Lunch with Connie Lark Ch. 02

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Her Honor, Mayor Connie Lark sat in her not so extravagant office at the Cormorant Hill City Hall. It was five minutes passed 1am in the morning. Mayor Lark was not attired as professional as one might hope from a mayor. She had on a pair of black, four inch pumps, inside of which contained her freshly pedicured, size 11 feet. She had gotten her toes done on her lunch hour. Electric turquoise this time. He liked turquoise. He had told her via text the evening prior. Sprouting out of the four inch pumps had been her thick legs. Her muscular, dense calves, that just seemed to come along with her size 18 frame. Further on up were her enormous thighs. Huge and thick they were but Her Honor was proud of them. Her naturally large quads were sexy and defined despite her plumpness. A dense and slightly jiggly, huge ass burst out of neon pink panties. A tummy that Mayor Lark was not particularly proud of, provided an interval between her fantastic lower figure and her huge DD breasts that were trapped in the prison of a neon pink bra. The layered, shoulder length brunette hair perfectly accented a warm and inviting, girl next door face.

It was on the top floor of a four story building. The mayor’s office of Cormorant Hills had occupied the entire fourth floor. Her executive “suite” as the staff jokingly called it was extremely modest at best. A large lithograph print of a Great Cormorant covered the majority of one wall. Interesting pictures, memorabilia and décor from her previous tenure adorned the others. The floor had scarlet carpet which was extremely vibrant and Her Honor had picked it out herself.

Connie Lark sat atop her large, rosewood desk. It creaked with her weight and the Mayor of Cormorant Hill sat on the edge of the desk in her intimate attire. Her big legs gently swung down in front of one of the two visitor armchairs that faced her workspace. Slowly and nervously she slipped two fingers into her neon pink panties. Her clit throbbed and her cunt was moist and wet. She loved Eric Dallas and the thought of this saturated her primary fuck hole. Better yet, the pussy saturation was further amplified by the fact that Eric Dallas loved her. He had loved her for five years but he had been too afraid to show it. Connie began to finger herself thinking about the predicament. Eric had turned down sex the day they had lunch at her house. He had stated he wanted to take it slowly with her and that they had ample time to explore their love for one another. His humbleness and disciplined restraint only increased her lust for his cock. That footjob! The thought of this made the Mayor finger fuck her pussy harder. The young man had cum volumes, like a fire hydrant that had exploded when a vehicle rammed into it. Yes, this foot fetish thing was inevitably going to be a surprising turn on for the mayor who had never given it previous thought.

Eric had left that same day before dinner. He had said good bye and told her he loved her while shoving his tongue in her mouth. They had stood in her narrow hallway for what seemed like an eternity. Today, as she sat in her office, clad in the sluttiest, high hip cut bra and panties she could find, she missed her gentleman caller terribly. Eric had not been seen in the office for three days. It was a prior scheduling issue and he had gone to a conference down south on the Mayor’s behalf as she was attending local events in Cormorant Hill. They had been texting frequently and Eric was driving back into town this evening. He had told her he was heading into the office to lock up some important papers before he intended to head home. Eric had planned a picnic dinner on the beach for them the following evening but Connie had decided she couldn’t wait. Instead, she sat calmly in her lingerie, locked inside her taxpayer funded office. Her Honor had instructed Mr. Dallas to secure the important papers directly in her office safe. In reality he would be securing her delicious size 11 feet in his throat and maybe, perhaps, she would secure his throbbing cock in her mouth.

There in the darkness, on the fourth floor, in an office with a rosewood desk, sat the Mayor of Cormorant Hills. She waited calmly for her lover, like a spider waiting patiently for dinner to land on the web. She would taste him alright. She would taste his beautiful dick and he would gag on her feet and bask his mouth in her wide, nectar producing cunt. 1:23am and her phone’s text message alert rang off in the dark office. Eric was messaging to let her know he was pulling into the building’s parking lot. He stated that he missed her and that he couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow. Connie Lark’s wet, throbbing pussy had saturated her neon pink lingerie. A bead of her juices had escaped, slowly dripping down the rosewood paneling of the desk. She removed her fingers from her pussy and licked both of them clean. Calmly, she kicked off her black pumps which fell the 16 inches to the scarlet carpet below. Her Honor grinned as in the silence of night, she heard a car pull into the parking lot four stories down.

* * * * *

Eric Dallas exited his Lincoln sedan at well past 1:30am in the morning. The parking lot of the small government building was completely Şerifali Escort deserted except for his car. Exhausted, he walked up the steps to the side entrance and struggled to swipe his access card on the door panel. Eric was carrying a plethora of important papers, statistical reports and county legislative proposals in a large cardboard box. He uttered a relieved sigh as the little green light illuminated and he opened the door to head up four flights of stairs.

Slowly and steadily he ascended, thinking about which he would like to do more at this moment; sleep for a day or have Her Honor get frisky and perverse with him. Several times he had gotten blue balls on his drive back to Cormorant Hill. His wonderful new girlfriend had been texting fairly explicit things to him and he had almost stopped twice to tear open his pants and jerk his throbbing dick to a photo of her feet she had sent. The thought of his cock between the bright, indigo-turquoise toes and the size 11 high arches was almost too much to comprehend. He had figured that an impromptu masturbation session would result in him spraying cum all over the leather interior of his Lincoln. Reluctantly, he had decided against it. He had often eaten his own cum after masturbating and for almost five years he had masturbated to the thought of licking his seed off his Mayor’s feet. A wonderful fantasy this was, that he had recently made a reality.

As Eric Dallas headed down the fourth story hallway, past the cubicles and executive offices to the Mayor’s suite, thoughts of passion faded out of his mind. He simply wanted to secure his paperwork as instructed and go home. He reached the mayor’s double office doors after walking through the secretary’s waiting area. Gingerly, he cradled the heavy box and unlocked the door. It was dark inside and casually he fumbled for the light switch on the wall. Triumphantly, he flicked it on and the room illuminated.

Eric looked up and immediately saw who was waiting for him. In tremendous surprise, he dropped his box of important articles. Papers spilled out everywhere over the scarlet carpet. They spilled out rapidly, much like Eric was wishing his now erect dick would spill out of his pants. A bumper sticker that read VOTE FOR CONNIE hit his crotch on its fluttery descent to the carpet. Connie Lark was grinning on her perch at the edge of the taxpayer donated desk.

“Shut the door sweetie,” she whispered. “Lock it behind you, take all your clothes off and sit in this armchair. I want you to spread your legs wide when you sit down so I can get a look at that nice thick dick.”

“Your Honor, this is your office!” Eric pleaded.

“Do it now Eric and call me Connie.”

Eric Dallas did as he was told. After locking the door and stripping naked in the mayor’s office he walked slowly over to her and began to smile nervously. He went to kiss her, to put his tongue through her inviting, lipstick coated lips. Instead, she playfully pushed him into the large, velvet upholstered armchair. His cock and balls were full of sperm. Sperm that was just aching to spray out for his goddess. His penis pointed up at her and veins stood out among the shaft. His cock bobbed lustfully for his woman’s attention.

Gently, Connie put her size 11 feet on his face. Eric gasped and started to breathe faster. He ran his fingers all over the warm and inviting soles and toes. He clutched her firm ankles and made his way to groping the large, muscular calves. The wonderful calves that had just enough density and flabbiness in a perfect balance. Her legs were perfection defined.

“You can lick them, suck them and worship them if you want Eric.”

He began to suck on her toes one by one and paid special attention to her large, newly pedicured big toes. He put those two in his mouth and sucked them like lollypops. Eric worshipped these wonderful size 11 feet, ran his tongue over them from heel to toe. His grip on her calves went away and he had begun to grab for his cock to begin stroking it.

“No,” Connie exclaimed. “I’ll take care of that Eric. Please open your mouth nice and wide so I can shove my foot down your throat.”

Eric obeyed immediately and gagged as the painted, turquoise toes wriggled in his mouth against his upper soft palette and tonsils.

“Suck them good Eric,” She said. “I want them sucked like you want me to suck on your dick. The better you worship my feet, the better your release will be.”

Connie’s other size 11 foot made its way to his throbbing cock. She now had one foot rammed in his mouth as her other skillfully tortured his cum filled, glistening balls. Eric squirmed in the chair but Connie’s powerful leg and foot kept him mostly still. Finally, after enough teasing, she gripped his cock between her big toe and her middle toe and began to stroke the shaft up and down. It felt so warm and wonderful to have on her feet. Connie’s pussy was quivering with juices and excitement and it was obvious that Eric was somewhat enjoying his torment. Unexpectedly, she removed her left foot from his mouth but kept the right one pumping his dick.

“Tell me what you want Eric.”

“I want your Göztepe Escort feet on my cock and in my mouth Connie.”

“What else do you want Eric? You better be honest with me or I swear I’ll never let you cum.”

“I want,” he began. “I want you to put my dick in your mouth. I know you’ll suck it good. I’ll bet you’re just phenomenal at sucking dick with your thick lips and large cheeks.”

“I am Eric,” she laughed. “I would suck your dick so amazingly I don’t even think you’d last a minute. In fact, I love giving head, so long as you love the surprise at the end.” Calmly, she kept pumping his dick with her right foot.

“What surprise Connie?”

“Tell me more of your fantasies Eric. I want to hear about them.”

Eric spilled the beans about every single dark fantasy he had in the last five years. Connie listened intently as he gushed nervously about his enjoyments of eating his own cum. She giggled and sporadically interrupted him by shoving toes in his mouth and pumping his erect dick with her opposite foot. He told her it was even better when she had made him eat his sperm off her legs and feet. She listened intently as he told her about his lust for ass play. Perhaps she would someday use a butt plug on him, he told her. Perhaps she might even get a strap on and fuck him with it. Connie thought intently and became wet at the idea of shoving a dildo up Eric’s butt. Maybe, she thought, she would even force him to suck it, in fact, she might make him deep throat it until he gagged. She giggled as Eric was obviously enjoying his current gagging, not on a dildo but rather a beautiful pair of size 11 feet.

“Really Eric?” she said excitedly. “That’s a lot to divulge. I definitely know what a good cum whore you can be after you’ve drenched a big lady’s legs and feet in your nut. I hope that will continue. Will you continue to be my little cum slut? I’m glad you’re so honest with your anal fantasies Eric. I definitely think I can arrange something, but for now I have very special plans of what I’m going to do to you tonight. Now, be a good boy and lay on the floor for me.”

Eric laid on the scarlet carpet. His erect cock was a lustful monolith that stood sharply aimed at the ceiling. Connie sat her large ass down between his legs and draped her thick legs over his. Eric strained his head up to see his big beauty. It appeared to Eric that she was rubbing lotion all over her juicy thighs.

“I’m greasing and oiling up my thighs,” she began. “I’m lathering hand lotion from the bottle on my desk. As soon as I’m done, I’m going to sandwich them around your dick. I want you to hold my calves against your chest for leverage and then I want to see you fuck my big thighs. I want to see you make love to them like you will eventually do to me. Do you understand what I want Eric? I hope you do.”

Connie’s big, greased quads locked around Eric’s cock. He cried out and almost came. Connie’s thighs were warm, huge, greasy and inviting. He could hear the lotion squishing between them. The audible and physical effects of this sensation caused a generous amount of pre cum to ooze out of his throbbing member. In the mayor’s suite, lying on the floor, Eric wrapped his arms around Connie’s dense calves. He began to buck his hips and his cock began to pump between his girlfriend’s thick legs. Eric uttered a soft moan and his eyes rolled back into his head. Her gorgeous big feet stretched up to his face. Eric could see the immaculate, turquoise toes and licked them eagerly with his tongue. Eventually, he gained control of himself and he fucked Connie’s thighs slow and steady. Sweat had formed all over his body and he looked down with relish to see his cock pop up between Connie’s big thighs at every thrust of his hips. It did not take Eric long to establish a leg-fucking rhythm. He began to moan louder and louder and he quickened his pelvic thrusts as his glasses fogged.

Connie Lark was enjoying this spectacle. With one hand she supported herself and with the other she used her middle finger to strenuously pleasure her vagina. She had slipped the soaking neon panties to the side and her finger jackhammered in and out. Sometimes she would playfully pinch her clitoris as Eric’s penis would pop up like a never ending jack-in-the-box between her lubed legs. She watched as Eric began frantically fucking her legs, clawing madly at her calves to get as much thrusting leverage as possible. Connie began to moan loudly and finger herself more aggressively. Eric was uttering primal grunting noises until she rammed her size 11 foot back into his mouth. He pulled on her muscular leg and Connie drove her foot further into his throat. His eyes were watering behind his fogged glasses and beads of sweat began running down his cheeks. He made a horrible gagging noise. At the same time his pre cum and lotion coated dick sprouted up yet again from between her thighs. Connie climaxed violently. The small of her back arched and multiple juices ran down her greasy legs. Her wonderfully layered hair had become a sweaty sticky mess. It fell over her face, in saturated strands creating a picture of unparalleled whorish beauty. Quickly and still Ümraniye Escort trembling, she removed her legs from their chokehold on Eric’s penis. She did not want him to cum just yet.

“Please!” Eric pleaded. “I was so close! It felt so fucking fantastic with your thighs on my cock and your foot rammed in my mouth.”

Connie slipped out of her panties and tore Eric’s fogged up glasses from his face. Before Eric could get off the floor she sat her huge ass down on his face. She flipped herself around so she was facing his cock. Her greasy ass cheeks enveloped Eric’s face and muffled any of his cries for protest. He groped wildly at her thighs and butt. His struggle was in vain as her weight immobilized him. His legs kicked but then settled and Connie became wet as she heard his suppressed grunts and moans from underneath her decadent ass. Eventually, Eric calmed down and placed his hands firmly on her butt.

He began to lick and slurp. Gently, Connie began to ride his face as Eric ravenously suckled, licked and slurped her moist, cider tasting cunt. Accidently, he might have tongued her asshole as well and this sent a chill up her spine. She began to use his face as an oral sex fuck station. The combination of her cum, lotion and his pre cum and facial sweat made riding his face extremely pleasant. She played with her huge tits and pinched her nipples as this wonderful new boyfriend of hers ate her out.

The mayor’s second climax was a messy one. Connie could hear Eric’s barely audible screams as he groped her ass passionately. His toes curled as Connie arched her back and came rivers of nectar over his face. She could feel him lapping it up and swallowing it and that made her cry out in ecstasy. When her orgasm was over, she got off of his face and sat down between his spread legs. She draped her huge calves over his thighs. They were both covered in oily sweat. Eric was laying calmly on the scarlet carpeting. His penis stood proud, bobbing and firm.

“Baby,” she began. “I want you to sit up and look at me because I’m about to give you the best cock sucking you’ve ever had in your life.”

Moaning, Eric flexed his abs and slowly peeked up at this big beautiful woman. She was covered in sweat and lotion. He gripped her calves with anticipation and his cock throbbed with how wonderful and warm her legs felt in his hands.

“Open your mouth Eric.”

He obeyed this order immediately. Without any prior warning, Connie shoved her balled up neon panties into his mouth. The taste was much different than the flavor of her magnificent feet. The panties were soaked, like a wet sponge and when Eric bit down on them some of Connie’s pussy juice drizzled down his throat. He grunted and before he knew it, Connie had his dick in her mouth.

Her Honor was an extremely talented and naturally gifted cock sucker. She had not given head in almost 4 years but her skills were still quite sharp. She was quite flexible despite her large frame and this enabled her to suck her boyfriend’s dick sitting up, with her legs over his. Eric’s dick was getting sucked quite well. Connie was alternating between a rapid, up and down piston motion of her head on his cock, to a slow and tender slurping of his thick shaft.

Eric was squeezing Connie’s calves and grunting and wailing with the pantie gag in his mouth. It was indeed the best blowjob he had ever received in his life. It was even better that she was making direct eye contact with him as she suckled his penis. Sometimes she would smother it between her huge tits as she sucked it and that felt more amazing.

Connie began increasing the audible noises of her cock sucking. What began as a slow slurping and licking, quickly became an extremely loud gagging and salivating. Eric’s cock was becoming a messy rod of Connie’s saliva, mucous and lipstick. It became heavily coated in this wonderful goo as she continued to suck and play with his balls. Every now and then she would pull out his dick and spit on it for lubrication. She sucked Eric’s dick so greedily that her eye shadow and make up ran down her cheeks in a slutty display. Retching, Eric spit out the saturated underwear that was residing in his mouth.

“Connie!” He screamed and groped her big legs. “I can’t hold it anymore!”

“I want you to cum in my mouth Eric. Give it to me now! Fill up my mouth with your hot seed!”

“Oh fuck!” he wailed.

Connie’s beautiful mouth and lips locked down on his now slime covered penis. Eric’s hips bucked as the first cum surge went straight into Connie’s mouth. He screamed and grunted each time a successive blast went off, adding to the oral cream pie. His hands groped her massive calves a little harder each time he shot a rope of cum into her mouth. Moaning, Eric could see that Connie’s beautiful, girl next door face had been turned into that of a dirty whore. Her hair was sweaty and matted. Her eyeliner ran in streaks down her cheeks. Caked lipstick and saliva was smeared all over her mouth. She was a big, beautiful woman with fairly large cheeks and each time Eric pumped cum into her mouth it caused her cheeks to swell outward. Eric could not see any sperm escape the corners of her mouth despite the force of his uncontrollable ejaculation. Eventually, still secured in her mouth, Eric’s cock stopped twitching and surging as the final drops of jism escaped his cock head. When it was over, Connie cautiously removed his limber cock from her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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