Magic Panties Ch. 04

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This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. If any differences occur between continuity, accept the one you like better as truth, and enjoy!

Shall I do another recap? For some reason a magical pair of panties fell into my possession, me, being a perfectly straight male, tried them on, and since then, I’ve been finding my masculinity slowly fading away. I’ve been wearing skirts and tight pants, sucking cock, being fucked up the ass, and basically been riding out the changes on my two week long vacation from work. A few days ago, I met a chick named Michelle who had gone through the same process. She’s helping me cope with the changes and seems to be my guide.

I woke up today to the excruciating pain that Michelle described as my hips and shoulders readjusted. She woke up quickly as I shouted in pain as I tried to move.

“Don’t move,” she said quickly, and rushed out of the room.

I complied, I had no choice, I felt everything inside of me explode with pain every time I tried to move. I hoped this would no last as long as Michelle said, but she was short and said before the change, she had broad shoulders and a very sturdy manly build, but now her hips were wide and sexy and nothing about her seemed masculine at all, well except for her cock.

I felt my penis jump to excitement at the thought of her glorious cock. I pictured it in my mouth, its flavor on my tongue, and its soft skin moving between my lips. I pictured it exploding mounds of delicious white cum into my mouth, filling it up, and me swallowing every drop. I love the feeling of a cock in between my lips, and I could think of nothing I wanted more. I wondered if in my weaken state I could still suck her off, or if she could give me a blow job to release the pressure in my throbbing cock.

She came back in, wearing just a long t-shirt. She took one look at me and smiled. “Despite the pain, you still manage an erection, you dirty girl.” She handed me a pill and a glass of water. “It’s a painkiller, should help you get through the day.”

“Thank you, you’re the best.” I spoke. I didn’t realize how weak my voice sounded. It had become a littler high pitched and softer over the last few days. It wasn’t the familiar voice I was use to.

“But I don’t know if I could let you get through the day with this,” She said wrapping her soft hands around the mound in the blanket. She gently pulled the comforter back and rubbed my shaft gently and smiled at me. “Feeling better?”

“Oh yes,” I managed as I smiled. “You always make me feel better.”

She smiled and leaned down and kissed the tip of my cock, she moved to between my legs and looked up at me, as she bounced my cock off her tongue. Her eyes were filled with desire as she stared up at me. She began to lick up and down my shaft, constantly stopping to glare into my eyes. My desire for her was amazing, and I wish I could have taken her on the spot. I moaned as she swiveled her tongue around the tip and began to push as much of my dick into her mouth. She moved her head up and down the raging shaft. She started to twist as she came up and down and I could feel myself inching further and further towards climax.

She stopped and smiled at me as she continued to jerk me off. “Your dick is my absolute favorite.” Her voice was full of lust as she plunged back down into vigorous movements up and down my cock. I felt her tongue, her moist and sensual tongue, moving up and down the bottom istanbul escort of my dick, I felt her lips moving around my shaft, and then she focused solely on the head for a blissful feeling, her hand reached around the base of my dick and worked its way up and down the shaft as she concentrated on the head until finally, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

My cock erupted globs and globs of hot gooey cum all into her mouth and on her face. She smiled as it dripped off her chin; she licked her lips, scooped up what she could and swallowed it all. She wiped up a glob and put it to my lips, and I licked it up. “I love the taste of cum,” she said, “yours is the best.”

She smiled and snuggled up to me, as I drifted back to sleep. The dreams weren’t as pleasing or sexual as the last few days. I was me, well back when I was Roy, and I was trapped in a room lined with panties, and there were these chicks just laughing at me. I tried to escape but every direction I traveled in, I found nothing but piles and piles of panties. Finally, I found a door and opened it, but there was me, but not me.

It was Rachel, the Rachel I was becoming, long brunette hair, tall and slender build, glorious breasts and a strong erect penis. I kneeled down and began sucking on it as fast as I could. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to swallow and eat all that delicious cum. Finally, Rachel grabbed my head and shot loads and loads of delicious cum into my mouth. I swallowed and licked up all its delicious goodness.

I licked the shaft clean, but the erection didn’t die down, it was now stronger than ever. She pushed me to the ground and ripped my pants away, and I saw that I didn’t have a penis anymore. She reached between my legs and stuck her fingers inside me, into my vagina. I could feel them slide right in and this orgasmic feeling overcame my body. She pulled out her fingers, and I missed them instantly. I watched as she licked her fingers, and then positioned her stiff cock against me.

“You’re going to take it and love it, you submissive whore.” She said in a calm stern voice.

I just nodded. She smiled and pushed the penis into my pussy. I gasped and moaned as the large thick shaft pushed deeper and deeper into me. I felt myself cumming one after another with each thrust until she gave two or three strong thrusts and I could feel her cum filling me up.

I opened my eyes and lied there motionless. Michelle wasn’t by my side. I wonder where she had gone. I tested my arms and saw that they moved just fine, there was no pain. I tried my legs, and they too were feeling great. The pain was over, the dangerous part was gone. I stretched out my body against the cool bed and stood up for the first time in what felt like days. How long was I asleep?

I walked over to the mirror and saw myself for the first time, as I would always be. I was still very tall and slender, my breasts had grown in and they were giant D-cups now. I reached up and grabbed them and started to rub my tender chest. They felt so good, I pinched my nipples, rubbed them, I pushed them together. They were absolutely wonderful. I saw too that my body wasn’t just some straight and narrow androgynous form, but had some curves to it. I had hips, wonderful hips, and there was still my wonderful penis, and it was hard as I rock. I stroked it as I admired the new me in the mirror.

I gave myself slutty looks, I blew myself kisses, I rubbed my tits as I stroked my hard shaft until I came. I caught all my cum in the palm of my one hand and watched as I licked escort bayan it all up.

I quickly put on a T-shirt and a pair of panties and walked downstairs to the kitchen, on the counter was a note:

“Hey Rach, sorry to leave, but my work is done. Your transformation into a sissy fem is complete and you should have no more problems. If you do have any more questions, call this number: 555-2317. You probably won’t see me again, but I love you. –Michelle.”

I felt tears run down my cheek as I read the note again and again. She couldn’t even stay for a good luck fuck? Or just to be gal pals? I felt betrayed and angry, but mostly I felt sad. I went upstairs to my bed and laid down again. What was I going to do without Michelle?

I looked over at my nightstand and there was a card. I picked it up quickly and looked it over, on the front was a girl on the beach in a red bikini, and someone had made it look like she had a boner sticking out from the crotch. I opened it up and read the note inside: “I know you’ll look better than this in a Bikini, but you also have work on Monday, here’s money to get new clothes and some bras –Michelle.”


Oh my god, I forgot about work. I’ve been on vacation for two weeks, but it feels like my entire life has changed. I’ve lived an entire lifestyle change in less than a fortnight. I looked over at my phone and saw that it was already Friday of the next week. Again, I aksed myself: “How long was I out for?” Sunday I met Michelle, and she stayed over, Monday we had wild sex all day, and Tuesday I woke up to the pain of my body readjusting. She gave me a pill and I’ve slept since.

What will I do about work though? They saw me leave as Roy two weeks ago on Friday, and I’m going to go back there as Rachel? What will I do? I looked at the number on the note Michelle left and called the number.

The phone rang three or four times before a woman’s voice answered: “Karolyn speaking, how may I answer your call?”

“Hi,” My voice sounded very different now, it was a deep and sultry voice, “My friend, Michelle, left a note with this number to call if I have questions.”

“Are you,” there was a pause, “Rachel?”

“Yes, yes I am.” I was getting use to being called Rachel now, “Formerly Roy.”

“How may I help you, Rachel?” The woman sounded so friendly.

“Well, now I have two, what is this number and what do I do about work?”

There was a long pause, “There is nothing I can do to answer the first question, that information is classified, as for the second, just go to work, if they cannot accept the new you, then you should not work there.”

There was a click and the phone call was over. I was so confused. I picked up the cash that was left on my night table and went to find new clothes for work. I avoided the mall that Michelle and I were caught with her dick up my ass, for obvious reasons, and went to the more upscale one on the opposite side of the city.

I noticed many guys stopping and checking me out. The tank top I had on was not made for someone with a chest such as mine, so there was an eyeful of cleavage for all their little cocks to jump at. Add to that my tight short shorts, and I think you have yourself one wonderfully sexy lady. I felt my cock pulse within the confines of my black panties at the thought of it. I went into one upscale clothing store and immediately a man walked up to me: “May I help you find something, ma’am.”

I smiled back at him, “Well, I work in an office and I need a few new items of Kadıköy escort clothing, business casual, but I still want sexy. He lead me around the store and helped me pick out a few blouses and business skirts that were a little shorter than acceptable. I picked up new stockings and garter belts, a pair of heeled boots and a normal pair of high heels.

He stood outside the changing room as I tried on various articles of clothing, and I could see through the cracks in the door that he was staring in and undressing me with his eyes. The thought just aroused me. So many guys today were stopping and staring at me. I felt so happy and confident in myself. When I left the changing room, he asked if everything fit and quickly grabbed the clothes from me.

I first thought it was rude, until I noticed he did that to hide the raging boner in his pants. I smiled and winked at him as he finished checking me out, and made sure to walk away slowly and add a little extra sway in my step. At the lingerie store, a woman came up to me immediately, probably noticing I was not wearing a bra.

“How may I help you?”

She had short black hair and a cute face, the kind of girl I would have went after if I was still Roy. To b e honest, I would still like to have my way with her. She had wonderful cleavage. “I need bras.”

She smiled, “well, follow me, do you know your size?”

“I’ve no idea actually.”

She looked back confused, “Really? Have you ever owned a bra before?”

“Uhm… no.” I felt like a fool, she could clearly see that I had a gorgeous rack.”

“Well, follow me then,” she said and lead me to the changing room, she went with me into a stall and then paused, “I know this may seem crude, but trust me, its strictly professional.” She winked and then reached up my shirt and felt around my chest. I didn’t mind at all, it felt good to have another pair of hands on them. I noticed that she did more than just measure them, she rubbed them, squeezed them, and even pinched one of the nipples and caused me to moan.

“You have extremely firm and wonderful breasts for someone who never wore a bra before.”

“I’ve been told, but I feel I should get one as they do get heavy.”

She smiled, “I can imagine. I’ll be right back with some bras, why don’t you chill in here.”

I could feel my penis, hard as a rock in my shorts. I hoped she didn’t noticed the large erection that had formed as she massaged my chest. She returned quickly with a variety of bras, I apparently had 34Ds and she showed me a few different styles and patterns. I ended up with a blue bra with yellow dots, a black sexy one, one with tiger stripes, a red and black one, a Red one, and a black sports bra.

She checked me out and then took my receipt and wrote down her number on it. “My boyfriend and I have been looking for some fun lately, and I think you might be perfect, a little something for the both of us.” She bit her lower lip and looked down at my crotch.

“Is it that obvious?” I said, hoping it wasn’t.

“You’re the most convincing one I’ve met. Give me a call later, my names Karen, and maybe some fun can happen.”

“Sounds good,” I smiled, “And my name’s Rachel. I’ll give you a call later.”

I felt myself so giddy as I left the store and the mall and drove home. I got home and tried on all the bras. They felt so good and really helped support my two new friends. I finally settled on the red and black bra to wear that day, I put on a t-shirt and some pj pants with it and went downstairs to make some dinner. I was going to have a busy night tonight if I decided to call Karen.

I still was worried about work on Monday, my heart still felt sad about Michelle leaving me, but I was a young and gorgeous woman… with a penis, and I was going to have some fun tonight…

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