Loving Time

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We kiss fervently, our arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. Suddenly she pulls away. Her eyes burning into mine for what seems forever. My mine searches for a reason, any reason she has so abruptly pulled away.

We’ve been going together for six months. I am deeply in love with her and I am sure she is in love with me. It’s nearly sun set on a mid September Sunday. We are parked on a low hill with a beautiful view. Soon the sky will be soft blue and pink and gold. We’d see anyone approaching long before they got anywhere close. We’ve put the front seat all the way forward and we relax in the back seat of my car, the radio playing softly. This is our place to be alone together, to enjoy each other. She is barely 18, just starting the 12th grade at a Catholic Girls School, living with her parents. Her father, he is my Math professor, introduced us. I’ll soon be 22, this is my last year of a football scholarship at the large Midwestern University. I will be getting a degree in math in June. I live in the jocks dorm. The first home game of the season was yesterday. She does not have to be home until 10 PM. So, why has she pulled away?

Dan, Do You Love Me? Yes, Oh God Yes, Mary. I love you so much it hurts, I truthfully answer her. Then it’s time, she says simply. Surprising me. Time for what? She quickly she pulls her tee shirt and bra over her head, tossing them into the front seat. Before I can react she pulls off her Jeans and panties, throwing them over the seat. Make love to me. Please make love to me, she says, her eyes smoldering with desire. I stare at her in disbelief.

She is so beautiful. Until three weeks ago I had only gotten a few brief glimpses of her breasts. I first got a feel on her tits nearly 5 mouths ago, after several dates when I coped feels of them, I was allowed to caressed them through her blouse for the first time four months ago. Then about 3 months ago I was allowed to place my hand inside her bra, and feel the warm soft firmness of her full breasts for the first time. Then, just two weeks ago she allowed me to remove her shirt and bar. Allowing me the pleasure of looking at her breasts for the first time, she allowed me to kiss them and suck her large nipples. That night, I’ll remember that night forever, I spent hours, though it seemed only a few minutes, caressing and licking her beautiful tits and kissing her soft mouth. That night, She put her hand under my pants and held my cock, squeezing it gently. I put her hand on my cock outside Ataşehir Escort my pants months ago. She came to enjoy messaging it through my pants. That night for the first time she slid her hand inside my pants and held my hot hard cock in her bare hand. It felt so wonderful. Soon I had to warn her I was about to cum, but she just continued to squeeze my hard rod until I shot my load of hot sticky cum.

Mary was never really interested in boys, She never had time for them. Yes, some were cute, some were interesting, but all boys were so juvenile. Swimming and studying was much more important and took all her time. She believed sex was for marriage. Sex was a means to have children. That is what her mother and the Nuns at school had told her.

I dated a lot while in high school and several girls in collage. I had sex with several of the high school girls and a couple here, mostly because it was expected. Both the girls and the guys would have thought I was queer or something had I refused. Girls were fun and screwing was great, but not the be all and end all that most of the guys seem to think it is. I, for the most part, felt that sex was for married people, so they could have kids. That’s the way I was raised. That is what my mom, my dad, and the Priest taught me. Athletics, mostly football was my main interest.

Mary is the most unbelievably gorgeous woman in the world. I drink in her beauty. She has the face of an angel with short curly blond hair. She is an athlete, a swimmer, she swims for 1½ hours every day and her body is just about the most perfect one I have ever seen. She is 5’9” tall, 135 lbs. 36/24/34. Broad muscular shoulders and strong arms. Long thin, but not skinny, legs. Her hips, her pussy, just the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I have seen nude girls, even screwed them, and I’ve looked at naked women in magazines and movies, but she is more beautiful than any of them. Her breasts, a small C she says, are perfect soft mounds. The areolas are large and deep pink. The nipples are about ½ inch long and maybe ½ inch around. Perfect crowns on the perfect mounds. Her chest tapers to a narrow waist highlighted by a perfect deep belly button. Soft blond curls seem to frame her nearly bald pussy.

Make love to me. I want to make love to you. Pleas Dan, make love to me. I kiss her urgently. She does not have to ask again. I love her, I want to make love with her. She pushes me away, take off your clothes she whispers. Quickly I Anadolu Yakası Escort comply.

Our nude bodies embrace, our open mouths licking deep inside each others. She sits with her back against the left side of the car, one leg across the seat the other knee bent, her foot on the floor. I kiss and lick my way down her neck and shoulders and chest. Lingering at her beautiful breasts, licking kissing, sucking. Then I kiss down her body, wanting to examine her, wanting to love her, wanting a look for the first time at her pussy. I lick her navel, then kiss the very top of the tight thin slit that is her pussy. You like? she teases, you’re the first man to see it she reminds me. Kneeling on the floor my face inches away I can smell the heat coming from her. I gently open the soft lips with two fingers. I sniff closer, then gently kiss her sex opening. She moans loudly, I lick as deeply into her opening as I can.

I wish I had a longer tong. Her hands grab the back of my head and pull my mouth into her open vagina. I did not know exactly what to do, or how to do it, but I knew I was immensely enjoying doing it. I kissed her neither lips and fucked her with my tong. She was hot and sweet and so good. My cock was as hard or harder than it had ever been and I was sure I would soon shoot my load with out either of us touching it. I had heard that kissing, eating, pussy was good, but My god I had not expected it to be this good. Her hips began to rotate and soon she was panting and moaning. Yes, Yes, Oh god Yes, she chanted, then I was rewarded with a flood of the sweetest warm liquid I had ever tasted. She had cum in my mouth, the nectar of the gods delivered from my angle, and I lap it all up. We kiss deeply sucking each others tongs. You taste so good she says. No, that is your nectar you’re tasting, I tease.

A few minutes latter she said it was her turn, sat back against the right side and she went down to examine my cock. She fingered it all over and gently felt my balls. She’s held my cock several times, but this is the first time she’s seen it. Turn on the light, I want to see it. Pretend your blind, I giggle. She giggles and slowly fingers all of it and my balls. She kisses the head then gently licks it all over then licks my balls then back to my cock. She wraps her right hand around it. She looked up at me and then lowered her head and took about half of it into her mouth. I tried to push her away when I felt the cum pulsing through my cock. She Kartal Escort looked up at me in time to take the first spurt under her chin. She quickly went back to sucking and took all the rest of my cum in her mouth. When I was finally dry she looked up with her mouth full of cum, then swallowed it.

We sit for almost an hour, talking, caressing, and softly kissing. Then our kisses become more urgent. Without either of us realizing it, we had worked into a position where she’s on her back across the seat, my cock pressing into her pubic mound. Fuck me she whispers. I raise my hips and she takes hold of my cock and guides it to her opening. I lower my hips and the head slips in. Stop she cries. I nearly jump out of the car. No she laughs, don’t stop, stop, just be very gentle and put it in very slowly. I lean forward and I kiss her pussy, licking the inside. Stop that, she says, I want your cock in there.

I lay on her and glue my mouth to hers. She works her hand between us and takes my hard on and guides it to her opening again. Very slowly I push my hips and this time about 3 inches slide into her. She moans loudly. I hold still. She raises her hips and another inch penetrates her silky hot wet virgin vagina. It is so hot and so smooth and so tight. I have never felt anything so wonderful. I push a bit harder and a little more goes in. She cries out, She grabs my butt with both hands forcing me deeper, preventing me from pulling any of it from her. Eventually, slowly, ever so slowly the other 3 inches slide into the silky tight depth. We are closer than close, we are one. God she prays, Oh God so good. I press my mouth to hers.

She relaxes her death grip and seems to gently pull up on my ass. I slowly lift my hips pulling about half my cock from her, them she pulls my ass down, forcing all of it all the way back in. She giggles softly. We are fucking, she whispers, I love you. I love you, I replay, sincerely. She relaxes her hold on my ass, then pulls it into her. We are fucking with short slow strokes. Suddenly she clutches my ass so tight it hurts and pulls my pubic mound to hers so hard it almost crushes my pubic hair. She grinds her mound against mine and with no other warning she climaxes, sending a gusher of hot sweet liquid all over my balls. That sends me over the edge. I explode, shooting my load deep against her cervix. We lay still, cuddling each other.

That was our first time. We learned to bring each other complete satisfaction from that very first time. We have been married for many years now and are very much still in love. We had our first experience with group sex several years ago and we are very much into the swinging lifestyle. We believe most couple would greatly enjoy opening up their sex life. Try it, You’ll like it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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