Lucky Guy Pt. 02

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I hope you enjoy this story. Please provide me feedback. This story includes contact between parent and an adult child that may be offensive to some. While not incest, if any contact offends you, please don’t read.

Edited by DRGRIFFIN, with my thanks!

I begin reading Max’s Journal

I awoke the next morning wanting to read Max’s journal all day but couldn’t. I had a conference with a client in the office to discuss design ideas. Even though I usually love my work, this meeting seemed to take forever. I struggled to listen to the client.

As we were heading to lunch, one of the partners, Clermont asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just had a situation with a friend that is on my mind. Did the client notice I was distracted?”

“No. Usually you listen naturally but I could tell you were having to struggle and I had never seen that before. Are things going to work out?”

“I think things are going to be better than ever. I just have to decide how I can help a friend. Thanks for asking.”

I got home about four and went to my computer immediately. I read until almost midnight and only covered the first third of Max’s journal. He was incredibly detailed. Which didn’t surprise me as he was like that in everything. There could be no doubt he and Eva loved each other. But it was a different type of relationship than I had with Terry. Not better or worse but different. To understand my story, I think I need to tell a few of episodes from Max’s journal.

From Max’s journal, Max’s first experience with Eva’s condition

It started when Emma was in the first grade. Eva’s had gotten her CFP from an online curriculum in record time. She had consumed many books on the stock market and how it worked. It had been over a year of almost full time work but she had a methodology she thought would work to make money in the stock market at reduced risk. She had written several computer programs to make her algorithms work. After a few iterations, it was beginning to work.

Max and Eva had a traditional sex life before this. Sex maybe twice a week but almost always on Saturday. Early in their relationship Saturday night was date night. Most times they had a quickie Wednesday night. Max noticed that with Emma in school and Eva starting to work fewer hours as her programs began to work on their own that she seemed anxious. It started as a nervousness from anxiety to find something to keep her busy.

Max had asked her if she wanted to go back to get finish her PhD. But she didn’t. She enjoyed trading the market and had started a small quant fund called the Baumann Fund. Max noted that the fund was started with money from Max Construction and from a large investor that had helped Max get started in the construction business.

He stated that Eva wanted to have sex more often and she started wanting to try different things. He was sure that she was masturbating more often. He found several new vibrators in strange locations.

So, one Saturday night he decided they should spice things up. Usually they got a sitter for Emma, went to upscale restaurants for dinner and screwed in their bedroom. She always dressed very conservatively when they went out. He decided this Saturday night Eva should dress slutty and they would go to a dive where no one would see them. He told Eva what he wanted to do and she said would try it.

Eva spent most of Saturday deciding what to wear. She didn’t have slutty clothes. She tried on almost everything she had but couldn’t find anything. She called Terry. Much to my surprise since Terry had never told me about this. Terry had an old yellow blouse that was thin and barely contained Eva large breasts. But with it unbuttoned to her nipple line it showed lots of cleavage. The buttons barely stayed buttoned over the bulkiest portion of her breasts. Terry also had a short black A line skirt that on Eva looked slutty. The skirt barely came to mid-thigh and with thigh highs she thought it would be slutty looking.

I realized that what she had worn the night before was an updated version of the outfit Terry had given her.

At seven Max got to see Eva’s slut outfit. She wore bikini panties, the garter thigh highs and a strapless bra that barely covered her nipples and was left entirely open in the middle. It was meant to wear with plunging necklines. Eva had worn it once to her senior prom.

Max wore Dockers, deck shoes and a plaid shirt. Not his usual dress.

Max had chosen a sports bar so they could watch the University of Cincinnati Bearcats game. The food would be nothing special but he thought no one would bother them if Eva decided to do more than show a little leg and cleavage. It did feel different and Eva was excited. As they arrived, the place was packed. There was black and red everywhere and TV’s on every wall. The only place they had to sit was at one of the high tables with high stools.

Eva was crammed into her outfit and struggled to climb on the stool and keep the skirt covering her privates. Max noticed that Eva was definitely a distraction for the tables around them. She had managed to pull the dress down enough to cover her panties but that was as far as it went. At least gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları four inches of white thigh was showing above the lacey top of the thigh highs. The shirt strained to contained her breasts. The neck gapped open and the button strained to keep the blouse together at her nipple line. Her cleavage was expanding and contracting as she breathed.

Max wrote that he was worried that this wouldn’t work. He just knew that Eva was going to get so embarrassed she would end the date. She was obviously embarrassed at her situation. Her face and neck were red. But as she settled down she smiled at Max.

Their server arrived and asked for their order. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Eva’s strain to stay in her clothes. Eva was clearly aware of the spectacle and attention she was creating. Max was confused about what Eva was thinking but he was getting aroused. His beautiful wife was letting men look at her in a way she had always avoided. Max said she usually wouldn’t even show cleavage when it was appropriate. Eva usually had covered almost to her neck to avoid showing any cleavage.

The server came back with their beer for Max and wine for Eva. Max ordered a bunch of wings. The game was about to start. Max asked Eva, “Do you want to stay?”

“Honey, don’t you? I mean isn’t this a key game for the bearcats?”

“Yes but, ah—.”

“Am I embarrassing you?” Eva asked frowning.

“No, but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

“I am certainly embarrassed. But if you are enjoying this, I want to please you. Isn’t this exciting for you?”

“Well yes for me it is.”

Eva raised her glass to toast and said, “Then let’s have fun.”

It took about fifteen minutes for the wings to arrive. Again, the server stared at Eva’s cleavage. It was like he knew that button couldn’t last much longer. Max ordered a second beer. The wings were messy to eat but they were both starving. Eva stayed bent over and her shirt gapped open and the bra pushed up to make the mounds increase out of the shirt. Max noticed guys watching Eva more than the game. He realized he liked that his wife was the center of attention.

As Eva ate the wings she had sauce on her face and cleavage. She was constantly wiping both. Max thought this was very unusual as Eva as she was normally very neat.

Eva whispered to Max, “Tell me to unbutton one button.”

Mas was stunned and wasn’t sure he heard correctly. But he commanded, “Eva you are going to get sauce on your pretty blouse. Unbutton one button so can keep it clean.”

Eva smiled and said, “You want to see more of your slut.”

Max said, “I do and make sure the server also sees.”

The server came back with Max’s beer. As he sat the beer down, Eva bent to bite into the last wing. The server was obviously watching her expanding cleavage. With that button undone the inside half of her breasts were totally exposed with the bra barely covering her areolas.

Eva sat straight up and left her blouse open. She had sauce on her mouth from the last wing. She looked at the server and began to mop the sauce off her mouth and chest, “I am so sorry. I am just making a mess on myself.” She gave the server a sexy look.

“No problem lady. You are fine by me. It is a messy food.”

“No, I am just a mess,” Eva answered. “Are you ashamed by how I look?” Eva asked Max.

“No problem lady. You are fine by me just as this young man said. Carry on. Want something else to eat.”

“Are you really okay with how I look?” Eva asked.

Max looked at the server who was maybe nineteen. He shrugged. “I think you may be providing more entertainment than the game.” Max chuckled as did the young server. “So carry on as my young friend said. Want anything else to eat?”

“I must be getting too fat anyway, so no. But I would like another glass of wine.” As she looked at the server she removed her hands from her released blouse, it gapped open showing the small flesh colored bra and smiled. He smiled back.

Tearing his eyes away from Eva’s bosom the server looked at Max and said, “Right away sir.”

Now Eva seemed to be no longer concerned with her bosom being on display and said to Max, “This is fun, isn’t it?”

“The most entertainment I have had in a long time. The service is certainly good in this place. Lose one more button and I think everything will be on the house.”

“That is about all I have left to lose,” Eva said smiling looking down. It was clear that hardly anyone was watching the game around them. Anyway, it was halftime.

The server came back with Eva’s wine and again couldn’t take his eyes from her as he asked, “Anything else?”

Max said, “I need something else to eat. What do you suggest that is cleaner to eat than the wings?”

The server said, “If you like spicy the buffalo chicken wrap is good. If not the oriental chicken wrap is good.”


“Oh I give, I am starving. Make mine the buffalo chicken. In for a penny, in for a pound.”

Max said, “Make it two and I am ready for another beer.”

“Yes Eva this is fun. The game is about to start. Think gaziantep escort bayan telefonları I will watch a little of it.”

Eva leaned over with her elbows on the table pushing her breast together and said, “What have you been watching?” Max just smiled and shrugged. “Anyway, I need to go to the little girl’s room.”


As she walked to the restroom every male eye followed, including Max. Coming back Max observed that she stood very straight and seemed to be proud of what she had. She had made no effort to close her shirt.

The wraps arrived and they ate these without incident. Max and Eva actually watched the game for a little while. Eva had spun in her seat to face out and able to see the closest TV. Guys kept looking at the expanse of leg flesh she was displaying.

As the third quarter was almost over and the game beginning to look like a Bearcats win, Eva spun, leaned over and whispered to Max, “Tell me to go to the little girl’s room and take my panties off.”

Max leaned over, kissed her deeply, and whispered, “Go take those ugly panties off. I want to see that lovely fat pussy.”

“Are you ordering me?”

Max thought and realized she wanted to be told. “Yes that is a command.”

“Yes sir.”

Again, all eyes followed her to and from the rest room. When she got back to the table she walked up to Max, wrapped her arm around him, placed her legs on either side of his, kissed him long and hard, and as they finished she took his hand and placed it up her skirt. Max found a very damp opening. She kissed him again and reached down and pressed his finger into her slit and Max felt the shutter of an orgasm. They stayed like that for a couple of minutes before Eva stepped back.

She bumped into a man and said, “Sorry.”

“No problem lady, we just wanted to say hi to Mister Rayburn.”

Max said, “Hi guys. Funny bumping into you guys. Didn’t know you guys were Bearcat fans.”

This large black man said, “Yes sir. A long time now. We don’t want to bother you, just wanted to say hi. Looks like you are having fun.” He looked Eva up and down.

“This is my slut for the night. Baby this is Marvin and Earl.”

“Hi Baby,” Earl said as he extended a hand. “Can I call you Baby?”

“You certainly may,” Eva smiled and then shook hand with Marvin.

“These men are on my crew. Been with me a long time. I owe them a lot. Least of which is a beer. Want to join us?”

“We wouldn’t want to intrude,” Marvin said. “Looked to us like you had it going on.”

Max smiled, Eva frowned as Max said, “We need a break anyway to see the end of the game. Don’t we baby?”

“Whatever you say Mister Rayburn.”

“Guys pull up a chair.”

As the guys found a chair, the server was again there. Eva had struggled on the chair and again realized how hard it was to get on without flashing. Before she had the advantage of having panties on. This time there was no protection. This was before she had laser treatment on her pubic area. It was all blond peach fuzz covering her lips. The server got an unobstructed view until she could pull her skirt down. Eva told Max later that flashing the server was both humiliating and exhilarating. The first time she had experienced being an exhibitionist.

The guys sat across from her with Max and Eva sitting together.

The server came back with beer and did his best to find the view he had left. Eva opened her legs slightly to let him glimpse that thing he wanted to see so badly. Again she felt that feeling of excitement her exhibitionism could produce.

Marvin and Earl stared without inhibitions at Eva cleavage. Earl said, “Mister Rayburn, we really think more of you. Your taste in women is impressive. We saw Baby coming back from the restroom and followed her. Boy, are we impressed she is with you.”

Max said, “Thank you, Earl. Baby is impressive isn’t she. Baby stand up and give this a twirl so they can see how impressive.”

“Yes sir,” Eva said. She slid off the stool with no concern that the skirt pulled above her slit and revealed her goods. She made a slow turn and stopped as her back was to them, reached back and pulled the back of her skirt up a couple of inches. It was just enough so that they could see the start of her bottom. “What do you think guys?”

“Impressive Baby!” Earl said.

“Yum,” Marvin said. “Mister Rayburn you are the man.” He raised his hand to give Max a high five.

Eva completed her turn and started to struggle to get back on her stool. Marvin said, “Let me help you.” He reached under her arm pits and lifted her like a feather onto the stool.

“Thank you Marvin, I wore the wrong skirt for these stools.”

“No mam, you wore exactly the right skirt as far as I am concern. I love your stylish blouse.”

Eva smiled clearly liking the attention, pressed the side of her tits forcing them together, “You mean this old thing. I have been meaning to throw this away. I lost the buttons tonight. They just popped off. I have had just one wardrobe malfunction after another. Think anyone is offended with my appearance?”

“No mam, gaziantep escort bayan videoları I don’t think anyone minds. In fact, I think you have provided far more entertainment than this place has seen in a long time.”

“Thank you, Marvin. You are sweet.” Eva tapped him flirtingly on the arm. Max wrote in his journal this was the first time he had seen Eva flirt.

“Marvin, Mister Rayburn has a lot more pull than we do,” Earl said. “The server seems to be here all the time. Thank you Mister Rayburn for the beer.” They all clinked glasses and had their beer.

When the game ended Marvin and Earl got up shook hands with Max and said, “Well we have wives waiting. Nice to meet you Baby.” They shook hands with Eva and left.

“Nice guys,” Eva said.

“Yes they are and were very impressed with you. Wonder what they would say if they knew you were my wife.”

“Tonight I am your slut not your wife. Now let’s get out of here so I can show you just how slutty I can get.”

As they left the bar, Eva wrapped her arms around Max and pulled it between her breasts, with his hand on her crotch. He could feel the heat through the fabric.

When they got in the car, Eva popped the catch of her bra, which was in the front, pulled Max to her and kissed him hard, pulled her skirt to her waist, again placed his hand her heat pussy. She gyrated with a big orgasm. “That felt so good, I am so hot, I don’t think I can wait to get home.”

Max said, “Why wait, I will hurry but you can start without me.”

Max started the car and drove home while Eva masturbated herself with her finger and then her whole hand. She was moaning and almost out of her mind. As soon as the garage door was closed, Max jumped out of the car, opened her door, pushed her over the hood of the car and slammed into her hard and fast. In no time he filled her already drenched pussy.

With this release, they walked into the kitchen, stripping off clothes, and with Eva spread on the bed, Max entered a second time in five minutes but left it there without moving.

“Eva, did you really enjoy tonight?”

“I was so humiliated but so turned on, it was unbelievable. I couldn’t understand it but I liked all those men waiting me. Just thinking about it, ah, ah, gives me an orgasm. I am a very bad girl. I am your slut, aren’t I?

“Yes you are.” Max started to move slowly. Eva was out of her mind. “I couldn’t believe you wanted to stay when that button popped off.”

“I did want to leave but couldn’t make myself. I needed for those men to see my bosom, ah, ah, …,” Eva moaned.

“And when you came back from the bathroom and flashed the server, my guys and the room?”

“My pussy exploded from the excitement of showing itself to all those guys, aah, aah, oh that was a nice one. Did you feel it?”

“Oh yes and feel this,” Max said as he came for the second time in the thirty minutes.

They stayed awake for another hour just talking.

Max wrote in his journal that he didn’t think Eva knew what was happening to her but was running on instinct. It was like she was fighting with herself and wanted Max to take control.

From Max’s journal, Max’s takes Eva to a work site

Max writes in his journal that Eva was more relaxed the Sunday morning following the night at the sports bar. She was more outgoing and loving than ever. He realized that part of her being withdrawn was sexual frustration. She laughed more and treated him more lovingly. Then Tuesday morning he could sense a little reversion to the more reserved Eva. On his way to work he tried to come up with an event for the next day. The problem was he had to work late. He considered it all day and realized his problem was the solution.

On his way home, he stopped by a thrift store to buy what he needed for the next day’s adventure. He found a pair of white vinyl hot pants and a red bandana front tie halter top made of a thin clingy material. He thought they both would fit but be snug. He decided he wanted to find her boundaries. He wanted the outfit to be more risqué than the one she had worn Saturday night at the sports bar. He paid all of fifteen dollars for the outfit.

The next morning, he left her a package with the outfit in it and a note. The note said, ‘Ok let’s see how much of a slut you are. Come to the work site at 660 Lancaster at six wearing this outfit. Nothing but these two items and shoes. Take a taxi as you will come home with me. Remember how much fun Saturday night was. Are you game? M’

Eva related the following to him that when she read the note, her first thought wasn’t would she do it, she knew she would but wonder what the M meant. Did he want to be called Master or did he mean Max? She decided he meant Master.

The property he had Eva go to was a large two story residential home. When the taxi pulled up he was on the second story where he wanted to be. When she got out of the taxi he was shocked. He estimated her sizes incorrectly. The top barely tied in front. The material was so stretched that it outlined her full breasts and covered less than half of the mounds. Her tits showed out the top and bottom. The hot pants were at least two sizes too small. She was leaning over to pay the driver and half her ass cheeks were showing. She gave the driver cash. There were no pockets in the hot pants so she must have guessed right how much she would need. When she turned, he was even more shocked. The zipper in front wasn’t even half way zipped up and the crotch was pull up so that her labia were peeking out either side. He was shocked she decided to come with this display of flesh.

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