Magic Misti

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Dear Readers: I hope you enjoy my latest fantasy. Your continued support, encouragement and warm comments are so appreciated. YogayKay … XOXO


Misti came into my life at a nail salon. The tall slender redhead was getting a pedicure when I entered the store and I noticed how attractive she was right away. I told the shop’s owner that I needed my toes done and the Vietnamese woman seated me in one of the large spa chairs. Misti was sitting in the chair directly to my right. The two of us began talking immediately and the chemistry was instant. We liked each other and the conversation flowed easily. We discussed our tattoos, our children, our husbands and our mutual love of hiking. Before she left, Misti and I exchanged phone numbers and spoke of meeting for a hike.

The phone number sat in my leather messenger bag for weeks. Even though I had enjoyed meeting the thirty-nine-year-old woman, I knew I wasn’t likely to phone. At fifty-three, It just wasn’t my nature. Despite my reservations about calling someone I didn’t really know, I held onto Misti’s number.

Three weeks after trading numbers, I was grocery shopping at the local grocer HEB. All the items on my list had been crossed off when I realized I had forgotten protein bars. Backtracking through the large store I returned to the nutritional supplement aisle. I reached for my favorite peanut butter variety. As I grabbed the bar another hand lifted it simultaneously and I turned my head towards the other person. It was Misti and we both stared at each other in that you look familiar manner but I can’t place you sorta way. After a brief pause we both began laughing.

“I guess the universe wants us to be friends.” I grinned up at her.

“Must be fate.” Misti returned my smile. We chatted a little and then parted with a promise. We were going to call each other this time and we were going to make plans to meet. And we did. We went hiking, we hung by my pool and we occasionally went shopping. The activities were fun but they weren’t the focal point of our weekly meetings. It was our conversations that formed our friendship. There wasn’t one topic that was kept off limits as we laughed and occasionally cried during our prolonged talks. In one another, we had found a true friend.

Pretty soon we were introducing family members to each other. My husband liked Will as soon as they met and I’m certain Misti’s athletic-looking husband felt the same about David. The husbands mixed so well that we began going on double dates. Our friendship had cemented.

About two years after I met Misti our relationship took a sudden change.

Misti and I decided we wanted to do magic mushrooms together. I suggested taking our “trip” in my backyard. It was August in Central Texas and my pool offered a cool place to play. She agreed immediately. We picked a date, the following Monday at 8:00am.

Monday morning, I woke up filled with excitement. I hadn’t done hallucinogenics since my college days. That had been over thirty years previous and I was looking forward to the experience. I wanted everything perfect. So, I cleared away clutter outside and in my kitchen. Then, I went to prepare myself. I took a quick shower and dried off. There was a bottle of glitter lotion on the marble counter and I grabbed the sparkly concoction and squeezed a generous amount into my hand. Carefully, I began rubbing the gold-speckled lotion over my petite body. Shimmering while tripping just sounded fun and I grinned at my reflection in anticipation.

It only took a few minutes to dry my short blond bob and I turned my attention to my make-up. Normally, I didn’t paint my face to go swimming but this was altogether different. I was setting a stage. I outlined my slanted green eyes heavily. For effect, I also added a heavy amount of liquid glitter eyeshadow to my lids. I added a little red lipstick to my full lips and I was done. Nude, I hurried to the backyard to dress. My yard is completely private and I keep my swimsuits and sunscreen in a bamboo armoire sitting on the large covered patio.

First, I grabbed a can of 70-SPF sunscreen and sprayed my body from head to toe. Getting a sunburn wasn’t something I wanted. Then I went through my swim suits. My nail polish was a light blue, so I selected a 1940’s pin-up style two-piece suit covered in blue roses and leopard print. The swimsuit also matched the blue iris tattoo on my left shoulder. The flower was a reproduction of a Georgia O’ Keefe painting and I loved to wear clothes that highlighted the artwork. Tugging the high-waisted bottoms over my more than ample ass, I smiled to myself. This was going to be fun. I had no idea just how right I was. Quickly I tied the top of the suit over my perky size B breasts and headed back inside.

Returning to my bathroom, I grabbed the glitter lotion and eyeliner. There was no way Misti wouldn’t want to shimmer too. As I was gathering the items I heard the doorbell buzz and my heart jumped. The party was about to begin. I went to the door and let my friend into my house. Misti walked in torbalı escort grinning. She looked as excited as I felt. Misti headed to the kitchen and I followed her.

“Ta-dum!” Said triumphantly as she lifted a small glass jar from the canvas tote bag she was carrying. Misti was beaming as she handed me the jar. Her long dark red hair was pulled up in a bun on top of her head and she wasn’t wearing make-up and she didn’t need it. Misti’s lightly-freckled skin was tanned and she was wearing athletic shorts and a white t-shirt over a pink bikini. As usual, the physically fit mother of three looked amazing.

“I’m so excited about this…it’s going to be so much fun.” I spoke as I unscrewed the white plastic top from the glass jar. It was filled with dried mushroom pieces. “How much is this?”

“Four grams. There’s two grams for each of us.” Misti’s hazel eyes met mine and she arched her dark red eyebrows at me.

“How should we take them?”

“We could make a tea or we can just eat them.” Misti waited for me to respond. I grabbed my small black kitchen scale and turned it on.

“I’m going to eat mine.” I was too hyped-up to wait for tea. “Here I’ll divide them.” I began putting one piece at a time on the scale.

“I want to eat mine too.” My friend was as eager as I was about tripping together.

“Will you grab the orange juice from the fridge? I think the citric acid will make the mushrooms work faster.” Misti went to my stainless-steel refrigerator and grabbed the freshly-squeezed juice. Then she got two blue glasses from a kitchen cabinet and began pouring the beverage. I just kept on measuring.

“Here.” I handed Misti a little black bowl with two grams of the potent fungi. She handed me one of the glasses and I held it up and said, “Cheers.” We each began chewing a tiny piece of mushroom. The taste was earthy and with each bite we took we sipped the cold juice. Pretty soon we had ingested the entire amount. “Grab a water and we can go out back and get ready.”

Misti grabbed her water bottle and I grabbed a cold can of sparkling water from the fridge and we headed to the backyard. It was early in the day and my yard was dappled by the morning sun. The paisley-shaped swimming pool’s aqua water shimmered as the pink and yellow flowers surrounding it opened up for the day. Looking around, I smiled. Everything was perfect.

We stepped onto my covered patio and moved towards the wrought iron table sitting in the center of the shady space. I placed the glitter lotion and the sparkly eyeliner on the granite table-top and turned towards Misty.

“You’re sparkly!” Misti’s voice carried approval.

“I spread glitter lotion all over me. It’ll look sooo pretty when the mushrooms kick-in!”

“I want to sparkle too.” Misti’s voice made me grin. We were both acting like children headed to an amusement park.

“I wouldn’t forget you.” I picked up the gold-flecked lotion and handed it to my friend. Her smile deepened as she returned the bottle to the tabletop and began removing her clothes. When Misti had stripped down to her pink bikini, I told her to turn around. Squeezing the bottle, I squirted some of the lotion and began rubbing the glittery solution over her tattooed back. When I was done, I handed the bottle to her so she could finish applying the glitter to the rest of her body.

Turning around, she asked. “How do I look?”

“Amazing!” My statement was the truth. Even though I’m straight I know beauty when I see it and Misti looked perfect. My friend is a gym-rat and it shows. Perfect C breasts led to a flat belly and despite her slim athletic build, well-rounded hips topped her long-toned legs. Picking up the sparkly eyeliner, I added, “I want to highlight your tattoos too.”

Misti grinned and responded, “That’s fine with me…I’m going to be your visual.”

I opened the eyeliner and began making small strokes on the bluebirds decorating her upper right arm. When I finished I stepped back and took a look. The red background was lightly glittered and each blue feather was heavily painted. Misti looked magical. I handed the eyeliner to her and declared, “My turn.”

Turning around I presented the blue iris on my left shoulder. Misti opened the sparkly mixture and began outlining my tattoo. The small strokes of the brush made my skin tingle and I took a deep breath. It was too early for the mushrooms to have taken effect and I brushed the pleasant sensation from my mind.

When Misti was finished, we both took a seat at my wrought iron table and began to talk. Misti took her bun down during the conversation. I was in the middle of discussing the new article I was working on when Misti looked across my yard suddenly and whispered, “Your flowers are soooo beautiful…they are glowing.” Her voice held awe.

I followed Misti’s gaze. She was staring at a blue planter box that ran the length of my wooden fence. The zinnias were red, pink and yellow. They were beautiful but they were definitely not glowing.

“Wow, now their urla escort breathing.” Misti just kept staring at my flowers. Laughing to myself I thought, somebody’s tripping. I didn’t think I was feeling anything. I was wrong.

“I think your mushrooms are hitting you.” My voice was amused sounding.

“Are you feeling anything yet?” Misti turned her head to look at me and she was glowing. Her hazel eyes were wide and her smile serene as she waited for my response.

“Maybe.” As I said the words, Misti’s dark red hair appeared to lift slightly as if the wind were blowing. It haloed her angular face and I froze and watched as her long tresses appeared to be alive. “Uh, I’m feeling it alright!” While I was speaking it was as if the background suddenly disappeared. All I could see was my beautiful friend and without warning, I felt myself wanting to touch her lightly-freckled skin.

Misti stared at me with a dreamy expression and said what I had been thinking, “You’re beautiful.”

I don’t know why but that made me giggle and I replied, “Thank you but I’m not the one that’s glowing.

“I’m glowing?” She sounded delighted with the idea and cocked her head as she stared intensely at me and added, “Elaine, you’re glowing too.” We both started laughing as we watched the other one shimmer unnaturally. How long did we sit there studying each other? I don’t know, time had changed. It was like every minute contained an entire lifetime.

“Want to try the water?” I slipped on a pair of aluminum Ray Bans as I spoke.

“Absolutely!” Misti stood while her red locks danced around her head and put on a pair of dark shades. Her glasses reminded me of the kind favored by starlets during the 1950’s and they only added to her desirability. I stood and headed towards the pool. Misti followed slowly as she looked around my yard.

I stepped on the first plaster step. The water felt delicious as it caressed my feet and I exclaimed, “It’s like stepping into velvet.” I continued walking down the steps until I was waist deep in the clear water. Misti joined me.

“Look at your waterfall!” Misti pointed to the tall stone water feature. I turned and looked. The entire thing appeared to be dancing. We both watched it for a few minutes and then I caught the two blue mats that were floating near us. I pushed one towards Misti and climbed on the other.

“I’m going to float.” I laid back as I spoke. The water rocked me as I lay there staring through the branches of an old oak tree. While I swayed back and forth I began to think. Love was the subject occupying my mind. While I thought about the deep ramifications of human love, I forgot where I was and what I was doing.

My thoughts continued traveling until I heard an enthusiastic, “Hi.” Misti popped up next to me with a smile. Dripping water, she looked like Ariel from the Disney film The Little Mermaid.

“How are you?” I slipped off the mat and stood in the luxurious feeling water next to my friend. Misti towered over me as I stepped closer to her. When you are under five feet tall, most people do.


“Happy.” We both giggled and I added, “I’m having a blast…can’t stop thinking about love…about how David loves me…how I love him back…how much I love you…everything about love.”

I carried on about my love ideas until Misti interrupted me, “I love you too.” I stopped rambling and really looked at her. She seemed different, softer

“Aww…you are so sweet.” I reached up and gave Misti a brief hug. As I did, my size B breasts accidentally grazed her size C’s and once more I found myself wanting to stroke my friend. Physical sensation had expanded because of the mushrooms I had ingested and I wanted to feel everything. I wanted to splash water, touch flowers, and feel the grass between my toes. And I really wanted to know how Misti’s beautiful skin felt. “May I touch you?”

Misti smiled sweetly and said, “Of course.” Looking at her, I suddenly felt honored. Like I was approaching a powerful goddess I tentatively lifted one hand. With one pale blue fingernail I lightly traced her right tricep. She sighed and I continued. My finger looked like someone else’s as I watched it move down her forearm. “Mmmm, that feels nice.” Misti giggled a bit as she spoke.

“Your skin is so warm…soft, all at once.” I lifted her wrist and placed my lips on the inside. Briefly, I kissed her pulse. Her heartbeat was steady and felt loud in my enhanced state.

“Let me!” Misti took her hand and with one red-tipped nail she traced my collarbone. It felt like the glitter coating my skin began to wiggle and I giggled.

Misti just kept stroking me as she spoke, “Elaine, your skin feels like silk…hot silk…you feel like you’re on fire…I want to hold you.” Misti wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. My face was resting on her chest as she held me tightly. Warmth filled me as our bare skin touched. “I can feel it…your heat, it’s circling me.”

Man, we’re tripping I thought as I responded, “Yeah…it’s buca escort the glitter…the metal is heating up.”

“You really think so?” Misti liked the idea.

“No,” and I started laughing. Misti thought about what I had said and started giggling herself. We just held each other until our laughter ran out. When we separated it really did feel like someone had turned my thermostat down and I commented on the loss of heat.

Misti held out her slender hand and gave mine a squeeze. Glitter wiggled as I squeezed hers back. Then we each became interested in something different and moved in opposite directions. I went and sat at the patio table and watched birds coming and going at the bird feeder hanging from a tree in the corner of the yard. Misti went and sat by a large pot of flowers and appeared to be talking to them. Every now and then I would catch her staring at me. Her almond shaped eyes held love as she looked at me tenderly. Her expression made me stop watching the doves flocking around the feeder and start watching her.

Her long red hair was still blowing in a nonexistent wind and droplets of water clung to her tanned skin. I stared as I watched one bead of water run between her full breasts. When I realized I was ogling her, I sputtered, “I’m sorry Misti…you just look…so womanly…you know…” I trailed off.

“Don’t apologize I can’t stop looking at your beautiful curves…you’re like a miniature hourglass…one curl into the next.” As she spoke, Misti traced the shape of a woman in the air and smiled lovingly at me. Emotion rose in me strong and swift and I trembled slightly as I returned her sweet smile with one of my own.

I stood and walked over to where Misti was sitting and touched her vibrating hair. “I really love you…I can see you clearly now…you’re beautiful to the core,” I sighed. It was true, Misti wasn’t just pretty on the outside.

She slipped one arm through my muscular calves and hugged me. “I see you too Elaine…I love all of you.” There was so much affection surrounding us it felt tangible and I began to feel something I would have never expected, desire. Apparently, I’m not the only one I thought as I felt Misti begin to caress my thigh. Sparkles of pleasure shot through me and I grabbed her searching hand and pulled her up to me.

She looked down at me with eyes that glowed with animalistic need and I didn’t hesitate. Reaching up, I locked my hands behind her neck and pulled her down. Her dark rose lips met mine and I felt myself get wet as we softly kissed one another. A clenching began deep inside me as her pink tongue slipped into my warm mouth and began teasing mine. Opening my mouth further I began to dominate the kiss.

Misti’s hands caressed the curvature of my body as I continued consuming her. Time had stopped. Pretty soon I couldn’t tell where her curves began and mine ended. It was like we were one entity. She grabbed my short blonde hair and pulled me back. “I want to be naked.”

Misti still sounded like a child playing at an amusement park and I giggled, “Me too!” We both quickly dropped our swimsuits to the concrete decking. Then we unashamedly stared at one another. My eyes travelled to her full breasts. Immediately I wanted to feel her pale pink nipples in my mouth and I heard myself make a sound of appreciation.

Misti was staring at my breasts as she returned my sound of approval. My dark-pink nipples tightened instantly as I imagined her suckling me into her mouth. Her eyes travelled to my small pink folds and I felt myself slightly open as she stared. “Is that a ring?” Misti pointed to the small gold ring in my outer labia and I nodded yes. “That’s hot,” she grinned.

“Thank you, want to take this party to the chaise lounge.” I pointed to one of the blue and white-striped cushions tied to the gray frames. It was like we had made a silent agreement to fuck and she nodded yes.

Turning around I headed to the large piece of furniture. I put the back down and made a flat surface and took a seat.

“You’ve got a great ass.” Misti had been staring at my bubble butt while I walked and this realization made me even hornier and I patted the seat next to me. Misti joined me and we immediately resumed kissing. This time it was Misti consuming me.

Breathlessly I pulled back. Before she could pull me in I grabbed both of her full firm breasts and ran a thumb across her rigid nipples. She gasped and the sound made my heart begin to race. So, I continued playing with her tender flesh. Firmly, I pulled on her pale pink nipples as I rubbed my thumb back and forth. She let her head drop back and she groaned into the sunny morning air.

I was transfixed by Misti as I relished the feel of her body in my hands. I’m not sure how long I played with her breasts as we sat there together. It didn’t matter, time had stopped moving forward again. Without thought, I lowered my head and drew her long nipple into my mouth. As I rolled my tongue around the pink nub, I continued kneading her other breast. Taking both hands, I squeezed her mounds together and began suckling the other nipple. Misti grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tighter. Back and forth I went from one glittery breast to the other. I couldn’t get enough. I didn’t even think about stopping. I don’t think Misti did either.

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