Lydia’s Mother Ch. 02

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Lydia lay back in the darkened bedroom and groaned.

A cool, damp flannel lay across her forehead, covering her eyes.

She groaned again.

“It sounds bad, babe”, Josh mumbled solicitously. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?”

“No, you go do something, no point both of us suffering my migraine. I know how these things go, they wipe me out for the day then suddenly vanish”.

“OK babe, well shout if you need anything”.

Josh closed the bedroom door and left his stricken girlfriend to recover.

He turned around, and bumped headlong into his girlfriend’s mother as she emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy pink bathtowel.

“Ooops, sorry Caroline!”

Caroline blushed. “You just look where you’re going, young man!”

Clad in his t-shirt and dark blue rugby shorts, Josh padded downstairs.

Tucking his iPad under his arm, he headed through to the living room and sprawled on the sofa.


“Anything you need, Josh?” Caroline enquired around the corner of the living room door. “I’m just off out to Waitrose in Farnham, will be an hour or so”.

“No thanks, I’m good here,” Josh replied politely.

Caroline smiled brightly and made her way out to the car. He really was a very good-looking young man.

Josh lay back on the sofa, and switched on his iPad. Opening the web browser, he quickly navigated to a favourite porn site, and was soon thoroughly enjoying watching a pneumatic American blonde being pounded from three directions at once.

Josh quickly shucked his shorts and boxers, dropping them on the floor by the sofa. His large cock sprang free, already engorged and ready for action. Not taking his eyes from the porn, Josh began to stroke his cock with his left hand.

He mentally imagined himself as one of the men fucking the busty porn star, perhaps up the arse, perhaps in her cunt. He rubbed up and down along the length of his cock, in long slippery strokes of palm and fingers.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!”

Josh sat bolt upright, heart hammering in his chest.

Caroline stood in the doorway, hand over her mouth in surprise.

“Oh, shit, sorry, I thought you were gone,” he spluttered, desperately trying to cover his raging hard-on with his boxers.

“I just came back for something…I’m sorry to interrupt your morning fun!”

“It’s fine! It’s fine! Let me just…”

Caroline, bright red with embarrassment, watched Josh wriggle his boxers back on. Though if anything, the tented cotton just drew attention to his arousal.

“Maybe pause that too?” she nodded at the iPad, which was still playing the video Josh had been enjoying.

Josh switched it off.

“Much more civilised.”

Caroline took one last look at the embarrassed Didim Escort young man, before turning to leave the room.

Then, a moment of madness came upon her.

She darted across the room to the sofa, dropped to her knees, and placed her hand on Josh through his underwear.

He recoiled in shock.

“Caroline, fuck!”

Caroline, a little appalled with herself, carried on.

“Sorry Josh, this is something I need to do.”

And she tugged his boxers down, lifting them around his still-hard dick.

*”Now, I haven’t done this in a while. But I think I remember the general principle”, purred Caroline.

She lowered her head, and took the head of Josh’s cock in her mouth. He groaned in response, and closed his eyes.

“This is so wrong.”

“We can stop any time you like Josh, but I don’t think you want to.”

Josh settled back as Caroline began to deliver a sloppy, highly competent blowjob.

Caroline stopped sucking, and gripped his member in her hand.

“Tell me what you do with her.”

“With who, sorry?”

“Lydia. Tell me what you do when you’re sleeping together”.

“Um, I’m not sure I really want…”

Caroline grasped Josh’s balls in her left hand and squeezed gently. “That wasn’t a request”.

“Fuck! Well, I mean, we..”

“Don’t be shy Josh, I think we both know we’re beyond that. Tell me how you fuck my daughter, and I’ll keep sucking you off.”

“Ah, well ok then. So Lydia likes it when I take charge in bed, especially when I take her from behind.”

“Good”, Caroline grunted. “How does she feel inside?”

“Really good, sort of silky and really, really tight.”

Caroline ran her tongue around his balls.

“Does she do this?”

“Ah, sometimes?”.

“And this?”

Caroline licked the hairy dark pucker of Josh’s arse.

He gave a strangulated groan. “Oh fuck!”


Caroline slid a finger into his arse as her mouth hummed and slurped around his straining erection. She slid it back and forth in little circles.

The young man groaned as Caroline explored his hole with her finger.

He felt the familiar warmth building inside him, first his stomach, then spreading to his tightening balls.

The older woman slurped greedily on his cock, lips gripping Josh’s shaft as it quivered and throbbed in her mouth.

Josh held on for all he was worth as the double sensation pushed him inexorably towards orgasm.

“Caroline, I’m going to come” he managed to sputter.

Caroline stopped, withdrawing his dick from her mouth and her finger from his back door. Josh groaned in frustration as his throbbing dick was released.

“Right, let’s not waste that enthusiasm”. She stood up, and wriggled Didim Escort Bayan her tight jeans down over her fleshy thighs. Caroline stepped out of her lacy white briefs, and straddled Josh, guiding his cock towards her.

“Shouldn’t I get a condom, Caroline?” Josh asked nervously.

“No time, I need you now”, Caroline gasped. And sat down on his throbbing prick with a loud, satisfied groan.

Caroline bounced once, twice, three times on his cock, and that did it for the worked-up young man. He exploded inside her, pumping an Olympian load of come into his girlfriend’s mother’s cunt.

Caroline clenched tight around him as his cock bucked and squirted its load inside her.

“Ah! God that feels good. Let’s give you a chance to reload, shall we?”

She clambered off him, cum leaking from her, and laid her head on his thigh, her blonde hair falling across his wilting prick.

“Would you like me to give some encouragement?”

“Can I see your tits?”

Caroline giggled girlishly. “You boys are all the same.”

She pulled her grey cashmere sweater over her head, revealing her round boobs in a lacy white bra.

“Go on, touch them.”

Josh took a firm handful of breast and squeezed approvingly.

Playing with Caroline’s boobs stirred Josh’s loins into fresh excitement, and his cock rose again proudly.

Caroline bent over the end of the sofa on all fours, her round arse wobbling invitingly.

“Just fuck me Josh.”

Josh entered Caroline’s eager wet cunt again, and began to fuck her with deep, slow strokes. His hands gripped her thighs firmly.

She groaned ecstatically.

“Tell me what you want, Josh.”

“I want to fuck you till you scream.”

He slapped her bum hard, leaving a red handprint. It wobbled invitingly. He slapped it again, harder this time.

She gasped.

“More. More.”

“I want to fuck you like I fuck Lydia.”

And he spanked her harder.

“Oh fuck Josh, yes, fuck me like you fuck my daughter. I’m yours, I’m yours”.

Josh, spurred on by this, began to fuck her harder and harder, his hips pounding away at the older woman.

“Oh fuck Josh, don’t stop. Tell me what else you want. I’ll do anything, anything, just fuck me hard.”

Josh blurted, “I want to watch you fuck Lydia”.

The world seemed to stop for a second, as Caroline’s eyes widened in shock.

Then, with a loud wail, she came, cunt clenching tight around Josh’s thick dick, her back arching in apparent ecstasy.

His reaction, entirely involuntary, was to lose control and explode inside Caroline for the second time that morning, his young man’s cock filling her with hot, sloppy jizz.

Josh collapsed onto Caroline, spent.


It Escort Didim was later. Josh was roiled with a peculiar combination of lust and guilt.

After they’d come Caroline hadn’t stayed for long. She had pulled up her jeans and knickers, patted Josh condescendingly on the head, then left him sprawled and spent on the sofa with his softening cock laid across his thigh. The room stank of sweat and come.

Josh was a little worried that his spontaneous sexual flight of fancy had offended his girlfriend’s mother, and that was quite apart from the fact that he had cheated on Lydia in the most egregious manner.

Closing his laptop, Josh went back upstairs to check on his sleeping girlfriend.

Josh kissed Lydia lightly on the forehead. “How are you feeling?”

“Mmm,” she murmured, opening an eye sleepily.

“I actually had a most delicious dream…”

“Oh yes?”


And a slender hand reached out from under the bedclothes and grasped Josh’s cock.

Despite his earlier exertion, he began to stiffen under her touch.

“I dreamed..well I’ll show you.”

Lydia lay back on the bed and raised her perfect bum. Josh hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her black-and-white Calvin Klein thong and slid the panties up and off of her legs.

He lowered his head, kissing delicately along the impossible soft skin of her inner thigh.

Lydia purred and squeezed her pert little boobs.


Josh glanced up at his beautiful girlfriend and grinned. “Oh, you’re impatient?”

And he swept his tongue in a long, slow stroke along the length of Lydia’s most intimate parts, starting with the dark star of her arse before roaming through the hot, damp, pink crevice of her pussy, and finishing with a langourous flick across her clit.

She moaned.

Josh licked her again, the tip of his tongue probing deep.

Lydia reflexively gripped his head between her hands. She tangled his hair between her fingers as he ate her out greedily.

As Lydia wriggled and writhed under the relentless assault of Josh’s keen mouth, the volume of her pleasure increased notably. A stream of increasingly sharp swear words emanated from her prim lips while she pressed her hips urgently upwards.

Just then, the bedroom door swung open.

“Wow!” Caroline said boldly, as she beheld the spectacle of her eighteen-year old daughter being thoroughly tongue-fucked on the bed.

“Mum!” Lydia gasped, desperately trying to cover herself with her discarded t-shIrt and knickers.

The clearly tipsy Caroline giggled. “Don’t be so dramatic darling, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I just thought you and Josh sounded like you were having so much fun, I hate to miss out!”

And with that, she undid the belt of her dressing gown and let it fall, exposing her curvaceous body in a slightly mumsy pale blue bra and knicker set.

Josh, his mouth smeared with Lydia’s cunt juices, could only watch in awe as she strode purposefully across the room towards the bed.

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