Maid(en) Stroke… Ch. 02

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The attention being showered on each pore on my body was not lost on my throbbing member. He was enjoying the visual attention besides the anticipation of getting all the personal attention that nature makes him crave for! You know who I am talking about – yes, my junior. Sush was getting close to completing the rest of the body and was waiting for the ultimate nod that would approve her next move!

To give you a quick background of Sush, she is a nice well endowed young lady who knows the ways of the world. She has experience of handling men and did not make much secret of it. Though it was not eay to get her attention since she was conscious of her good looks and her well formed assets, it would have been naive to believe that she was an innocent and straight woman.

I knew she liked getting the attention of men. She would give an “all knowing” look when some one approached her. She would even consent if the right man asked her out for a quick fling. But she was a terror. The wrong man would get the rude response and then hell would break loose.

It is not difficult to imagine how apprehensive I was when I asked her to go about the massage with me in nature’s unform, as if nothing had happened. She too had been brave in taking things in the stride and did not make a fuss.

She did not expect me to give her a better invitation. She did what I had expected her to! She pushed her kameez in such a way that would help her squat in front of me. She had a big clevage which would be visible in all its curvy glory. Her white nylon bra would barely contain her big boobs and that is all that was needed to send blood rushing through my veins.

She did her exposure as if to see the reaction and she was not disappointed. She saw it right in front of her. I also enjoyed the process of letting a woman sit at such close quarters and watch the whole act of “rising to attention”.

And soon, I gave my cock just the right amount of prompt to let him know that it was just OKay for him to get aroused and that it would not warrant an apology! Sush looked at my aroused state and looked up into my eyes as if to let me know that she has registered my state of urgency.

I too looked back at her as if to ask her what she could do about it. I was in no way going to let this opportunity slip by and nor did I assume that Sush was making any pretenses.

Soon the sign language was over and instincts took control. And she meant business. She took a hanful of oil and applied it on both palms.

She then took my cock in both palms and cajoled it along the entire length. True to any woman’s desire, she too was quick to let the foreskin slip down and let the pink glory shine in all its glory.

I moaned half in pain and the other half in anticipated delight. I was almost asking her if she could sense the pent up urgency, She too was hinting to me as if she knew what she needed to do. Nature has its own way of helping communication between a man and a woman. She kept applying oil as if she was massaging the erect limb like any other part of the body.

And my mind was unwilling to check with her if she knew what would happen next! If you are reading the story and you have not been stroking your erection to its climax, I will be surprised!! Not more than twenty strokes and I could sense the “build up” and so I could see the keen curiosity in her eyes.

It was as if she knew the message being conveyed by the vens through which the spurt was expected; She looked at the eye of my cock ever so keenly and I was looking at her eyes and the twitching of her lips as though she was on the verge of a major accomplishment!

And it was indeed a rewarding one – the first edge of the spurt esacped and fell on the corner of her lip and lo, behold, she involuntarily licked it with her tongue. The next spurt was on her hand and asome on her face. She took it all as though she had bargained for that. I did not protest either. She knew how to coerce my cock to empty all the cum and so she knew how to create the piston like action so that the relief was complete.

She left my cock to bear its own weight. She loked at the puddle all over herself and smiled at me. It was if she was expecting a favour in turn. Her eyes asked for it and I was not hesitant to give it to her!

Sush was obviously aroused and made no secret of it!More about how Sush demanded attention in my next story…….Maid(en) stroke Ch 03

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