Lucky Traveler

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction. However it is based on a true story to which the author was privy, although not one of the principles. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Angel Love for her editing to make this a better story.

There was no doubt about it. She was not a beautiful woman. Cute, yes. Attractive, yes. Sexy, yes. Beautiful, no.

But it didn’t matter really. There is something that draws me to any woman, whether it is her face, her boobs, her butt, her legs, or just a mannerism such as the way she walks or tosses her hair.

I had been sitting in my van in the parking lot of the park for almost 30 minutes when they drove up. There had been other vehicles but this time there were two minivans and they were obviously together.

Since the funicular tram to the top of the park was closed for safety inspection, I elected to park my van in as advantageous a place as I could to spot the trains idling downgrade as well as those working hard to pull their tonnage to the peak, still some few miles to the west. Without the low grade of the Horseshoe Curve, they would never have made it, even with the helper sets that were pushing from the rear or sometimes cut in mid-train to pull the second half.

The vans pulled up into the parking spots just to the left of my vehicle and the drivers, both young females, came around to the right side of their respective vans and helped their passengers, obviously physically and mentally disabled persons, stepped out of the vans. I watched for a few minutes but was distracted by the sound of screaming dynamic brakes as a train came roaring downgrade at only about 30 MPH. I zoomed in and snapped off several shots as the engines rounded the curve.

By the time I turned back to my right, the women and their charges had headed toward the railroad museum. I was again engrossed in making pictures as the group returned less than a half hour later. They slowly piled back into the vans and the drivers got in and headed for the exit … I thought. Moments later, the two vans pulled around in a circle and stopped, one behind and offset from the other, and the drivers again got out. They opened the doors to let in the cool breeze and the passengers sat and watched the passing trains.

The driver of the second van caught my eye for the first time as she got out of the van, because she hesitated with one leg still in the van and the other on the ground, leaving me with an excellent view of her well-shaped ass encased in her somewhat tight-fitting jeans. She was little and blonde and nicely built, at least from the back side.

She and the other driver, a heavy-set woman of maybe 35 years, stood together talking about whether to stay and let their charges watch or take them “home.” I continued my train watching, undeterred by the vans except for my thought about the blonde and her firm bottom. I switched my camera angle downward and to the left just enough to snap several photos of the little blonde.

Then she turned and spotted me taking pictures. As if she was ruining my shots, she quickly apologized and headed to her van to move it.

“No! No, please, don’t. You’re not in my way. I have a great view above the van and it doesn’t show up at all in my train pictures.”

She shut the van door and took a couple of steps toward me. “Are you sure we’re not in the way?”

“I’m positive.”

As an explanation, she said “We bring these people from the home where they live every so often. They like to watch the trains but mostly they just like to get outside for a while.”

“I understand,” I said. “It’s very nice of you to do that.”

“We were disappointed we couldn’t ride to the top today. You too?”

“Yes, you don’t get as good a view from down here but … what can you do?”

She laughed … and I quickly snapped her picture.

“Why did you come here?” she asked.

“I just like to watch the trains and this is a great spot.”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it. Where are you from?”


Her eyes widened. “Really?”

“Yes, I’m heading home but taking my time.”

“That’s nice. Well, we’re going to have to get these folks back home. Have a good trip.”

“Thank you.” Then with the second driver just a few feet away, I mouthed to the blonde, “You are beautiful.”

Her face lit up, she tilted her head and with a big smile said, “Thank you.”

“May I take another picture of you?”

“Really? You want a picture of me?”

“Yes. Please,” I added in a slightly begging tone.

She backed a couple of feet from the van and posed for me while I quickly focused and snapped the picture. Once again I whispered, “You really are beautiful.”

This time, with a beaming smile, she charged the van and, before I could react, had stuck her arms and head into my window and gave me a tight embrace. Wanting to return the hug, I moved my left arm and accidentally brushed against her small but firm breast.

“Oops!” she said, but the smile on her face said there was no malice.

I şişli escort got my arm around her and pulled her to me tightly, regretting that the van door was between us. With her head lightly on my chest, I whispered in her ear, “Yes, you are truly a beautiful woman.”

She backed away, the smile on her face indicating that she appreciated my sentiments. With a little wave she turned to her van and started to get in. Then she seemed to change her mind. She fiddled with something for a minute or two, then turned and hurried back to my door.

“Where are you staying tonight?” she asked.

“Somewhere in town but I haven’t reserved a place yet.”

“Would you like to get together later?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

Thrusting a piece of paper at me, she said, “When you get settled in, call me. I get off work at seven o’clock.”

Then she turned and hurried back to the van. She gave me a quick smile and a wave and they were off.

When I checked into a motel that evening around 6:15, I called and let her know where I was and she promised to meet me when she got off work. Sure enough about 10 minutes after seven, there was a timid knock on my door. When I opened it, she was standing there holding two bottles of icy Coke.

I asked her to come in and she offered me one of the bottles, saying “I didn’t know what you drink but I don’t like alcohol so I took a chance that you’d like this.”

“That is just fine. Won’t you make yourself comfortable?”

Surprisingly she walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. She opened her Coke and took a long swig, then screwed the cap back on while her gaze seemed far away. She said, “I need to say some things before … well, before anything happens.”

My heart sank and I thought, “Yeah, she came this far only to get cold feet.” I sat on the edge of the bed beside her, careful that I did not touch her … yet.

“I live in this town. I was born here, raised here, went to school here. I got married here.”

Suddenly my heart dropped off a cliff.

“And then I got divorced here too. The town only has one junior high and one high school. You know every kid in the school by the time you’ve spent a couple of years there. And no one ever forgets you. When you pass anybody … ANYBODY … on the streets or in the stores, they want to stop and catch up on whatever you’ve been doing. Yes, they’re nosy people but they’re … well, it’s just their way of being friendly and showing that they care about you.”

She looked at me with a very serious countenance and I nodded as if I understood. “If I date someone, everybody in town knows about it before long. There aren’t many secrets here. Understand?”

I nodded again.

“That brings me to my dilemma. I like men … and sex … but … if I date a local man and have sex, I would soon have a reputation as an easy girl. All the guys … the wrong guys … would hound me to death, trying to … you know, get me to have sex with them. All the women, on the other hand, would hate me because every one of them would be absolutely certain that I was having sex with her man. Even if I never came close to him. I’ve seen it happen.”

Again I nodded when her eyes searched my face. She continued “But … well, I’ve been thinking all day about … about meeting you today and … and what you said to me and … I am so-o-o horny and I … I need someone to hold me so bad. And, honey, if you wouldn’t mind doing it, nobody would think anything about it because you’re from out of town.”

The last words came out in a torrent, words tumbling on top of words as if she was afraid that I might cut her off before she said what she wanted to. Instead I set my drink on the table and with both arms, gently engulfed her. That must have been the right move because she melted into me as if she was hot butter and I was a cookie mold. After a couple of minutes of just holding her tightly, I tipped her head up and gently kissed her lips. That lasted several seconds but I felt her tongue tentatively probing and opened my mouth. Our tongues were soon intertwined and the kiss was demanding … from both of us.

Somehow she twisted herself around, without ever breaking the kiss, until she was sitting in my lap, her smallish breasts pressed against my chest. I held her tightly with my left hand but let my right begin to explore her back, from her typically broad shoulders down to a rather tiny waist and then out to her hips and finally around her magnificently round buttocks. The more my hand explored the more she sighed into my mouth.

I know she felt my arousal. There was no way to hide it, even if it was still in my pants. It pushed up at her, hoping to break free of its confinement only to find a more loving and forgiving confinement in her.

Although she kept one arm around my neck and her mouth covering mine, she twisted again and pulled my roving hand up to her breast. This time her sigh was also audible as she pushed the little globe back into my hand.

Her nipples tuzla escort were incredibly responsive. Although I had always preferred large breasted women, none that I had the privilege to touch were nearly so sensitive as the little blonde’s. As I rolled and tweaked and pulled on her little buds, she squirmed until I was afraid I was going to drop her.

She had broken our kiss long enough to pull her shirt over her head and lose her bra, then helped me get rid of my shirt. Now with her becoming so active, it was time to move on. I unfastened her jeans and began to work them down her legs while she lifted her bottom on cue to help my efforts. I would have liked to take time to admire her flat little belly and the cute flowered panties that just barely covered the required parts but she was impatient to get them off so I stripped them off her legs and tossed them away.

Picking her up, I placed her carefully in the middle of the bed, then lowered my head until I could tease and suck her little nipples, supporting my weight with one arm while the other hand frantically worked to remove my pants and shorts.

By the time I was naked, she was begging me to fuck her but I wasn’t ready yet. I quickly licked a wandering trail along her ribs and stomach and into the patch of almost transparent hair that covered her abdomen and upper part of her pussy. Without much gentleness, I sent my tongue into the top of her slit and nudged her engorged clit while the fingers of both hands had closed on her respective boob and were pummeling her little faucets.

I hadn’t completed the second circle around her clitoris with my tongue before she grew board-stiff, stuttered, “I … I’m … I’m cuuuummmmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg!” and shuddered for several seconds as a stream of cunt juice flooded my face.

When she finally relaxed again and her muscles went limp, she said, “Oh, god, oh, god, that was so good. Please fuck me.”

But I wasn’t ready for that yet. I still had more pussy to explore, more exotic tastes to sample, even more orifices to verify.

By the time I was finished and ready to move on, she had cum twice more and told me, “Baby, I’ve never had my ass licked before. Do you like that?”

“Very much,” I responded.

“Me, too,” she sighed with feeling as my cock slid into her relaxed and slick pussy. She pulled her knees up, trying to take as much of my probe as she could and I think we both felt it when my balls slapped against her pretty ass.

Resting on my forearms with my hands under her shoulders, we kissed long wet kisses while my penis made wet slurping noises as it slowly pumped in and out of her cunt. Twice before I came, I felt her shudder again under me as waves of orgasm rolled through her body. Finally my balls could stand no more and began shooting spurt after hot spurt of sticky white cum into her loving pussy.

For a long time we lay facing each other, just hugging or sometimes kissing. I realized before long that I could easily fall in love with her, if it weren’t for the heartache that our age difference would ultimately bring. I didn’t know for sure how old she was but I doubted that she was much more than 30 and maybe not even that yet. I, on the other hand, was retired after 42 years in my career, and was past my 64th birthday. I knew that there was no way that a young woman such as she could last with an old man like me, no matter how good the sex was now.

Still that thought didn’t prevent me from enjoying the moment. And when the moments turned into minutes and then nearly an hour while her fingers worked magic on my cock and balls, I was ready for more action when she asked, “Do you like to … you know, do it in the ass?”

“Oh, yes!” I replied with feeling.

“Great. I’ve always wanted to try it like that.” She reached for her purse on the bedside table and withdrew a tube of personal lubricant. With enthusiasm, she applied almost half the tube to my cock and worked another gob into her ass before I took over that job.

As I gently worked a finger deep into her bowels to stretch her sphincter, I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, honey. I’ve used a vibrator in it thousands of times but I never had a man do it with the real thing.”

I felt her relaxing and eased a second finger in with the first. As she opened up, her moans and groans of pleasure told me she really did want it. With her face on the mattress and her ass high in the air, I got to my knees between her spread legs, pointing the big purple head of my cock at her opening. I tried to push forward as gently as I could but she still grunted from pain twice.

Nevertheless she said, “Come on, honey, don’t stop. Let me have all of it.”

With a few more short strokes, I pulled us together and pressed the very last of my shaft into her. I could feel her tight little sphincter flexing around my shaft and it felt magnificent beyond words.

“Oh, baby, I am so full!”

“Is it a good full?”

“Oh, yeah! It’s better than I ever pendik escort imagined. Let’s go really slow and make it last.”

So I began to stroke, pulling out until the rim of my helmet made contact with her muscle ring, then pushing back in slow motion. It was like walking in water: you can’t do it fast even if you try. And for the life of me I didn’t want to. I knew that, having cum once already, it would take quite a while for my balls to work up to another ejaculation. It felt so wonderful, having that tight little ring sliding up and down my veined member.

And from the sounds coming from her, she was feeling about the same. Every so often I reached under her and teased her clitty and was rewarded four times when she quaked through another climax.

Inevitably I began to concentrate on my own pleasure. I began to accelerate my strokes, until I was banging into her ass hard with every down-stroke. With my balls being stimulated from slapping into her pussy they began spewing cum like an old-time blacksmith’s bellows spewed air into a hot fire to make it hotter. She moaned and then climaxed a final time.

Ten minutes later, she had cleaned me up with a wash cloth and snuggled into bed with me, spooning her little form into the hollows of my body so that I held her in my arms and was aware of every inch of her form where I touched her: feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, back, shoulder blades, arms, blonde hair all over my chest, and the top of her head where my chin rested. I was asleep in seconds.

I awoke in the morning to the luscious feeling of her hands roving over my already-erect prick. When she saw my eyes open, she said, “Good morning, sweetie.”

“Hello, beautiful.”

She giggled. “I’ve gotta run some errands before I go to work today and I wondered … would you like to fuck me this morning?”

“You bet!” I said enthusiastically. “How long do you have?”

“Not long, hon. Would you like to do doggy style?”

I scrambled around behind her and was soon inside her already wet pussy. I still managed to make her cum twice before I filled her cunt with my first load of the day.

The motel shower was a little tight for the two of us but we tried it anyway. I couldn’t keep my hands off her tits and before long she had her legs around my waist riding my cock again to one last cum. I was willing to settle for seeing her cum but then she dropped down and pulled my cock into her mouth. Between sucking on the head, massaging my balls with her left hand, and stroking the rest of my shaft with her right hand, I blew a load down her throat in a few minutes.

She stood up looking like the cat that ate the canary. “I’ll catch hell for being late but I don’t care.”

We were dressed and ready to leave when she asked, “Do you think you’ll be back this way?”

“Yes, but unfortunately I don’t know when.”

“That’s okay. Just call me when you come if you want me to meet you. Wherever you stay.”

I kissed her and we headed to our respective vehicles. “I will.”

And I did. It wasn’t often but for the next 22 months, I set aside time to make the trip every second month, making sure to leave three nights in town. True to her word, she met me every time I called (it wasn’t until the call before our third meeting that I learned her name was Kelley, but names didn’t seem to mean much to us).

I think she stored up her need for sex each time until I arrived and then she was nearly insatiable. No matter what I suggested, she was ready to try it. And if it didn’t seem to work, she squirmed and twisted until we found a mutually satisfying connection. And she became an anal fanatic. She loved being ass-fucked, no matter what position we chose to use.

But then came the dreaded “Dear John” statement when I called to tell her about my trip, which would represent our second year anniversary. Kelley said, “Oh, honey, I’m so glad you called. I have some wonderful news to tell you. I’ve met a man … he lives in a town just 13 miles away … and he’s asked me to marry him.”

“Did you say yes?”

“Yes, I did. We haven’t set a date yet but I think we will soon.”

“Kelley, I’m very happy for you, just as long as you love him. I wish you a very happy life.”

“Thank you. I can tell you more of the details when you get here. What day did you say you’d arrive?”

“You still want me to come?”

“Of course!” she said. “I still want to get together with you. I really can’t wait until you’re here.”

Well, I was puzzled. But I went through with my plans, taking two days to make the trip and arriving right on time. I called Kelley after I had checked in and she arrived at my motel early. She was so eager to … what? To tell me about her fiancé? To fuck? Maybe both as it turned out.

She was even more eager to fuck than normal and I began to wonder if I had just dreamed about her telling me that she had become engaged. But no, we were laying together kissing after a very satisfying fuck when she said, “Let me tell you about Tim. He’s 31, just a year older than me, but he is so nice. He teaches school in Claysburgh. We met when he brought a bunch of his students to sing for our patients. He asked me out and we just hit it off right away. Unlike my ex, he is very kind and considerate. He took me to dinner and we’ve gone to the movies and I always have a good time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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