Lust for Breeding

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


They fit perfectly, the canine kissing the hyena-like anthro on the neck, though Hokori was far, far from just a hyena. Her pear-shaped body was blockier around the shoulders, betraying her strength, though her tail was that of a Komodo dragon, thick and functional, reptilian heritage lining her frame. The park stretched around them, clad in Autumn splendour, the shades of the fall season wrapped around them and perfectly complementing the hues of their fur.

“Unff… Yes…”

She growled, eyes alight, a crest of red hair flowing back atop her head, fiery like her personality. Hokori had not had any idea that her walk in the park was going to end up in such lust, for the hybrid anthro had not even realised that she was in heat, a growl on her lips and passion in her heart. As the temperature became a little less favourable, day by day, she had braved it all in a pair of shorts that stopped just below her knee, though they were easy for the dog to push aside as he nuzzled into her neck.

“Mmmph… I think you like this, hm?”

He didn’t need to ask that, lighter and gentler than the kind of anthro that she usually went for, though Hokori could not stop her heart from pounding as he pressed up to her, groping her breast, sliding his paw down and down and down to the crook of her hip. Even their fur colours matched up well, though they had not planned it that way. Koma, Koma Bloodpaw, had simply approached her in the park, the dog with a soft smirk and quirk to his head, tilting it to the side. Do you want to? He seemed to ask, though eyes of that intensity had something more to say than anything she could honestly have expected in any way, shape or form.

She should have sent him packing, should have turned her back on him, but the patterning of his fur had caught her eye for a moment: a jogger out clearly on a run while the autumn leaves tumbled down around both, all at once. It was a moment to be enjoyed and luxuriated in for the changing of the seasons, yet her eyes had landed on his fur patterning, like that of a German Shepherd, almost, but with a darker shade of red, black and tan, as if he had been dipped in something far more mystical.

Hokori had liked that. She’d liked that rather a lot.

With the lake stretching out to their right, more in the open than they had any right to be, Koma smirked and licked at her neck, using every trick at his disposal to coax the flames of her lust in the right direction. It had not taken his sensitive, canine nose any time at all to scent out that she was in need, growling softly, licking her cheek, enticement dancing in the dog’s eyes. Yet it was Koma who would have to lead her, for the hybrid hyena was by no means going to stalk down it without a little incentive.


His paw crept into her loose shorts, not tight enough across her hips to hold back the encroach of his paw, feeling for the softness of her folds, how her body rocked up more and more urgently into the teasing push of his fingers. She wasn’t wearing any underwear down there and, with the fall of leaves flitting down around them, relinquishing their grasp on the trees of Autumn, he knew that he had Hokori, the name he had managed to tease from her, right where he wanted her. Who could have known that his jog was going to turn into something so much more? The dog smirked, licking his lips, tail wagging faintly. Yes, things were coming together nicely, though his need pushed out at the front of his more comfortable jogging shorts, his shirt already non-existent. It was as if he had known that something was going to happen out there in the park that day and had not been able to resist from the get-go!

What the two of them did not know was that they were being watched, but their hooved comrades in lust had not yet met each other. A stag (at least, all there would only know Akurah as a stag and no more than that) with a magnificent autumn ruff of foliage around his neck stood watching, chuffing and grunting softly, blending into the trees with his shaded orange and brown garb, splashed through with reds and yellows. He was not just a stag, of course, but a deity of the forest, though even one such as him, in a feral body with the majesty of his forest wrapped around him, could travel from time to time. The park was on the outskirts of a large city, sprawling through the suburbs, but those taking non-anthro style bodies were normal there, integrating with society. Akurah, with mushrooms growing in his ruff and moss draping sweetly over his magnificent antlers, might have preferred the deep forest still.

But izmit seks hikayeleri the stag did not know whether his eyes should have been fixed on the rather strange duo before him, the anthros who had quirked his attention, or the horse watching them. At first glance, the horse was male, though there was a set to the draft type equine’s hips that suggested more, let alone the faint scent on the air. Akurah watched intently, wisdom lying behind his gaze, though the equine grunted sweetly right there before him, not seeing the stag who had taken up position where he would not be noticed, as long as he was quite still and quite quiet.

Siegfried, the horse, was somewhere between, a horse who used male pronouns and yet still felt the fire of having a pussy and a womb between his thighs. It ached deep inside him, deep in season, whimpering and curling his upper lip back, though all Siegfried wanted to do was to spread his legs and present himself. That part of his body and mind still relished in the simple desire and need to be bred, to be taken, the fire of aching heat tingling through his body.

The horse groaned, a paw drifting between their thighs, feeling out the front of their crotch, pressing in, though they had worn heavy enough clothing for their need, surely, not to be all that palatable through it, or so they thought. Their coat colour was a rich bay speckled through with a lighter tan on their front, a dark muzzle almost mealy at the edges, their hands and fetlocks both a luxuriously dark shade. Siegfried would not have called themselves a stud, yet the passion in their body and how their pussy winked and pulled, displaying the typical mannerisms of a mare in season, could not be denied, grunting and arching back, tail flagging up, even then.

“Ohhh… Damn it…”

His head swam with lust that was his to bear and not at the same time, eyes fixed on the couple, the hyena hybrid, for they were obviously not purely a hyena, pinned back against a tree. Before his eyes, the female slipped down to her knees, her head against the rough bark of a tree, though there were no needles on it, not a conifer but some kind of deciduous tree that was losing its leaves in the season. He needed it, Siegfried’s body responding when his nostrils twitched, sucking in that scent, the heat of sex in the air, watching intently as the dog pulled down his shorts to reveal his throbbing erection.


Siegfried couldn’t help themselves, not as the hyena took his shaft hungrily into her mouth, folding her lips around it and sliding them deep, the moan of her lust rising even then. It should have been muffled and yet it was not, the horse hungrily admiring their lust, wanting so very much to be a part of it themselves. Their pussy winked and twitched, dripping and drooling more of their arousal with every passing moment, a hitch in their throat as they tried to take in as much breath as they possibly could.

But it was not enough, not even as the stag softly moved towards him, his cloven hooves sinking into the soft loam where there was no path. They were off the path, to the side, a thicket of trees to their back, yet not as far from the “happy” couple as they could have been as Hokori’s head bobbed furiously on the dog’s cock, the unformed knot at the base heralding even more fun between the two of them.

“There’s a need in you, horse…”

Siegfried would have jumped, but the equine’s legs quivered too badly with breeding need, spread a little and braced apart as if they expected to be mounted right there and then. Their winking folds might have been hidden by their clothing but there was no way to deny the thick scent of “mare” in the air, though that would have, perhaps, been the wrong way to describe Siegfried. Yet who was supposed to find all the right words in the heat of the moment, Siegfried swinging their head back and forth, grunting and snorting in short, sharp bursts of breath.

“Who…” He grunted, eyes wide with a scared rim of white, lost in their need, the flowing of their juices soaking their underwear. “Who…are you?”

“Akurah,” the stag said, head pulled back proudly high as if to make their antlers reach to the sky above. “Deity of the forest. It is your fortunate day, dear, for there is a need in you that I can fill. What is your name, oh one in need?”


It was not like him to be so lost for words, not at all. The horse trembled, quaking in place, though their need was not to be denied. It was hard for that to happen when the excitement of their arousal was practically soaking through to their outer layer, the thicker, canvas-like trousers that they had donned for their chunkier frame no longer doing quite the job that they had wanted them to. Siegfried groaned, eyes half-closed, the stag lowering his head, nuzzling at his backside as if everything that was happening there was perfectly normal, eyes drifting to them. But he neither minded an audience or someone who did not present as he expected, only seeing the need in the horse, the brace of their legs. Scenting that their womb was ready to be filled, to swell with the birth of new life, well…that was something that Akurah could simply tell for himself.

The stag licked his lips, larger than the equine, though he did not need to speak loudly or behave brashly to exude his quiet, calm dominance, the king of his domain. Siegfried shivered, the horse wanting to press his legs closer together, but it seemed that he could not conceal the secret between them anymore.

“Oh… How did you…”

He wanted to ask, but the stag nuzzled him gently, kind dominance in his eyes. For Akurah knew just when a willing slit and womb was waiting for him to breed, the stag’s nostrils twitching as the god of the forest took his rightful place. Besides, it had been a long while since he had majestically cowed such a fine equine under his belly…

“Take them off, dear.”

Akurah did not want to force the horse, though they had attracted attention, as much as the equine might have liked to fly under the radar in that regard. But the equine was amenable, down on all fours, whimpering, snorting, making adorable grunting noises that were both mare-like and stallion-like at the same time. But all the stag was interested in was the sweetness of the horse’s pussy, the winking folds, how they tugged and pulled in an open demonstration of their need. Sweetness flowed forth, dripping and drooling over their clit, Siegfried whimpering, taking off his shirt, body muscled and thick with a power builder’s physique.

And through it all, the equine had not been able to hide one part of themselves that they had had to come to accept too, even if they had not been actively bred before. That was all to change, Akurah licking his lips, his sheath plumping out with his length of shaft, though his large, swollen balls were a little more obvious in his need too, tucked up where his hind legs joined his body. They would have more than enough contained within them to seed the horse full until cream dripped from that pussy, trickling down their folds, painting their clit too with a glistening of erotic arousal.

The moment was right, exactly as it needed to be, even if things between all of them could hardly have been said to be conventional in the slightest. Everyone had the right kind of audience there in which to share their lust, though Hokori, enjoying the length of the dog’s shaft, was not present in the wider moment enough to tell. All she could focus on was the hot length of cock powering over her tongue, driving lightly into the back of her throat with every strong, powerful thrust of the canine’s hips. He took her proudly, dominant without exerting a single drop more energy than he had to, as if Koma was so confident in his dominance that it came naturally to him.

“Unff… Yes…”

The dog growled, though he would not have stopped his tail from wagging, openly showing his enjoyment, Koma leaning in, his paws braced on the tree above her. It did not need to be done, though the hyena-Komodo hybrid could not restrain herself, starving in her lust, groping his thighs, paws going around to his backside, squeezing, tugging his shorts down further still. To have him all clothed was not what she wanted, not when prickling, aching heat crawled through her, her heart pounding more vehemently than she could ever imagine it doing ever before.

She had to have him, consumed by blinding lust for the dog, the tightness of his glutes, how they were contracted and larger with the swathe of his lust rising through. His moans caught her, though she could not help but notice just how his attention wavered from her, cock throbbing, dripping pre-cum lightly onto her tongue. Hokori might not have liked that his eyes were on another, but she would have him inside her and pounding her pussy soon enough, taking everything he was for herself, even as the twinges of desire had her wanting to be on her back, her pussy taking his cock however he pleased.

Domination and submission snarled against one another within a predator like her and Hokori could not fight it forever, the submissive soul in her wanting to be down on the ground, moaning for it, enjoying the feel of his cock on her tongue. Her tongue was a little flexible, long enough to wrap around his cock a little, but that was her Komodo dragon heritage at play, her long, thick tail swinging back and forth. Resolutely, she curled the floating, wafting tip of it, which seemed to be made up of less physical matter…but that was not for anyone there to worry about. Hokori was a stranger soul, her body not something that they could understand, though all would come through in time.

She rumbled a growl around Koma’s cock, the dog resting a casually dominant paw on her head, drawing her down deeper, though she swore that his knot was already swelling, ever so slightly. Was he that randy already? She needed it, though it could not be helped that their desire came paw in paw with one another, slurping on his length even as Koma grunted and closed his paw around his knot, squeezing gently.

“Yes… Just like that,” he breathed. “You can’t see it, but…mmph… There’s a couple over there, a horse and a stag… Oh, wow… The stag had his nose under the horse’s tail… Mmm… You can smell their need from here. He’s got such a big dick. But there’s only going to be one cock plunged in you today.”

Hokori shivered. Oh, yes… Yes. That was what she wanted, all that she wanted. She had to be his one, his only, even if he was going to get turned on by others. The dog groaned, rolling his hips, thrusting harder and faster, though he was still warming up.

“I bet you’ll have as much cream drooling from you as that horse over there has,” he whispered huskily, hips working like a piston, cramming into her maw, holding her head in place. “Soon… very soon… Mm, you’re so hot, so needy… Maybe we’ll meet again, maybe we won’t, but you’ll have a reminder of me growing in your womb after I’ve filled you.”

While Hokori trembled under him, he let his attention wander, skin prickling, though his hackles raised a little, not quite settling under the force of his lust. It was hot, too hot, to watch the stag slurping into the equine’s pussy, how that thick, fleshy fold of flesh spread around his tongue. He would have wondered how the stag’s tongue might have felt on his cock, but he was more into those of the female persuasion, ones with a hot pussy between their thighs — just like the horse. How one identified was of little worry to him, if all were comfortable, and he licked his lips, nose quivering, need rising with every pulsing, pounding beat of his heart.

The hyena hybrid was too hot, however, his hips rising, pumping, drinking in the scene even while she stole the show. Her tongue swirled around the tip of his cock, teasing the sensitive flesh, though she had him right where she wanted him too, grunting deep in the back of her throat with need. Yet what Hokori craved was the flow of his cum down her throat, rubbing his thighs, shoving his jogging shorts down even further to make sure that she had as easy access to his balls as possible. With them in her paws, she squeezed lightly and caresses, trailing her fingers over the back, though the two of them didn’t have all that much time to understand the intricacies of each other’s bodies. Not when their lust was so high, Hokori’s eyes half-lidded while Koma lost control.

“Ah… Fuck!”

He couldn’t hold back and it was with a howl that the dog climaxed inside her mouth, though it was not like one orgasm was going to have him at all out for the count. No… He had stamina and could go again very soon, even if his cock would soften slightly between rounds, arching his back and pumping his hips while he spent ropes of thick seed straight down her throat.

Siegfried was not in much of a better state, not with the stag’s tongue curling into their pussy, teasing apart their folds even as their sex could not help but wink and pull. That tongue felt too good, making their head spin, though the scent of the earth was in their nose too, so peaty and heady. He moaned, rolling his head from side to side, though that could not work out the kinks and the tension in his vertebrae, need rising with every pulsing breath, every heartbeat…and more still.

“P…Please…” He begged, eyes half-closed, their nose dipping more and more submissively towards the ground, not caring that they were out in public, only needed it all so very desperately. “Please… Breed me… Fuck me… Ohhhh…”

“Mmm, don’t you worry, little pony.”

Akurah, even though he was a deity, was not about a little teasing from time to time, taking on a more playful air. It was good to toss his head, to lap up the equine’s juices from his lips, where they had soaked in a little more to his muzzle. Oh, the scent… It had his cock hard and randy, his balls aching and churning, like nothing else ever could, though it had been a long, long time indeed since he had had a horse. Not that Akurah was lacking in sexual pleasure, no, not by any means, but the variety that he took from the world around him on his travels was the spice of life.

And right then and there his body quaked with the urge to breed. His nostrils puckered and flared, snorting and huffing softly, though a toss of his head had the foliage and moss around his neck fluttering and shifting slightly, his antlers tall and proud. The need of the equine was exquisite, their taste delicately clinging to his lips, yet the breeding need in him was not something that he wanted to set aside at all. He was there, out in public, showing himself as proudly as he had ever been, grunting in the back of his throat as he pressed on,

“You’ll climax when my shaft is deep inside you, sweet one,” he breathed, his nose close enough to the horse’s backside that he could scent their need as his breath washed over their soft, sweet folds. “Hold out…for your bliss will be even more powerful for it.”

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