Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 15b

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…continued from Part I

“Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I can turn around right now, next exit, and we can…”

“Lynn, hush honey, just hush, okay?”

My heart was beating at three times its normal rate, it seemed. The closer we got to the off-ramp to my parents’ farm road, the faster it seemed to beat. I was nervous; I was scared, I was about to pee my pants.

I had tried to find every excuse in the world not to make this drive, not to make this visit, to dump my baggage on my family.

“Lynn, baby, it’ll be okay, it will, you’ll see. No matter how they feel about us, it won’t change how we feel about us; in the end, baby, that’s all that matters.”

She was right, and I knew it; if it all goes to hell in a hand basket, I thought as I took my exit, we will still love each other, we will still be with each other.

That’s a powerful force to hold in your heart.


“…and that pretty much sums it all up. We’ll be leaving in a couple of days for the drive south,” I heard myself say to the stunned members of my family, sitting at the large dinner table.

Once again, I had caused a dome of silence to descend into the dining room of my parents’ home.

Once again, I had successfully caused the ‘open-mouth’ syndrome to befall my family.

And then, Jan became Jan.

“I just knew it! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it,” she gloated to the world, “I knew she was a lesbo! Well, let me tell you something, Missy, you and your so-called girlfriend…”

“Jan, Shut UP!” my dad said, his voice louder than I’ve heard in forever.

“You will not insult a guest in my home, ever; do you understand me, Jan?”

“Yes, daddy,” Jan’s face as red as a beet with embarrassment.

“Alice, please forgive my ill-mannered middle child; she’s always had a mouth that engaged before her brain did,” my father smilingly said, addressing himself to Alice, and to me, I supposed.

Looking at me, now, his smile didn’t waiver and he made sure all at the table could see that.

“Princess, is your business in good hands? Are you really comfortable with this arrangement you’ve made with Teri?”

He thought Teri was a good choice, it turned out; he’d known her and Betts better than my other employees and he liked Teri, a lot.

“Yeah, daddy, I’m very comfortable with the decisions I’ve made.”

Nodding his head a bit, he turned to face Alice, his smile as pleasant as ever.

“Alice, do you really love my daughter?”

“Yes sir, I do,” Alice said, looking him straight in the eye.

Nodding a bit more, he stood, opened his arms to Alice, saying, “Welcome to our family, Alice, welcome to our home,” hugging her tight to his tall, lanky farmer’s frame.

Reaching over with his long arm, he drew me into the hug as well, the floodgates to my tear ducts having just burst open.


“See, silly, I told you it’d be all right,” Ali was saying to me as we waved goodbye to my family driving away, towards the Interstate.

“Yeah, you did, and I’ve learned a lesson; I’ll listen to your wise counsel with greater respect,” glancing at her quickly as I drove us back to the city.

“That’s my girl,” she smilingly said.

“Say it again,” I asked her.


“What you just said.”

“That’s my girl?”

“Yeah, that; I like hearing it,” smiling at her as I merged us onto the highway.

Well, I did!

Nat came with us to pick up the truck that we’d use to haul my stuff, and drove my vehicle back to the condo.

It was a smaller truck; new, twenty-two feet long, and more than enough to suit my needs.

Nat helped us load up the boxes that Ali and I had packed, sorted, marked, and all of the other crappy stuff you have to do when moving. I hadn’t done this in six years and had forgotten how much I hated moving.

Between the wine and the joints, however, the three of us made short work of loading; all we had to do was throw our travel bags into the back of the truck, and head on down the highway, the next morning.

I told Nat to go and get her fine ass cleaned up and dressed for dinner, and that Ali and I would pick her up in an hour.

We took Nat to dinner at a very nice restaurant across the river, and it was so worth the drive. The meal and wine were superb and we lingered over our after-dinner drinks, enjoying the moment, none of us wanting to say goodbye.

“Oh, by the way Nat,” I said, as I brought out a piece of paper and pen, “I’m signing over the title to my car to you. You just bought my car for a dollar,” signing the title in the appropriate places.

Nat’s been driving her POS (piece of shit) forever and Department Head or not, teachers are horribly underpaid and under-appreciated; teachers, cops and firemen. At least, that’s my view. She needed a new car but didn’t have the funds quite yet.

My car was less than a year old and she had already agreed to ‘watch over’ my place; watering the plants, checking on it every couple of days, picking up my mail. I had put in a change of address but stuff always leaks through.

All gaziemir escort of the above, plus the help she was to Ali and I during Betts’ funeral and all, well, why couldn’t I help her a bit? I could afford it better than she could.

Ali agreed when I told her of my plan and praised me for my ‘good soul’.

Don’t know about that, but it was something I could do, so I did.

“Oh Lynn, are you serious?” Nat said, looking between Ali and me, tears welling in her eyes.

“Yep, I am, and it’s all yours. But, if my plants die, I’ll hunt you down, do you hear me?” in a faux-menacing tone.

She thanked me, kissed me, and cried a bit.

It was embarrassing, but in a good way, ya’ know?


Driving towards the rising sun the next morning, I had a mix of emotions; happiness at my new adventure, tinged with a bit of sadness at leaving the state of my birth, a bit of trepidation at this new turn of events, but never a doubt that I was doing the right thing.

Crossing over the river, Ali smiled and offered the following thought:

“You’ve lived near the Mississippi River most of your life, as I have, only at different ends; you’ve lived up here, near the headwaters and I’ve lived down there, near its delta.”

“All those years, all that time and there was a connection between us the whole time; The Mississippi River connected us and we didn’t know it.”

“But, we know it now,” I said, driving into Wisconsin, leaving the Twin Cities behind us in the rearview mirror.


The plan was to drive through Wisconsin and Illinois, picking up the southbound interstates that would lead us to I-55 which, in turn, would bring us to my new home, the Crescent City, N’awlins.

We’d drive until we didn’t feel like driving any longer, then we’d find a hotel and call it a day, or night, whatever the case might be.

If we saw something that we wanted to sight-see, we would.

One thing Ali and I did agree on was a two day stopover in Memphis; we both loved Bar-B-Que, we both loved the Blues, so Memphis, here we come!

It was a wonderful sense of freedom, driving down the road with Ali by my side. We had great tunes, good smoke, and all the time in the world.

After we stopped for lunch on the first day, she took the keys for her turn at driving.

The agent at the rental truck place wasn’t wrong when he said the cab was ‘roomy’; it was, and I was able to go down on Ali with little discomfort for either of us, and made driving-shift changes something to look forward to.

That first night, we found a hotel with a heated pool and hot tub. After driving for ten hours, the hot tub would feel great.

It did, and we had the pool center all to ourselves, no one else using the facilities.

“Almost reminds me of being home,” Ali said, her voice echoing in the space above the pool.

“Yeah, except at your home, we could be swimming nude,” I joked.

“Our home, it’s our home,” she said, her voice serious, “please think of it that way, refer to it that way,” her eyes searching mine for the answer she was seeking.

“Yes, Ali, I can do that, I will gladly do that,” reaching to her and pulling her to me in the water, kissing her sweetly, lovingly.

Later, in the hot tub, we were able to finger each other to climax, there still being no other guests.

If they had security cameras running in the pool area, they’ll have a hell of a video of lesbian sex to put on ‘YouTube’.

And if they didn’t, too bad for them; we put on a hell of a show.

The trip to Memphis could have been done with only two nights on the road, but we did three.

We wanted to time our arrival in Memphis at about noon’ish, which would give us an extra half-day to explore.

We had also decided to spend two nights, instead of one; ‘da girls’ were going to get their BBQ and Blues fix in, fo’sho’.

Ali had gone on-line the night before our scheduled arrival in Memphis and booked us into an upscale hotel, within walking distance of the Beale Street scene.

She confirmed the reservation by phone, making sure they would be able to valet park our truck.

She worries about shit like that, does my girl, Alice.

“Guess what I found in Memphis?” her eyes looking at her laptop’s screen.

“What? Elvis alive?” I offered as an answer.

She gave me a dirty look.

People from the South take their Elvis seriously!

“No, smart ass, I found and I quote, ‘An alternative-lifestyle friendly BBQ and Blues joint’, that’s what I found, smart ass!”

“You’re fucking with me,” I said to her, believing that she was.

“Later, I’ll fuck with you, but now? No, I’m not fucking with you, come and see for yourself,” flipping the laptop around towards me.

She wasn’t fucking with me.

A gay-lesbian friendly club with good BBQ and Blues music. America! You gotta’ love it.



I wish I would’ve had a camera with me when we drove under the hotel’s covered entryway, our truck a bit out of place among the limos and European karabağlar escort sedans.

The look on the valet’s face was even better when Ali tossed him the keys, his face looking stunned.

“You can drive, can’t you, Slick?” Ali asked, not sure that he could.

We grabbed our rolling bags from the back of the truck, collected the valet ticket and marched through a bunch of ‘suits’, in our shorts and tees, our bouncing tits getting attention.

Yes, we drew admiring leers which caused us to smile even more; wasn’t a one of those bad boys gonna’ get a piece of either of us, no matter what they told themselves or their colleagues.

We showered, anxious for some BBQ for lunch, dressed and hit the sidewalk, heading for Beale Street.

We picked a joint-they were all ‘joints’ on Beale-that had an outside sitting area, and ordering a bucket of Coronas, we scanned the menu.

The aromas wafting through to us only made decision-making harder.

Ali decided on Pork; I chose Brisket, splitting an order of ‘rings’. Kicking back, we knocked our bottle-necks together and toasted each other. Leaning back into relaxing slouches, we watched the street-scene in front of us for a while, sipping the ice-cold brews.

“Having fun, baby girl?” Ali asked me.

“Yeah, Ali, I am, very much so.”

“What do you want to do after we eat?” She asked, taking a pull at her Corona.

“Little early for the good Blues clubs to be jumping” I offered. She agreed.

“Wanna’ go shopping?” She asked.

“No!” I answered, shaking my head with distaste. I’m a buyer, not a shopper.

“Wanna’ go back to the hotel and fuck?” taking another pull at her beer.

“Yeah, let’s do that,” I smugly answered.

We didn’t see the waitress standing behind us with our food order, and damn, was her face red!


The last night of our stay in Memphis, we taxied to the gay-friendly BBQ/Blues joint.

The BBQ was great, the Blues was good, and the place was definitely gay-friendly, there being a club full of delightful eye-candy for both sexes.

Since we were not driving, both Ali and I started hitting Tequila shooters with the table of ‘soft’ butches sitting nearby; they sent us a couple to the table, acknowledging their largesse, we air-toasted with them, their eyes lusting at the both of us.

They, Bobbi and Sam, were cute, in a hard way; short hair, slight manly mannerisms, but feminine enough to be attractive. We returned the kindness and sent them a couple of shooters, as well; in the end, we joined them at their table when invited.

Sam had asked Ali to dance and watching them getting friendly on the floor was turning me on, in a big way.

Sam and Ali were dancing close, Sam’s hands cupping Ali’s ass in her jeans, holding Ali’s body close. Ali was also letting Sam give her nuzzling kisses on her neck, letting Sam’s hands freely roam her body on the dark dance floor.

Ali and I had decided, before we left the hotel, to have a bit of fun with the locals tonight. We decided that if the evening went that way, that we’d bring the local pussy back to the hotel with us.

“Looks like they’re having a good time out there,” Bobbi said to me as she scooted her chair closer to me.

“Yeah, they do; kinda gets me hot and horny watching them,” I said, turning to look Bobbi in the eyes.

Bobbi smiled, her blue eyes twinkling, and asked if I’d like to dance.

“Yeah, I think I would,” standing with her, now realizing that she was almost six feet tall, just shy of it by an inch or so.

It was like dancing with a man, except that I could feel a breast under my hand when I laid it on her chest as we barely moved to the slow bluesy instrumental.

Bobbi’s hands cupped my ass, holding me tight to her, my hand fondling her large breasts while my other hand held on to her neck.

Bobbi leaned down to kiss me and was delighted when I sucked her tongue into my mouth, my hand groping her breasts with urgency as I got hotter.

Looking over towards Ali, she and Sam were playing kissy-face as well, Sam’s hands squeezing Ali’s ass-cheeks with increased lustfulness.

When the song ended, the four of us met in the center of the dance floor, Ali’s eye signals indicating that she’d be good with taking them back to the hotel, if I wanted to.

Not being bashful, I asked them if they’d like to give us a ride back to our hotel and maybe come up to the suite for a while, to ‘kick back’.

They smiled and thought it to be a marvelous idea.

Sam drove and had Ali sit up front with her, their hands stretched out towards the other’s lap, some mutual manual fondling going on, no doubt.

Bobbi pinned me into a corner in the backseat, aggressively kissing and fondling me, my own hands busily feeling her up as well while we sucked each other’s tongues.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, sweetheart,” Bobbi breathed heavily into my ear, her tongue licking it afterwards.

“Yes, you are,” I said back to her as my hand reached into her slacks, my fingers finding and kemalpaşa escort squeezing her swollen clit which caused her to moan with pleasure.

It was a delightful fuck-fest in our bed, the four of us sharing each other with each other, Ali and Sam, Bobbi and me; that was the first go-around for us, swapping after the first round of climaxes.

Sam seemed to be somewhat submissive and really got off on servicing the three of us, one at a time while the other two watched and played with each other. When Sam was orally servicing me, she gave me my first rimming with her tongue, the sensation surprisingly sensual to me.

All in all, we had decided after they left our bed early in the morning, that it was a fun fling of non-committal sex.

“That was kinda fun,” Ali said softly as she lay in the crook of my arm, her leg thrown over my hip and thighs, her wet bush feeling good against my skin.

“Yeah, it was,” I agreed.

“Do you feel “weirded out” by what we did tonight?” she asked further, sucking on my nipples as she asked.

“No, should I?” the fingers of my hand tracing her spine, finding her ass-crack, rubbing just short of her butt-hole but causing her crotch to move against my thigh when I did it.

“I hope not, because I don’t feel that either; I like doing that with you, together,” her teeth biting my nipples a bit harder as my finger was now sliding across her butt-hole, the crack of her ass now wet with excitement.

Slowly, easily, I slipped a finger into Ali’s butt which caused her to sharply take in her breath, but relaxing as I slowly fingered her ass, her breathing coming in deep gasps, now.

Rolling to face her, we kissed each other with heat and passion, both of us fingering the other to climax before we fell into a deep, restful sleep.

We decided to push on to New Orleans in one day; the next bed we would sleep in would be ours, at the Manse.

Stopping only for fuel and food-well, that’s not quite true, now.

We had started noticing Adult Sex Video Stores, just off the Interstates with big ol’ signs touting their semi-truck parking spaces, etc. The further south we drove, the more we noticed.

We had just fueled, and took the time to eat a meal in the restaurant instead of ‘to go’. Ali touched my hand, motioning me with her eyes to look outside; across the highway from the truck stop was one of those Adult places.

“We never did get us one of those strap-on dildoes, you know,” she said matter of factly.

“Yeah, I know, we probably ought to do that soon, don’t you think?” I answered.

“That’s kinda what I was thinking, so maybe after lunch…,” she was saying.

“…We ought to drive over there before we get back on the road,” finishing her sentence for her.

“Exactly!” the food now being delivered.

“Did you notice that all of the big ones were more often black, not white?” she asked, examining our purchase as I merged us into Interstate traffic.

“Yeah, perpetuating the urban legend,” I offered.

“Well, you get what you pay for,” sliding her hand around the faux-cock.

“So, why did you buy black; there were white ones just as big,” I asked, my eyes darting to watch her feel and fondle the cock portion of the strap-on. The cock screwed into the harness.

“I’ve never had black, so I guess I have the typical Southern Damsel fantasies about fucking a black.” Laughing, she said, “This is as close as I’ll ever get now, thanks to you,” a big smile on her face.

“I’ve had black,” I offered, “but I didn’t get off with them either, any more than with white guys I’ve fucked.”

Her feet were on the dashboard now, her skirt raised to her waist, and her panties held to the side with one of her hands.

Her other hand held the thick, 10″ black dildo, the tip against her wet pussy lips.

“I think one of us should take this bad boy for a drive,” she said, slowly inserting the dildo into her pussy, an inch at a time, her mouth open and gasping as the girth stretched her pussy.

“I wonder who that will be,” trying to watch traffic and her while driving with one hand, the other rubbing my pussy, through the material of my shorts.

We stopped at a rest area a couple of hours after Ali test-drove our new toy and switched drivers. My feet were on the dash before we merged onto the highway, the dildo in my pussy when she switched off her merging signal.

You do get what you pay for, and we were going to have fun with this new toy.

It was sloppy seconds, but it was good.


Night had fallen when we arrived at the Manse. Momma Jo had left the big gates opened for us and we came to a stop in the driveway, before the portico.

“We’re home, baby,” Ali said, looking at me, melting my heart with her eyes, “we’re finally home,” reaching to me with her open arms.

“Yes, we are, sweetheart, we are home,” my arms around her, drawing her to me.

I’m not going to pick on you.

Good, I’m glad.

Just between us girls, you really are good with this, right?

Yeah, I am.

Call on me if you need me.

I will.


Author’s note to the readers;

To all of you faithful followers of our girl Lynn-and you know who you are!-this ends this chapter in Lynn’s life. Thank you for the ‘flowers’ of praise so graciously tossed on us, on Lynn and I; it is appreciated more than you can know.

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