Lovers Choice

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I love my wife, Vicky, very much and am thrilled that she returns it with interest. Vicky is 14 years younger than me, my second wife and has rejuvenated not only my love of life but my sex life as well. We are both uninhibited and selfless lovers which means that our love life is torrid and sensual as we try to outdo each other.

Once a month, we play out “Lovers Choice” where we take it in turns to set up a wonderful sexy session that lasts most of the weekend. In this way, we have acted out role plays, dabbled in light bondage and teased each other with exhibitionist behaviour.

Last weekend was Vicky’s choice and even now, my cock thickens as I remember what happened.

As always, on our special weekends, I was looking forward to finishing work and getting home to my horny wife. She had teased me mercilessly during the week and I was both excited and curious. As I reached out front door, it was flung open and Vicky launched herself into my arms. I felt the smooth slide of silk as our tongues sought each others in a passionate embrace. When we came up for air, I look down and saw the swell of her heaving breasts and the sharp outline of her pointed nipples through the silk lingerie she had on. She smiled at me as she felt my cock give a little twitch.

I followed her sweet behind, barely covered, into the lounge room. I took a seat and sighed as I sunk into the padded lounge and watched Vicky prepare us both a drink. As she reached up for the gin, the twin moons of her gorgeous ass were revealed. No underwear, not for my Vicky. She returned and straddled my lap as she handed me the drink. I could feel the heat from her closely shaved pussy through the material of my pants. She knew it too as she felt my cock continue to grow.

“Here’s to a wonderful weekend, lover”, Ataşehir Escort she purred.

‘And just what do you have in mind?’, I enquired.

She just smiled and whispered, “You’ll find out soon enough”.

We had a light and easy dinner accompanied by a bottle and half of superb Sauvignon Blanc. All through dinner I kept catching glimpses of her breasts and the neat triangle of golden fluff below her navel. She was turning me on and delighted in it. As we neared the end of the cleaning up, she gave me a hug and said,

“ Honey, run up and jump in the shower. I’ll come up and join you soon”

Stepping into the running shower, I noticed that my erection hadn’t diminished and the head of my cock was shiny with my excitement. I started scrubbing away the stress of the week and felt a small gush of cool air as Vicky joined me. I felt her breasts press into my back as her arms snaked around my waist. I moaned softly as her hand encircled the taut shaft of my cock. She murmured into my ear and stroked me softly. After a minute she realised that I would come if she didn’t back off. For the next 10 minutes she pampered me by washing my hair and gently shaving my face. I was in heaven. We stepped out of the shower and dried each off. At last, I managed to feel her pretty pussy and it was slick with her juice. I stuck my finger in my mouth and savoured the flavour of her cream.

Having finished drying off she led me to bed and told me to lie down and relax. She was going downstairs to warm some massage oil and then treat me to all over body rub. There was no argument from me as I adjusted my cock underneath my stomach and settle face down into the doona.

Vicky was gone for around 10 minutes and I was well relaxed when I heard her re-enter the room. Ataşehir Escort Bayan The lights dimmed and I smelt the aroma of some incense – it was all very sensual. She kissed me behind the ear as her fingers dug into the tops of my shoulders and I sighed with pleasure. She massaged my back and was starting on my legs. As she neared the tops of my thighs I spread my legs and raised my ass, allowing my balls to hang free. She didn’t disappoint and gave them a light rub and squeeze. I could hear her breathing escalate and knew she was getting in the mood as well.

Her hands stopped moving and I felt her settle on the bed in front of me. I open my eyes to the sight of her pussy lips spread and glistening. The scent of her pussy intoxicated me and I readjusted myself and slowly lapped along her slit. We both moaned – me form the exquisite taste and her from the sensation of my tongue on the delicate folds of her body. I loved eating her and entered my task with relish – slowly moving up and down her pussy, rimming her puckered ass and back to her swollen clit. Vicky’s eyes were shut as she gave herself to her pleasure, her hips gently undulating. I was so lost in the task of making Vicky cum that at first I didn’t notice the sensation on my ass – that of another pair of hands. I went to sit up when Vicky’s hands grabbed the side of my head and softly pushed me back into her crotch.

“Relax, enjoy” was all she whispered.

I was now acutely aware of this new addition to our bedroom, the splash of warm oil on the cheeks of my ass and the hands digging into the pliant flesh. The phantom hands moved around my ass, dipping to fondle my balls and occasionally sliding along the shaft of my cock. I continued my assault on Vicky’s puss but renewed vigour and I Escort Ataşehir could feel the beginning of her first orgasm. She pulled my head up to look me in the eye and then pulled me towards her. She kept my head pointed directly at her so I couldn’t behind me. A small hand wrapped around my cock and directed it into my wife’s tight pussy. With pre-cum flowing from the tip, the oil and Vicky’s own excitement, I slipped straight in until my balls felt the curve if Vicky’s cheeks. She held me there as we got accustomed to each other. I had never felt harder, thicker, longer. Vicky had never so wet, so hot. There was movement at the end of the bed. Vicky stared me in the eye and smiled as I felt a long thin probe enter my anus. My eyes widened in proportion to Vicky’s grin. Soft breasts with pointed nipples grazed my back.

Vicky held me and moaned “ Fuck me. Fuck me but slowly”

I slowly withdrew and as I did so the probe pushed deeper into me forcing me to return my cock to its slick embrace. As I fucked Vicky, the phantom lover fucked me. As the tempo increased, the harder I was fucked the harder I fucked my wife. It was exquisite. Vicky moaned and groaned as near the crest.

“Lick me, please lick me” she wailed. I moved down to her pussy. My unknown friend fucking me still. I licked and sucked as Vicky’s voice got louder and louder. Any moment now and I relished it because Vicky is a squirter and her orgasms are long, powerful and extremely wet. I grabbed her clitoris between my lips and sucked as hard as I could. Vicky’s pussy clenched and fired a stream of juice over my face. As the first jolt hit, a hand snaked around me from behind and started jacking my cock in long firm strokes. Vicky squirted four more times as I pumped my seed over her legs. I came so hard I felt faint and slumped down with my head still buried between her legs. She stroked my hair and as I gathered my breath I felt the bed shift and her friend leave the room.

A little while later we had cleaned up and lay snuggled together, my mind working overtime for my turn next month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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