Lust Artifact Ch. 02

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Quick upkeep, I decided that future chapters will require specific dates to better keep timelines together. Each chapter from this point on will contain these dates.

Saturday, March 26

8:32 AM

The next morning Connor woke up splayed across the bed, lifted himself grabbed a pair of shorts and a pull over hoodie. He threw on his shoes and jogged out into the morning, 10 mins down the road and back, trying to piece together what came over him yesterday. He hadn’t even greeted his wife before his lust took over. He reached his front door after his jog, entered, and headed to the kitchen. Quickly drinking a mug of coffee, and grabbing a shower, before finding himself sitting in his office. He again picked up the antique, feeling the heat in his cheeks, he nearly threw the antique back on the desk, in a rush to remove the object from his hands.

Connor leaned forward starting his laptop, he pulled up the page he found the antique on, reading over the item description again. A few rereads later, no answers, and a slight headache was all he achieved.

10:25 AM


The doorknob turned slowly opening as Britney poked her head into the office, her shoulder length blonde hair bounced with a hint of curl. A new hairstyle she got while shopping yesterday with Cassie. Cassie her cousin, moms’ side, from aunt Jess.

“Well, what do you think?” Britney spun to show off her hair

“It looks great, princess.” Connor responded his distraction heavily penetrating his voice. Connor hadn’t been able to help himself the minute she entered his eyes darted to her legs. Running his eyes from her black ankle boots with a 3′ heel, to the dark tan hose covering her legs, all the way to noticing how the heels lifted her pert ass, clearly shaped by the beige sweater dress hugging her tightly.

Britney noticed his eyes looking down, not meeting her head to look at her hair. Figuring him to be distracted by work she swayed over Lefkoşa Escort to his desk, jumping up to sit on the desk next to him. His eyes shifted straight over to her legs as she crossed her nylon covered legs.

“Daddy, what’s got your mind tied up today?” she asked quizzically

“Nothing Princess, just been stuck for a few days.” Forcing his eyes away from her legs.

“Nope, don’t believe that.” She shook her head side to side. Bouncing her blonde locks around “Now what’s really up?”

“Really am just stuck, its j-just this stuck is a little different than usual.” His eyes finally met hers. “I’m not so much stuck with words or how to frame a story, it’s more like I’m stuck with the whole idea. Almost as though I don’t understand how its going to work at all.”

Britney leaned back on the desk moving her left hand to brace herself. As her hand reached the desktop, her fingers grazed something, it rolled towards the edge. Connor jumped forward as quickly as possible grabbing the rolling object. Now standing he held the antique up feeling the heat rising in his face. He froze just long enough for Britney to reach out playfully grabbing the antique from him.

“This is new! What is it though?” She quizzically held the object. Turning it around glancing at its indented features, her cheeks feeling a rising heat.

“It was on an auction site.” Connor’s hands had dropped to his sides as his daughter took possession of the antique, raising his right hand to take the object back, the back of his knuckles dragged against her hose clad knee. “It was supposed to be cursed, I…thought I could…use it for research.” His hand stopping its journey up to hers, opening and sliding down her shins rubbing the nylon. “But so far it’s been useless to me.” His hand moving its way up to her thigh.

“I’m sure it will.” Her legs parting as his hand grabbed into her thigh, so high up, his index finger pressed into Kıbrıs Escort her feeling the lace panties underneath her nylon. “’s probably just writers block, like you told me, when…uh… I started writing. Uh… it’ll pass.” Light moans escaping her lips as she softly spoke. Her fathers hand voraciously pressing into her crotch, rubbing her with such force she felt her pussy lips split. Britney’s legs uncrossing as she slid her hips to the edge of the desk.

“Yeah your right… it’ll work its way out soon.” Connor pressed himself against his daughter’s right leg, softly grinding against it, while his hand dug into her hose clad pussy. Britney raised her left hand into his chest, their eyes met briefly before she turned her head away from her father’s line of sight. His left hand grabbing her waist pulling her into his fingertips.

Connor worked his fingers into her feeling the moistness increasing. They stayed this way for 2 more minutes before, Britney coming to her senses, gave her father a light shove before running out the office door, the right side of her dress still pulled up showing the bottom of her ass cheek. Connor paused contemplating what happened, scarred he had screwed up irreversibly. He quickly jumped towards the door, moving quickly upstairs, his heart racing. The fear inside creeping in, how could he have done that to her.

Reaching her bedroom door, he paused again. Light moaning coming from the other side. His erection twitched, his hand turning the knob, it was locked. Britney’s moans getting louder, He wanted to see, the heat rising. Connor unable to find his voice to call out, dejected, he moved to the bathroom, turning on the shower. He entered the shower and stroked with all he could muster. 10 mins later he exited the bathroom, the fog leaving his mind, went to Britney’s door. Finding she had left while he finished in the shower.

7:45 PM

Panic rising in Connor, Girne Escort his daughter still gone after the earlier events. He worried that their relationship, one he cherished, was over. No more would she come to him for advice writing, no more dad daughter time chatting. She had always been his princess, but for now he would have to worry about how to say sorry.

8:15 PM

Connor started making dinner the thought of what would happen when his wife found out now making its way into his mind. What if she had already called Miranda? He prepared himself for the worst, his wife coming in angry with his actions toward their daughter.

8:30 PM

Connor finished dinner plated it and laid out the meal on the dining table. He sat waiting for his wife to come home. The front door opened, Miranda making her way to the dining room, she kissed his head before sitting down. Connor taken aback, his worry settling, she was far to calm for Britney to have already called her.

“Brit, home?” she asked quizzically.

“She left earlier.”

“Oh, where was she off to?”

“She didn’t say.”

“Strange she normally tells you.” Her matter-of-fact statement, causing Connor’s heart to drop.

“Yeah, I think I… upset her earlier. I went to apologize but she was gone by time I got there.” His exaggerated truth fishing for any knowledge she could have.

“Well just make sure you talk to her tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” his interest piqued.

“You’re going to be a little busy tonight; I hope you didn’t think last night was a 1-time thing?” Miranda winked as the last words left her lips.

Dinner finished quickly, and after they were in the bedroom with fervent desire. Miranda moaning loudly as Connor pounded her, the bed springs audibly bouncing with each thrust. The quickened pace stopping only to change positions, after 20 mins, Connor pulled out as Miranda dropped to her knees. She grabbed his cock shoving it into her mouth, her tongue sliding down its length. Her head bobbed while her right hand twisted and jerked, coaxing his release. A few minutes passed before his erection stiffened, releasing his cum down her throat… Much like the night before they collapsed, exhausted falling to sleep.

To be continued

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