Making a Playmate

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Smooth … reclining there as she is, she is so very smooth. It’s funny how your mind will play tricks on you at times – visualizing what you expect to see rather than what is really there.

My friend, Roger, has always known the type of female that I like to see. And yet, this Saturday night he had outdone himself. We had crossed paths a few days earlier after not seeing one another for nearly a year due to the circumstances of the World. He told me I should drop by his home as he had a new playmate living with him. He made enough not-so-subtle comments about her description that I could not wait for the first opportunity to join them.


He and I shared a drink with nary a sound nor appearance from his new playmate. And then he motioned me to follow him down the hallway. I remembered this was the way to his game room. And there she was near the far wall backdropped by a large blue couch. Her blonde hair was pulled back and up as if to tease me. I have always been far more attracted to blondes than any others.

A radiant smile … beautiful blue eyes that too seemed to smile … caught my full attention even before I had gotten within twenty feet of her and the blue couch. Her lips moved, seemingly to say hello, but I could not hear her words. I could only see her lips move. Roger’s hand pressed the small of my back and urged me to move past the pool table and to get much closer to her playmate.

Dark eyebrows and a bit of mascara seemed to illuminate her face as I looked back to her. On the blue couch with her hands behind her head, she seemed to be on display for me. As I approached, she elegantly moved off the cushion and pressed her thigh against the edge of the blue couch to stand before me. Tall, nearly six feel tall I would guess if asked, my eyes met hers. “Go ahead,” I heard Roger’s voice from behind me. My right hand touched her porcelain skin just above her left breast. Her skin was so smooth, seemingly unlike a smoothness I’ve ever felt on another human.

Small but pert breasts greeted my touch. Her contrastingly dark areola sat at the tip of each breast. The thick nipples were like thimbles. Each hand caressed a smooth breast and she stood firm and felt me feel her up over the next couple minutes. Soft moans slipped from her lips but neither she nor Roger said a word. I wanted to touch her all over and soon my hands slipped from under her so very smooth breasts.

… down her belly with only the slightest of indentation where her belly button is, or should be. She does not possess an innie, nor an outie. It’s only a blemish of what would otherwise be a very smooth belly. Further down my eyes do trace over her pale skin. No hair, no body hair at all. Thus, no pubic mound, no pubic hairs only her pale, smooth skin. I do note a darkened blemish – not a freckle, much larger than that – but not a birth mark either. When I reach out to touch it, a moan is elicited from her lips.

The darkened blemish is where her clitoris should be but I do not see it nor do I feel it. I only see the darkened blemish as if a spot on the treasure map. I touch it again and smile when once more I hear her moan from the sensation. Two fingers, my index and middle, now trace lower over her skin. Smooth is all I feel. There is no womanly heat of arousal. There is no tender folds of vaginal flesh under my fingertips. I only feel smooth, pale skin.

What should be there is no longer found. A beautiful woman in gender-name only has been reduced, remodeled to no longer possess a pussy. My hand pulls away quickly when I realize. When the trick my mind played on me is revealed to my reality. It is then I notice the clear droplet of arousal running down the inside of her thigh like a raindrop on a window. She is aroused by my touch. Her body secreting it’s arousal from an unfamiliar place. When she shifts her weight and parts her thighs, more droplets of arousal now race down her inner thighs.

From behind me, my friend motions with twirling fingers and she blinks once to acknowledge. Slowly, she shifts her weight again and begins to turn. I am motionless already trying to process what it is I have seen. Or, at least believe I have seen since it seems unbelievable. Round cheeks now fill my vision. An ass a bit larger than I would expect. Full, round cheeks now are all that I see before me. My hands press over them and slowly I part her cheeks to reveal the source of the arousal dripping down her inner thighs.

Once more the tricks the mind plays over reality. At first, I see her asshole Escort Bayan seemingly puckering and partly gaping as I hold her cheeks open in my hands. Slowly I realize the shape of her anus is more elongated than round. Of course, the ringed flesh is smooth to my eyes. When my thumbs dig in and press, it has the effect of opening her anus some and two then three droplets of arousal seep from her hole and run down her thighs. An asshole that is more than just that. It has been remade into her asscunt I am later told is how it is described. When I inhale deeply, my lungs fill with a scent I’ve never experienced in my years. It is an odd mix of smells.

I realized the trick that my mind had played was not revealed. Roger’s playmate had been transformed, her body modified and only now was I really seeing her body as it is. I had been touching her body for fifteen minutes and she had never said a word. She had only made sexual sounds when I touched her body in sexual places. “You can see I have been busy while the World has stopped.” It was Roger. His words almost breaking the spell that had been cast over me by his creation. My hands jerked away from ass as if they had been slapped.

I stood and turned to face him then found myself turning back to look at her. I now knew what I had seen but my mind really was struggling to come to grips with the reality. Roger nudged my hand and handed me another drink then began to recount his 2020. I took one long pull on the alcohol to settle my nerves. He had known Nickie for a few years and over that time she had shared a multitude of her fantasies with him. Early last Spring when he realized the World was going to an isolated place for a long period of time, he got in touch with an old friend who was also a surgeon. Then he asked Nickie if she wanted to act on her many fantasies.


I touched her dark blemish and once more Nickie softly moaned. When the pressure of two fingers lingered, I saw her shift her feet and noticed the drool of arousal running down her inner thighs. Roger leaned in and kissed her wetly on the lips before finishing the story. I leaned down and wrapped my lips around her right thimbled-nipple. She pressed forward and my cheeks felt her small breasts seemingly embrace me.

Through modern chemistry, Nickie’s speech had been reduced to a series of moans and grunts. She could formulate the thoughts but could no longer express them verbally to Roger or anyone else. So in public, she mostly stayed very quiet as if she were a mute. “Brainless, is how she explained the fantasy to me. And yes, there are times I wish we could have a conversation. But she somehow senses this and just takes my cock in her mouth and my wish to converse vanishes.” Roger was chuckling as he told me.

“Nickie was born with wide areola but the surgeon did enhance the deep color you now see. Being small breasted, she rarely wore a bra before last year anyway. Now, if she wears a light-colored sheer blouse, it does become obvious in public. And this gets her wet knowing men and women are looking at her breasts.” My hand brushed over her left nipple as Roger spoke. “Yes, those are medically enhanced. Hers were nothing too special and she had always wished for fat, thick nipples. I do think they look stunning on her.” My fingers closed around the thimble and Nickie let out a deep groan and the pain of the pinch and the pleasure it invoked.

My hand released and moved over her smooth belly to touch the hanging ball attached to the piercing where her navel should be. Roger detailed the laser treatments to remove all the hair from her body excepting the blonde on her head and the dark eyebrows and eyelashes. My hand began to move down until once more finding the dark blemish that once was her clitoris. “Now we are getting to the expertise of the surgeon. She is truly one of the finest surgeons and is blessed with quite the wicked mind. I had explained to her what we had hoped to accomplish and she put her finest skills to work on Nickie.”

My hand continued to press the blemish with a slow circular motion and I could see Nickie’s body move to my touch. A river began to flow down her inner thighs as Nickie began to make a soft grunting sound between panting breaths. We all could tell she was close to achieving orgasm when Roger gently grabbed my hand, “not yet, my friend.”

Her clitoris had not been removed so much as buried within her. A soft layer of dark skin was grafted where my fingers had been touching. Like a button installed Bayan Escort on her so it would be easy to find. Her outer labia had been removed and reattached around her anus. What once was her vagina was partially removed. A void was created and within that void, the surgeon had inserted a small microchip that could be activated by my phone or watch. The chip would act like a wafer-thin vibrator to stimulate her body on command. At this, Roger tapped his watch and Nickie’s eyes lidded over as she felt the deep stimulation. He tapped once more and she seemed to slump her shoulders with disappointment.

Roger asked Nickie to turn around and spread her feet. She was now bent at the waist with her fat asscheeks nearly in my face. “Implants. She always had a small ass but given her asscunt would be her primary sex hole, she wanted it to be framed by fat, fleshy cheeks. Now go ahead, spread her cheeks if you would be so kind.” I reached out and grasped as I had done earlier. This felt more clinical and less sexual as I spread her cheeks wide enough to display her asscunt. “Notice the shape and the texture of the flesh. Her round anus has been modified with the flesh of her outer labia to form a cunt between her cheeks.”

Of course, it wasn’t as defined as a cunt typically is but I could see the shape clearly now that Roger described the procedure. Before I could inquire, “Yes, all her bodily fluids are now routed through her asscunt for expulsion. It can be tricky for her at times if I surprise her sexually but we have spent the last couple months working our way through this.” I stared at her soft labia-anus without barely moving or seemingly breathing. “I noticed the crinkle in your nose earlier when you inhaled – that’s why you were confused by the smell you smelled. It does take a little getting used to, I admit.”

Nickie began to stand up straight once more and I felt my hands slip from her asscheeks. Roger was grinning at me as he watched me try to process all that had been described. A living, breathing sex machine that cannot speak. If she had big tits, I’d think of her as a Barbie. Her skin was so smooth. Not like the plastic of a Barbie doll but with a texture unlike I’d ever felt on a woman before tonight. “Why don’t we all go out to dinner then we can return here and you can try out Nickie, if you’d like my friend.”

LIKE? Was he fucking kidding … of course, I wanted to discover what it was like. And as much as I wanted her right now, the idea of dinner and seeing her interact in public and the time it would give me to process her modifications sounded appealing. Nickie slipped on jeans and a white blouse with a light coat and we made our way down the street for some pasta and wine.


A few looks, a couple stares at her dark areola as we walked the couple blocks on the busy Saturday night. Roger was greeted as an old friend and we were quickly taken to a booth at the front. Nickie sat so she was facing the window and the street beyond. We all had wine but only Roger and I ate pasta. “Nickie knew you were coming over tonight and took the appropriate measures. This will be her first time with anyone beside me – we wouldn’t want dinner to make things ‘difficult’ later.” I was sure Nickie blushed as she quietly sipped her red wine. It took a couple beats for me to recall that she only has one hole.

At times, different waiters and waitresses engaged us during the meal. Each would speak to Nickie and none surprised when she only made little grunts in reply to their questions. Roger and Nickie obviously ate here frequently and were seemingly known by all. A couple bottles of red and a fine plate of pasta later, it was time to get back to Roger’s place.

Nickie immediately excused herself to the restroom. She and Roger had developed some basic gestures to communicate. I could hear the toilet flush and the sound of the sink before she reappeared in the game room completely nude. I followed Roger’s lead and began to undress. We had partied quite a bit together during an earlier stage in our lives. Many threesomes and gang bangs had occurred so getting naked with him was not uncomfortable at all. Roger has a neatly trimmed beard and very hairy body from chest to toes. Looking at him near Nickie, the contrast was quite striking. And his eight-inch cock hung over his ballsac.

I put my clothes on a chair as I undressed. I could see Nickie’s eyes looking at my smaller, soft cock as I turned around. “Don’t worry babe, my friend gets very thick when he gets it Escort going – you’ll be wishing it stayed soft!” Roger announced with a hearty laugh. I excused myself to the restroom and when I returned the blue couch had been made into a rather large bed and both of them were lying there waiting for me. My cock began to grow at the sight of them both. I moved to the far side of the bed with Nickie now between her two male suitors.

Nickie turned to face Roger, his lips pressing to hers as they began a soulful french kiss. His hand moved over her breasts, rubbing and squeezing the left then the right. My hand found her inner thigh midway between her knee and crotch. Nickie reflexively spread her feet apart to open her thighs and make herself available to my hand. Nickie then rolled onto her right side, pressing against and climbing over Roger’s left leg. Her smooth back and ass were now facing me. I studied her spine and the top of her ass before shifting down the bed and down her body.

My hands pressed on her cheeks and spread them wide. I lowered my face to her skin and began to lick between her cheeks. Moving down the crevice until my tongue teased at her asscunt. Slowly my tongue moved around the transplanted labia surrounding her anus as I have done to many a cunt. Nickie’s left leg moved over Roger’s leg to allow me better access. My hands caressing her asscheeks and thighs, I pressed my face between her cheeks. My mouth pressed to her asscunt as I began to lick and probe.

Roger began to rub her blemish as her asscunt began to grow wet and juice my tongue. The taste and scent was an odd mix of arousal and ass, something I had never experienced, of course. I felt my cock grow stiff against the sheets. And as Roger had promised Nickie, my seven inch cock grew quite thick the longer I tongued her. My tongue began to fuck her asscunt, my face pushing in against her cheeks only to pull back so I could breathe. Having her wet for me, Roger moved his body so he was sitting against the couch back cushion. Nickie’s lips moved around his cock and began to suck.

She was now lying on her belly and my face was riding her asscunt. I took a peek up her back to acknowledge her face was covering Roger’s crotch, his cock in her mouth. She was emitting soft moans as she began to suck him with long strokes. I lifted my face from her asscunt. Looking down, her hole was slightly gaped from my tongue and the hole dripping wet from drool and slime.

I spat in my hand and smeared it on my head then moved in between her legs. Pressing my cock to her hole, I pushed forward. My head lodged between her labia now disappeared into her steamy hole. Nickie let out a soft cry as her face lifted from Roger’s cock when she felt me enter. My thick cock stretched her lips then spread her ring as I pushed myself into her without slowing. Roger’s hand caressed the back of her skull and pulled her firmly onto him. Fucking … I began ramming my cock into her stretched dirty hole as I moved over her ass, straddling her hips.

She felt tight like an ass yet smooth and velvety like a cunt. I could see her head rising and falling on Roger, his cock pushing to her throat. Her asscunt clenched on my cock when she felt me fully penetrate then gently release me to slide up. I could feel my balls growing heavy with lust and desire as I continued to penetrate her hole. The friction from her lips stroking my shaft was making me crazy for her.

I heard a gurgle and glanced upwards to see Roger’s face grimace as he came in her mouth. She pushed down deep and elicited a groan as he flooded her throat. Lifting her head, Nickie took a deep breath gasping for air. She turned her head and showed his cum dripping over her chin. Then she pushed back on my cock and began fucking me with her asscunt. Her cheeks began to pound my groin and soon I was crying out as my cock belched cum into her bowels. I pounded hard and she met my strokes with the same energy. Nickie was urging me on with short grunting sounds and the strangeness to the sound made me empty my balls inside her.

Finally I collapsed on top of her back. My face laying across Roger’s hairy thigh, my body panting from the workout. Nickie lifted Roger’s cock and pressed to my lips. I softly licked around the head of his slimy cock then she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me tenderly. Her asscunt clenching on my not quite solid shaft as she did.

Eventually, I withdrew from her ass. Her asscunt gaped and drooled my semen as she rolled around onto her hip. Over the next couple hours, we moved about and changed positions a couple times. I watched Roger take his playmate from behind as she suckled my cock. The playmate has sexual talent. As I was leaving, Roger called out, “come back again real soon. Next time, we’ll get kinky!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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