Make Him Cum! Make Him Cum!

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Make Him Cum! Make Him Cum!

She had a rough 24 hours. Her sister went into labor last night.

Her brother-in-law Paul called to tell her that the doctor determined that Kelley was not progressing, and he would do a C-Section. He was worried about the baby’s health.

The doctor was waiting on an operating room. Paul would call or text to give us an update when he knew more.

‘I need alcohol to get me through this. Can you open a bottle of my favorite? Make that two.’ Nikki requested.

I complied. I poured her a glass and one for me as well.

We drained both bottles in record time. It helped her. She snuggled up to me, her sign she wanted sex. I gave her a knowing smile.

‘Let’s stream our favorite porn video. Get that setup while I put on a sexy nightie.’

‘You want to do it out here? Bella might hear or walk in on us.’

Bella is our 21-year-old daughter, my stepdaughter home from college for the summer. After switching majors twice, she has finely settled in as a Fine Arts major. She has been really good in the school plays. Her gorgeous looks and acting skills were rewarded with several of the leads.

‘That will make it all the more exciting! Come on! Live dangerously like me!’

She leaned in to kiss me and grabbed my cock through my pants.

‘Well, I think you are a little excited about it after all. It might take me awhile to get ready. I want to be shower fresh for you.’

She left the room.

After 5 minutes her phone buzzed with a text notification. Her phone was unlocked. It might be Paul. A quick glance confirmed it was not Paul but Kelley her sister. But … Kelley was misspelled as Kelly.

Confused, I read the text.

‘Hey Babe. Knowing you were probably stressing out about your sister I thought I might cheer you up. See attached!

It was a video. I opened it.

Kelly without an e was stripped to the waist and dancing to a beat. He was wearing a loose-fitting white thong like male strippers wear.

It brought to mind a suspicion I had about Nikki.

Nikki as maid of honor organized a bachelorette party for her best friend. Bella was invited, she told me all about it later.

Nikki rented a small ballroom at a hotel and staged it with couches and stuffy chairs. She arranged for three male strippers. They wore different costumes, but the act was all the same.

Strip down to a thong, wiggle it for a while in front of the willing ladies then ask one to pull it off. Bella said there were many of the 20+ ladies who were willing to do it. Then the whipped cream came out. Bella said that all three had huge penises.

‘Daddy, I have never seen such large … excuse my language … cocks’.

Bella said that many of the ladies wanted to lick off the cream. Some went further. Some not only took it in their mouths but stroked and sucked it. Two of them took the whole length into their mouths.

The crowd started chanting for those two, ‘Make him cum, make him cum!’ She said one of them was successful. The stripper buckled at his knees as he climaxed. She kept his cock locked in her mouth. When he recovered, she released him and let his cum drip out of her mouth. Everybody cheered.

‘Daddy, I was amazed. I had never seen anything like that!’

I asked her hesitantly about Mom.

‘Mom didn’t do any of that. I was actually surprised knowing her.’

She paused.

‘Daddy, in case Mom tells you, I did lick the cream off the big black guy and took it in my mouth. He started to move it in and out of my mouth, but I stopped him after a little while. Later I regretted that. I really liked it. I had never done that before.’

‘Mom had arranged for several shared rooms for the party girls to spend the night after the party. I suspect the strippers were available to anyone interested.

Mom had her own room and asked me to stay with her. I left because I had to head back to school early in the morning — she knew that.’

When Nikki came home the next morning, she gave me a white thong that she said the strippers handed out as souvenirs. It made me wonder when they handed them out, Bella never mentioned that.


I could see his cock hopping around in the thong to the beat of the song. I wondered if he received a gift as well.

‘Nikki, see how hard I am getting dancing for you? I have to do something about it. Be back in a moment.’

That was it, the video ended.

I was stunned. Who was Kelly? Why was he sending my wife a video? Was this a mistake? No, he called her by her name. My head was spinning trying to digest what I just saw. Then another text came through. No message, just another video attachment.

I opened it. He was now laying on what looked like a couch. He slowly pulled down his thong exposing a little bit of the shaft at a time, pausing and then a little more until he reached the head of his cock, he then pulled it all the way off. His erection snapped straight up. I could see the veins running up the thick shaft. His erection was hard to believe.

He Diyarbakır Escort grabbed the shaft and began stroking it slowly.

‘Babe, I am fantasizing that you are stripping for me. First letting your delectable tits outs to dangle by and surround my rock-hard erection. Then you pull your panties down allowing me to take in your beautiful pussy I have come to love. You are always so wet when you guide me in.

Now you are wrapping your hand around my cock and stroking it like you do. You begin fondling my balls and then take them both into your mouth. Then you move up to take the head of my cock and surround it with your luscious, soft lips. You move your mouth up and down on me eventually all the way down.’

‘Babe, I am so turned on thinking of you. I miss your passion, I want to be inside you right now, but I have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight, I can only fantasize about you finishing me off, exploding in your mouth. I miss you.’

The video ended. I do not like what is going on here at all. I sat there thinking about what I just viewed.

‘Dad? Are you OK? You are just staring at Mom’s phone. Is there bad news about Aunt Kelley?’

I did not notice that Bella had entered the room.

‘No news yet. I love Mom’s lock screen background. It is that picture of the three of us having fun on the beach. I enjoy looking at it.’ The phone was unlocked. The screen background was not up. I hope Bella didn’t notice.

‘Gotch ya. What are you and Mom doing tonight? Any plans?’

‘Yeah, Mom wants to watch a movie to get her mind off Aunt Kelley while we wait to hear an update on the C-Section birth.’

‘I hope everything goes well. C-Sections are pretty routine nowadays. But it is major surgery. Aunt Kelley will need recovery time while taking care of the baby. Uncle Paul works so hard and travels a lot internationally. Will he be of any help?’

‘Mom plans to help. She has a flight tomorrow. She plans to stay a month to help.’

‘Really? Mom? Helping with the baby? Really? I am surprised I survived! Is she really there to help?’

She said with serious conviction, ‘I doubt it.’

She was right. Nikki didn’t do Mom stuff very well. In light of the video, I was now questioning her plans. I was curious about Bella’s last statement. It was the way she said it.

‘But I can wait until tomorrow.’ Hearing that on the video from Kelly took on more meaning.

‘Bella, you never know. Families step up and surprise all the time.’ I said.

‘Well, I could help. But if Mom is gone for a month, I need to take care of you! Right?’ She said that with a wink and impish smile.’

‘I am out of here. Meeting up with my old high school friends. We are going to compare notes on college life. I will be late, but don’t worry. Please tell Mom.

FYI, she left me a coming home package. Not sure what that is all about. She said it was bedtime attire. She told me not mention it to you. But you know, I can’t keep anything from you.’

‘Thanks baby. You know we are the ones in tune. Love you! Have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Strike that!’

She laughed, grabbed her car keys from the table and headed out the door.

I watched her walk to the door. She was wearing a loose fitting blouse with plunging neckline, no bra, and really short cut-offs. When she placed her phone in her back pocket, I took notice of her shapely body. Her cheeks were barely hanging out from the short cut-offs. At that moment I started thinking of the time she modeled a new bikini for me.

She had an amazing, sexy body. An unexpected tingle shot through my balls. I had never thought about Bella that way, it was taboo, I think, I shouldn’t, but…

Bella’s departure was good timing, another text came through from Kelly. Another video.

It was a slow-motion video. It was Kelly’s last stroke that triggered a cum explosion that shot up at least a foot. The other strokes were normal speed as he emptied his balls into the air and dripped down his cock. Then he spoke.

‘Nikki, I need you. When I see you tomorrow, I will take care of your every need. I will make you forget about that small man you have been with. I know you love my cock; I love your pussy. Come to me babe. Hurry. I will see you at the airport. Hope your sister is well.’

I shut down the video, locked the phone and placed it down where she had left it. I just sat there. My emotions were running from shock, to disgust, to anger, to revenge to… my world had been totally rocked. I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh. What a fool, I knew she was promiscuous when I married her but saw it as a challenge to stop that behavior. In a way her daughter had it more together than her.

Then she walked back into the living room. She was wearing three patches of silk connected together by strings. Her big areolas were barely covered. Her amazing breasts were right there in the open. Her hard nipples were pressing the silky cover. Her manicured pubic hair peeking out from the silk. Two hours ago, Diyarbakır Escort Bayan her appearance would be sexy and stimulating to me. Now, I was disgusted. Did she wear the same outfit for Kelly- no ‘e’? I had to get out of there.

‘Babe.’ I never called her Babe. ‘Work called and there is a problem reported by our biggest customer. The CEO asked that I personally take a look at it.’

‘Really? OK. Will it take long? I need you to take care of me tonight. I am so horny.’

‘Babe, I will be back as soon as possible.’ I continued to use Kelly’s term of endearment. She didn’t notice.

I hurried out the door and jumped in the car and began backing out of the driveway.

‘Shit, I forgot my phone.’

I slammed on the brakes. Jumped out of the car and headed back in. I left my phone on the table off the living room where we keep all the car keys. I heard my wife talking to someone.

From what I could tell she was talking to Kelly.

‘Nikki, position the camera so I can see your whole body. That’s it, yes. You are so hot. I might have to stroke myself right now for you.

‘Is little prick is gone?’

‘Yes, he is gone. He had some emergency at work to take care of. Thank God.’

‘Babe, you told me you would do it with him tonight, fantasize about me while doing it and tell me all about it tomorrow.’

‘Yeah, I know. I just can’t stand him anymore. He doesn’t excite me the way that you do. I am so horny thinking about tomorrow. Thanks for the videos. It will help me get through the night.’

‘Why don’t you just divorce him and join me?’

‘Well, number one — I am twice your age. Two – he makes a lot of money. Three – you know you can’t even keep a minimum wage job. If it wasn’t for Kelley and me, you would starve.’

‘Yeah, you are right. Did you give Bella her welcome home gift I bought for her?’

‘Yes, but what was that all about? It is a sexy outfit. Seeing that, I told her it was from me.’

‘Well. I thought…maybe someday we could do a menage a trois.’

‘You are so disgusting — I love it! I left a note in the package saying she should use it only for someone special. You are special! So, let’s figure out how to make it happen.’

‘I have an idea. You are helping Kelley for a month. Wait a week and ask for Bella’s help with Kelley. I will take it from there. She knows me.’

Nikki hung up. I ducked back into the doorway by the garage so she would not see me. I watched her head down to our bedroom. I grabbed my phone and headed back to my car, almost blind with rage.


I stayed in a hotel close to work. In case Nikki asked, I will tell her that I needed to stay close to the problem, although I don’t think she gives a fuck. Alone in the hotel I watched several porn videos where the Dad seduces his stepdaughter, I gave the whole situation some thought. I will act like nothing is happening. I will control my anger. I will get revenge. I checked out early and headed home. Bella’s car was in the driveway. That reminded me of my budding revenge plan.

I decided to cook Nikki’s favorite breakfast. The thought of crawling into bed with Nikki was disgusting. Crawling into bed with Bella … well that was in the plan.

Nikki arrived first. She was wearing her long robe. She seemed out of it. Probably drank more when I left. I can’t believe she can’t stand me. What an actress.

‘Good news — Paul called me when I was at work. He said you weren’t answering your phone. C-section went fine. Lindsey Kelly — no e – was born at 2:03 AM. 8 pounds 2 ounces. Kelley and Lindsey are doing great.’

Nikki jumped in to say. ‘My phone died even though it was plugged in. Maybe a bad cable? The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Go figure. Thanks for being available to Paul at work. That is great news. I need to call her today — scratch that — I will see her and Lindsey Kelly today — yay!

Bullshit on the phone. She was passed out. Worn out from videos and who knows what else with lover boy Kelly.

‘Call on the way to the airport — we are on the clock to make your flight.’

She opened her robe, displaying her amazing, delectable breasts. I had to look away.

‘Wow, you work all night and make breakfast like this for me. You deserve an award.’

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. She moved her hand in to rub my cock.

‘Come on! I’ll be fast. In minutes you will be exploding in my mouth. We could do it right here. Bella is sleeping. She came home very late.’

‘Babe — you know I love you so much. I would do anything for you.’ Such bullshit.

‘But we need to leave in about an hour. I will wake Bella. I know she will want to ride with us to the airport for your send off.

Enjoy the breakfast!’

I sounded so pleasant – what a fucking acting job.

I headed to Bella’s bedroom, knocked on the door and waited. I heard a faint ‘come in’.

I opened the door and moved toward her bed. She was laying on her stomach. The sheets Escort Diyarbakır were pulled up to the bottom of her hair. Her cheeks were split by the sheets. She rolled over but the sheets didn’t. She was naked above the waist. For a moment I was shocked, then stepped back to take it all in. Her breasts were bare, her hair splayed over the pillow. She opened her sleepy eyes. She pulled the sheets back to cover up her breasts. She looked so sexy. I am going to enjoy my plan.

‘Sorry! Is it time to get up?’

She moved her arms above her head locking one hand onto the other wrist. The effect was pushing her breasts up against the sheets. I thought I saw her spread her legs … or was I hoping for that?

‘Bella, yes, it is time.’

I moved over to the bed to sit next to her. I placed my arm across her body just below her breasts.

Step one of the plan, a test on how to proceed.

‘Good morning, Bella.’

I leaned into her and kissed her on the lips as I moved my hand unto her stomach in close proximity to her huge breasts.

‘Daddy …,’ she said with a weak voice. ‘That was some kiss. But that seemed… weird.’

I am immediately stood up, ‘I am so sorry honey! It was supposed to just be a good morning kiss.

I don’t know what got into me. I love you so much. Please accept my apology.

Bella I am so confused. Let’s talk later so I can explain. Maybe you can help me.’

‘In the meantime, can you please get dressed and come down for breakfast? Mom is eating right now. We need to leave in about an hour to get her to the airport to make her flight on time.’

I stood up and started to leave her room. I turned to see if she was moving. She was sitting up.

The sheets were gathered across the bottom of her breasts. The top of the areolas peeking out above the sheet.

As I exited her room she said, ‘Daddy, I love you! We are going to have so much fun together.’

Feeling better about step one, I left her room thinking about my next steps. My mind wandered. Thinking about her lips edging my cock to an explosion. Thinking about how I will video anything we do together, sharing every video with Nikki.

Maybe the step one kiss will enable my revenge plan and make it easier to execute. I needed to continue the Bella plan.


‘Honey, this breakfast was amazing. Do we have time for a quickie?’

Jeez, again, really? You want to fuck me so that you can complete your fantasy challenge with Kelly. Things I would like to really say.

‘Honey, I am sorry I didn’t come home earlier, I know you were horny and wanted me, but we have to get going so that you can make your flight.’

‘I will be gone for a month. You need to come down and satisfy me. I can’t go a month without sex with you.’

Yeah, but you will have sex with Kelly tonight? What is left unsaid…

‘Maybe we can send sexy videos to each other or connect with live video to mutually masturbate.’

Bella walked into the kitchen. ‘What are y’all talking about? I can’t go a month without sex with you? Let’s mutually masturbate. Mom, really?’

Nikki didn’t know what to say. I jumped in.

‘I told Mom that due to work, it might be a while until I could travel down to meet Lindsey and spend time with Mom. It might be a while. As usual, she is just being honest.’

Yeah right.

Nikki said, ‘Yes Dad is right.’

I stood up, ‘Let’s get going, we can discuss more in the car.’


Nikki called Paul, who handed the phone to Kelley. Nikki said the obligatory trite wishes and how excited she was to come and help. Yeah right.

At the airport, we dropped Nikki at the departure gate. We all jumped out and hugged.

‘Call when you land. Who is picking you up? I forgot.’

‘I am grabbing a cab.’

I got it. A lie. Kelly was picking her up. She doesn’t use cabs. She uses her phone app to order up rides. She knows I can check her rides. I would have no record of a cab ride.

‘That’s good. Say high to Kelley, Paul and Lindsey for us.’ I had my arm wrapped around Bella just below her breasts. I had never done that before.

Nikki saw that and waved and moved into the airport. I sensed that maybe she was not feeling right about her plan.

I feel great about my plan. My balls tingled. I needed to proceed in an unsuspecting pace to bed down my stepdaughter.


‘Bella — have you ever been day-drinking?’

‘Uh yeah — is the sky blue, is the sea green, is the Pope Catholic? ‘

‘I will take that as a yes’.

‘ Daddy, I am in college. Don’t get me wrong, you know I am making great grades, but come Friday afternoon after a couple of mid-morning classes, we head to the bar. I am sure you did the same.’

‘I did. Fun times. I learned to have no Friday classes and no early morning Monday classes. Time for some Daddy Daughter fun.’

As it was mid-afternoon the local bar and restaurant was pretty empty. We decided to sit in a semi-circle high-backed booth. I intentionally let her scoot into the booth first.

She centered herself in the back center of the booth. I moved in and positioned myself right next to her with my thigh touching hers. I was looking for a reaction. She moved in even closer to me.

She laughed and said, ‘This is cozy. I like it, Daddy. Your leg is so warm and …. big and hard.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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