Magic Fingers Ch. 07

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Big Tits

… “Melanie had only two visitors while she was in the hospital. I know one was her lawyer, the other, I shudder to even speculate on.”

“Why,” I asked?

“Melanie has a lot of old family connections and is well acquainted with many people, from Doctors to truck drivers and others, who earn their living, doing less reputable work.”

“Did either you or Melanie call the cops and what happened to the neighbors.”

“I’m getting to that. And No. Melanie forbad me to file a police report.

“Her husband, Stan, owned a small construction company. Only days after meeting with her second visitor, Stan began to have a run of very bad luck. It started with labor problems and OSHA was called in, assessing him with heavy fines. Next, a bank called in one of his commercial building loans. Strangely, the IRS also picked this time to audit Stan’s books. The list of his financial and business problems seemed to grow by the day.

“About a month later, Stan and the neighbors, a Mr. and Mrs. Sloan, were arrested by the local police, down in Hermosillo, Mexico, for drug trafficking. It seemed that the Sloan’s were approached with a business deal that would make them a lot of money. The only snag was that they would have to buy, create or find someone who owned a construction company that could be used as a front. They approached Stan and he saw this as a way to solve his money problems, so he agreed to partner up with them. They were found guilty and to the best of my knowledge are still in a Mexican prison.

“Now, John, it’s your turn, in detail, tell me everything that happened.”

As I was giving Carol a blow by blow description of last nights sex, I found myself analyzing every move that was made, every word that was spoken and I realized with a slight panic, that if I had said or done the wrong thing, I could have, fucked up Melanie’s head even worse.

Evidently, Carol picked up on it. “John, stop. Do not start analyzing yourself and Melanie. If you do, you’ll kill your feelings for her and mess up your relationship.”

I picked up on the words FEELINGS and RELATIONSHIP and felt a prickly heat begin to rise up the back of my neck and for a reason, that I am sure only Doctor Sigmund Freud could explain, I became defensive.

“What are you talking about, you make the words feelings and relationship sound like something more than what they are!”

“Aaa Haa! A tender nerve I see. Anyway, you’re dense and Melanie is stupid, so there is no sense in me wasting my valuable time. Don’t you have a tank or a tractor or something to drive to Denver or where ever it is you go?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.”

“Good,” she said. “The keys to my Saab are there on the wall key rack. You take the car back to the motel, leave the keys at the desk and I’ll have the dealership pick it up for servicing. That should work out well for everyone. I’ll give you a call or two, during your absence.”

She stood, walked over and hugged me to her and whispered, “You have wormed your way into my heart in only two days. I will miss you while you’re gone, so, please be safe.”

She kissed me gently on the lips and said, in a commanding voice, “Now go.”

Three days out and for the first time ever, I felt homesick. I missed a call from Melanie, because I had no cell signal in the desert, East of San Antonio and promised myself, I’d give her a call when I stopped for the night.

I pulled into a Petro Truck Stop to fuel up, shower and spend the night. My cell phone rang, as I was waiting in a line of trucks to fuel. “Hello, John here.”

“You are such a dumb shit, John Drake. If you had a brain and any common courtesy…”

There was no mistaking Carols voice. “Mom,” I said. “Mom is that you?”

“You really are an ass. You know perfectly well who this is and I’ve called to give you a piece of my mind. — Melanie is worried sick. She has called me more times. – She even admitted, that she had. — Forget it, I’m not saying another word. — John, call her. I expect you to grovel, plead for forgiveness and if you don’t say sorry at least ten times, I’ll, call you a lot worse than a dumb ass. Good by John! — Oh, I expect you to call me later and tell me how you begged for forgiveness and I’ll know if you’re telling the truth, cause I’m going to compare stories.”

The line went dead.

It was now my turn at the pumps, and I just sat there as fear slithered over me. I wanted to call Melanie, I had wanted to call her from the minute I climbed into my truck, but I was afraid to. What was I going to say? “Wow baby, we had great sex! I can’t wait to come home and fuck you again.” That would go over big.

I certainly couldn’t blurt out, Melanie I love you and I have from the moment I met you. Melanie is a sweet, kind and caring woman. Any feelings she has for me, comes from her compassion for others. I saw it in her eyes, when she first looked at Kay and I’m sure her feelings for me are not that different.

I told myself, that somehow, I would have to control this emotion of mine and that I needed escort istanbul to put it into perspective. I had no desire to lose her or Carols love and friendship. The blast from an air horn brought me to my senses. I drove to a parking spot without fueling, I could do that tomorrow. Now, I had to call Melanie.

The phone was answered in an excited voice, that almost melted my resolve. “John, I’m so glad you called, is everything ok are you all right?”

“Melanie, before I say anything else, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Ok, now Carol won’t beat the crap out of me and will stop calling me an insensitive shit. She made me promise to say I’m sorry ten times.

“Melanie, I know, I should have pulled over during the day and taken the time to call, but I just didn’t think… Well, anyway, I hope you can except my apology.”

“Oh John, it’s nothing. I was just worried about you and I’m relieved that everything is fine. — I should call Carol and yell at her for making you feel bad about not calling.”

The conversation moved on to the weather, my trip, Melanie’s job, and as it flowed, it became more comfortable and bonding. After two hours and three minutes, according to my cell phone, I begrudgingly said good night and promised I’d call tomorrow night, despite the two hour time difference.

As my trip went on, I found myself taking pictures with the digital camera that I kept in the truck, e-mailing them to both Melanie and Carol. I sent pictures of mountains, sunsets, saguaro cactus, roadrunners, coyotes. Anything I found interesting, I took a picture of. Melanie would talk about the pictures I sent and say things like, You are so lucky to travel and see these things, and I wish I was with you. Carol would send me dirty jokes, mostly about doctors, lawyers and blondes.

On my trip East, Carol and Melanie weren’t the only women to call. Carla and Ike wanted to know when I’d be arriving in Atlanta. When I left them two weeks ago, I was anxious to return. Now, what I wanted most was to turn around and go home, to be back with Carol and most of all Melanie.

I got unloaded and before calling Ike and Carla, I called my next pick up point and asked if there was any chance they could load me a day early. I was told, no promises, but if the night crew had time, they would do what they could and call me whenever the load was ready. I thanked them and then called Carla’s number.

She offered to come over and pick me up at the truck stop. I explained I had an early load pickup so it would be easier for me to bobtail over to their apartment. She gave me directions and an hour later I parked my tractor on the street in front of their apartment complex.

Ike was standing outside waiting for me. “Wow stranger, you are looking good. Come on in. Do ya want a drink?”

“No, sorry. If I have to drive tomorrow morning, I can’t have any alcohol in my system.”

“Bummer,” was the response I got.

Carla came out of the bedroom, followed by, to put it kindly, a rather obese woman. Carla ran up to me and flamboyantly, threw her arms around my neck saying, “John my love, it has been a long two weeks,” and she started to kiss me quite passionately. The blood that had been in my head rushed to my dick.

“Oh, John, I can feel how happy you are to see me.” She said as she grabbed my now hard cock.

My introduction to the rather obese woman was very brief. “John, this is Tanya, she is a non believer.”

“Hi Tanya. It’s a pleasure.” I held out my hand.

She looked at it for a moment, before giving it a dainty shake. “Hi.”

Carla didn’t seem to notice the cold response I got and went merrily on. “Oh, I’m so horny, I’ll probably squirt the minute you put those magic fingers inside me.”

Ike spoke now, “John, you said you were still learning, so we thought you would like a video of you making us squirt, so you can look at all the action later, do you mind?”

The thought intrigued me and I could definitely see the use of it. “Yeah, Ike, that’s a real good idea, thanks.”

Carla, with arms fluttering, “Come on, I’m ready.”

She pulled off her t-shirt and yanked down her shorts. Yet again there was no panties or bra. “Less talk, more action, come on into the bedroom.”

I stepped in and stopped in my tracks. It was like a porn studio. They had not one but three cameras and I guessed Ike was the camera person. There was a quart bottle of sensual lube, a life time supply for most people. There was a small pile of dildos and vibrators and a large stack of towels. These girls were serious.

“Ok, John, show Tanya how you can make me squirt.” At that Carla flopped on the bed with legs spread. “John, you won’t need much foreplay, I’m ready and I went to the bathroom just before you got here.”

As I approached Carla, she started playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples and said, “Hurry John, or I’ll cum without your help, and that’s nowhere near as much fun.”

I applied a healthy amount of lube to my escort bayan istanbul fingers. Carla smiled and said, “You really won’t need much of that.”

I slipped my fingers over what I could see were very puffy outer lips. As my fingers touched her hard clit, Carla began to moan.

“Oh yeah John, just rub it a little more for me. Oh God yes,” she cried. “See, I got myself ready for you, so now, I need you to make me squirt. Now John. Make me cum like before.”

Sliding my fingers into her, I immediately found her very inflated and rock hard gland. No telling, how long she had been masturbating in order to get it that big and hard. This was going to be a new experience for both of us.

There was no warm up here, she was beyond ready. I tapped hard several times and her back arched instantly. With my left hand, I pushed down on her belly, just behind her mound, while pushing up and stroking inside. In less than twenty seconds she was screaming, thrashing her head wildly, her hands had the sheets clenched in them. Her body was heavily arched as she became a human fire hose. I reached up and started whisking my fingers over her clit as the first long stream ceased. There were several small shorter spurts that erupted with each of her body’s subsequent aftershocks.

As she was lowering her hips to the bed, she was breathing in short whimpers. I placed my hand on her belly and was ready to plunge my fingers back in her, when Tanya lunged between Carla’s legs. Tanya’s face was buried in her cunt. The weight of it seemed to crush Carla back into the bed. Tanya was completely naked, not a very pretty sight as images of Carol and Melanie flashed in my mind.

I stood there and watched as Carla began a cry out “Oh Fuck, Ooh Fuck, Oooh FUCK! I’m gona Squirt!”

Carla did not say another word. Her body became rigid, but there were no other signs of her squirting or having an orgasm, until Tanya took her mouth away.

My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Tanya’s tongue was still in Carla’s cunt, even though her mouth was several inches away. A small gush of fluid pulsed from Carla as Tanya moved back and closed her mouth around the splayed and pulsing pussy.

Carla’s eyes opened in a look of horror, she couldn’t speak, and she was breathing like she was hyper-ventilating. Spurts were sloshing out the sides of Tanya’s mouth as Carla began to squirt again. For only a few seconds, Tanya pulled her head out of Carla’s crotch and the spurting stopped.

I watched as Tanya withdrew her very long tongue and brought it up to glide over Carla’s clit, before she pulled it back and let it crawl into Carla’s open hole. Once again she pushed her face back into Carla and in seconds more gushes were escaping Tanya’s lips.

Finally, like a last gasp of the dying, Carla started to hit Tanya’s head, but she wouldn’t move. It took a few seconds before it dawned on both Ike and I that she needed help. We both pulled Tanya’s body down and away from Carla’s crotch, not an easy task, considering her weight and the fact that she was fighting us, trying to claw her way back.

“Tanya, stop!” Ike yelled at her and gave her flabby ass a hard swat. That seemed to bring Tanya out of her insanity.

Tanya, was breathing heavy and dripping from Carla’s squirting, “I couldn’t stop myself, I was so horny from watching her squirt. I just wanted to feel her pulse around my tongue.”

Ike grabbed a dildo and tossed it at Tanya.

I was at Carla’s head, stroking her brow, she seemed traumatized.

Ike came up and said, “Do you want a dildo in you?”

All Carla could do was nod her head yes, and whimper softly as she closed her eyes.

Ike spoke up, “OK, let’s go into the living room for a break and let Carla rest. Tanya, come on you can finish that in the living room, just take a towel with you.”

“Ike, normally, I don’t and won’t drink before I drive, but right now, I could use a cold beer.”

“Do you mind bud?”

“I don’t care, so long as it’s in a glass or bottle I’m fine.”

I was watching Tanya masturbate with the dildo. There really wasn’t much to see. Her entire hand had disappeared, covered by the overhang of her belly. You couldn’t see if she had pubic hair. I did know, she had an abnormally long tongue and when she was done, I had some definite questions.

Ike came out with my bottle and sat down beside me. “That,” she said, “was interesting. Have you ever seen a woman squirt, while she was being eaten out.”

“Never.” I said, “Tanya must have a fairly long tongue.”

“Oh, that she does, she can reach places in you that no man has touched before.”

We both sat back and watched Tanya, kneeling on the towel, I guess with her legs spread, it was hard to tell. You could hear a squishing sound coming from Tanya’s, well , from some where between her legs as a never ending shower of sticky drops would slowly stretch to the towel on the floor.

Ike and I both finished our beer. We hadn’t guzzled it, we were both sippers and it took bayan escort istanbul us close to twenty minutes to drain the bottles. Tanya was still at it. She seemed to be in a trance. I looked at Ike, “How long can she make it last before she has an orgasm?”

“Well, she once told me that she had an orgasm with every stroke of the dildo. That is why she goes into a type of trance.”

“That’s not possible. Is it?”

Ike looked at me saying “Yeah it is. I guess that sounds almost as crazy as believing a woman can ejaculate, weird hua.”

“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, should they.” I said.

“No,” she agreed. “You shouldn’t. — Lets go in and see how our little Carla is doing.”

Carla had her eyes open when we walked in. “Are you ok Honey”, Ike crooned.

Carla looked up and with more vigor than what I expected her to have, said, “That GD Tanya with that fucking Giraffe tongue of hers, she never knows when it’s enough. I swear, she could tongue fuck you until you died and wouldn’t stop until the smell got to her.”

“That’s revolting,” said Ike.

“OK, when was the last time that she tongue fucked you that you didn’t have to fight your way off her tongue.

“Where is that fat ass any way.”

“Carla, be nice, she is in the living room. With a dildo.”

“Go and slap her ass and get her out of it. If John is willing, I’d like to see if he can make her squirt.”

“You want me to get her to have an ejaculation?”

“Yeah, you said you wanted to learn and experiment, what bigger experiment could you have than her.”

Once again, the thought intrigued me. Hay, I thought, what could it hurt, “If Tanya is willing, so am I.”

Tanya came in, still naked. Carla had vacated the bed and Tanya laid down. I didn’t want to hurt the poor girls feelings, but, let me describe what I was up against. Tanya was a natural strawberry blonde, with long hair down to her shoulder blades. She had extremely light brown eyes and a flawless complexion. Like so many women with fat faces, she would probably be described as drop dead beautiful if she lost some body weight. Her breasts too would have been a point of loving fascination, but the extra weight made them move like they were stuffed with jello that hadn’t completely firmed. Her stomach or stomachs, could only be described as roll after roll of flab, that if poked, would ripple, like calm water that just had a stone dropped in it. Her legs, even when spread, met at the knee. How was I going to find her labia and if I did how could I squeeze my hand past all the over lapping obstructions.

Tanya lay there expecting me to do something, so I grabbed the bottle of lube and spread a large quantity on my hand. I was tempted to put some up my arm, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

I started to slide my hand between her legs and realized I hadn’t said word one to this woman and chastised myself for not treating her like I did Ike and Carla.

“Tanya,” I said. “I noticed as you were having orgasms in the living room that you were very quiet. I need you to be far more vocal. I need you to talk to me, moan, groan, tell me stop, go, red light green light.”

At that she chuckled and spoke, “You’re worried, I’m to fat and that you won’t even be able to find my cunt, aren’t you.” Her words came out as a statement, not a question.

I nodded my head, saying “Yes, and I’m so afraid I’ll hurt your feelings.”

In a hostel tone she said, “Well John, at least you’re honest.”

I took offense to her tone and looked at her, square in the eyes and said, “Is it honesty that you value?”

“Yes,” she said firmly and just as hostel.

“Well then, Tanya, I believe I’m going to hurt your feelings.”

A look of surprise crossed her face as I continued. “Honesty is a virtue that one must first find in themselves before looking in others. The search for your own honesty requires courage. — You Tanya are a beautiful woman, in hiding. Where is your honesty? You know you have demons that you have not even tried to face.”

Tanya’s face had the look of shock as she rolled over and began to cry. My heart went out to her, as I sat by her side and stroked her hair.

Carla came up to me with an angry expression. “Now look what you’ve done, there is no way you’re going to make her squirt now.”

“Carla, be quiet and pretend I have a do not disturb sign up.”

A long minute passed and I put my lips to Tanya’s ear. “You are such a fraud.” I whispered, “I didn’t think you knew how beautiful you could be, but you do. You know. I’ll bet you stand naked in front of the mirror.”

“How do you know.” she whispered back.

“Until now, it was just a guess, now I know for sure.”

She reached up from her side and tried to hit me and missed.

“Ok,” I said. “Now I make you squirt, so here is a towel, wipe your eyes and let’s show off.”

Not three minutes later Tanya was on her back and I had my hand between her legs. I had no problem finding her clit or pushing my fingers in and finding her spongy spot. The problem arose, when I went to push on it. It disappeared. I couldn’t apply any pressure to her abdomen. There was just too much fat. My other problem was that with all the rubbing and pushing her peritoneal gland was swollen to the point where it was obviously causing her discomfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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