Madison Moves In Pt. 02

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A few days had gone by without me seeing Madison again. She didn’t seem to own a car and nobody had been round to pick her up, so I assumed she must have been busy unpacking and settling into her new home. I wondered what the place looked like now that it was all put together.

I imagined Madison walking around the house in a silk robe, sitting on the couch watching the TV while gently massaging moisturizer into her long legs. I pictured her trying on clothes in front of the floor to ceiling mirrors that covered the wall opposite her bed, turning this way and that to check out the how each piece of clothing hugged her impressive figure.

These were where my thoughts would inevitably go whenever I found myself reaching into my trousers for some relief. Madison and her mirror. And all the things she would do in front of it.


It was Friday morning when I opened my front door to find a white envelope on my doorstep, with scribbled ‘Jimmy’ on its front in bright blue ink.

I immediately knew it was Madison and I felt my heartbeat begin to quicken in excitement. She was the only person who called me Jimmy and although it wasn’t usually a nickname I’d have liked, something about the fact that she came up with it made it feel special. As if it was something we shared, just for us.

I quickly tore open the envelope and pulled out its contents. First was a note, again scribbled in the same bright blue ink:

‘Saw this and thought of you. Thanks for all the help the other day little buddy. Love – Madison’

My heart was beating so fast it felt like a drum in my chest. Madison had thought of me. Completely out of the blue. Maybe I really did have a chance with her.

But my ecstasy was short lived as I struggled to understand what the second item in the envelope meant.

I held it in my hand. It was a flat piece of metal, covered with a thin layer of gold paint, and a large key ring attached to its top left hand corner. I turned it over in my hand and noticed the markings. It was a ruler!

But a very small one. It only went up to 6 centimeters. Why was Madison giving me this?

I carried the ruler round with me for the rest of the morning, trying to work out what it meant and why Madison had given it to me. Was she trying to send me some sort of message? Or was it just a way for her to come over and say thank you? As the anxious voices in my head grew louder and louder I finally decided the best thing to do was to just ask her. I could go around to thank her for the gift, and try to figure out her motivations.

If she really was into me, there’d be no harm in trying to spend more time with her.

So I put on a pair of basketball shorts and headed over to Madison’s. I tried knocking on her front door but there was no answer. The side gate leading to her backyard was open so I figured I’d try my luck. If she wasn’t out there I’d just leave a note and head home I figured.

But when I saw Madison, I froze. She was sprawled out on a towel on her back deck, sunbathing.

She was wearing a ridiculously skimpy yellow bikini that barely covered anything and was lying face down. I had the perfect view to see where the thin piece of yellow material disappeared between her juicy cheeks. Her skin was glowing with a thin layer of sunblock and just the faintest hint of perspiration. My cock was hardening quickly as I stared, and it took all my strength to tear my eyes away from her body.

“Um, hey neighbor! It’s James, I mean.. Jimmy?” I said awkwardly. “Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say thanks for the gift you gave me. It was really sweet.”

Without saying a word, Madison turned over and sat up — leaning back onto her elbows in a way that extended her flat stomach sakarya seks hikayeleri and immediately drew my eye down to the narrow strip of yellow that covered her most intimate area. It was clear she either shaved or waxed.

She had sunglasses on so I couldn’t see her eyes, but from the way her lips curled into a smirk I’m pretty sure Madison caught me gawking at her.

“So, yeah… thank you.”

She giggled softly.

“That’s fine Jimmy. It reminded me of you, that’s all.” And I couldn’t really tell because of her sunglasses, but I swear I saw Madison’s tilt her head a little to lower her eyeline towards my shorts.

“What do you mean?” I asked, a mixture of nervous and confused.

Her smile only grew.

“Well, I just think it suits you. After all, you do…” she stopped, before clearing her throat.

“My eyes are up here little Jimmy”. Her voice was sterner than I’d ever heard it.

She was right though. I had been staring. Again. But I couldn’t help it.

Her breasts were practically bursting out of her bikini top. Just two small yellow triangles stretched taut across her nipples, as the rest of her smooth mounds fell out on every side. I’m no expert but they had to be at least a C or D cup.

“I’m sorry” I said, looking down at my feet and unable to meet Madison’s eyes. Somehow Madison always managed to make me feel like a shy teenager all over again.

“Hmm, I bet.” Madison deadpanned. And with that she rolled back over and settled onto her towel.

I stood there awkwardly for half a minute, not knowing what to do, before deciding that Madison was clearly done with me. I fucked it up. Just like I always do.

So taking one last look at Madison in her bikini, I turned around and started to walk away – a bit awkwardly now because of the tent my erection was making in my shorts.

“Stop.” Madison called out to me. It sounded more of a command than a request. “Come”.

I shuffled back towards her, quickly trying and failing to readjust my erection to make it less obvious.

Madison was still laying on her front looking away from me as she spoke.

“You can make it up to me by doing me a favor.” Again it was clear this wasn’t a request.

“Of course!” I responded immediately. I must have sounded like an over eager child.

I heard Madison giggling softly again.

“I’ll do anything you need” I stammered out before realizing how pathetic that made me sound. But I didn’t care, cos my eyes were once again glued to her ass just a foot in front of me. I couldn’t believe I was so close to Madison’s exposed rump, and I was going to do anything I could to stay as long as possible.

Madison reached out and picked up the bottle of suntan lotion in front of her.

“Do my back. I’ve been out here a while and need to reapply.”

I swear my mouth must have hit the floor at this point. I honestly couldn’t believe what I had just heard. It was something out of a cheesy porn movie I would jerk off to. The nerdy guy putting suntan lotion on the babe next door. It wasn’t possible for my dick to get any harder at this point, but it was really trying to.

I took the bottle and immediately sunk to my knees beside her. Squirting a bit on my hands I tentatively began to rub her shoulder blades.

Madison moaned slightly.

“Mmm. Harder.”

I started rubbing harder up and down her entire back.

“Come on Jimmy, I’m not going to break” she giggled.

I was learning over her now, trying to get maximum leverage to really knead into her muscles.

“Better. Now legs too”

I added more lotion to my hands and began to vigorously rub my hands over her calves and thighs, working my palms into her strong legs. But as I was leaning over and rubbing her other leg I felt my erect cock brush her right between her ass cheeks. I froze. Fuck.

What had I done.

It was an accident, but Madison must have felt it.

I looked down at her and saw nothing. At first.

Then I noticed she was lightly shaking underneath me.

I was terrified she was about to scream at me.

But then I heard laughter.

A soft giggle at first, as if Madison was trying to hold back.

But before long she was openly laughing into her hand.

Madison flipped round onto her elbows so she was facing me, still laughing.

“Was THAT what I think it was?” her voice seemed stern but the big smile on her face suggested she at least wasn’t too angry.

I didn’t know what to say. She had clearly felt my cock against her ass. I tried to stammer out an explanation but no words came out.

Madison took off her sunglasses and met my eyes. They were twinkling with mischief.

She made a point of looking right at me, and then slowly lowering her gaze until they rested firmly on the tent in my shorts. Her lips twitched a bit in amusement.

The phone rang just as she was about to speak.

“Stay” she said firmly, before disappearing inside the house.

From my place on the back deck I had to really strain to hear Madison’s voice on the phone.

“Hey slut!”

“Just getting some sun in”

“Oh my neighbor helped”

My ears perked up at this. She was talking about me.

Laughter. Lots of laughter.

“No no no no. He’s the one I told you about remember?”

“The one I got the ruler for.” More laughter.


There was silence on Madison’s end of the call for awhile, and I felt my heart beat quicken. They were clearly talking about me, and after what Madison had just caught me doing I feared what they might be saying.

“Actually” I heard Madison pause as if thinking something over, “That’s a good idea. Let me tell him.”

More laughter.

“Oh you’re bad. Okay bye girl!”

Madison came bounding back out to the deck, her firm tits bouncing in her little bikini as she did.

She had a devilish smile.

“So I need to go out in a bit. Can you drive me?” she rocked forward onto the balls of her feet, pushing her chest towards me. I couldn’t say no to her.

“Sounds good!”

“Oh yay!” she pulled me into another one of her too-close hugs, and I felt my erection slide right between her thighs. I squirmed as she squeezed her thighs together and held me firmly.

Getting up on her tiptoes to speak directly into my ear she whispered “Thanks Little Jimmy. Be back here in an hour.”

And then she was gone, closing the glass door behind her as she disappeared into the house.


An hour later I was back on her deck knocking on the glass to get Madison’s attention. It had been ten minutes and she hadn’t answered the door.

The inside of her house was well lit, and I admired her living room through the glass while I waited. It was definitely minimalist, but what was there was very elegant and looked quite expensive. There wasn’t a TV either I noticed.

Just then one of the hallway doors opened and Amber came walking out dressed in only her underwear. I had jerked off twice before coming back over here, but I felt my dick begin to stiffen at the sight.

She was wearing a matching bra and panty set, it was bright red with a black lace trim. I couldn’t help but stare.

She saw me looking through the door and held up a finger as if to say ‘wait’, and then disappeared into another room.

She reemerged a few minutes later wearing an incredibly form-fitting black cocktail dress that hugged her generous curves in all the right ways.

“Let’s go little buddy” she walked out of the house, not waiting for me to respond.

When we got in the car she gave me the address and we were on our way.

Madison was quiet as we began the drive as I rattled away about whatever came to mind, desperately trying to fill the silence.

“This is quite a nice car” she finally said.

“Oh, uh thanks”. To be honest I know nothing about cars. But it seemed to impress Madison.

“Yeah I bought it when I was with my ex”

Fuck. Why did I bring her up.

A faint hint of a smirk pulled at Madison’s lips.

“The one who cheated on you?” she said as she turned to face me.

“Mmhhm” I said, keeping my eyes looking directly ahead.

“With the guy with the huge dick?” she wasn’t even hiding her smirk now.

I didn’t know what to say. But I could see Madison’s gaze in my peripheral vision, and I felt my pits begin to sweat with nervousness.

“Yes” I eventually relented.

Madison giggled softly before smiling to herself, as if pleased with the outcome. Like she had won some sort of game.

More silence followed thereafter and I found myself getting more and more nervous. I had never been alone with a woman as beautiful as Madison for this long, other than my ex and my stepsister. I comforted myself with the fact that Madison asked me, of all people, to drive her. So she must like spending time with me, and maybe I still did have a shot.

Madison wrinkled her nose a few times.

“You alright?” I asked, “need a tissue?”

Madison turned towards me and gave the air a gentle sniff. She frowned and leaned in closer, the tip of her nose grazing my neck, and took a long sniff.

“You smell!” she crinkled her nose “Again”

“I’m.. uh, sorry. Long day I guess” I half laughed at the end, hoping to brush it off.

Madison wore her mouth in a straight line.

“We need to roll down the windows to air out this car” she said flatly “I don’t want to arrive for my date smelling like your gross BO”

If I wasn’t driving a car I’d have stopped dead in my tracks. Her date? I was driving her to a date? With another man? I could feel my heart sinking in my chest, and my tummy began to turn. The nausea was rising. It was like I’d been kicked in the guts.

Madison saw my reaction and chuckled.

“Oh it’s not really a date” she whispered, almost conspiratorially.

I looked at her, half out of hope, half out of desperation.

Her smile was devilish once again. “It’s more like a booty call” she laughed.


We drove the last few minutes in silence before I pulled up in front of a fairly run-down looking apartment block in the inner-city.

Madison turned to face me.

“Listen Jimmy” she began “we’re friends right?”

“Yes! Of course! Absolutely”

Madison chuckled at my eagerness.

“Good, because since we’re friends I feel like I can tell you” she paused and leaned towards me in her seat.

“You really need to do a better job of washing yourself. It seems like everytime we hang out, you smell” she crinkled her nose again.

“Oh… uh… yeah, I can do that” I stammered

“I mean you really need to get in there and rub all your bits. Your pits especially, and your balls as well” she pointed towards my crotch for emphasis.

“Yeah I can do that” I gave a nervous laugh, hoping this conversation would end.

Madison’s face softened, and she reached out to rub my arm.

“Okay, great. I’m proud of you. And I’ll check how you go with it”

What did that mean?

But before I could think about it Madison was pulling me into another hug.

With our checks resting against each other, she put her lips to my ear and whispered.

“Let’s hope this guy’s cock is as big as your ex’s boss”

And she laughed as she leapt out of the car and headed towards the apartment block.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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