Lucille and Mrs. Miller

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This story is total fantasy and does not include any underage sex or cruelty.


I felt very nervous knowing that in the following week, Father Flynn would be visiting Bruce and myself and deciding what my penance should be for formal absolution.

When I spoke to Mrs Miller about the visit she was quite cheerful and told me “Don’t worry, Mrs Ross, he is a lovely man and is so experienced.”

When Bruce and I talked it over he seemed even more concerned than I was. He told me “He is quite an old man but he is very imposing at the meetings I attend every week.” That was my impression as well, although I didn’t attend as many joint meetings as my husband.

I could see that Bruce was agitated and not telling me everything. I felt he was hiding something from me. I kept badgering him until he cracked. He explained that although Father Flynn was quite an old man, someone on the Finance Committee had said that he was a big man.

I was puzzled and asked “What do you mean by ‘big man’ Bruce. He is an old man and has quite a normal sort of build.

Bruce looked uncomfortable “You know Lucille. He is very ‘big’.” He emphasized the word ‘big’.

I was still mystified and kept badgering Bruce to explain more. Finally he cracked “Someone said he had a big penis.”

I was astonished. I had never associated a priest, especially an old man to be big in that area and asked “Are you really saying that someone said he had a big penis?”

Bruce was blustering “Well not exactly those words Lucille.”

I was worried, but also getting irritated “Well come on Bruce. What exactly was said?”

He was bright red but came out with it “They said the old man had a huge prick.”

I felt myself go all strange and muttered “A huge prick. An old priest with a huge prick.” My imagination ran wild.

Bruce nodded “Actually someone else said it is not just big, it is massive, with a huge knob on the end.”

“Gods it sounds like Brian’s.”

He nodded “Maybe bigger.”

It was very noticeable to both of us that whilst we had for many years talked about things like this in our secret taboo fantasies, we were now talking about real people and real things were happening to us.

Things which had been fantasies were now becoming a reality. In the background there were also outrageous fantasies which now seemed to have a good chance of becoming real.

We both recognized that our marriage was changing dramatically and for some strange reason neither of us were making objections. With our wonderful family support and our own basic talents we had always had a very favoured life style. We could both see the gradual change. We weren’t actually volunteering for these changes but we were very willingly drifting along with them

It was the same with our relationships with Mrs Miller and her son Brian. Here again things were changing almost imperceptibly.

For over a month now I had been aware that my husband had been obtaining my underwear to give to young Brian. At least twice a week my panties were being handed over.

After it had happened that first time, Bruce had told me about it and asked if it was OK for him to carry on. It made me feel squishy, but obviously I couldn’t allow myself to be complicit in such actions so I simply told him that it was men’s business and I didn’t want to be involved.

It was noticeable that those same panties would turn up a few days later in pristine condition, beautifully ironed and smelling of perfumed water. I realised that Mrs Miller was involved somehow.

I very often used the CCTV system to observe my husband in the shed working. This wasn’t a spy system and I knew he frequently watched me in the kitchen or bedroom or any room in the house. We could, if we chose, turn the thing off to stop being observed but neither of us ever did. I think that deep down we both wanted to be watched.

Just as my working arrangements with Mrs Miller were changing, so was my husband and Brian. Bruce had taught the young lad so well that he had become and expert with the Bakelite boards and very often it would be Brian finishing off some of the technical items as my husband swept the shed at the end of the day.

Brian was still very respectful of Bruce but it was clear that they had a very open way of dealing with each other and genuinely liked each other. Following that first upset when the Millers had started to work for us Bruce was obviously very careful not to upset young Brian.

I was entranced one morning as I casually had a cup of coffee watching Brian on the CCTV doing some intricate circuit work as my husband entered the shed.

Brian stopped his work for a moment and looked anxiously at my husband and muttered “Have you got them, Mr Ross? Have you got her dirty knickers for me?”

I felt shocked as it was so direct but I had wondered how they did this exchange so I turned up the sound so that I didn’t miss anything. I watched as Bruce nodded “Yes I have them Bri. Do you have the ones I gave you on Friday?”

I saw Brian take out a lovely sisli escort clean bag and handed it to my husband and knew they were my other panties which presumably Mrs Miller had washed.

Bruce took out a small paper bag. Brian was impatient “Which ones are they Mr Ross?”

Bruce looked quite pleased with himself as he drew out a pair of my drawers and handed them to the young lad saying “They are her white lace knickers, Bri. You like them.”

I watched as Brian took them eagerly in his hand and brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply. Bruce looked on anxiously “Are they the ones you like Bri. Are they OK?”

Brian lowered the material from his face “They are great Mr Ross. They are the small lacy ones. They have been right up her. I can smell her cunt.”

Bruce looked pleased with himself “I can get her pink ones on Friday if you want them Bri.”

Brian nodded “Thanks Mr Ross, I like those. They are the silk ones which show up the marks.”

“That’s right Bri.”

Suddenly Brian changed the subject “Did you fuck her last night, Mr Ross?”

I could see Bruce looking uncomfortable “No, Bri. Not last night. She said I wasn’t big enough for her.”

Brian seemed disappointed “That’s a pity Mr Ross, but never mind. It’s not your fault.”

My husband still seemed eager to please the lad and said “I have taken some pictures of Lucille for you, Bri.”

When I heard this, I was flabbergasted. We both liked naughty pictures but over the last fortnight Bruce had seemed keen on taking more candid pictures of me. I thought they were for his private use and found it funny but nice to go along with him.

Brian obviously knew the sort that Bruce had been taking and asked eagerly “Have you got any Tit ones Mr Ross?”

Brian looked pleased that he had the young man’s full attention and said “Better, than that Bri. You will like them a lot.”

Brian groaned and squeezed between his legs and muttered “Tit and Cunt?”

I was amazed as I heard Bruce say “That’s right Bri. Tit and Cunt. And the cunt ones you’ll specially like. The hairy ones.”

I could see my husband showing the young lad my very personal pictures. I felt very strange as I could see the pleasure on his face.

He murmured “Just look at her nipples Mr Ross and the cheeky little cunt hidden in the black curls.”

Bruce looked as excited as Brian and very pleased with himself and said “Ill try to get some better ones next time Bri.”

Brian looked appreciative “That’s wonderful, Mr Ross. If you can, try to get some with her legs wide open.”

My husband nodded “I will do my best for you, Bri.”

Brian whispered loudly “We will have to get her down the shed again before long Mr Ross. I will have to do it to her again.”

This, at least, seemed to shock Brian as this time he sounded a bit alarmed “You want her down here again Bri. Do you mean like the last time?” I knew he was talking about my ‘accident’.

Brian shook his head “Not exactly like the last time Mr Ross. I am going to turn her around.”

Bruce sounded a little out of his depth now. Brian hardly seemed to notice my husband’s discomfort as he muttered “Next time, I am going up her bottom.”

Bruce was bright red but also panting. I could see he didn’t know what to say. I think he wanted to object but was nervous about upsetting the young lad.

Brian then changed the subject and simply told him “We had better get on with these circuit boards Mr Ross. I know you have that contract to complete and I don’t want to let you down.”

Bruce seemed relieved the conversation was over and nodded “Yes Bri and we also have to run through the details of our presentation.” I was amazed how quickly they both settled down to the normal daytime routine. It was almost the same with Mrs Miller and myself.

As far as I was concerned, I just couldn’t see her or talk to her enough. I wanted her company as much as possible. It was almost as if I were a little girl hanging around her mothers skirts.

When she was cleaning or tidying around the house I wanted to be close to her chatting and helping. She was still very respectable and the more I thought about it she seemed like my old tutor in university Mrs Grace.

Things had gone a lot further than that of course. When she had time and was feeling nice to me she would often squeeze my breasts and pinch my bum.

Other times I could hardly stop myself nuzzling into her breasts making her laugh.

It wasn’t like this all the time. Mostly we (or mainly she) ensured we kept to a business relationship where we treated each other with the greatest respect. It was when I felt overly bubbly she would relent.

I found that in these moods she would allow me to talk in the childish way that excited me and she would give me little squishy treats.

I did ask her about Father Flynn’s penis and she laughed but confirmed that he was very big.

When she saw I looked worried she laughed “Now don’t worry, Lucy. You will love his cock.”

Over the next few days I witnessed şişli esc on the CCTV cameras Bruce showing Brian more very personal pictures of me in various stages of undress.

Brian kept asking my husband, what it was like ,to watch me undressing.

Bruce seemed very anxious to please the lad and showing off his intimate knowledge by showing him pictures of me taking my knickers off and some of me masturbating for my dessert.

Later on when I told Bruce that I had seen him showing my naked pictures to Brian, he seemed embarrassed but his excuse was “Brian asked me to get them for him. Lucille.”

It was such a weak excuse and it didn’t seem to occur to him that he could have refused. Although to be fair, I could have put a stop to it if I wished. For some strange reason, I didn’t make any objections.

The conversations I listened to fascinated me and I could see that both men would get aroused but for different reasons. If anything Bruce was more excited than Brian.

I worked it out that the main thing that excited my husband was that by showing the lad, pictures of me, he could please him. Bruce wanted to please Brian.

The main consequence was that the pictures became even more personal.

There was one picture where I was fully dressed but I had a green plaid skirt up over my waist and my panties half way down my thighs as I smiled sweetly for Bruce’s camera.

As this picture was shown, Brian was telling my husband “Just look at her hairy cunt Mr Ross. Do you remember watching me go up her cunt with my prick?”

Bruce’s voice was so croaky “I know Bri. I watched you go up her.”

It was such a private male conversation that I felt guilty watching. I felt quite moist.

Although the way they were acting and talking about me was bizarre, this was only a small proportion of their activities in the shed. For the most part they both worked quite industriously completing the boards and practising their forthcoming presentations.

What was very clear was Brian’s profound respect and admiration for my husband. He always spoke to him with genuine deference and always called him Mr Ross.

I couldn’t really criticise my husband as in some ways my own behaviour with Mrs Miller was equally bizarre. She was always dressed simply in a skirt and blouse and sometimes a cardigan. It was all so ordinary but I just loved looking at her.

Her breasts were quite big and a little droopy but that was because she was so motherly. I loved thinking of her as motherly.

I had told her so many times about my own fantasies about my own mother and father. Some of these conversations had turned into full Confessions. These family fantasies seemed to excite me the most but they also bothered me as it didn’t seem right somehow to think about them in this way.

I felt that Mrs Miller seemed to get special enjoyment when I told her about the family ones and would question me about my feelings for my mothers Tits and Daddy’s big prick. They were really fantasies which Bruce and I had used so many times over the years.

When I was working at my desk and she was around the house cleaning I was always wondering what she was doing or thinking and more and more I would drift out and chat. She would carry on dusting and talking politely to me and sometimes I would pick up a cloth and help her. During these odd intervals the time would just fly by.

When she was actually polishing my work area, it was heaven. She was genuinely interested in my designs and I just adored showing her what I had come up with. Sometimes she would comment with a smile “My my Lucille, you are a clever little girl.”

I was in ecstasy when she complimented me like that and giggled like a young girl if she pinched my bottom.

If she was looking at my designs and then say something about falling behind in her work I would quickly tell her “Don’t worry Mrs Miller. You carry on looking at the drawings. I will carry on with dusting in this area.”

She would laugh but also add serious note “But you shouldn’t do that Mrs Ross. Your clothes are too expensive.”

I was really encouraging her to help me in much the same way as Brian was helping my husband. In one way it was easier for me as I had been very surprised that she was so adept at the computer which made it fairly simple for me to show her how to alter certain patterns.

When I asked her if she had a computer she explained “No of course not Mrs Ross. I couldn’t possibly afford one, but I use the computer in the Church House to sort out Father Flynn’s Accounts.”

I was surprised “But doesn’t he have an Accountant to do all that Mrs Miller?”

She told me “Yes, but he will only check the Accounts before submitting them to the Internal Revenue. I collect all the monies and then log them into an Account Sheet so that it is easy for the Accountant. Because I do that he doesn’t charge the Parish very much for his work.”

I was amazed. There seemed no end to Mrs Millers talent or abilities. I admired her before but now I just thought she was incredible. escort sisli

I loved seeing her sitting at my desk making some alterations which were usually quite valid as I did the dusting around the office and chatted about everything. She made it very clear that she worked for me and always addressed me respectfully as Mrs Ross. I wished she would be more familiar.

As we both worked together she did put her foot down saying “You shouldn’t be doing that dirty work Mrs Ross. That is my job. You will get your lovely clothes all dusty. You should wear something more suitable for cleaning duties ” With that she vacated my chair and took the duster off me and commenced her cleaning activities. There was nothing I could do.

On other days I even considered putting on clothes more suitable for cleaning but felt that would be too blatant.

I did however appeal to her in other ways to help me by telling her “You know how much I respect you Mrs Miller and I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to but I really need these designs to be checked out on the computer and it would be of tremendous assistance to me and I know you can do it.”

She looked hesitant “But the cleaning Maam. It has to be done.”

I smiled “I can easily do that myself Mrs Miller and we can chat together at the same time.”

Before she could raise any more objections I added ” And don’t worry about me spoiling my clothes. It is not very dusty in this office and in any case I can easily afford some more dresses.”

I knew I had covered everything and so did she and said “Alright then Mrs Ross, if you insist I will do my best on the computer.”

We both laughed and she settled down in front of my computer and I started to do the dusting around the shelves in the office. It wasn’t very dirty but I was very careful not to disturb her. Although I wanted to be in her company, I genuinely wanted her to check the designs. We could chat later on.

As she sat at my desk and I dusted the shelves directly in front of her hoping she was looking at me and had the same sort of thoughts.

After about an hour she looked up from the computer and told me “I have sorted out the first batch Mrs Ross and made some alterations. I think you should see what I have done.”

I kept my own act up and stood behind her and peered over her shoulder.

Apart from my own reasons for behaving in this precocious manner I immediately saw that the items she had altered were absolutely spot on. She really was good at everything and I told her.

She seemed pleased and said “Perhaps I can finish off the rest tomorrow Mrs Ross.”

I didn’t want to risk pushing myself onto her and said “That would be wonderful, Mrs Miller. To be honest I would like us to work together in much the same way as my husband works with Brian. If your cleaning work falls behind because you are helping me then I can do some of your cleaning. I was laying it on the line that I wanted to work closely with her.

She looked at me very seriously and said “Yes, they are a good team Mrs Ross. I can now appreciate that Brian is quite good in the shed and your husband is very good at teaching him things and indeed giving things to Brian which he enjoys.”

As she looked at me I immediately felt guilty. I knew she was referring to my panties being given to Brian and possibly the pictures of me which Bruce had been showing to Brian.

I didn’t want to show my guilt but I wanted to express some sort of contrition and said “If you think that there is anything improper Mrs Miller, I could stop that if you say so.”

She smiled “No, there is nothing to worry about Mrs Ross, there is something I would like to say though.” My heart almost stopped. She must know and was going to object.

As I had these ominous thoughts she smiled at me “I just want to tell you Mrs Ross that I am very pleased that you and Mr Ross are giving my Brian things that he likes and appreciates very much.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. We were obviously talking about my dirty knickers so I said “It is I who am grateful Mrs Miller. Everything is returned in pristine condition.”

She chuckled “That is the least I can do Mrs Ross. My son’s actions don’t make them any cleaner.” She then added “They give me pleasure as well.”

I was so shocked but felt so lovely. I think I saw the way clear to develop things a lot further but I would need to talk to my husband.

I wondered if she knew about the pictures. Even this was clarified when she said “I did think that perhaps Mr Ross could get a better quality camera. There are some very high definition cameras in the market now.”

I nodded. That would be easily sorted out. I didn’t show any emotion but going through my mind I almost giggled that it could also be arranged for future pictures to have some very high definition angles and close ups which I thought young Brian would like. I knew now that his mother might like to see them as well.

That evening I casually put on a short black dress with black silk stockings but left my panties off. They were ideal for photographic sessions and over the next few evenings Bruce started to take more and more explicit pictures of me. He didn’t really explain everything to me although he must have known I was aware of his purpose.

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