Lucia the Confirmed Escort

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After my previous encounter with Lucia I kept fantasizing about her gorgeous body, tight twat and talented mouth. A few weeks went by and I had to reconnect with her. I sent her an e-mail asking how she felt about selling sex and whether she still thought it was a good experience. She replied back that it wasn’t the worst way to pay rent and she had even rubbed herself to multiple orgasms remembering our time together.

Overjoyed I asked her if she would consider seeing me again, that I hadn’t been able to get our first expereince from my mind. I told her I would love to be able to try some new things with her if she was willing, all safe of course and it should be just as much fun for her as I. She wrote back and said she was intrigued and asked what I had in mind. I wrote back that I have always wanted to have some sexy fun with oil, that her body slicked down with massage oil gave me an instant erection and that I would love to worship her body and feel our slippery warm skin sliding against each other.

It was a couple days before she wrote back, she apologized for the delay and said that yes, she had decided it would be OK if I wanted to see her again and that she’d see me for the same amount as last time. Lucia admitted that the thought of her body being covered in warm slippery oil had turned her on and she hadn’t done anything like that before. She asked that I keep our encounters to myself, she didn’t want to become a full time escort or have her services advertised, Atlantic Canada being too small a spot and the danger of having her activities get back to her friends and coworkers a little too risky. She confided that she did like the strings free sex and the extra money that she received from our first encounter and that she may even be open too seeing other people too in the future but only on her terms.

Barely able to contain my excitement I quickly e-mailed her back and said I was over joyed to be able to see her again and asked when I could make the trip to her town. We e-mailed back and forth and settled on a Friday night in a few weeks time, and I said I would arrange a room in a nice hotel room and purchase some nice massage oil.

The day of date I left work a little early to get started on the five hour drive to Lucia’s home town. It was close to 8’o’clock when I arrived at the hotel and I was a little worried that I may have arrived to late. I raced to my room, their best, and logged on to the hotels wifi to send Lucia a note telling her I was there. She replied almost immediately that she was actually in the hotels bar, having arrived just a few minutes before I did and that she’d be right up! I had hoped to have time to shower and freshen up before she arrived after the long drive and decided I’d have to ask her for some patience when she arrived so I could jump into the rooms large marble lined shower before we settled in. I did run some hot water into the large bathroom sink and placed the bottle of massage oil I had purchased in it to warm in time for our fun later.

Just a couple minutes later there was a soft knock on the door and I opened it with a smile to see Lucia standing in the hall with her hair worn up in an attractive style and wearing a tight little black dress and jacket, her legs stockinged with high heeled shoes.

“Welcome!” I said reaching for her hand, I kissed it briefly and led her into the room with a smile. “You look great! Better than great actually!”

“Thank you hun!” she said with a smile. “I thought you’d like it! How was your drive over?”

“Fine, just fine. Although I just arrived here actually and was hoping to freshen up a bit first. Do you mind waiting kadıköy escort while I have a quick shower?” I replied.

“Sure, no problem at all! Driving all that way I can understand.”

“It’ll not take to long.” I promised with a wink. “I’m eager to ‘relax’ with you!”

Lucia giggled and winked back and I excused myself and hurriedly disrobed in the bathroom and started the shower. Once the water was hot I stepped in and quickly soaped up with the complimentary soap and shampoo and rinsed the sweat and grime of a long day at work and driving. My heart was fluttering a little as I imagined pouring oil over Lucia’s gorgeous form.

Lucia came into the bathroom after hearing the water turn off and picked up a large white towel from the towel rack by the door. She had stripped down to a pair of lacy black panties and matching shelf push-up bra that made my eyes widen in appreciation and anticipation!

“Can I dry you off before we get wet again?” she asked with a smile and a wink. She glanced at the bottle of oil on the vanity and sauntered over slowly and gently dried off my body, starting with my hair and working down. She skipped over the obviously swelling parts and dried off my legs, slowly kneeling in front of me and sitting back on her heels to do so. After finishing that task she looked up into my eyes and slowly brought the towel up in her hands to gently cup my balls and wrap the soft terry cloth material around my now stiff cock and pat it dry with very slow rubs and tugs.

I sighed in contentment, enjoying having such a young beautiful girl paying such loving attention to me even if the towel came between her soft loving hands and me. After she was satfisified she had dried me sufficiently she set the towel aside on the edge of the tub and slowly stood back up to stand before me and reached over to the sink where a large bottle of massage oil was waiting.

“My skin is so dry…” she pouted and handed me the bottle. She turned and slowly pulled off her bra and bent slowly forward, her ass spreading open slightly as she pulled off her panties and stepped out of them. I had already poured some of the warm oil into my palm and was rubbing it between my hands when she stood back up and leaned back into me. I reached around and rubbed my oily hands across her midriff, spreading oil over her soft skin upwards to her large heaving chest. She moaned softly as my strong hands cupped her tits and slowly worked the oil into them inching towards her now stiffening nipples. I played with her tits for a while kneading them and putting more and more pressure on her nipples, pulling a bit, flicking my fingers up and down across them.

She leaned her head back and reached up and back to run her fingers through my hair and I let my hands slide down her sides and then reached over to re-oil them. I reached around again to quickly grab her lucsious tits. With my left hand I grabbed her right tit while my right hand snaked slowly down to her neatly trimmed snatch. She was now moaning continuously as my fingers brushed over her lips and clit and then rubbed oil into her thighs. She leaned forward slightly as my fingers again sought out her fiery hot crotch and rubbed her labia lightly, circling closer and closer to her clit. Once there I slowly rubbed and caressed it, building pressure with each passing minute till she was panting and her hips started gyrating slighly. All the while my free hand groped and caressed her oily boobs and my rock hard erection sat between her fantastic ass cheeks.

“I need to taste you…” I murmered in her ear after a few minutes and guided her to sit on the vanity, her kadıköy escort bayan back resting against the steamed up mirror. I reached for the oil bottle and upended it over her letting the oil drizzle across her tits, stomach, thighs and pussy and started slowly rubbing it into her skin. I got down on one knee on the bath mat and leaned in to devour her sex. She was sweet and spicy and her wetness mingled with the massage oil creating an exciting musky taste and smell. I licked slowly from her wet hole up to her clit with light pressure and then let my mouth cover her labia nad clit and sucked in gently. I felt her jump a little as the suction increased the sensitivity and heightened the blood flow to her clit. I started lightly flicking my toungue across her firm little clit as well as swirling it around her labia. I reached up with one hand to grab a tit and lightly knead one of her oily nipples while using my other hand to rub my thumb around the opening of her wet snatch. After letting her relax into my ministrations I gently eased my thumb into her snatch while sucking a little harder on her clit. I felt her tense and reach for my head pulling me a little tighter into her crotch with a little intake of breath.

I pulled my thumb from her hole and pulled away from her clit, letting my tongue trail down I shoved it into her while reaching up to lightly rub my thumb and fore finger up a down either side of her clit, slowly increasing the pressure between my fingers as I massaged it. I was getting really excited which I suspect Lucia sensed and after enjoying my attention a few moments more she gently pushed my shoulder back and slid of the counter.

She grabbed the oil and it was turn to have the warm liquid drizzled onto my body while her soft hands spread it over my arms, chest and legs. She set it aside and knelt in front of my and kept her gaze on my cock as she slowly leaned in and took the head in her mouth. She continued rubbing her hands across my body massaging the oil in as she slowly increased the pace and depth she was suckling on my cock. She meant contented little sounds in her throat as her head bobbed back and forth, her tits jiggling with the motion. She pulled back and gently grasped my shaft and started jacking it slowly while lashing the head with her soft tongue. She took it in her mouth quickly for a few more strocks and then ran her tongue up and down the shaft, coating it liberally with her saliva before turning her head to the side and leaning down to lick and gently suck my balls while looking up at me from the corner of her eye.

I pulled from her grasp and bent at the knees slightly while pulling her close and pushing her tits together and started rubbing my shaft up and down in the warm cocoon between her soft oily breasts. She reached around to hold the back of my thighs and aided my titfucking by sliding her tits up and down to match my thrusting. The feeling of her hot oily tits jacking my cock was heavenly and I smiled contentedly and sat back on the edge of the shower wall. She smiled too and continued to use her tits to wank my cock as I leaned forward to kiss her hungrily. Our tongues darted around in each others mouths while she continued rubbing my thighs and I squeezed her tits tighter around my cock shaft.

She broke away and quickly turned and stood, grabbing the oil which she handed to me. “Rub some on my back and ass!” She said breathlessly and I of course quickly complied. She spread my legs, bent forwards and reached back to steady herself on my things and deliciously started rubbing her oiled ass cheeks up and down my shaft. My cock slipped between her ass cheeks escort kadıköy and I felt her hot pussy and asshole rubbing up and down it with my cock head peeking out the top of her ass cleavage. She bounced her hips up and down jacking me softly. After a few minutes I stood pushing her forward and grabbed her hips and started sawing my now impossibly hard cock between her ass cheeks.

“I need to be inside you!” I groaned and she stood and smiled at me.

“I need you inside me!” She replied.

“I reached for one of the condom’s I had brought and hurriedly tore it open and slipped in on. The condom felt tighter than any other I had ever put on my cock was so engorged. Lucia leaned forward on the counter and spread her legs slightly as I grasped her hip with one hand and guided my cock to her waiting snatch with the other. Her hot tight hole resisted my entry a little at first and she moaned low and long as it slipped in slowly, her tight cunt muscles squeezing my cock deliciously. I revelled in having my way with the sexy young tart and shoved myself into her to the hilt, flexing my cock strongly as I hit bottom, rubbing her oily ass with my hands. She responded positvely, backing into me and squeezing back and we instinctively started a slow building pace, grinding into each other.

I reached forward to grab her hot slippery and kissed her back and shoulders thrusting harder and harder. With my legs I nudged hers open further and kept one hand on her tits and reached under to finger her clit as my thrusting continued. Loud wet slapping sounds from my hips hitting her round ass filled the air along with our moans and grunts. She whispered encouragement to me and became more and more vocal as my pounding of her pussy and stimulation of her clit brought her closer and closer to cumming. Lucia rose up on her tip toes and angled her hips so my thrusts hit her in just the right spots and she snaked a hand down to join mine in twiddling her soaked clit.

“You’re making me cum!” she gasped and began furiously rubbing here fingers side to side over her clit while bucking her hips against me and I reached forward to hold on to both her juicy tits as she rode me to climax. Her legs shuddered and her stomach and pussy muscles spasmed driving me close to the edge as well.

“Lucia! I’m gonna cum too!” I grunted and she yanked free of my cock and whipped around to grab it and ripped off the condom. She sank down in front of me and wrapped her tits around my cock, working them up and down my shaft with her hands as she pressed up against my thighs. She arched her back and craned her hand forward to lash the head of my cock with her togue every time it poked up through her greasy cleavage and I was soon thrusting myself hard into her tits.

“Fuck!” I groaned and pulled her head down during one last thrust, my cock roughly penetrating her sweet lips and filling her mouth a fraction of a second before it erupted in a huge explosion of cum. I felt like my balls were draining a cup of semen into her mouth and she hungrily suckled it into her throat with excited littles moans. I continued to shoot five more powerful bursts, so that some of it came out around my shaft and dribbled over lips and down her chin. She continued suckling and rubbing her tongue back and forth on the underside of my shaft and slowly bobbed her head up and down as my orgasm dissapted.

Finally she pulled my cock free of her mouth, licked it up and down a couple times and then pushed the cum still on her face into her mouth, licking her fingers clean before looking up at me with a grin and giving my cock one last lick to clean any remaining cum from it.

“How was that lover?” She asked coyly. But I couldn’t answer verbally and just shook my head a little with a disbelieving smile and leaned in for one last kiss. This girl was so addictive she could bankrupt me I thought to myself.

And I’d happily pay the price!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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