Magical Moonlight Encounter

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Late on a Friday night, Cara stood in the Commission Conference Room on the top floor of the Denver Central Public Library. The library was closed, but she had snuck away from a special event in the basement conference facility. Even after several glasses of champagne, Cara was bored at the fundraiser and this room was one of her favorite spaces in the city. Although the library was deserted, she had moved surreptitiously through the dark corridors to revel in this magnificent chamber. When she entered, she left the lights extinguished.

The room has a soaring tepee shaped ceiling accented with large wood beams. During the day, the windows offer fabulous views of the snow-dusted Colorado mountains. This was Cara’s first night visit. The near full moon light gave the room a magical, quicksilver patina. Fingering the soft material of her sundress, she wandered the room and took in the panoramic views of the downtown lights.

The centerpiece of the room was a large, circular wood table that was built for a 1997 economic summit of world leaders. The birch table spans 13 feet and is decorated with a cherry inlaid sun symbol at its center. Cara rubbed her hand across the highly polished surface and sensed an invigorating warmth.

Leaning against the table, she relaxed into a moonbeam reverie. Cara closed her eyes and envisioned the room as a setting for a passionate romance novel scene of bodice ripping and lust.

She was shaken from her dreamy state by the sound of approaching footsteps. Flustered, Cara prepared to explain to library security why she was present in the off limits area. Instead of a guard, another escapee from the soirée filled the doorway. He wore a tailored shirt that hugged his trim physique. Even in the twilight glow, Cara could make out the stranger’s ruggedly handsome features and carefully tussled dark hair.

He seemed unsurprised to find someone else in the room. He silently appraised Cara lounging casually against the table. She was about to speak when he reached and closed the door. Turning back, he removed his tie. With an unhurried gait, he crossed the room and approached with a lascivious look in his feral eyes. Cara was simultaneously frightened and excited. He wordlessly stepped so close that they were sharing Samsun Escort breathes.

Speechless, Cara stood to feel less vulnerable. Although they weren’t touching, she could feel his body heat through the thin fabric of her dress. The notion flashed in her mind that she was glad she wore some erotic, red lingerie today. The thought shocked her because she was usually sexually reticent. To defend her virtuous self-image, Cara justified the sexy undergarments as simply a means to help her transition from workaday professional to a more feminine weekend persona. She attributed her licentious feelings to his sensual proximity, or the beautiful setting, or the time it had been since she’d had satisfying sex, or his deep and wanton eyes, … or … or, all of the above.

His hand moved up and Cara trembled expecting him to touch her hardening breasts. Instead, still staring into her rapt eyes, he opened the top two buttons on his shirt. She felt torn: safe that this stranger didn’t cross the taboo barrier of inappropriate touching without permission; disappointed that he didn’t touch her the way her heated flesh desired.

In response, and by way of promiscuous invitation, Cara gave a girlish shake of her hair, slid her lace wrap from her shoulders, and tossed it onto the table. With a coquettish expression, she undid the top buttons on her dress to display breasts and bra. Her bosoms were heaving from her accelerated breathing revealing that her poised demeanor belied her body’s craving.

His eyes shifted from her face to her figure. Pleasure at the wanton sight was displayed on his handsome countenance.

Coveting physical connection, Cara made the first move and touched his muscular chest with the fingertips of her left hand. His warm skin sent an electric charge through her.

His strong hands touched her hips with the slightest pressure. It was so light, Cara considered she had imagined it. Then they started to move slowly and caress the silken material. So slight, but so meaningful. Cara inhaled anticipating accelerating carnal contact. While still strangers, a sense of intimacy in the twilight room inflamed her passion.

Leaning forward, her breasts touched his chest and moved to create a rapturous frisson. Samsun Escort Bayan He responded by tilting his head and lowering his lips to feather against hers. Cara swooned and leaned back against the table to support her rubbery legs.

His hands slid to her lower back in a move that both supported her and brought their bodies into fuller contact. Cara’s genitals welcomed the pressure from his groin and a tingle commenced between her legs. With kisses entwining, she unhooked the rest of his buttons and slipped her hands inside his shirt to explore his body. His hips thrust forward and rubbed lusciously against her.

Her paramour had been slow and gentlemanly in his advance. But, in the magical light, Cara didn’t want to wait any longer. Her tongue flicked teasingly at his earlobe and her nose inhaled his musky scent. She broke the silence by whispering, “Take me”.

Without hesitation, he lifted her bottom and placed her on the table. Moving between her legs, he spread her knees. Her skirt climbed her thighs revealing the lace top of her stockings. One of his experienced hands opened her sundress while the other massaged her knee before tracing a line up Cara’s inner thigh.

With soaring libido, Cara removed his belt like an over-sexed teen with raging hormones. She had a short flash of fear that someone would enter and she’d be humiliated by discovery in this public place. It was instantly washed away by her rocketing lust.

He slipped the frock from her shoulders. Pausing a moment to admire the red “fuck me” bra, he leaned in to plant a kiss on her burning tit. Any remaining inhibition disappear and Cara yank his trousers down. While still kissing her boobs, he kicked off his shoes and shimmied out of his pants. To keep up, she lifted her hips and he helped remove her dress. She sat in the moonlight in stockings, bra, and panties that were damp and aromatic. His boxers revealed a hard and hungry rod.

Beyond the need for further foreplay, he removed his underwear and Cara unhooked her bra. As he licked her nipples, she squeezed his engorged manhood. Sliding back onto the center of the table, Cara urgently pull his cock to follow her. Looming like a midnight beast in heat, his face nuzzled into Escort Samsun her panties. She puffed heavily in delight and push his head deeper. His thumbs pull her panties down.

Cara could wait no longer and pleaded, “Now, please!” Like a lithe tiger, he moved on hands and knees up her body. When his penis grazed Cara’s pubic hair, the sensation was shocking. She reached up to pull his lips back to hers and his entire body covered her like a warm blanket.

Enveloped and overwhelmed, her brain received sexy stimulation from everywhere: the hot breath on her cheek; taut nipples moving on his chest; thighs gliding back and forth. And her enflamed vagina. Oh, her vagina! Swollen and drippy and needy. Despite his weight, Cara manage to squirm and press the intensity up even higher. His turgid shaft massaged along the outside of her slippery slit and teased her clit.

Cara was at the stage where her mind was about to disconnect and her animal instincts take complete control. She was on the verge of begging this lover to enter, when he pierced her. He lifted up and in a long, maddeningly and deliciously slow thrust parted her labia. His girth probed deeper and deeper and deeper. She sighed in fullness and fulfillment. He rocked in the eternal pump and withdrawal. Cara locked her legs around him to bring them even closer in this shattering linkage. With each drive, her clitoris throbbed. She arched her neck and gasped for air. He plunged into her body, into her heart, and touched Cara’s yearning soul.

Their bodies were a blur of contorting movement to enhance the best pressure; and, in an involuntary reaction to it. Cara’s fire combusts and she bangs against him to reach the top. With eyes wild and wide, she saw the watching moon shatter into a thousand stars as she climaxed. Cara screamed in whorish delight and her fingernails raked his back. As she convulsed, he made a few more impossibly fast pistons then stiffened and joined his fluids with hers.

They sprawled indecently on the power table, while outside Denver drifted in ignorance of their bliss. When recovered, he kissed her chastely and moved off the table. In a languid stupor, she watched him dress. He took a lingering look at the observant moon then slipped from the room.

Cara closed her eyes luxuriating in the afterglow of the breathtaking encounter. She mentally pinched herself to see if it was just a sex-deprived, masturbatory fantasy. Slipping her hand to her sticky vagina, she was assured of its reality. Fanciful moonbeam lovers don’t leave their seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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