Lucky Alan Ch. 04

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Alan pulled up into his driveway and immediately got a text from Tiffany;

“Can’t wait another day. Need some of that big dick right now! Rents are still home, so head up to Motel 8 and ask for room . I’ll be alone. xoxo”

Alan was surprised by the sudden invitation. His cock got rock-hard flashing back to visualizing Tiffany’s butter-face and braces soaked in his hot cum and those floppy, grapefruit-sized knockers draped sloppy across her bulging belly.

He quickly called his mom on his cell phone and made up a story about hanging out at the library and not to way up. He drove off heading straight to the shoddy Motel 8 with bated breath of getting his second taste of pussy. Once Alan arrived, he exited his car and walked up to the check-in station. He asked the guy behind the booth for a key to room .

“Why would your mom want to meet you at a Motel?” questioned the guy.

“Excuse me?” Alan replied baffled.

“The older lady who checked in earlier and told me to give the young man her room key. She isn’t your mom?”

“Um, no… You must have me confused with someone else. A younger lady around my age texted me and told me to meet her in the room she purchased. Room ,” Alan explained.

“Oh… Maybe she was young. I didn’t get a good look at her face because of those huge cans she was sporting. If she’s not your mom, than you’re one lucky dude,” the guy said candidly.

Alan nodded and a moment of awkward silence occurred.

“Can I get the key to the room?” Alan asked a minute later.

The guy gave Alan the key and with a huge smile on his nerdy face, he headed to room . The blinds and curtains to the room were closed. He put the key in and entered to an empty room.

“That’s odd. She texted me and told me this was the room,” Alan said with certainty.

Suddenly the bathroom door opens and out walked an older, blench-blonde woman.

“So you’re Alan Rogan,” she said in a hoarse voice.

“Yes ma’am,” Alan responded nervously and confused. “I was told to meet someone here by the name of Tiffany Wilcox. Is she around? Did she send you to tell me she wasn’t coming?”

“Not quite,” said the lady. “She was never going to be here. I was the one who send you that text through her phone.”

“What?! How? Who are you and why do you want to see me?” Alan sternly asked. “You must be the older lady the guy up front was talking about.”

After putting two and two together, Alan saw for himself that the guy up front wasn’t joking about the older woman’s breasts. She looked like she was smuggling bowling balls. Her jugs were unquestionably massive and curved generously underneath a blue turtleneck sweater. From the way her melon-sized boobs sagged down her wide torso and her bulbous nipples were evidently seen piercing through the fabric of her turtleneck, it was clear the mature woman wore no support. The rest of her body was stout with no shape. Her face was a bit weathered with a double chin and serious crows feet beneath her bright blue eyes. In addition to having very big breasts, she had a big nose, big lips, and big blench-blonde hair done up like Farrah Fawcett’s from the 70’s.

“I’m Tiffany’s mother, Brenda Wilcox,” the woman answered. “I overheard my daughters talking about the little adventure you had with Tiffany and her misfit friends. So I borrowed my daughter’s cell phone and texted you.”

Alan’s eryaman escort heart sunk to his stomach but as shocked as she was about standing in front of Tiffany’s voluptuous mother, he got an even greater shock when she walked up towards and boldly cupped his crotch.

“From my understanding young man, you’ve got yourself quite a big cock. I can’t wait to see it,” She grinned lasciviously.

Brenda groped Alan’s growing hard-on with one hand while the other started undoing his jeans. After a few short seconds working his jeans, Alan found himself naked from the waist down. His huge, fat cock throbbed naked and exposed before Brenda’s lustful eyes.

“Holy shit! That’s quite some hum-dinger you got there, young man. Now I can see why my oldest daughter and her bimbo friends had some much fun with you. Will now it’s my turn,” Brenda publicized and dropped to her knees and wetly sucked his enormous member into her mouth.

Alan closed his eyes, moaned and let himself go into heaven. Brenda was definitely an expert cock sucker. She swiftly bobbed her face in his crotch, taking more and more of his meaty tool down her throat. He ran his fingers through her big hairdo and listened to her wet suckling and slurping sounds a she gobbled his cock. Brenda cupped Alan’s bare little ass and squeezed as she pushed him further into her mouth. He felt her slimy tongue working it’s magic on his rock-hard veiny sphere. She had so much saliva pouring from her mouth that his huge, hairless balls got drenched as well as the front of her blue turtleneck sweater.

After a few minutes of soaking his dick with her saliva, Brenda pulled her mouth off and scooped up one of his ponderous balls. The fat orb filled her mouth as she tenderly sucked. She repeatedly rolled her tongue over the smooth skin of his sack. She switched to the other big ball and repeated the act and continued to alternate between his hanging balls. Alan let out a series of deep moans and felt so much ecstasy urging through his body. His glossy cock dripped saliva on Brenda’s tiresome face as she ravaged both of his enormous balls with her mouth and tongue.

Once she had his fat sack sodden in spit, Brenda eased her big lips back on the thick, swollen head of his iron-hard cock and sucked enthusiastically. Her soft lips steadily made their way down the rest of his pulsing member. Alan was oozing plentiful amounts of pre-cum on her licking tongue and she swallowed as fast as it was offered. Brenda slightly gagged as she successfully mouthed Alan’s entire cock into her throat. She savored his throbbing beast probing the back of her throat for several seconds before pulling off with a loud wet pop and an abundant of saliva.

“Goddamn! What a dick! Never had one this big in my mouth before, let alone down my throat,” she said astonished. “Well donkey-dick, we only have a couple of hours before I have to meet my husband and take our trip. And I know my girls are expecting you and that enormous hum-dinger of yours, so I’m going to need you to convince me why I should let you and that thing go near my babies. Fuck me good, nerd boy.”

Alan couldn’t believe this was happening. Brenda wasn’t the best looking mature woman around, but he was psyched and extremely horny by the way his cock was throbbing deep purple. He quickly stripped the rest of his clothes off and watched as Brenda removed hers. The blue turtleneck sweater came off first and eryaman escort bayan her massive gourd-shaped tits came trembling out with a loud thud against her pudgy, soft belly.

Alan moaned involuntarily as he got his first look at her large crimson areolas and fat, thimble-sized nipples. He continued to watch as Brenda removed her shoes, jeans, and granny panties all while her gigantic-sized hooters hung from her chest, shifting and swaying with all her movements. Her pussy was surrounded by a thick, dark bush. As Alan laid back on the Motel bed completely naked and cock throbbing immensely hard, Brenda stood naked with the exception of her grey tube socks.

“Let’s try to wear out as many as these as possible,” she said, tossing a column of extra large condoms beside him.

“Never tried one on before,” Alan spoke softly.

“Well, your ass is wearing one if your going to stick that big ass cock of yours in me. Even although I’m forty three, I’m not taking any chances of getting pregnant by some shy little nerd.”

Alan ripped open the first condom packet and slide the rubber close to the base of his stiff shaft. Brenda climbed up on top of the bed and hovered her bush over his dick. She slowly impaled herself onto his huge cock, hissing and moaning along the way until it was completely filling her up.

“Hot damn! I’ve never had one big enough to fill me up. You should see my husband’s joke of a penis. I haven’t fucked a dick bigger than his in years.”

Brenda pounded her wet twat up and down on his cock, fucking herself in a steady pace. Alan wished he was fucking her pussy raw cock but the raw feelings of her huge pendulous tits flopping and bouncing on his upper torso made up for it. Alan definitely feel the much older and larger woman’s body smack against his as she locked her sock-covered feet under his thighs and continued to slide up and down his meaty member like she was riding a wild horse. He seized her flat, shapeless ass with both hands and began thrusting up into her. Her enormous breasts dragged and rolled around on his skinny chest and shoulders. Alan buried his head between them, licking the salty sweat pouring from her skin.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!! Your big cock is tearing me the fuck up!” Brenda cried. She shook her shoulders causing her heavy melons to pummel Alan’s head and he moaned with glee.

They fucked cowgirl style for several minutes. Brenda had built up an enormous earth-shattering orgasm and came multiple times. Alan’s deep, long moans were barely audible with his head trapped between her giant sloshing jugs. If he was going to die, this would be a great way as he already felt like he was in heaven. He came hard filling the condom to the brim. Brenda climbed off him as he removed the first cum-filled condom. It didn’t take long for Alan’s cock to become fully erected as he kept his eye sight on Brenda’s oversized udders and cum-dripping bush.

She laid across the bed with her legs spread and her monstrous double GG whoppers spread out to her sides. Alan wrapped another rubber around his long, throbbing spear and moved in between her legs. He brought Brenda’s legs up and rested her calves on his shoulders. Her sock-covered feet were locked around his neck and he could smell her stank feet. Rather than being disgusted by their stank, the smell of her sweaty sock-covered feet turned him on in a big way and he drove his big, steel-hard escort eryaman cock balls-deep inside her hot, wet quivering pussy and savagely pounded her.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH! Fuck me like a man, not a little boy! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!” Brenda moaned loudly urging him on.

Alan pounded her cunt as fast and as hard as she begged for. He was greatly absorbed by her giant jugs pitching and rolling about on her chest, going down as far as her waistline and flopping up hitting her chin. After several minutes of fucking Brenda on her back, Alan lost all control and spewed another large wad of hot cum into his second condom and Brenda soon followed, drenching his fat condom-covered cock and fat balls in her cum.

With his third condom on, Alan positioned Brenda sideways, using his leg to hold hers up and carried on fucking ripe, sloppy pussy. Her massive hangers were rolling up and down her chest as he jack-hammered her. Alan learned forward and sucked them violently into his mouth, devouring her fat delicious nipples making her toes curl in her sweaty socks. He alternated between the biggest fun bags he had the pleasure of playing with, swirling his tongue around her stiff nipples while sucking her areolas and a good portion of boob meat between his hungry lips. Brenda felt her monster titties being licked and sucked for all she was worth while being drilled by the biggest cock she ever felt.

“OH FUCK! OHHHHH GOD! Yeah! Yeah! OHHHH FUCK! You’re so huge in me! FUCK! OHHHH GOD! Shit, you’re so big! OHHHHHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!” Brenda groaned and cursed repeatedly.

Alan felt himself on the verge of cumming again. He thrust himself further up her hot cunt, slamming the bed’s headboard into the wall making loud thuds. If anyone was in the next room, they could clearly hear the wild fucking that was going on.

“I’m cumming!” grunted Alan, as he filled up another large condom to it’s breaking point.

Brenda let out another crazy loud orgasm before Alan pulled out. He tossed that grossly cum-filled condom and slid on another one. Since decisively engaging in sexual acts with his oversized tool, Alan has been having the most wildest time of his life. By the time he and Brenda were nearing the end of their raunchy one hour fuck feast, Alan had ran through 8 condoms with one remaining.

“I believe we got time for one more round, donkey-cock. Fuck me doggy-style,” Brenda moaned, as she turned over on her hands and knees and flabby ass in the air.

Alan wasted no time in sliding the last condom on his throbbing meat and rammed it inside her cum-dripping pussy. He held onto her childbearing hips, fucking her with the most earnest. His eyes were instantly drawn to her heavy pendulous jugs. They flopped forward and back, side to side across the bedding. He reached under her numerous times and fondled them, pinching, twisting and tugging on her big bullet-hard nipples while he groped the thick, low-hung moving flesh orbs. Brenda couldn’t tolerate it anymore and succumbed to another crazy loud orgasm.

“Take the condom off and let me taste one of your big, salty loads. Drench my face in your beautiful spunk,” Brenda moaned.

Alan fucked her soaked cunt for a few additional seconds until he felt his cock stiffen for imminent discharge. He pulled out of her pussy and flung the condom off. Brenda sat Indian-style on the bed with her arms cradled under her massive tits and mouth open. Alan groaned and stroked his humongous prick at her face and blasted several hot ropes of his white jism in her mouth and all over her wrinkled face and big blond hair. He felt his scrawny body convulsing like ever before as he unloaded himself into pure oblivion…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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