Lust in La Jolla Ch. 04

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Black Breeding

Chapter 4 – In the Car with Kari

Jake enjoys a nice ride back from the airport.

Sunday August 31

Near the baggage claim, Kari Johnson stood in front of the arrivals display screen with her best friend Maria Alvarez.

“Damn” Kari exclaimed “the flight has already arrived — its way early!”

Actually, it was only 15 min before the listed arrival time, but Kari and Maria had just arrived themselves and didn’t know that they still had time before the passengers made it to the baggage claim area. They rushed to a line of limo drivers holding up name signs near the bottom of the escalator that arrives came down, and Kari held up her own piece of cardboard with Jake Schwann scrawled in blue magic marker.

“Jim owes me big time for this one!” Kari scowled “Can you believe I have to stand here with a stupid sign, so I can pick up his stupid nephew who doesn’t even know me? I don’t even know what he looks like — I don’t ever remember him in any of Jim’s family photos … Jim just said he was a little pudgy and wore thick glasses when he moved away ten years ago.”

Jim had been Kari’s stepfather for the last 7 years, and despite her irritation at her present predicament, she actually liked him very much. She also understood that Jim had only asked her help on this because he had little choice: he was a fireman and had been called away earlier that afternoon on a emergency — a wildfire was spreading rapidly out by San Bernadino, and all available firemen in Southern California had been mobilized. On top of that, her mother had flown to Phoenix to visit her own parents over the long holiday weekend, so it was left to Kari to make the trip to the airport. It was Jim who had suggested the sign — he had been planning to use one himself to ensure recognition. Kari had first talked Maria in coming along, and then, talked her into driving since her car had a much better sound system than Kari’s.

“Hey K. — check out the guy up there on the balcony … see him, walking next to the girl in the white top. Is he sexy or what?!”

Kari looked over and spotted the couple in question, and yes, Maria was right, the guy was definitely a hunk — tall, dark, and very good-looking, not to mention the fact that he had a body to die for.

“Yeah, he’s hot … but I bet he’s also taken — I doubt that’s his sister he’s walking next to.” They watched the couple closely as they made their way to and then down the escalator — clearly, they had eyes only for each other.

“Alright, enough sightseeing. Where’s Jake?” Kari said quietly as she held the sign higher.

When Jake and Jenny reached the bottom of the escalator, Jenny heard a “Hey Jenny!” and turned to see Kathy approaching. Kathy was smiling at her broadly as she came up to them, but when she noticed Jake standing close to Jenny, she stopped cold and stood there a moment with her mouth open.

“Hi Kathy! Thanks for coming!” Kathy nodded, but didn’t stop looking at Jake. “Oh, let me introduce you two — Jake, this is my friend Kathy. Kathy, this is Jake, we met on the plane.” Jake reached forward to shake Kathy’s hand, “nice to meet you”, which roused Kathy and she shook his hand and mumbled “you too”, and then turned to Jenny and raised her eyebrows in a questioning way.

“Well, I gotta go now” said Jenny, stepping close and turning to face Jake “thanks again so much for helping me.” She leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek, but Jake had turned towards her and their lips met for a long moment. They parted for an instant, and then came back together for an intense open mouth, tongue-twirling kiss. The kiss went on and on, and Jenny’s arousal soared as Jake’s long tongue penetrated her eager mouth, exploring her softness there. Their bodies also came together, and Jenny pressed herself tightly against the rapidly growing firmness against her lower belly, wanting more. Finally, Kathy coughed loudly next to them, and Jake broke the kiss.

They smiled at each other, and Jake said “I’ll be talking to you soon …”

“Uh, yeah … talk to you soon,” she panted. Her face flushed and her nipples very visible through her top, Jenny turned to Kathy, said “Let’s go!” and turned and walked quickly towards the door, rolling her carry-on beside her. Kathy scrambled to catch up, completely floored by what she’d just witnessed and puzzled greatly by Jenny’s abrupt departure, which seemed strange and rude to her. On the car ride home, Jenny would explain that it wasn’t rudeness but her fear of losing her last vestige of self-control that drove her to the sudden exit. She didn’t add that she also felt extremely self-conscious that her extreme arousal was so publicly visible — she was sure everyone would see her erect nipples and the large wet spot in the crotch of her shorts.

While Kari scanned the crowd for an overweight guy with thick glasses, Maria had moved a little closer to surreptitiously spy on the scene maslak escort with the couple meeting the woman. She had been surprised when she thought she overheard the man introduced as Jake — what an odd coincidence, she thought. She was enthralled by the hot kiss — right there in the middle of the crowd — and then was completely stumped when the two women left, leaving the sexy guy named Jake standing there alone. No way, it can’t be she thought to herself.

She quickly returned to Kari and said “Hey, you won’t believe it — I heard that guy’s name is Jake, and the blonde he was with took off with a friend. Maybe he’s your Jake!”

“Oh come on — you’re pulling my leg right?”

“No really, I’m not. See, he’s looking around now. Show him your sign!”

What the heck, Kari thought can’t hurt, and she walked towards the man with the sign held out. On his next scan, Jake saw her, and broke into a big smile, “Hi. I’m Jake Schwann. I was expecting my uncle Jim.”

Holy shit, it IS him. And he is so HOT!

“Hi, I’m Kari — Jim is my step-dad. He had an emergency wildfire call, so he asked me to come pick you up.”

“Hi Kari — nice to meet you!” Jake said, stepping forward to shake her hand. He took her in with one quick glance: she was short -about 5’2″ – and was wearing a bright pink short-sleeve top with a plunging V neckline and a very short jean skirt. Although she had a somewhat heavier frame than Jenny, she was very fit and perfectly proportioned with wide hips and large full breasts. Her straight honey blonde hair just brushed her shoulders and framed her lovely round pixie-ish face — warm brown eyes, a petite nose, and a small mouth with full lips.

They stood there looking at each other in slightly awkward silence for a few seconds, until Maria cleared her throat loudly from where she was standing just behind Kari’s right shoulder. She had been taking advantage of her anonymity to check Jake out thoroughly from head to toe, with special attention to the very noticeable bulge in his shorts. He must have a raging hard-on from that kiss, she thought, but in fact Jake was only semi-erect.

“Oh, I’m sorry … Jake, let me introduce Maria, my homie.” Maria stepped forward.

“Hi, handsome!” she said with a slight accent and a coy smile that had a hunger behind it. She stood with her fingers hooked in the belt loops of her supershort jean shorts, her shoulders pulled back and her chest thrust slightly forward, inviting Jake’s gaze. Her firm tits swelled bralessly beneath grey knit deep-V top, and her nipples hardened visibly when she saw that he was checking out her chest. Jake quickly forced his gaze to meet her dark brown eyes, and was smitten by her sultry dark beauty. She was one hot Latina, and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it.

Jake stammered “H-h-hi Maria, nice to meet you”.

“OK, shall we get going?” Kari prompted, “You must have some bags to get …”

“Actually, I’ve got quite a lot of baggage to collect” Jake replied, “Nearly all my worldly possessions — well, those remaining after my purge. Let’s get a couple of these carts to pile them onto.”

As Jake retrieved bag after bag from the conveyer, Kari and Maria stood by the carts and talked about Jake every time he was out of earshot.

“Did you see the way he kissed that blonde he was walking with — it started like a light peck, but they got hot and heavy, let me tell you,” Maria said, “By the time they broke it, she was flushed and her nips were sticking out like … I dunno”

“Probably like yours,” Kari interjected. Maria giggled and continued, “Well, it was so obvious she was hot and ready. And then, she just left with her girlfriend. I don’t get it.”

“Really? ” Kari answered, “I missed all that — I guess I was looking around for him then.”

“And I bet you didn’t get to check him out when he came over, either,” Maria continued, “let me tell you, I sure did! No question, he’s got a nice big one in those shorts!”

“Chrissakes!” Kari complained, “Can you behave yourself here? He’s my cousin, you know. Well, my step-cousin, anyway.”

Despite her protests, Maria’s descriptions together with her own continuing visual assessment of Jake standing 30 feet away triggered that funny tightness in her lower belly that were the first signs of arousal. When it came to sex, Kari was like a long distance runner — not that quick out of the gate, but she could keep going a long time.

Maria, on the other hand, was a sprinter — her nipples were hard, her clit was throbbing and she could feel her wetness soaking her panties.

“Come on, get real, girl” Maria replied, “A step-cousin isn’t anything … you’re no more related to him than I am.” She stopped at that point, because Jake was walking up with the last of his bags. Both carts were piled high, and there were a couple more on rollers.

When they got to the car, Jake looked at the large pile sarıyer escort of bags and then at Maria’s 2-door Toyota Celica coupe. “OK, this will be interesting” Jake stated with a sigh. While he began loading, Kari’s cell phone rang — her father calling to tell her that he had to stay with his crew that night, and he wasn’t sure whether he get back tomorrow or not. Hmmm … just Jake and me alone in the house, she thought, and he’s basically a stranger I don’t even know. What if he takes advantage of me? She watched him easily manhandle the heavy bags, his muscular arms flexing with the weight. Hummmph — more likely that I’ll be trying to take advantage of him!, she mused. After 20 minutes of loading and re-arranging, all the bags were finally in the car. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much room left to sit: just less than half of the back seat on the passenger’s side was still available.

“It’ll be OK.” Kari said “I’m not very big, I can squeeze in after you get in. I’m sure we can make it back to Carlsbad — besides, we don’t have any other options.”

In the end, Kari more-or-less sat on Jake’s lap, sideways, with her back against the wall of bags on the seat next to them. Jake sat as far back as he could, his legs somewhat spread, with Kari’s ass wedged between them and resting partially on the front edge of the seat. The biggest problem was Kari’s legs, as there was little room on the window side. She had taken off her sandals, and settled in finally with her knees pulled up and together, very conscious of her extremely short skirt.

As they began the drive back, Kari found that she was in constant danger of sliding forward off the seat, so she put out her left arm to brace against the front seat, which pressed her close against Jake. Jake could hardly believe that yet another sexy woman was, essentially, in his arms. In all his time in the Mideast, nothing — and now, two on the first day! While Kari was looking forward, he glanced down, first enjoying a nice view down Kari’s low cut blouse and then on down to Kari’s thighs and the jean skirt which was riding very high. Maria was watching Jake in her rear view mirror, and could not help but tease “Hey Jake – after being away so long, I bet you’re really enjoying the scenery!”

Jake quickly looked up, “Yes, San Diego is just beautiful.”

“So, Jake” Maria continued, “Are you going to tell us about that hot blonde you were with when you came from the plane?”

“Oh, ummm, well …” Jake blushed as he realized that Kari and Maria apparently had seen him kiss Jenny goodbye, “I, ummm, met her — Jenny is her name – on the plane. She had the seat next to me, and we, ummm, got to know each other pretty well on the long flight”. He decided he didn’t need to go into Jenny’s fear of flying. His thoughts returned to the hot goodbye kiss — and how Jenny pressed her body against his — and his dick began to swell again.

Kari had said nothing, but was watching Jake’s face intently. She pictured herself as the recipient of that kiss, and felt that distinct tingle in her pussy. Up close, he was still gorgeous. His upper body was amazing — broad shoulders and a deep chest with perfect muscular definition under his tight knit t-shirt. She squirmed a bit closer to him again, moving her right leg a little so it came against his groin — as it turned out, directly in contact with Jake’s stiffening tool. Omigod, she thought, that must be his penis I feel. She debated what to do, but her growing arousal easily carried the day. With every little bump the car went over, Kari’s leg rubbed a bit against Jake’s erection — all her attention was now on where her skin touched his growing hardness beneath his shorts. It felt huge to her, and her excitement grew. She wanted to go further with the tease, and it suddenly occurred to her just how to do it.

“My legs are getting really cramped” she said, “I need to adjust …” and she moved into a cross-legged posture. She made sure her left foot was tucked her right leg, which placed her bare left foot extremely close to the bulge in Jake’s shorts, although not yet touching. This also resulted in her legs being spread open, and her short skirt was wide open. In the waning light of the summer evening, he gazed down at her thong stretched tight across her pussy mound, and could see the contours of her cunt lips under the thin material. Blood pumped into his cock, which strained against his shorts. Out of the corner of her eye, Kari could tell Jake hot gaze was centered between her legs, and this sent an electric charge to directly to her clit.

She shifted ever so slightly, closing the narrow distance between her foot and Jake’s hardness. Her positioning was perfect — her heel now rested near the base of his cock, and she could feel the head with her toes. Oh holy shit — his cock is as long as my foot, she thought. She felt Jake’s body tense slightly under her, but he didn’t take his eyes beyoğlu escort from her crotch. Without a second thought, she decided to give him an even better show.

She took her left hand from the seat back, and her right hand from where it had been resting on her right knee, and began running them slowly up the tops of her thighs, her fingers tracing lightly over her skin. She stopped about 5 inches from her pussy, and reversed direction. When she got back to near her knees, she repeated, this time tracing lower on her inner thighs, and stopping and holding about 3 inches away from her pussy. Jake was watching her every move, and Kari could feel his cock throb against her foot. This time, before starting back up her leg, she pressed her fingers into her thighs and pulled upwards a little. This had the effect of spreading her pussy lips under her thong, and she felt the wetness seep out.

Jake felt paralyzed with his conflicting thoughts and emotions. On the one hand, he was trapped under Kari and she seemed to be deliberately letting him look up her skirt. Even now, as he watched transfixed, he could see a dark wet spot growing on her thong panties. She must be aroused too – and she was pressing her foot right against his cock — could that possibly be an accident? On the other hand, he had just met her — why would she be coming on to him like this? She was so pretty and sexy, he was sure she could get almost any guy she wanted.

Kari’s hands started another trip down the inside of her thighs, and she could hardly stand the tension. She paused again about 3 inches from her pussy, and then leaned her head forward so she could whisper close to Jake’s ear “Are you enjoying the show as much as I am?” He quickly turned to look her in the eye, and she smiled broadly at the look of surprise in his eyes.

“I want you … to kiss me like you kissed Jenny” she stated with certainty. Jake needed no more encouragement, and their mouths came together with magnetic attraction. Kari was so hot, she thrust her tongue deep into Jake’s mouth, exploring, tasting him eagerly. Soon though, he was exploring her mouth, his long tongue swirling and caressing. Kari was now rubbing her foot back and forth along Jake’s cock through his shorts, curling her toes around the head and squeezing gently.

Maria had heard the whispers in the back seat, and watched in her mirror as Jake and Kari kissed passionately. She turned and looked back over her right shoulder — she saw Kari with her legs open and her left hand rubbing her pussy mound through her panties. Within seconds, Maria was back to a full sexual boil, and she had soon unzipped her jean shorts and slid one hand down inside her panties. The thought crossed her mind that she better drive safely, and she moved over to the slow lane and dropped her speed to 60. Just then they were driving through Cardiff, more than halfway home. How far is Kari going to go back there? she wondered.

Just after Maria turned back around, Kari finally broke the kiss. “Better keep your eyes on the show now,” she chided, “And don’t forget, very soon, the audience participation segment of the show is …” and she added with a low moan, “ohhhhh … cumming.”

She was already close. She looked down, so he followed with his eyes. He saw that now she had her left hand right over her pussy, and her two middle fingers were rubbing in a small circle.

She reached out then and grasped his right hand with her own, “Mind if I borrow this?” she whispered.

She pulled her thong to the side with her left hand as she guided his hand down to her dripping pussy. She waited for him to slip his middle two fingers between her protruding lips, and then she pulled his hand towards her hard, driving his fingers deep into her hungry cunt, until his palm mashed against her swollen clit. His fingers had hit her G-spot on the first thrust, and she crashed into an orgasm — she curled up as her abdominal muscles contracted involuntarily, and he felt her pussy squeeze his fingers.

“Ohhh Gaaawwd YESSS!” she cried out. She pressed his hand tight against her until the climax subsided. Wow Kari thought in amazement that was really intense for a quickie. Normally, for her to get to a powerful orgasm required a very long slow build — she’d had quickies before, but they were always quite tame.

Hearing Kari’s cry as she was slowly rubbing her own clit, Maria thought, Omigod Kari came so hard and so fast. She began to plunge a finger in and out her creamy hot hole, bringing herself to the edge. Her need to pay attention to her driving, however, kept her from going over the brink Oh dammit, I need to get off too! I want that big hard cock so bad it hurts.

Finally, Kari released her grip on Jake’s hand, but then leaned towards him for another kiss. Jake thrust his tongue deeply in and out of her mouth, and began to slowly piston his fingers in and out in the same rhythm. Kari’s hips swiveled slightly back and forth in time with his motion, and felt to her like he was fucking her mouth and her pussy at the same time with his long hard tongue. Her right hand now had a new mission: it quickly slid under right leg and replaced her foot on Jake’s cock.

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