Lust in the Rain

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1530, Somewhere in a forest…

The young girl was on her knees and laying out a blanket on the wet grass. It was a black woolen blanket that she had woven and dyed herself just months ago.

Barely out of her teens, she wore a pale green dress that hugged her slightly chubby body and a pair of small brown slippers on her pale feet. She was beautiful beyond words. Her hair was long enough to touch her buttocks and as dark as the soil beneath the wet blades of grass. Her skin was pale on every part of her, save for the parts of her that glowed a lustful pink… Her face was the living portrait of imaginary goddesses long forgotten. Her lips appeared succulent and always hungry for a kiss. Her chin was strong but feminine and delicately shaped, as were her baby-fat cheeks which also seemed to beg for affection.

Lastly, but not least, her eyes were without doubt her most magnificent and heart-stopping features. They were a pure and glistening emerald and a fierce fire burned within them. A single glance from this flawless beauty could be the eternal torment of any man (or woman). And yet here she was, hidden safely away from the vast and hurtful world. She belonged to one and one only….

He arrived late as always. She had first spotted him approaching from the hill, on his horse. Thunder screeched behind the thick grey clouds in the sky, as if to let her know that her mate was near. Her heart began to beat faster at the sight of him. She could almost pick up his scent in the air already. He rode faster as he got closer. She heard his loud commanding shouts to his horse and secretly imagined receiving similar commands from him – her “Rider”. She almost felt the urge to get down on all fours and wait for him to mount her right then and there. But that would be too easy. She was in a very playful mood today….

He stopped his horse a few feet away from her and climbed off, landing hard on the damp earth. He patted his horse and the animal wandered aimlessly around the woods until it stopped to rest.

They stared at each other from a distance for a few seconds. Then he started walking towards her, removing his black leather gloves, pulling the finger sockets out with each step. His boots sank into the wet ground and made a noise as he walked. He was finally standing only inches away from her and she spoke first.

“Take them off!” She commanded.

He looked down and knew what she meant when he saw his boots were covered in mud. He lifted his right leg up a bit and slowly began taking off the first boot. He slipped it off and tossed it onto the ground before placing his black hose-covered foot onto the soft blanket. The second boot came off and then he proceeded to unbutton his black doublet. As he did so, he looked at her. She was watching him with hungry eyes. He looked at her neck. He removed his gaze only to restrain himself from pouncing on her too soon.

His doublet fell onto the blanket and his crimson linen shirt came off next. He was standing in front of her, topless, wearing only his black hose and breeches. He looked at her again.

“Off!” She commanded Bycasino again

He pulled down his hose (yes, men wore stockings in those days) and slipped them off his feet. She looked at his legs. They were strong and pale, and they were contrasted by his black body hair. She grinned as she watched him pull his breeches down. Her eyes followed down to his ankles and then slowly went up again. She stared at his member. It was slightly darker than his pale crotch and she could see it was beginning to grow. She bit her lip and sank down to her knees in front of him. He barely had a chance to react before she wrapped her fingers around his manhood and took it into her mouth. Her tongue was soft and warm and for a moment he stood there like a statue, enjoying the incredible feeling of her mouth on him.

She sucked his shaft for a couple of minutes, sliding her lips back and forth on it, covering it with her saliva. She eventually stopped and pulled it out with a loud slurp. She looked at it. It was fully erect now and it appeared almost monstrous. It was big, thick and seemed to have a life of its own. She could feel it throbbing in her hand.

“You taste better than ever, my love”. She said as she looked up at him and smiled.

He grinned back at her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up to her feet.

“He gets a kiss before I do?” He asked teasingly and planted his lips against hers. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she moaned as his hands slid down her chest and cupped themselves around her breasts. Their tongues made love inside their joined mouths as their hands explored and fondled each other’s bodies. His hands kept their grip on her breasts while hers found their way back to his throbbing hard dick. She wrapped her soft fingers around it and stroked it playfully, pulling at his foreskin to make him moan into her mouth.

This carried on for a long time before his hardness and her wetness could not take it any longer. He lifted her dress and slid his hand up her leg. He found her smooth, wet spot and rubbed her shaven mound.

“No underwear again?” He asked with a grin on his face.

“Just the way you like it, darling.” She replied with a naughty smile.

She moaned as his finger crept between her pink labia and began to caress her little slit. She jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around him. He held her as she began to grind herself on his hand. She kept moaning. She wanted him so much. He knelt down onto the blanket slowly, still holding her. He put her down on her back and crept his way down her body until his shoulders were in line with her knees. He pulled her dress right up to her waist and pulled her legs open. Her wet little slit was glistening with love juice and it started to drizzle. She could feel the drizzle droplets on her exposed maidenhood. He stared at it. She always got shy when he looked at it like that. He could see her pussy lips were pink and puffy now and her slit just kept on leaking her translucent juices. He dove in and started licking her. She was moaning louder now. The feeling of his tongue lapping at her wet pussy Bycasino giriş was driving her insane. He kept licking, she kept moaning and her hands gripped his hair tight. She pushed his face against her and started to smother him with her cunt. Her juices were all over his face now and he ate her out like a starved hound.

He broke free of her grip eventually and positioned himself between her thighs. He pulled her legs over his hips and looked at her. Her dress was still on. He grabbed it and tore it from her chest all the way down to her crotch. Her pale little breasts were exposed and the rain started to come down hard. Her pinkish-brown nipples turned hard and her skin had goosebumps as he ripped her dress completely off her body and tossed it aside. She kicked off her slippers. They were both completely naked now.

“Today I make you mine.” He said to her and kissed her again. His throbbing manhood was sliding up and down her wet labia. She tried to grind herself against it. It was so hot and hard.

“Take me! I’m yours!” She shouted.

He pressed the tip of his dick against her slit and slowly pushed it in between her wet lips. She bit her lip and dug her heel into his back as she felt it. He pushed. She hesitated slightly but her body pushed back against him until the head of his cock slid into her. She started to cry. Her moans sounded painful now. He sunk in deeper. Then she screamed. He could feel something very warm on his member. It felt thicker. Something was trying to leak out but his thick shaft prevented it from doing so. He pushed slightly harder and sunk slightly deeper. The pain continued. Her cunt throbbed. His dick throbbed. Her toes curled and her fingers found their way to his arm. Her sharp nails pierced right into his skin and his blood started to drip out.

He moaned softly from the pain in his arm but he was too focused to worry about it. He was inside her now. The feeling was incredible and yet it was only the beginning. He knew he had to be gentle. She was in pain and he was struggling to decide on how he could ease her suffering. Her maidenhood was gone. Her virgin cunt was weeping joyous tears of blood which had now mixed with her love juices. He kept the pressure on her and forced himself in deeper. The heel of her foot was grinding against his spine now. He looked into her teary eyes.

“I love You.” He whispered.

She was about to smile and reply when she felt it. She screamed. He shoved his thick cock into her, stretching her cunt open. He forced it in hard but he had to withdraw now. Her tight cunt was squeezing the life out of him. So he started to pull himself out of her, just as slowly and just as painfully as he had done going in. She was moaning and squirming on the blanket. The rain was pouring down on them. He eventually slid his dick out of her and she moaned louder as her bloody juices poured out onto the blanket.

Her eyes were shut tight and her body was writhing in a chaotic mixture of indescribable pain and pleasure. She closed her legs and rolled onto her side. Her pussy was still leaking blood which had Bycasino güncel giriş begun to drip down her thighs. He pulled her onto her back again and spread her legs open. He pushed his dick back inside her tight little opening and gently began to push it in deeper.

Her moaning never stopped. It was painful. But it felt so good. She wanted him back inside her so badly, no matter the pain. And that’s just what he did…

Over an hour had passed and the rain did not stop its relentless downpour. Her legs were in the air and her hair was a beautiful mess around her. Her eyes stared into the sky and the pain she had been suffering had suddenly faded. All she could feel now was the hot throbbing rod thrusting itself back and forth inside of her. Her tight maidenhood had been stretched and torn bloody. She was completely open to him now and he rammed her harder and deeper with every passing second.

His dick had been coloured blood red by her battered slit and their thighs were stained. He throbbed inside her and it felt like he was growing bigger with every thrust. Her little love hole hugged and squeezed him. It made wet noises when he pulled out and slipped back in. He kept his rhythm and started to pound her harder. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. She wrapped her legs around him and beckoned him in deeper. He responded by taking her hard little nipple into his mouth as he shoved his shaft inside her all the way until his hairy crotch was slapping itself against her smooth mound.

Her moaning was hoarse now and she slid her hands to his face. His brown hair was soaked from the rain and his cheeks were flushed. His dark eyes were sparkling with lust and he stared at her. She smiled wearily and kissed him. He fucked her and then fucked her some more. The more he fucked, the more he felt like he could do it all day and night. His body was hot and only the hard, cold raindrops kept his sweat at bay. Underneath him, she was partially veiled from the rain and her body was equally soaked by her sweat.

His thrusting continued. They were both moaning now. The rain was growing weaker but their passion was at its peak. His cock was throbbing so hard that it was beginning to sting a bit. Her cunt was being battered and rammed so much that she could hardly feel any pain anymore. The only thing she could feel was the immense pleasure of her lover’s thick manhood inside her. He was completely inside her now. Their bodies were joined and they were one as the rainfall stopped. He groaned as his thrusts suddenly became much harder and faster. She wrapped her arms around him and bit his shoulder. Her legs started to shake and she grinded her cunt on him again. Her body started to writhe again. Time seemed to slow down as her climax took over her and her teeth sank into her lover’s skin. She felt him slowing down. She felt his thick cum inside her. It was hot and it was filling her up.

They were panting and breathing heavily. Their bodies were hot and soaked. He was still throbbing inside her and she was still burning for him. He collapsed on her and their arms were sprawled out. They just lay their for a while, trying to catch their breaths. She had a big smile on her face and he kissed her breast. She looked at him and then he kissed her lips. They both ignored the bloody mess between their legs…


Hope you all enjoyed! 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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