Lusty First Time with My Sister.

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I got my cock stuck in my fly when I was pissing outside my dorm. A campus security guard was walking around the corning and I was taking a leak in the bushes. It was stupid, but I was drunk. When the campus cop said “what are you doing back there?!” I quickly zipped my fly and it cut my cock! The shaft of my cock was actually bleeding. I out ran the cop but my cock was killing me.

Four weeks later I’m about to explode. The worst part about hurting the shaft of your cock the way I did is you can’t have sex, jerk off, get blown or anything else fun. It’s impossible to cum. First of all, girls would think it gross to take my cock out and see a scab from a cut. Second, when I jerk off it irritates it so I can’t even milk my own dick! I’m 20 years old, I play basketball so I work out, I’m hung and pissed off I can’t have an orgasm. I was starting to think any night now I might have a wet dream, but I’m finally healed and I’m ready to jerk off. My roommate is gone. I’m on my computer with my 9 1/2 inch cock in my hand and my phone rings. It’s my sister. I ignore the call and keep slowly stroking my enormous dick. I’m excited that I haven’t cum in almost a month. I can’t wait to see how much I cum. I might even video tape it on my phone. I think it would be hot to have a video of my cock exploding semen. My phone rings again. It’s my sister, again. I press ignore. If it’s something important she’ll leave a message. Now I’m thinking about Kristen, damnit.

If I were home and thinking about Kristen I’d go in her room and beat off on her panties and bras and then put them back in her drawer. I’d fake wrestle with her and smell her hair and body for 2 seconds and leave her alone like it was all a big joke, but then go in my room and stroke my cock while her scent and the memory of how she felt against my body is still fresh in my head. She’s 19 and my only sibling. I’m a good brother, I’m never mean and I give her privacy, but sometimes I get so horny for her I even put a ladder against the back of the house and watch her get dressed. She repeated freshman year of high school and was sent to an all-girl boarding school because my parents thought she had the ability to get straight A’s and she was only getting B’s.

I went to a public high school and go to a state university but she gets the private high school and probably a really good college because my parents think she’s the smartest kid. She’s kind of snobby about that stuff. She thinks she’s smarter than everyone and it gets annoying. That’s why I don’t feel bad spying on her. I tell her, “If you’re so smart why are you 19 and still in high school.” She hates that line. Just so the reader knows, Kristen is 5’4” 110 lbs., has dirty blonde hair just past her shoulders, green eyes, round cheeks with dimples and her nose slightly turns up. Her bra is 34 DD and because my parents make her play a sport every season she is in perfect shape. Maybe I should go home and spend some quality time with Kristen.

As luck would have it; just when I was thinking about Kristen’s body she was leaving a voice mail. I listened to it with a telephone pole sized cock. Her voice made me crack a sinister smile. “Hi Jeff, its Kristen. Bad news buddy, you have to bring the car home. Dad’s car is in the shop and Mom and Dad have plans to go to spend the weekend at Aunt Jenny’s. So, come home as soon as possible. I guess you won’t be having fun this weekend. Hahaha. See you soon.”

I smiled so wide when she was rude at the end of the voicemail. I will be alone with Kristen in a matter of hours. We will be alone all weekend and I haven’t cum in a month. She has no friends because she’s home from boarding karabük escort school and doesn’t know anyone and I’ll be 45 min away from the closest party. I took a deep breath and immediately drove home.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw my Mom, Dad and Kristen standing around eating pizza small talking. “It’s gonna be pizza tonight honey, I’m not cooking. We are leaving in 2 min.” My Mom told me. I hugged my Mom and and told them to have fun this weekend and that I was going up stairs to take a shower. What I really did was go upstairs and worked out. I did as many push-ups and sit-ups as possible and massaged my cock a little to get it as big as possible without cumming. After one hour of working out my muscles were bulging. I’m 6’3” 200 solid muscle, not a lot of body hair, clean shaven, brown hair, blue eyes and a 9 1/2 cock. I put on spandex style lifting shorts and walked down stairs. The shorts stuck to my skin and there was a perfect detailed outline of my huge dick. Kristen was standing at the sink. She was in jeans and an argyle V-neck sweater.

“Need some help?” I asked as I approached her.

“Nope.” She replied as she started to look over her right shoulder. “What the hell are you wearing, weirdo?!”

“I was working out.” I answered and I went in to hug her. I pull her body against mine. The sink is still running and my big strong solid arms are wrapped around her. Her face presses against my chest. “What are you doing?” she asked as she pushed herself away from me.

“I’m just hugging my sister. I missed you” I said and took a few steps back from her. I want her to look at my cock. It’s so obviously huge in the spandex lifting shorts I have on. I have no plan. I’m not thinking, I’m just acting on impulse and I love it. To take control of the situation I pretend to be annoyed and insulted by her.

“Kristen, are you serious? I offered to help with the dishes and then gave you a hug and you treat me like shit. That’s what kind of person you are.” I said with authority and made glaring eye contact with her.

She stuttered at first, “JJJJeeJJJefff, put more clothes on.”

“No, I’m comfortable. Be honest, what’s your problem with what I’m wearing?” I replied.

She turned the sink off and walked into the TV room and I followed. “Why are you following me?” She asked without turning around.

“You never answered my question. Another perfect example of you being rude.”

Kristen entered the TV room and sat on the couch. “Get out Jeff, seriously, go change.” She turned to the TV on and pretended to watch. I stood there with my cock growing and getting even bigger as my sister’s face turned red.

“I won’t leave until you tell me why I need to change.” I said.

“You are practically naked; it leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s inappropriate. Does that answer your question?” She said with a pissed of tone in her voice.

I quickly laugh at her response, “I’m practically naked?”

“Ya, you basically are. You’re just wearing spandex, its gross.” Kristen snaps back. I walk into her view of the TV and say, “You think I’m gross? I think you are beautiful and whoever you end up with is going to be the luckiest guy in the world.” Kristen starts to interrupts. “No, let me finish. You are gorgeous and intelligent; I love you and would never call you gross. I just wanted you to know how I felt about you. Just because you are so incredibly attractive and sexy doesn’t give you the right to tell other people they are unattractive.”

I stare down at her. She looked flattered, confused and uncomfortable. “I think you are really handsome, karaman escort but can you please change?”

“Is it because you can see the outline of my dick?” I said without hesitation. I couldn’t believe how far I was pushing this situation.

“She had a lump in her throat. She swallowed and said, “Ya”

“It’s just a dick Kristen.” I said and I pulled it out. Her eyes widened and jaw dropped. It was like the wind had been knocked out of her. I walked up to her and said, “Grab it; it’s not scary or gross. I promise.” She looked down and didn’t say anything. She was breathing heavy. I reached out and grabbed her right hand. She didn’t resist me lifting her arm, but when I tried to have her wrap her hand around my boner she clinched her fist. She kept her head down and still hadn’t said a word. I rubbed the back of her hand against my warm long solid shaft. I rubbed it back and forth, from the tip of my cock to the bottom and continued to do that slowly for about 10 seconds. Kristen’s fist began to loosen up and I held her hand in mine. I rubbed our hands together gently and once I felt like she was relaxed enough I place her hand on my gigantic cock and let go of her hand.

She kept her head down as I stood in front of her with my 9 1/2 inch of hard meat resting in between her thumb and finger. I flexed my cock as hard as I could and watched as her fingers slowly wrapped around the shaft. She held my cock like that with her head down for a few seconds. I reached down and scoop her into my arms and started to walk out of the room. She could feel how easy it was for me to pick her 110 pound body up. She put her head on my shoulders and wrapped her arms around me. Kristen didn’t say a word as I carried up the stairs. When we got into her room I laid her on her bed. She looked up at me with innocent eyes and said, “Be gentle.” She took a deep breath and her DD chest rose up and then back down again. I started with the belt of her jeans, then the button and slowly slid the fly down as I made eye contact with my sister.

She was still breathing heavy and was noticeably nervous. I grabbed the waist of her jeans and panties; she arched her back up so I could pull them down. I almost got them off in one strong pull. The right leg of her jeans got stuck a little on her foot. I sat up from the bed, lifted her leg and slowly slid the pants completely off. Her toes were painted pink and her legs were firm and smooth. I kiss her ankle and worked my way down her leg to her pussy and made love to it. I lick, tongued, kissed and fingered her delicious vagina for at least 10 minutes. She moaned loud so I know she loved it but every time I looked up she was putting her face in her pillow. I think she was ashamed and trying to make it so her screams weren’t as loud.

She’s laying on her back, legs spreads with her sweater still on. I’m lying on my stomach thoroughly enjoying every drop of pussy juice I taste. I love my sister, but I also lust for my sister and I finally get to show her how I feel. I love feeling her body jump up when I hit her g-spot. I lift my body up and kiss her lips. I tell her I love her as I start to take her shirt off. When she only had a bra on I asked, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to see these.”

“I love you too.” She answered and un-hooked her bra. She smiled with a dazed lustful look in her eyes. “I bet you have wanted these forever.” Kristen cupped both tits in her hands and jiggled them a little and smiled. I went in for another kiss, this time I used my tongue. I worked my way down her chest and suck on her breast until both nipples we pointing out. kars escort I grab her hand and put it on my cock. She strokes it and moans as I continue to feast on her huge milky firm tits. I look up at her and ask, “Do you think you can fit the whole thing in your mouth?” and pointed at my cock.

“No” She shook her head. “Want me to try?”

I didn’t even say yes, I lay on my back and watched as she worked my cock with her mouth. She could only fit half of it in but it felt so amazing having my sister massage my boner with her mouth was the experience of my life.

“Hey Kristen, you are amazing, but I want to be able to watch you suck it so can you put your hair back. It’s blocking my view.” I said.

She smiled and walked towards her dresser and started to put her hair back. “I can’t believe we are doing this.” She said in a whisper.

“Can you put pigtails in?” I asked.

My sister didn’t say a word; she turned back to her dresser and put pigtails in. She took the time to make them even and my cock grew even more. I sat in silence and watched. She slowly walked back to the bed making eye contact with me and crawled up to my enormous dick. “Do you have a good view now big brother?”

She worked my cock like a pro. I couldn’t believe it. Four weeks of cum was heading straight for me sister’s mouth and stomach. I loved the idea of her drinking my biggest load ever. Then I thought, I need to see the biggest load ever. I need to see it all over my younger sister.

“Kristen, lay on your back.” I instructed.

She did as she was told and laid on her back. I kneeled over her and opened up a flood gate of semen. Hot rivers of cum shot from my cock. The first one hit her face. Then I worked my way to her tits. The cum was pouring out of my large cock and It became my mission to cover her from head to toe. I let the cum overflow out of my cock onto her stomach, leg, feet and right when I knew I had just a little bit left I milked the rest onto her face. “Open your mouth.” I said to my sister. Her mouth was open a crack and she slowly opened it more. “Open wider Kristen”, I instructed again. There it was, the last big shot of cum went right down her throat. She laid there covered head to toe in cum, mission accomplished. The taste was in her mouth and some was sitting in her stomach.

I want pictures of this. I need pictures of this. I got up quickly ran to my room and got my phone. I came back and started taking pictures of my sister’s cum drenched body. “Why” She asked. “Why are you taking pictures?” She covered her face with her hands. I got at least 3 good picture in before she covered her face.

I told her, “You can trust me; I don’t want porn pictures of my sister being seen by anyone. These pictures are for me. Who knows the next time you will let me eat you pussy and feed you my big cock.”

She stood up and looked at me shaking her head. I snapped one more picture and she said, “Get out.”

That night we watched a movie and cuddled. She told me the next day that my cock was so incredible that she will probably want to play with it again but asked me not to be so pushy. Next time she’ll let me know she wants her big brother’s cock. When she said that, she kissed me on the cheek. My cock got hard. I looked at her and said, “I was only pushy because I needed to have you. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“Jeff, when you walked into the kitchen in spandex my panties got wet. I can’t have my brother making me feel that way or I have to use the shower head on my pussy. There are some pictures upstairs of you at the beach I look at while I masturbate. I can’t believe you know that now, but I also can’t believe what happened last night”

I smiled and asked, “Do you really masturbate to me?”

She gave me a big wet tongue kiss and answered, “All sisters masturbate to their big brothers if they are hot like you. I’m glad you had the balls to take what you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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