian who was looking down on Keely with dreamy eyes. Keely licked her lips and proceeded to eagerly eat out Vivian. Vivian was blown away by how much pleasure she was feeling in between her legs and tried to suppress a scream but failed. Keely was loving every minute exploring Vivian’s gushing core. She had never tasted anything as good as the juices that Vivian was producing. Keely’s tongue went up and down, side to side and every other way that she saw fit all the while making Vivian moan, groan, squirm, and put her hand on Keely’s head in order to drive her lover’s tongue deeper in her drenched pussy. Both girls were in heaven as they had never experienced this level of pleasure before in their lives. Vivian finally gave in and came hard covering most of Keely’s face with her juices. Vivian desperately tried to catch her breath, her chest heaving up and down. Keely licked up what was left of Vivian’s cum and crawled back up to her lover’s waiting arms.

“Fuck….that was…..amazing,” panted Vivian. Keely kissed her and Vivian proceeded to lick her own cum off of Keely’s face. After regaining her strength, Vivian’s lust was renewed as she rolled on top of Keely and passionately kissed her. As they continued their make out session, Vivian’s hands went to Keely’s pants as they unbuttoned them. Vivian broke the kiss and pulled off Keely’s pants, as well as her soaked panties, as fast as she could. Now both girls were completely naked and Vivian made her way back on top of Keely. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Their breasts pressed up against each other. Both feeling like they were on top of the world. Vivian then started gyrating her pussy into Keely’s. Keely gasped at the intense feeling of pleasure she was receiving. Vivian’s thrusts became faster and faster. The faces of the two girls were contorted with pleasure. Vivian pinned down Keely’s arms as her thrusts became more intense. Grunts and groans were all the two girls could let out in response to the euphoria they were experiencing. Keely’s bed shook as if there were an earthquake, the headboard banged against the wall with unbelievable noise, the storm outside was furiously raging. Vivian’s pussy was plastered to Keely’s as she fucked her hard. They could feel it coming. Both knew that it was only a matter of time until they could no longer keep it together.

“Oh…Fuck Viv….I think I’m going to…..” whimpered Keely. But she wasn’t able to finish her sentence as both girls burst in an exhilarating climax. They screamed their lungs out as their hot, sweaty bodies convulsed against each other to keep the feeling alive. Gasping for breath, Vivian rested her head on Keely’s chest. Keely wrapped her arms around Vivian and gently kissed her head. Vivian began kissing Keely’s chest and slowly moved up to Keely’s sweet lips. She placed her lips gently on Keely’s as they both let out a quiet moan. The lovers broke their kiss and stared into each other’s eyes as Vivian caressed Keely’s cheek.

“I love you,” Vivian whispered to Keely.

“Not as much as I do you,” Keely quietly responded. The two girls softly kissed again. Outside the storm had died down, but the storm inside still had yet to subside.

Vivian rolled off of Keely to the side and both laid facing each other, their arms around the other while still gently kissing. Keely’s lips eventually ventured down to Vivian’s neck and then to her busty chest. Keely gave both of Vivian’s voluptuous breasts equal amounts of attention. She licked and suckled on Vivian’s hardened nipples and Vivian let out soft moans of pleasure being given to her. Vivian’s wandering hands made their way down to Keely’s firm ass giving her cheeks a squeeze. Keely looked up at her lover and gave Vivian a devilish smile with some saliva sliding down her chin. Keely climbed on top of Vivian and plunged her tongue into Vivian’s mouth. Keely’s waist began to move up and down and the two girls moaned as their pussies rubbed against each other. Vivian’s grasp on Keely’s ass tightened as the rubbing intensified. The girls stared intensely into each other’s eyes with sweat beginning to form on their foreheads.

“Fuck, baby yes,” cried Vivian, as Keely continued to grind against her. The bed shook as Keely’s thrusts reached a fever pitch. The room filled with the grunts and groans of the two beautiful ladies making love with each other. They were glistening with sweat as they began to feel another climax approaching. Vivian grabbed Keely head and brought down to hers so she could stick her tongue into her lover’s mouth. Their stifled moans could still be heard despite the banister of the bed slamming against the wall. The time had come. Keely grabbed a hold of Vivian’s thighs and smashed her pussy into her partner’s as cum exploded out of their drenched folds.

At the point of exhaustion, Keely collapsed on her bed next to her lover. The room was silent save for the panting of the wet, naked girls on the bed. Neither of them had experienced anything like this before. As they began to drift to sleep, the two lovers wrapped their arms around each other while kissing slowly and softly. What they would do next would remain undecided until the next morning. Until then, all they could do was remain by each other’s side.

To Be Continued…….

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